Dunkin Doughnuts, REPENT! Keep Richard Dawkins out of Christmas.

Dear Christians,

We continue to live in a world where we walk in the footsteps of Jesus and live in daily persecution like he did when he was preaching the Gospels. Every December that is supposed to remember Christ’s birth is heavily mocked by heathens that take many forms: atheists, muslims, gays, the Anti Christian Lawyers Union, Pagans, and the demoncrats. Together, these God mockers helped create an unholy attack on Christians known as “The War on Christmas.”

Not too long ago, a popular business, Dunkin Doughnuts, has joined the War on Christmas by handing out offensive coffee cups with atheist apostle Richard Dawkins on it waving his middle finger! Richard Dawkins is responsible for embracing evilution over Jesus and wanting to indoctrinate our children into believing the goo turned into monkeys and then us. Why can’t Dunkin Doughnuts put a nativity scene onto the cups and make their employees greet their costumers with “Merry Christmas” as Jesus wanted?



We know that Dunkin Doughnuts was inspired by the ungodly deeds of Starbucks who also decided to insult us Christians by handing out coffee cups saying the offensive “Happy Holidays.” Let’s also not forget that the demoncrat Obama also contributed to the War on Christmas by hosting a “Holiday Dance”,  acknowledging atheists and other sinners who worship false gods, not mentioning Jesus or Christians, and replacing Christ with Santa who was based off the infamous Anti Christian Karl Marx. We know that Obama did this as an ungodly gesture to not only offend Christians but also to smoothly transition the end of his term to the ungodly adultery billionaire Donald Trump into the White House, which should have been handed over to the One and Only True Candidate of God, Rick Santorum.


As Christians, we continue to live in persecution from the everyday evils planted by Satan. Satan has his eye over America after the disastrous election that excluded Rick Santorum and guaranteed more attacks on our Conservative Judeo Christian Values. We must continue to take a stand for Christ as he did for us and we must cut down the Tree of Evil that bears bad fruit and burn it until its branches whither. And remember, keep Christ in Christmas.


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Martin Baker

36 thoughts on “Dunkin Doughnuts, REPENT! Keep Richard Dawkins out of Christmas.

  1. First, it’s Donuts. You’re American, and the company is American, so spell it American. Second, Richard Dawkins is just random and a middle finger is actually offensive, so I’m going to have to look this up, because it stinks of satire.
    Also, with The Force Awakens out and Rogue One to be released, I’d say another Star Wars article is due!


    • Martin Baker says:

      Be gone from this God blessed site, heathens. You are all trying to take Christ away from Christmas and you also helped Rick Santorum lose his place in the 2016 election.

      • I THINK NOT, MARTIN BÄKKER! I’m not trying to take IESVS CHRISTVS away from anything! It is true that Yuletide was celebrated before Christianity overtook Europe, but okay; nothing can be changed now after so many centuries. What truly matters how you celebrate Christmas at home, not how the holiday is portrayed in American commercialised media and lifestyle. You’re doing all of this to yourselves! Just change your miserable lifestyle and greedy corporations won’t be able to control you anymore. Sheesh! Grow up and stop whining!
        And, by the way, I couldn’t in ANY WAY help Richard Santorum to lose his place in this election; I have no say in your stupid elections. After all, no matter which candidate wins, it’s your God’s Will, so I don’t see a problem here.

      • Joe says:

        Girl, you went there

      • While I have no trouble admitting that I said that Jesus Christus (meaning religion in general) should have been removed from certain public secular aspects of life, I NEVER implied that he need be removed from the holiday we celebrate on 25th December, i.e. Christmas. On the contrary! CHRISTmas without Jesus CHRISTus would just be a ‘Mas’, which would still mean a holy, sacred day. This also means that Nativity scenes and decorations cherishing this holiday can and even SHOULD represent religious aspect of what this holiday is about; including decorations in the streets and public squares where all can see them.

      • Vid says:

        MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy New year 2017.

      • Vid says:

        Like I have said that u can be very smart girl, but u can be so ignorant about a lot of things. CHRISTMAS is not just celebrating the Birthday of the LORD when HE manifested in flesh to be with us and to teach/show us to live a holy life without sin, it’s the time that each of us can learn how to know and have a relationship with HIM. To know HIM, we must spread peace and love. We can reach out to other poor people who have nothing – give them gifts and love. Without GOD manifested in Flesh 2016 years ago, there an’t no Europe. Yuletide or bunch of Satanics existed since after GOD Created the Universe. To say that Yuletide was celebrated before Christianity is silly. People called themselves Christians because they believed and followed Jesus Christ, but JESUS CHRIST is GOD, and GOD created the Universe that includes crazy Yuletide as well.

        EUROPE won’t survive if the Europeans do not REPENT and turn to GOD.
        If not, GOD will give Europe to the fanatic Islam, and you, your little pretty face will have to hide behind veil.

      • Vid says:

        Dear Martin,
        GOD keeps Blessing this Site if you truly know HIM and understand HIS Works. GOD didn’t choose Rick Santorum not because HE does not love him, it’s because GOD knew Santorum cannot fight this battle with powerful Satan and his army through the New World Order who has controlled this planet as well control the world economy. If you don’t believe this then ask Lord Rothschild, Rockefeller,….yourself.
        GOD chose a very wealthy person to carry this difficult task for HIM. In the past GOD chose Persian King ( Cyrus) to discipline the Jews and build the Temple for HIM.


      • Vid says:

        I just got back from visiting my sick uncle, and here I knew who will be the next President of France. I vote for her. It’s Marine Le Pen.

      • Vid says:

        Marine Le Pen lost but she may have won if all the ballots were counted, I think..
        I don’t dislike Macron whose wife is 64 yrs old anything, I just hope he leaves EU like Britain, and deports some of those Radical Muslims out.
        I can only PRAY that Macron will change his heart and will seek GOD to guide him. Macron’s old wife is not important, it’s his business, I only care for European nations.

        * SAUDI Arabia deported so many foreigners including Pakistanis, Somalians, and Ethiopians. SAUDI is smart and wise, regardless I 100% disagree with her political system called Islam.

        No nations on earth can survive with multi races, cultures and religions, especially the Muslims who practice their ideology such as political system of Islam under their sharia laws.

        I PRAY for all the Muslims including Mormond to turn to the True Living GOD who died for their sins 2017 years ago.

  3. Vid says:

    Jesus is Lord.

  4. Vid says:

    This moment, it’s very lucky to be alive. Countless Demons are working side by side with certain humans, oh no those humans are being possessed. Look what they have been doing to us…/ They keep finding ways to destroy the children of GOD. You know without FAITH, don’t even dream to be saved and survived. No one can save humans but ONE, HIS Earthly name is JESUS CHRIST, The Living GOD, and we celebrate HIS BIRTHDAY, the Birthday that Satan and his dominions have tried to destroy it.
    But we have cried out to GOD for years, HE heard us, now we can celebrate our CHRISTMAS again. OK Richard Dunkin’, here my sincere wishes for you & to the unbelievers “Kneel and REPENT before too late”.


  5. Imelda says:



    • Vid says:

      Eh kid. I heard you’re doing well in school, except your little brother. I think the boy seems to lack of enthusiasm or something. May be he is OK, so don’t be bothered by what I said.

  6. Vid says:

    Jim & Martin,
    Now GOD is back. Christmas is back, and border has wall. Girls and women can’t kill babies then ripped off $$ from taxpayers like before anymore. There will be no more babies sacrifice to Satan. That’s why Demons manifested themselves in those girls/women marching in DC demanding to have freedom to kill their own babies.


    The islam terrorists aren’t going to get in easily. Let supposed they were entering into the US during Obama 8 years, they won’t have a chance. Gen. Mathis is a new Gen Patton, he is not going to let them have a chance.
    I like President Trump’s Cabinet. The people who serve in his cabinet are very nationalists, intelligent and know how to make the country great with jobs, safe,… and live under ONE GOD, Jesus Christ, the Living GOD.
    The Muslims can leave if they don’t love or respect our culture. It is not good for them or for anyone to live in the Christian nations, then hate the Christians. They should try to learn about others instead of trying to bite the hands that feed them, then they should live in Saudi Kungdom that chopping hands and heads under their Sharia law if they so desire.

    In The Name Jesus Christ “I speak against the spirits of False Witnesses, Hatred and Murderers, but Release to the Atmosohere TRUE and Justice.” From Pastor Mike Thompson prayer.

    GOD Bless Pres. Trump, VP Pense and their families, and the American people who support them.

    • Why does Bill look like his soul has been removed?

      • Vid says:

        Yeah u r right. Bill seems to have no soul, but Hillary seems to have too many souls like 6000 souls (one legion of Roman army, e.g.,) in her with Cardigan displaying all colors she wears.

        Btw: Has anyone noticed that Martin and Jim disappeared without a trace? I hope these 2 nice pple are OK.

      • Joe says:

        Moi aussi, maintenance je pense ils sont innocent. s’en vouloir pour je fus impoli. (Désole pour ma français mal, je suis nouveau).

      • Vid says:

        You think they’re innocent? Your thought doesn’t matter to GOD. GOD is Almighty, Holy and Just. These old pple need to turn to GOD, and offer daily prayers, Repentance that GOD have mercy on them before their souls depart from this earth, otherwise they will lost forever.

        For me, I am never worried about this world, because I knew that each human can most certainly live about ~ 100 yrs that’s all. The powerful pple abused power, the killers, the rich, the poor are all the same. Except that the ones who refused to Repent will go straight to the Lake of fire for eternal, and the ones who offered sincere Repentance and walked away from sins will be taken to Heaven to be with GOD. My works, my eyes are aiming to another country called Heaven, not this country called earth.

        19) By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the Ground, since from it you were taken, for Dust you are and the Dust you will return”. Genesis 3:19

        What I did, do and will do in life are for one sole purpose to serve GOD faithfully. That’s why I have prayed unceasingly to Jesus Christ the Living GOD to touch pple’s Hearts, especially touch the hearts of the radical lefts to stop wreck the planet, and u r included. 🙂

    • Vid says:

      Watch “Fulton Sheen: The Devil (Satan)” on YouTube

      This video clearly explains about Singapore and How the Devils work in human society.

  7. Vid says:

    Sorry, my keyboard messed up. I meant (Sin) not Singapore.

  8. Vid says:

    Some pile who went through NDE saw Pope John Paul ii in hell.
    Let’s analyze about his life while alive. He did so many good things, but did he truly obey and/or serve the true GOD or he served another gods? Does he deserve to be in hell or heaven?
    Watch the above youtube and decide.

  9. Vid says:

    Hello Jim, Hello Martin,
    Ithe seems you guys abandoned this beautiful Website.
    If so, would you give it to me, so I can post good articles and bring people to GOD.
    Only Jesus CHRIST, The PRINCE of Peace, that could Bring Peace upon this earth.

    Please let me know or email me, then I can start to post articles.

    Thx and GOD Bless.


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