Bill O’Reilly, Deceived by the Devil!

Greetings True Christians! Did you know that Fox News star Bill O’Reilley has been deceived by Satan into ending his War on Christmas? That’s right boys and girls! This week, Bill O’Reilly claimed that the “War on Christmas is over.” Why? Because of a pew survey that shows that Americans love Jesus and know the Christmas Story is true. That being said, the atheists have not given up the war. They are still, even today, preparing to celebrate their ungodly celebrations of Newtonmas, mocking the True Christian holiday of Christmas! On December 21st, the pagans get together to celebrate the winter solstice, another ungodly “holiday” created to take away from the glory of Christmas. The War on Christmas has not ended, and will not be over until all the atheists are silenced and America is once again led by Christians and not Muslims and atheists! This is why we need to elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Rick Santorum won’t back down in the War on Christmas!

Bill O’Reilly needs to repent immediately and recognize the evils of his ways, or he will be sent straight to Hell along with Darwin, Nixon, Feynman, Hitler, Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and all the heathens. The Devil is deluding Bill into believing that the war is over. We have won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. The War on Christmas will not be won until atheism and heathenism is eradicated from America! We must take back the country for Christ! Here is a picture of what Hell will look like when Bill O’Reilly is cast into the pit. Note Pope John Paul II covered in unquenchable fire and Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro engaging in sodomy.

This is what is in store for Bill O'Reilly if he does not repent!

This is what is in store for Bill O’Reilly if he does not repent!

How are the heathens propagating the War on Christmas in America? They are taking “under God” out of our pledge of allegiance and taking “in God we trust” off of our currency! Don’t turn away from the war Bill! Every time the atheists take the ten commandments off of a public building, Satan wins a major victory. Every time someone says Happy Holidays or “happy solstice” instead of Merry Christmas, Satan wins a major victory. The War on Christmas is but one campaign in Satan’s larger campaign to take Christ out of Christmas and out of our world. Don’t leet the devil win. Keep Christ in Christmas, and never give up the fight until we have won! The war on Christmas is not over Bill! Open your eyes!

the Ten Commandments being removed by the forces of Satan

Every single year, around America, children go to the mall to sit on the lap of a fat man posing as “Santa.”  If you change the letters just a little, its easy to see the truth of Santa. Santa is really symbolic of Satan! Don’t bring your child to see Santa on Christmas, take him to worship Christ! We must keep Christ in Christmas!

We should only celebrate Jesus on Christmas!

The only way to win the War on Christmas is to effectively keep Christ in Christmas. Remember, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Yet the modern American celebration of Christmas is all about wealth and money. That’s hypocrisy, boys and girls. Jesus wouldn’t want you to look for presents on Christmas, He’d want you to celebrate His birthday and worship the Father!

Rick Santorum will ALWAYS fight for Christmas, unlike the deluded Bill O’Reilly!

Shame on Bill o’Reilly for allowing himself to be deceived by the Devil! The war on Christmas is not over! O’Reilley needs to stop doing the devil’s work or he’ll find himself in Hell with Robin Williams, Mandela, the scientists, the popes, and Darwin! Repent Bill O’Reilly! Consult the True Christian politician Rick Santorum, who knows that the war on Christmas is not over! Santorum for President in 2016! To Hell with Bill O’Reilly! Keep-christ--anim+big And remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! Yours in Christ, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

God Damn Greenpeace!

Greetings True Christians!

First off, allow me to make two comments. First, a reminder that God’s last name is not “damn.” We are not attempting to mock our Creator, but rather asking Him to damn Greenpeace for their evil message of “change” and liberalism. Second, I ask you to continue to remain strong in the war on Christmas! Let us keep Christ in Christmas and support True Christian politicians like Rick Santorum that also fight the good fight to keep Christ in Christmas!

Obama is a demoncrat from the devil!

Now to the important Christian message about Greenpeace. Did you know that the ungodly atheist activists of Greenpeace just recently pushed US President Barack Hussein Osama’s message of “change” in Peru. Why? The answer is  clear. Greenpeace is part of Obama’s New World Order anti-God anti-Christ order that seeks to take over the world! So what do they do? They protest in a heathen “sacred site” in Peru. Not only did they make a gigantic sign on the ground, but they also allegedly performed Satanic rituals on the site. This is sinful stuff!

While we applaud Greeenpeace for their partial destruction of a heathen monument to heathen beliefs, let us remember that the Taliban also destroyed heathen statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. That doesn’t mean that they were working for the Lord, they were very ungodly people! So while Greenpeace has done a great service to all Christians by helping to erase part of a pagan monument from the face of the planet, they are not working for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

the wrath of God at work.

Greenpeace is obsessed over the myth of global warming, which is a lie created by Satan to hide the fact that sin is causing the Earth to warm and become more “hellish.” God created many secret devices into our wonderful Earth where God could allow sin to trigger earthly destruction. Mankind is sinful, therefore temperatures rise. These rises in temperature make the ice caps melt. These melting ice caps cause floods, storms, landslides, and earthquakes. The earthquakes, storms, floods, and landslides caused by the melting ice caps kill sinners. So while Greenpeace thinks that we can stop global warming by using different products, they are in truth lying for Satan. The only way to stop “global warming” is to repent as a society, and that hasn’t happened yet. As society repents, God will allow the global temperatures to cool, getting rid of all bad effects of global warming.

Greenpeace is of the devil and must be damned. Do not think to make donations to them. A donation to Greenpeace is a donation to the devil’s work. Please join us in prayer. “Lord, please damn the ungodly Greenpeace, and send all of their ungodly members straight to the fires of hell where Satan can torment them for all eternity with fire and pain and unquenchable flames. unless they repent. Lead their heathen members away from the Satanic organization of Greenpeace and back to the Truth of the Father. Please make Rick Santorum president in 2016 so that he can destroy their influence in America. For this, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”

Stop the ungodly Greenpeace from influencing True Christian Americans! Force them out of our midst and back to the fires of Hell! It is time to take back America for Jesus! It is time to take back the country for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

Don’t forget to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

The War on (Saving) Christmas!


Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the atheists and ungodly heathens are carrying the war on Christmas into the cinemas this year? True Christian scholar and film producer Kirk Cameron, who is a good friend of True Christian Scientist Ray Comfort, has just recently released a movie called Saving Christmas.  If you look on the facebook, the current trends on the side mock Cameron’s True Christian film as “the worst film of all time.” I read the article, and it shows the allies of the devil at work!

Don’t trust the atheists! Go see this film!

The devilish movie review website the imdb gives Cameron’s film the lowest rating of any movie ever. That’s just stupid! Kirk Cameron’s film is a godly, fantastic, respectful representation of Christmas. Why is the imdb mocking “Saving Christmas”?  The answer is simple. The IMDB doesn’t want to keep Christ in Christmas! Instead of showing True Christian advertisements, they advertisements posted by the Hollywood elite.  These sinners don’t love Christ.   Let this be a warning, our fellow Christians. Never trust the imdb. Only trust the true source for movie reviews, Unlike imdb, which rates films by popularity according to heathens, capalert rates films based on their Biblical foundation.  They have not yet rated Saving Christmas, but I am sure that Saving Christmas will score highly on their site! It is a good movie!

This assault on Kirk Cameron’s film is sadly nothing new for the atheists. They have attacked him ever since Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron proved that the banana was an atheist’s worst nightmare and since they disproved Darwinism by showing that the Darwinists have never found a crocoduck! Why is this film being downvoted? The answer is simple! The atheists don’t want people knowing about the Truth of Christ! The atheists are the world’s worst criminals and they don’t want the truth of Christ to reach the masses!

Atheists are the world’s worst people!

All those atheist heathens that downvoted Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film are going straight to Hell. This is a beautiful film, and you must be blinded by the devil if you don’t enjoy it!  The atheists are trying to attack Kirk Cameron’s True Christian movie because they believe that it is a threat to their ungodly enterprise. They view Saving Christmas as a strong Christian weapon in the War for Christmas, and they don’t want people to see it. They are downvoting it so that people won’t go to the movies!

Piss off an atheist. See this movie. You won’t regret it! Every single film released by Kirk Cameron or Ray Comfort is true and Godly. Go to see Saving Christmas. Take all of your friends and family with you. Take the atheists that you know as well so that you can have a True Christian discourse about Christmas! Lead them away from their heathen celebration of the “Newtonmas” and teach them to celebrate Christmas!

Let us join Bill O’Reiley in the battle for Christmas! With Christ behind us, we must truly win. After all, this holiday is all about Jesus’ birthday! Say no to the holidays this winter and yes to Christmas! It’s what Jesus would do! Shame on all who are attacking Kirk Cameron’s wonderful film. Satan is going to enjoy torturing you forever in Hell. Don’t join the heathens in Hell! Support this movie!  I have seen it three times already and love it! You will too! Let us take back the cinema for Jesus! Let us take back Christmas for Christ!

From your friends,

Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is fighting beside us in the war for Christmas! Vote for Rick in 2016 to stop the atheists from taking away our Christian holidays!

Fight the War on Christmas with Bill O’Reilly!

Dear friends,

It is that time again! The meaning of Christmas is once again under attack by the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the atheists, the muslims, demoncrats, and other people who hate American Christiandom and Western Society. No longer do we see public displays or greetings from the customer service saying “Merry Christmas”, and no longer can we express religious freedom by saying “Merry Christmas” without reprisal or being discriminated. No longer can children be allowed to sing Christmas songs at their public school, and no longer can Nativity scenes be displayed without receiving threats from the government and crooked lawyers. Songs like O Holy Night are banned from being played in the malls when you buy your loved ones presents. However, there is one person who has stood behind enemy lines for Christmas:

Bill O'Reilly!

Bill O’Reilly!

Bill Reilly is our Paul Revere and the voice of God who warns us that the enemies of Christiandom in America are trying to destroy Christmas and take away our Christian Rights. Whether it is coalitions of married gays and abortionists, Obama’s government, and pagans, O’Reilly warns us that Christmas is under attack by those who oppose us for being Christians.

The government is taking away a Nativity Scene after a 24 hour notice from the Police.

The government is taking away a Nativity Scene after a 24 hour notice from the Police.


How is Christmas being under attack, you may ask? Local businesses are refusing to say “Merry Christmas”, and they are replacing it with “Happy Holidays”. Santa Clause, who is based off Karl Marx and Communist Russia, is used as the mascot by the belligerent groups that attack Christmas. Their hope is that Santa and his minion reindeer will replace Jesus, but do they know that Christmas belongs to Jesus since it is his birthday?

Here is the proof that the agenda is trying to replace Jesus with Santa.

Here is the proof that the agenda is trying to replace Jesus with Santa.

The ESPN channel has refused to air a commercial about the meaning of Christmas, and O’Reilly explains it here:

Atheists who embrace Panganism are also trying to replace Christmas with the Pagan word “Solstice”. Do they know that Christmas is because of Jesus? Jesus has also been forgotten when many Americans have glorified Mandela, who had ties with the Soviet Russia. Our hero, Bill O’Reilly, discusses the truth about Mandela:

Theses are the Pagan rituals for "Solstice" that the atheists plan on using to replace Christmas.

Theses are the Pagan rituals for “Solstice” that the atheists plan on using to replace Christmas.


Just like the duty of Homeland Security for Traditional Marriage has been abandoned by many states who want to destroy it, our valued Federal holiday is under attack by the enemies who despise the true meaning. Obama’s government and the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union want America to be transformed into what the Roman Empire and Russia was like when Christians were persecuted. Jesus is the reason why we celebrate Christmas, and it is our duty as True Christians to take a stand against the evils that have resulted in prayer being banned, the Ten Comandments taken away from the courtrooms, evolution taught in the classrooms, and other evils. Billy O’Reilly needs us to support him in this endeavor to save Christmas. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and keep Christ in CHRISTmas. The enemies have already foreseen this, and we need to act now to preserve Christmas just as Jesus decided to put himself on the Cross. Let’s take a stand against Satan and his followers that have persecuted us.

Your friends in Christ,
Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Questions to ask an atheist!

Dear Christians,

Here are some clever questions I have thought up for you to ask an atheist. If you are on an atheist online chat, you can copy and paste these questions to ask them, or you can confront an atheist in public and ask them these questions. Just watch how they can never answer these questions:

If Christianity is wrong, why is it so popular and why is it still growing at a fast rate?

If you say evolution is true, then were you there to see it happen?

Why are there more churches than mosques, monasterys, cathedrals, and other religious places to worship?

Can you explain what happens when we die?

If we came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys living today?

How could there have been a cause for the Universe without a creator?

Did you know Charles Darwin and Christopher Hitchens repented and became true Christians before their death?

Is it okay to commit murders, rape, homosexuality, lies, going to stripbars, looking at pornography, and other forms of rebellion if you think there is no God to guide you?

How can you explain the way a banana fits the palm of the hand?

How could the continents have moved if no global flood happened?

If Fox News is a dishonest channel, then why are the reporters such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity true Christians?

Did you know that there are biblical records of dinosaurs, from the book of Job, that were witnessed by men?

How did pond scum turn into us?

How did the eye form?

How did the Grand Canyon form?

How did glaciers form?

If call yourself an atheist in regards to God, then do you call yourself an atheist in regards to Santa, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster?

How did everything come from nothing?

If evolution is true, how come we never see frogs turn into birds?

Have you heard of the Shroud of Turin?

Yours in Christ,

Martin Baker

Touched by Jesus

Greetings true friends in Christ.

Tonight I want to ask all of you a very important question.  Have you been touched by Christ? Do you pretend to believe in Jesus only on Sundays, or do you really know Him, and live with Him in your life every day?  We must stop the Sunday “saved” from believing that JUST because they go to Church on Sunday does not mean they will go to heaven. They must not only claim to believe in Jesus; they must be born again in Him.  Jesus loves us, but He expects us to embrace Him if we are to be saved. Let us be like these little children who had come unto Jesus:

Let us sit before Christ not with pre-conceived notions, but rather, bow before Him as a little child, willing to follow humbly and honestly to where He will lead us.  If we can do this, then we can be saved.  Jesus loves us, each and every one of us.  We need only accept Him.

But society refuses to accept Him.  What do we see in malls around “holidays” every year?  Signs no longer say “Merry Christmas.”  They say “Happy Holidays.”  And we don’t see Nativity scenes in malls anymore.  We see Santa.  This is clearly sinful stuff. Santa in the mall tells the children that they can have whatever they want so their parents go to the stores and buy it for them.  It’s a good system for capitalism, but everyone knows that capitalism itself carries the mark of the beast!

What should we see in the malls if America would like to earn its salvation once again? This:


Look at that happy young child sitting in the lap of Jesus. Look at the eager children waiting in line. Look at the smile on the face of Jesus, gladly waiting for the next child to sit on His holy lap.  Jesus loves the children, and He loves all of us. We must open our hearts to Him and be touched by Him.  Look at this man eagerly awaiting His touch:


Look at the man as he looks up toward Jesus, eagerly awaiting the healing touch of Christ. Christ will save all of us if we just ask Him.  Jesus is our savior, and we must embrace Him.  But what happens if we don’t embrace Him?

If we don’t embrace Jesus and become born again in Him, we go to hell.  Who goes to hell? Heathens, sinners, politicians, liars, communists, and evolutionists.  That’s right folks. Believe in evolution, go straight to hell. Evolution itself sends more people to hell per capita than any other sinful ideology! This is because, as Dr. Kent Hovind tells us in his brilliantly written PhD dissertation, evolution comes from the Devil! That’s right folks. The doctrine of evolution was created by Satan to lead true Christians away from God.  We must reject evilution in all its sinful forms.

Why is evolution responsible for so many sins? Consider the tree of evolution, and remember, a sinful tree can never bear good fruits:


This is the problem boys and girls.  Atheism causes sin. Sin causes a belief in evolution. Evolution causes such sinful actions as socialism, hard rock, inflation, terrorism, sexuality, bdsm, abortion, sex education, homosexuality, and blumpkins. Don’t become a blumpkin eater.  Reject evolution in all its forms.  Join with the scientific creationists as the ax which cuts the tree at its base.  Become a soldier for Christ. Reject the sin of evolution.

How do we know that evolution is sinful ?Just look at the resemblance between Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, and Hell Boy, a modern interpretation of a son of Satan in a movie. The directors wanted their “demon” to look like the devil, so they make him look like Charles Darwin. Coincidence? I think not:


We must reject Darwin’s devilish idea.  We must stop Satan at the door. We must reject evolution, and open our hearts to Christ. But is this possible?




There is plenty of good evidence for Creation.  Let me suggest a few wonderful sources.

First, Answers in Genesis. They have good True Christian articles proving the Truth of God’s Creation.They even have their own peer reviewed journal. So next time somebody tells you that Creationists don’t publish in peer-reviewed journals, you can tell them that this is false.

Second, the Institute for Creationist Research.  They do great Christian research, and even have their own widely accepted Creationist graduate school.

Third, Creation Science Defense .  These people do great Christian work.

There are hundreds of great Creationist scientists and organizations throughout America and the world, and this is just a start.


Let us reject evolution, and embrace the touch of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us reject sin in all its form. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours truly in Jesus,

Jim Solouki