Why Christians should oppose Jurassic World

Jurassic World is clearly another unholy abomination from the minds of Hollywood (or more appropriately, Hell Wood) who are in alliance with Satan and the Secular Media. The themes of evolution, hate, adultery, lust, violence, and other Anti-Christian themes are all there will be to the film. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is time for us Christians to stand up for America and retake the cinemas for Christ. Satan has his eyes over America as we continue to hear the news of the ACLU taking away Christian Rights, teenagers having access to abortion causing pills, and so on.

Did you know the film is about the atheist’s favorite myth, evolution? That’s right my fellow members of Jesus’ flock of sheep. Jurassic World makes a mockery of God’s wonderful creations and uses them to make the audience believe this silly mesozoic mythology. The movie shows many dinosaurs that never existed but instead were faked by atheistic scientists to make us believe in evolution. Don’t believe me? Check here: http://www.jurassicworld.com/dinosaurs/ Exactly what is a Baryonx or a Microceratus? I have no clue how scientists can be so deceived by the Devil to make up many fake dinosaurs, but thank God you will never find those “names” in a Webster’s Dictionary or a Thesaurus! There is another made-up dinosaur that will be discussed in more depth in this entry.


Another fake dinosaur in Jurassic World

Again, the movie mocks God and his creations. The premise to the film is that man can simply start a rebellion against God and take his place by destroying him and creating dinosaurs. That was the theme in the first forsaken entry by John Malcolm who stated “Man destroys God, Man creates dinosaurs.” While the film wants the public to believe Darwin’s little lie and join his cult, man is portrayed as having power over God simply by creating dinosaurs. Now that is just silly stuff for we know God is almighty. Like the first movie, the team of crazy scientists heathenistically “play God” to make “evolution” happen by throwing bits of frog DNA with dinosaur DNA from fossil mosquitoes in amber. This is an unbiblical contradiction to the Book of Genesis and an offense to God. Only God has the power to create living things, and he never used evolution for his creations. Another dirty lie is the mythology that dinosaurs turned into birds. This can’t work because a Brontosaurus is too big to take off into the sky and the tiny arms of T.rex are too useless for flying. Moving on.

Another ungodly offense in the film is that a new “dinosaur” is created by mixing its DNA with the DNA of other animals. Did you know that this is what the True Christian website, http://www.christiansagainstdinosaurs, has warned us how Satan and the dinosaurs are related? Satan has influenced his followers to make up many fake “dinosaurs” in the past so they can be placed in the museums and textbooks to make us believe in this silly evolution propaganda. Remember how deluded scientists made up some half bird-half dinosaur called “Archaeoraptor” that was proven to be one of Darwin’s frauds? It is possible that the next batch of school textbooks will feature the fabricated “Indominus rex” as an example of evolution to our children. Now that is silly stuff.


The film stars Chris Pratt, known for playing in “Guardians of the Galaxy” that is full of unbiblical aliens. The advertising for the movie tells us his character will portray a scientist who actively works as a disciple of Darwin in the film just like Sam Neil’s character from the first Jurassic Park! Bryce Dallas is put there as a character who exposes lots of cleavage for lust, just like Laura Dern from the first Jurassic Park who was inspired from Playboy magazines. Check out the image below to see how perverted Hollywood is when it comes to movie making. Is she performing a Pagan ritual in the movie?


Jurassic World is another installment of the sinful Jurassic Park series. Like its previous entries, this movie is all about brainwashing the public into believing evolution and practicing idolatry with heathen scientists like Stephen Hawkings, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Richard Dawkins. The movie was made possible by the mad scientist, Robert Bakker, who consulted with Spielberg on the other sinful Jurassic Park films. This movie promotes evolution propaganda, and evolution means you can do many acts of evil like racism, rape, violence, believe in evolution, do drugs, look at pornography, murder, commit homosexuality, lie, and other acts heathenism as if there is no God watching. This is all what evilution is about, and it is no joke that kids have been bringing pornography into the churches!

The eyes of our children and the public must be saved for Jesus and not turned into viewing pleasures for the Devil. The movie also works as a lie by wanting Bibles in the classrooms to become replaced with dishonest “science” textbooks that are all about Darwin’s little lie. This is ridiculous stuff because the Bible is the true book on science and how we came to be. All of science fiction is ungodly once you check out this entry from Answers in Genesis:


Remember that replacing the Bible for evolution was accomplished by the communistic agendas of Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Mandela, Ghandi, Mao, and other leaders that we know are burning in Hell. We don’t want our children become the next “Stalin” in America. We also don’t want our children to ask for silly dinosaur toys or movie DVDs from the fake Santa (who is an imitation of Karl Marx and is spelled SATAN when you rearrange the letters) because this all falls under the atheistic “War on Christmas” we are warned about. As Christians, we must say no to this film just like we say no to drugs.

Do not attack your wallet by purchasing a ticket straight to Hell. All the revenue gained for this ungodly film is said to help Spielberg purchase foreign oil from Saudi Arabia and Palestine, who funded the 9/11 attacks and the construction of mosques in America. The film is full of Anti-Christian themes, and we Christians must work together and tell Satan that he is not welcome in God’s country. Also please remember to vote Satorum for President in 2016. With him in office, he will make sure evolution is not taught to our children of God and that these kind of movies will not be made.

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.

Please read these reviews about Jurassic Park to get an idea of what Jurassic World will cause:



Martin Baker

107 thoughts on “Why Christians should oppose Jurassic World

  1. This movie’s going to be awesome! Hopefully, there’ll be more carnage in this one than in the first one. And if not in the theatrical release, at least on the unrated version!

    Out of curiosity, can you do a review on Evil Dead 2013 remake? Here’s a trailer for it:

  2. This is like my Zoo Tycoon games where I delete a fence-link in the Spinosaurus or Tyrannosaurus or Allosaurus exhibit and let the dino run free eating everyone in sight! Freaking awesome! And don’t worry, Zoo Tycoon teaches evolution.

    • Martin Baker says:

      You need to replace Zoo Tycoon with the Bible. The Bible is God’s word, Zoo Tycoon is another product of the Devil.

      • I do read the Bible thank you very much. And the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. How about you try reading the Bible for a change?

      • It is not, and it doesn’t teach evolution, thank you, newenglandsun. He doesn’t need to replace Zoo Tycoon with the Bible because he can have both. Just remember to put the scriptures and God first.

  3. Firstly, you hqve no right to say that something is satanic when you are being show as a poe.

    Jim, you’ve forgotten about me. How could you? I thought what wehad was special. Why would you forget about me? Are you dating Martin now?

  4. John Ryan says:

    Phfahaha your pathetic and hilarious. Show us all, 9 hard pieces of evidence of your so called “unholy abomination” that IS NOT your opinion (I do hope you atleast know the difference between facts and opinion …)

  5. Martin, Jim, you’re such poes. I think now that we know that you’re actually trying to act like poes without telling us you are.

  6. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    I expect you all to watch EUROVISION SONG CONTEST this year in the month of May. It is Austria who has the honour to host this event in the picturesque capital of Vienna, once the capital of the Habsburg Empire. (I should know, since I had the privilege to visit this amazing city!) This year, Slovenian entry is my favourite and I hope they shall win. I hope I’m not the only one here who actually knows what Eurovision is. http://www.eurovision.tv/
    Toodles. ❤

  7. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

  8. Thesaurus is also another type of man-eating dinosaur. He will kill you if try to look up a velociraptor in him.

  9. The7Sticks says:

    Is this a joke? First of all, “Jurassic Park” was written by a conservative climate change denier named Michael Crichton, who was widely derided by liberals and leftists in his latter life for challenging their global warming narrative. The book was a parable as to what happens when human science challenges the natural order of God and nature, and the consequences of claiming to have the same power of God by creating species through unnatural means and witnessing the wholesale destruction of an artificial society they thought they could control.

  10. Martin, have you looked up Velociraptor in Thesaurus yet? He will eat you if you do so. Thesaurus is a type of dinosaur.

  11. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Bacon10 and Vid? I have noticed their absence here…

  12. We should not judge each other. I wish I had a TV. Jess xx

  13. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

  14. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

  15. The Passion of the Christ is a demonic and Satanic movie depicting our Lord and Savior being killed! Everyone knows JESUS NEVER DIED!

  16. Vid says:

    I’m away for so long, 🙂 but I am happy and I love my job even though I am facing so many obstacles at work. My life in here US is far better than under Communist nations with Military Junta such as in Thailand, Myanmar,.. or monarchy dictatorship under “Lese majesty” in Thailand. I always Thanks GOD every day, and I keep Blessing the LORD for ever and ever, for all the marvelous things HE has done for me.

    Jim and Martin, why don’t you preach the Gospels instead of condemning others while you and the rest are miserable sinners.
    If you still enjoy condemning people, then why not post the Gospels to back up your claim, or why they should be sent into hell-fire?

    If we want to know who will be going to heaven or hell, then post the the Words of GOD, then we can debate or discuss.

    None of us sinner is given the authority to judge any body. Save our own souls instead of chasing other souls.

    Btw: GOD does not have Religions. When He manifested Himself in a human Flesh and lived among us was to teach, and save us from our own destruction (sins).

    Do you know that there’re too many False Prophets like Muhammad, Joseph Smith… New Age religion… including Oprah Winfrey’s Church that lead souls to eternal hell? Then post the GOSPELS of the LORD JESUS CHRIST for visitors to read and discuss.

    The weird thing is that Muhammad claimed he was the last and greatest prophet, and Joseph Smith was too claimed he was the last prophet. Oh Yeahhhh…?
    I read Mormon History Church, vol. 6. p 408-409, JS boasted that he did more works than the Lord Jesus Christ. If so why the hect that guy JS, an adulterer and child molester did not order his people to use the name Church of Joseph Smith the last prophet? Muhammad was the same.

    “Many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many”, Matthew 24:11

    Likewise, this Site is also a False prophet.

    “Truly I say to you. the tax collectors and the prostitutes go into the kingdom of GOD before you” Matthew 21:31

    What we see is not always the same as what we don’t see. The tax collectors and the prostitutes repented and walked away from sins, the two went straight to heaven, I didn’t know JS and Mu repented before their deaths or not.

    I pray and repent every day.


    a former Buddhist orphan child now a child of GOD the Most hIgh

    • Vid says:

      PREDICTION for fun 🙂
      Rick Santorum will not be the next US President. No good men will be put to lead the US, only the bad guys will be: like gay, bi-sex, Atheist like crazy Bill Maher, coward Muslim, Communist-Socialist, etc. yeahh.
      GOD is punishing the West, now HE Loves the Asians, especially Chinese people. Why? Because of their obedience. The West is being punished for disobeying GOD and arrogant. Just look at the crazy Muslims terrorizing the West, now. The sins of the west against GOD.

      If I am forced to vote, I will write in the name of my favorite next US President: Geert Wilders. All my American peers will vote for him. He is a Dutch politician, but we like him. Love this guy Geert Wilders.


      a Martyr of Jesus Christ the Living GOD.

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        No one can ever be forced to vote, Vid. Even in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or the Principality of Liechtenstein, where is voting is obligatory by law, one cannot be forced to vote for a candidate; if the voter believes none of the candidates is suitable for the position, they just need to cast an invalid vote or check the ‘none of the above’ option, should it be avaliable.
        America has too long been inside of grip of Republicans and Democrats; people should know there are other parties with candidates as well!

      • what’s wrong with us bisexuals?

      • “people should know there are other parties with candidates as well!”
        exactly, Cassandra. There’s Goofy, Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Cthulu, Sarah Plain and Tall, Minnie Mouse, Peyton Manning, and Elvis Presley.

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Jews and Christians worship the same God.

  17. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    🔥 🔥 🔥 This site must be burnt!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥


    This is the only godly site True Christians should visit: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/REALESTATE/index.html.

  18. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    It is not. You are wrong. ‘Burnt’ [1] is the British spelling of the past participle of the verb ‘to burn’; you may use ‘burned’ but I shan’t. (The same goes for ‘spelt’ and many others.) Please, do make sure you know what you are talking about when you are about to correct people’s grammar. It is a sin to spread false truths. 😡

    1. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/burn#Verb

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    NOTE: There is NO SUCH SCHOOL as Landover Christian University!

  20. 😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪

  21. 😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪😈👹👿💀💣🔫🎃🐍⛪

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:



  22. 🔥 🔥 🔥 This site must be burnt!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥
    To the tune of Alicia Keys’s “This Girl is on Fire”
    “Martin is on fire!
    With Jim Solouki!”

    “Jim Solouki is on fire…
    literally, not figuratively”

  23. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:


    I hope you’re grateful I did this.

  24. Us this the time of year where we figure out jim and martin are pulling off a joke?

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