Jurassic World: Satan’s Campaign for Evolution

Jurassic World, the sequel to the unholy abomination known as Jurassic Park, is another snide attempt to spread the teaching of evolution to the public and to brainwash God from the public. Like other godless movies from Hollywood, Jurassic World was praised by the secular critics who are known to condemn Christian movies. This film is just another one of many offenses to God that must be banned and not used to indoctrinate our children into rejecting God and believing in evolution.


Jurassic World wants you to believe dinosaurs turned to birds, but could this T rex fly with those tiny arms or chirp or peck at things?

The film starts out with two young brothers given a vacation by their divorcing parents. We know from the bible that divorce is unbiblical, but that doesn’t matter to the parents as they plan on letting their children venture to an Island that glorifies sinner scientists like Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.

Chris Pratt plays a scientist who is an obvious disciple of Darwin in the movie but also serve as a homosexual lust vector since he wears skin tight clothes worn by gay men. Bryce Dallas plays some lust influencing woman who exposes lots of cleavage and runs in high heels. Obviously Jurassic World is full of sexual immorality that is known to further Satan’s favorite agenda in America: Homosexuality and the spread of gay marriages.

Throughout the film, the scientists play God by creating dinosaurs from fossil bugs trapped in amber. This is simply an ungodly offense in the film. Why? Only God himself has the power to create living things as proven in the Book of Genesis. The film further dives into evolution as the scientists glorify Darwin by creating a dinosaur that is supposed to be a mix of other dinosaurs. Again, this is an ungodly offense as God can only create life and that this ungodly invention was created by the scientists to prove evolution. Did you know evolution was favored by Cultural Marxists like Mao, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Stalin, and other godless communists? This film should have been correctly titled “Evilution.” You can bet that the so called indominus rex will be featured in text books from our public schools to teach evolution to our children.

There are other offenses to God throughout the film. The boys disobey authority from their superiors many times. God’s name is taken in vain multiple times without being called for prayer. Evolution is mentioned many times in the film. Bryce Dallas’ character takes on a role in the film that is supposed to be reserved for superior men. Sexual immorality is evident between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas. Bestiality between a black man and several trained raptors is suggested since the raptor trainer is intimately connected to them. The film also wants the viewers to believe that dinosaurs turned into birds, but how can a T.rex with tiny arms fly? How can a brontosaurus or stegosaurus chirp and fly? Thankfully God’s name was not taken in vain and ended with the curse word “damn” because that is not his last name.

Jurassic World is another unbiblical abomination from Hollywood that makes movies to make fun of Christians. The goal for this film is to indoctrinate its viewers into believing evolution, which is after all a theory, and to make the viewers reject God. Believing in evolution simply means you can do whatever you want as if there is no God. That means committing evil acts like homosexuality, teach evolution, steal, pornography, and other acts of sin. How do I know this to be true? Ever since this movie’s release, more atheistic inspired gun shootings have been happening. Movies like Jurassic World are responsible for the rise of atheism, people believing in evolution, racism, rape, murders, stealing, bullying in the schools, people looking up pornography on church computers, and other sins. Again, building a foundational belief in evilution allows us to do whatever we want as if there is no God watching us. Perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg and other secular jews are responsible for making this godless filth to make lots of money so they can purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. If you purchased a ticket to see this film, then you definitely purchased a ticket to HELL. As Christians, we must take a stand against Satan and his agents. The movies must be taken back for Christ. Let’s unite as Christians and demand that Satan take his presence away from America. AMERICA is a Christian country and Satan is NOT invited to spread his evil.

Martin Baker

Christians, Let’s Boycott Star Wars VII

Greetings True Christians. Perverted magic underwear director and Agent of Satan, George Lucas and godless Hollywood are at it once again by releasing the upcoming Star Wars film which is based on Mormon, atheistic, and Buddhist ideas. Little does the public know that the new film spews Marxist ideas that glorify Russia’s rise during the Cold War. It’s also no surprise that the film’s release on Christmas is a political move by America’s Cultural Marxism movement to demonize Christmas and to continue the War on Christmas. The Devil’s favorite sinners, Star Wars fans and Trekkies, will definitely plan on rejoicing this filth by worshiping the “force”, but we Christians know the True Force and that is The One and only True Creator, God.


The film starts on a barren desert planet with a female character and smutty female aliens. Undoubtedly, this planet can be seen as a reference to Lucas’ Mormon belief of the planet Kolob where God lives there and is just a human being who has sexual relations with many woman.


The Force Awakens also has Darwinist ideas in it. The Stormtroopers are originally depicted as white, superior beings in the Star Wars films, but Lucas goes further by having a black person play as a stormtrooper. By pulling this little stunt, Lucas is simply spreading his Darwinist beliefs by making it appear as if black people “evolved” from white people. This is ungodly stuff that Lucas likes to smuggle in his films. Don’t forget that Lucas is also hiding racist themes in the movie. With the black guy dressed as a stormtrooper, Lucas expresses his racist Mormon beliefs that one must be truly cleansed of sin by going from black to white, and this is also probably a reference to former Mormon Michael Jackson who tired to be fully white by bleaching his skin and is now in Hell! Also look at how Lucas likes to depict stormtroopers to look like members of the KKK. Why are they not correctly called Klantroopers in the movies?

The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!


But there is more that we must warn about this film. Images released of the Force Awakens show how there is an undeniable connection with the Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany.


Nuremberg Rally

The film also tells us Lucas was inspired by the Cold War and the rise of Communism in Russia and China. Just look at that red flag in the background with a symbol used by the New World Order in the movie. Red was the color during the Cold War that symbolized fear and oppression to Christians. By connecting scenes to the Nuremberg Rallies and Communist Russia, Lucas makes it clear that Star Wars is about furthering the communist agenda favored by Hitler, Marx, Mandela, and Carter. Lucas and smutty Hollywood want Cultural Marxism to spread in America and for Modern Day Christiandom to be erased.


What exactly is the force? Trekkies may respond by saying it is a luminous and mystical power, but in reality “The Force” is an unbiblical theme that relates to Buddhism and other Asian religions, like Hinduism, that worship False Gods. Essentially, the “Jedi”, who are actually a cult of monks in disguise, worship this power in order to become ungodly sorcerers. Never in the Star Wars films do the Jedi pray to God for help; they only worship this energy as their own God, which violates the Ten Commandments telling that you should not worship any other gods. Sadly, the fans of these movies also worship their personal idol by the name of Yoda who is a champion of “the force” and clearly Buddha in disguise. Obviously Jesus does not matter to the fans. We Christians know Jesus as the True Force and the way to Heaven. Star Wars gets you nowhere but to Hell!

There are other ungodly themes in Episode 7. Pirates in the movie undoubtedly resemble uncivilized and savage Somalia pirates who want to take our freedoms away from America. And there are also the gay robot pair, R2-B2 and CD3PDO who inspired the homosexual movie Brokeback Mountain. Aliens are unbiblical since they imply God created life elsewhere and not on Earth as stated in The Book of Genesis.


Heathen Pirates.



R2B2 an C3DPO engaging in rampant homosexual acts in the new movie.

It is unfortunate that The Force Awakens is being released this Christmas as an attempt to continue the War on Christmas but also to demonize Christmas. Lucas wants to spread his atheistic, Hindu, and mormon beliefs to the world as an attempt to brainwash Christians and to make more fans follow his cult. The films are an insult to Christianity since Annakan Skywalker, who was destined to become the good guy like Jesus after being born of a virgin birth, turned to pure evil and the opposite of Jesus. Star Wars, or more appropriately Satan Wars, is responsible for causing a rise in New Age practices like witchcraft, paganism, worshiping the Illuminati, and atheism. The films are also responsible for the bullying of Christians, gay marriages, believing in evolution, teenage sexuality, Rock n Roll, and other vile acts that offend God. As we Christians know, anybody who ever claimed to be all powerful with the “force” in biblical times would be stoned to death, but we know the Christian way is to preach the word of God and hope that they become saved. Does God ever matter to Star Wars fans? God is the one and True Force out there who created the Heavens and Earth. As Christians, it is our goodly duty to fight the evils from Hollywood and to take back the movies and TVs for Christ. We must boycott this film, Lucas, and other films that attack Christians.

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


God protect our guns!

Greetings True Followers,

Recently, Obama and the Demoncrats in office have proposed to take away our gun rights. We recently learned from many shootings in schools and churches that innocent Christians are targeted for sport by Anti-Christian heathens. What Obama wants to do is to disarm Christians from defending themselves so he can allow this Great Nation to be overrun by godless laws, a tyrannical government, and atheistic ideologies. Obama is well supported by the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, Planned Parenthood, terror loving muslims, abortionists, atheists, pagans, and other sinners responsible for making 9/11 happen!

America is a Nation defined by Christian Values, and we Christians will not allow this Great Nation to be a godless nation that Hitler, Stalin, Jimmy Carter, or the Clintons would ever dream of. America is defined by patriots who are churchgoers and defend the Constitution from terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq. We will not allow Obama and the demoncrats transform America into The People’s Republic of America. It’s time we take a stand for our gun and Christian rights




Remember to vote Santorum 2016. He is God’s candidate for president and also a member of the NRA.


Martin Baker

Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat!

Dear friends,

Did you know Hillary Clinton is an evil person somebody like Mao, Marx, or Hitler would ever dream of? That’s right, concerned citizens. Besides being married to a husband that lied about having ungodly affairs in the White House, Hillary is part of an Anti-Christian agenda that is trying to take the Great Nation away from Christ. These facts presented below prove how dangerous she is and why she should not be voted for president.

-Hillary Clinton currently plays a part in the world’s largest Holocaust ever that kills unborn babies through Planned Parenthood. She also helped in the stealing of tax dollars which helped in the selling of aborted baby parts to godless countries.

-Hillary Clinton is a woman, and that makes her not fit to become president. She needs to know God created Adam first.

-She is responsible for gay marriages to be forced in America. As a consequence, marriages are redefined by a government that has turned away from God and has taken away our Christian Rights.

-Hillary Clinton wants Christians to become unarmed and to have their guns taken away.

-Hillary refuses to say Marry Christmas, but she prefers to say the offensive phrase “Happy Holidays.”

-She will have a godless government spy on the lives of innocent Christians. She will use the NSA to spy on Christians. This may also make it harder for new churches to be built, but will surely allow the construction of new mosques.

-Besides working with Planned Parenthood, she also works with the ACLU, MSNBC, and other like-minded organisations.


Do we Christians want this person of ungodly principles to take the White House? No. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God and not the people, to save this great nation from the secular evils that are making it illegal to say Merry Christmas, to display the Ten Commandments in the courts and schools, to display Nativity Scenes?


Rick Santorum! Remember to vote Santorum 2016 to save America.

Martin Baker

Rick Santorum 2016: For God and America.

Dear friends,

America is no longer recognized as a Nation under God. Our constitution, written by our Founding Fathers who were our Christian disciples, has been demolished by legions of demoncrats and other godless heathens who want God taken away from our schools, the courtrooms, and the public. It’s time for a change, America, and Rick Santorum is the one True Candidate chosen by God to save this great nation from the evils terrorizing this great nation. It is time for us as Christians to come out of the closet once more, go to our churches, and tell Satan he is not welcome in America!


America is losing its Christian values everyday. Obama, who we know is a muslim and no friend of Christ, destroyed the sanctity of marriage by allowing gay marriages in America. This means we will see people marrying dogs and cars. Obama also did some other evil acts such as free drug dealers from prison and contribute to the largest Holocaust ever by allowing “Ungodly” Planned Parenthood to sell aborted baby parts. Heck, he is also trying to pave the way for Hillary Clinton (who should appropriately be known as Hitler Clinton) so she can take over the White House and spread vile acts of feminism and other unholy abominations. Oviously, Obama is not aware God created Adam first, that it is Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, and that woman are not capable of taking such a high position in America!



The government, which is now controlled by the demoncrats, atheists, feminists, muslims, Anti-Christian Lawyers Union and other sinners against Christ, are making it illegal for the Ten Commandments to be displayed in the courtrooms. Furthermore, Nativity Scenes are now banned from the public and schools. Obama has lawfully allowed the offensive and Anti-Christian saying “Happy Holidays” to be forced in businesses. Satan is invited in our lives and America when the War on Christmans continues to be waged against us Christians.

America is slowly transforming into a godless nation that evil socialists like Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Jimmy Carter, and Mao would ever dreamed of. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God, to save this great nation and bring it closer to God?

Rick Santorum!


As a True Christian, Santorum promises the best for American Christiandom. Santorum is Pro-Life and will do what he will to stop the Holocaust of unborn babies. He is pro-military. He will stop evolution from being taught in the schools. He will ban pornography so it will not be brought into the churches. Merry Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays” will be said in public. The Ten Commandments will stay in our God-given court rooms. He will protect our Christian rights. He will stop the War on Christmas.
But most of all, Santorum will tirelessly fight to make sure America is one nation under God.

Santorum promises to be a Mandela for Christians, and we need him more than ever to stop the satanic secularism spreading in America. Remember, vote Santorum 2016. Santorum was not chosen by the people, but by God.


Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.



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4/20, Hitler’s high holiday!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that every year, drug addicts, Darwinists, and neo-nazis around the world celebrate the birthday of Hell’s doormat, Adolf Hitler? That’s right, boys and girls, the “holiday” of 4/20 is nothing more than a veiled attempt by Darwinists and atheistic misanthropes to infiltrate the minds of our children and turn them away from Christ. The real founder of 4/20 day is Satan himself working through Charles Darwin. The truth is clear, and I will prove it to you

Now you see, boys and girls, when God cursed Satan in the Garden of Eden, Satan swore to get his revenge.  First, Satan turned the world evil. God punished the world with the Flood. Then Satan had Jesus crucified. Jesus responded with the Resurrection, saving all True Christians (but no heathens).  After Jesus, the world was doing pretty well, with science based on the Bible. Then Satan began to enter into scientists to turn them against God. One of Satan’s favorite scientists was Charles Darwin.

Darwin created a fake, ungodly, goo-to-zoo-to-you monkeys-to-man mythology that removed God from the Creation narrative. This was Satan’s plan all along. Satan used Darwin to undermine God’s authority across the world. Darwin created racism amongst the Europeans against the Jews and other peoples.  And this racism created Hitler.

Adolf Hitler and the Darwinist paradigm is responsible for the murders of more than six million people. But Darwin didn’t stop with Hitler! Darwin inspired Stalin too, who was another mass murderer. More deaths  can be attributed to Darwinist ideas and the atheist beliefs that come from them than to any other set of false beliefs. After Hitler’s death and the end of the second World War, it became unsavory to celebrate Darwinist ideals openly. For example, before WWII, the Darwinists  openly espoused Eugenics. After WWII, they were forced to take their eugenical views into hiding, and for good reason. Eugenics looked an awful lot like Naziism!

So what do the Darwinists do instead of openly celebrating the atheistic dogma of eugenics and extermination? They instead celebrate the birthdays of its founders. In America, it isn’t political suicide to embrace Charles Darwin’s birthday. “We are doing it in the name of science,” the atheists can lie, when in  reality they are doing it in the name of Satan. However, anyone who embraces Adolf Hitler’s birthday immediately attracts hatred from Americans in every corner. By embracing Hitler, the atheists show their true colors. And that’s why they created 4/20 Day!

Instead of openly celebrating Hitler’s birthday on April 20th, the atheist scum of America instead celebrate  marijuana and other heathen drugs bastardized by Satan. You see, God gave us the marijuana plant for hemp, which is a product used to make rope. In fact, the hemp from the cannabis plant may have been used to make ropes on Noah’s Ark that helped to save humanity from the Flood. Satan took the plant, warped it, and led mankind to use it to get stoned. Once “stoned,” it is easier for Satan to enter into a man’s heart.

Drug and alcohol use amongst atheists didn’t begin after Hitler though.  Charles Darwin’s grandfather was a known alcoholic, and probably used opium as well.  Alfred Russell Wallace came up with his evolutionary ideals after a bad reaction to opium in Indonesia, even though he tried to pass it off as  malaria. And who knows what kinds of drugs Charles Darwin used in South America?! He must have been on some strong stuff to believe that man came from goo!

the columbine killers

the evil ungodly Columbine shooters

Want further proof that 4/20 Day is ungodly? The Columbine Massacre took place that day.  On that day, two students inspired by Darwin and deluded by the Devil entered Columbine High School and gunned down many innocent people. This shooting was caused by Darwinism and by the teaching of Darwin in schools. This day was a celebration of Hitler, atheism, Darwin, and the weed subculture, and is a prime reason why 4/20 must not be allowed to be celebrated as a holiday.

My fellow Christians, it is time to do away with the heathen celebration of 4/20 and replace it with a True Christian holiday. I challenge all of you to worship God this 4/20 and to join the war on drugs and on Darwin! It is time to take back the world for Jesus! It is time to take back our calendars for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!

Rick Santorum doesn’t support 4/20 Day! Vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!