The Cash-in of Christ

Holy story, unholy use of Jesus’ suffering for profit. That’s why the Passion of the Christ is an evil film.

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the Passion of the Christ is of the Devil? That’s right, boys and girls. One of the movies commonly used by moderate so-called Christians to show the suffering of Jesus the Christ is evil.  Why? For many, many reasons. I will explain some of them here, and prove that God Himself hates this film.

Satan in the Cash-in of Christ

Spiderwort from the Harry Potter witchcraft films

This evil film glorifies Satan and pagan beliefs. In the Garden of Gethsemane scene, for example, it is Satan who prods Jesus into asking the Father for a reprieve from the Crucifixion, as if Satan had complete control over Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross.  That’s just foolish. Also, Satan looks like Spiderwort from the ungodly and Satanic Harry Potter witch movies. That’s because the film glorifies pagan reliefs. Heck, in the film, when Jesus prays, he is shown praying to the moon in Gethsemane, probably because Mel Gibson is an ungodly pagan Catholic who believes in many saints who are to be prayed to like God and who celebrates many pagan holidays like All Saints Day and All Souls Day.

How do we know that God is displeased with this film? The answer is simple. Many actors in the film were struck by lightning during filming. Jim Caviezel, the man who played Jesus in the film, was even struck by lightning while on the Cross! We know that God controls the elements; the story of Noah’s Flood proves that. God chose to punish Caviezel with lightning for his ungodly participation in this evil film because it was a painful but not lethal way to warn him of the torments of hell in the hope that he would repent.

Mel’s making his millions!

Unfortunately, Mel Gibson and nearly everyone involved with this film refuse to repent. They see the movie as a money-making machine. However,  Caviezel has seen the light and recognizes Mel Gibson for the sinner he is. He has called Gibson a horrible sinner. It is now up to Caviezel to give up his own sinful ways and turn fully to Christ. Mel GIbson has made more than 600 MILLION dollars off of this film, and where did the money go? To the poor? No. To spread the mission of Christ? No.  The money went straight into the pockets of Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is profitting off of spiritual goods. Do you know what that is boys and girls? That is called simony. One does NOT sell spiritual goods for profit! What would Jesus have to say about someone using God’s Truth for profit? I think the answer is actually kind of obvious to all True Christians.

Jesus cleansed the Temple!

What happened when Jesus found moneylenders making profits in the Temple? He chased them out! Jesus said He would destroy the temple of His body and then rebuild it in 3 days, and the ungodly Mel Gibson is now making money off of that Temple. Jesus will destroy Mel in Hell soon enough. However, this offers me a good moment to warn all of you who go to churches who are acting with Satan.  Have you found booksellers in your churches?  Has your church had a Creation conference that was filled with book sellers trying to make a profit in God’s house? This happens across America and it is wrong. One place where it is happening is at Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, Montana, where the agents of Satan are trying to infiltrate God’s house and act for the Devil.  When visiting Montana one year I visited their conference, and found the church riddled with books for sale, flying spaghetti monster fliers (a sure sign that this place is of the Devil and accursed), and constant prompts to buy books and spend money.That’s ungodly at it’s core. God’s house should not be a place for profit, but a place for prophecy and truth.

Michael Oard and friends are smiling because they are cashing in on Christ.

These evil ungodly churches that cash in on Christ are no different than Mel Gibson cashing in on Christ with the Passion of Christ. If your church is selling books in the lobby and hiring speakers who are obviously profiteering, then it’s time to reject your Satan-infiltrated church and find a church that is truly tied to the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. If you are a True Christian, you will be at Church this weekend to celebrate Easter. Look around. What does your church value most? Saving pennies or saving souls? Churches like Grace Bible in Bozeman obviously put money before God and are ungodly.  Martin and I only worship at churches that actually follow God’s mission instead of trying to line their own pockets. While it is necessary for all churches to have money to survive, that should not be the goal of services! That’s simple Truth boys and girls. If the church is doing the work of God, then the money will come.

Satan and Satan’s demon minion in the Cash-in of Christ

These false churches and the Cash-in of Christ have a lot of things in common.As is the case in the film, in churches which put money first and God second, Satan is to be found everywhere. Satan and Satan’s demons hold much power in these places, because they have chose to worship money over God. The actors in the film were struck by lightning. These ungodly evil false churches are struck by either dwindling numbers, or, in the successful ones, atheist trolls and devilish mischief. These punishments are things that God allows to happen in an attempt to get these evil false churches to change their ways before Judgment Day. What will be the fate of all those who do not repent from their evils, either in these false churches or in the Cash-in of Christ? They go to Hell!

Heaven is an exclusive club. Unsaved Unwelcome.

Do you want to go to Heaven or Hell after you die? If you want to go to Heaven and live forever in God’s presence, reject sin and Satan’s churches and Satanic films like the Cash-in of Christ! An evil seed cannot bear good fruit, and Mel Gibson is a very bad seed. Do not let Gibson narrate your Easter celebration. Read the Bible instead. That’s God’s Word! Reject Mel and the ungodly churches, and go to one of God’s Churches this Easter Sunday. You’ll find something far more rewarding there than you can get from tv….you’ll find salvation.

The only way to heaven is to be born again, my brothers and sisters in Christ! We must only go to churches that stress that Truth. Money will not get you there. Watching Mel’s ungodly movie certainly won’t get you there. Good works won’t even do it. You MUST be born again in Christ, or you will burn in Hell forever. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. All others will be sent to Hell, cast into the lake of fire, where there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. Where do you want to spend eternity? Make the right choice.

This True Christian message brought to you by your friends,

Jim and Martin.

Happy Easter, and remember to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

25 thoughts on “The Cash-in of Christ

  1. Jim and Martin,
    The biggest issue I have with this blasphemous film is the fact that it is done COMPLETELY IN ARAMAIC! This is going to DRIVE people away from the real Jesus who spoke only KJV-English.
    Yours in Christ,


    • Vid says:

      Reaper. I have always thought you’re a robot, whoever built you is so dumb, and I am right. Why? Your circuit is never properly operated due to the circuit malfunction in your system.
      Did you go to schools? Oh I forget you are a robot. 🙂 haha…
      You know almost all schools are sitting on a big pile of $$$. They keep increasing tuition. and where the heck those money go to?.
      All Churches are cash-in? Your an idiot robot created by an eccentric and dumb inventor. 🙂


      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        You are mean! 😈 God doesn’t like mean sinners. They go to Hell and burn there for the eternity. I guess you cannot even show some respect and love on the exact holy day you celebrate as a Christian. Shame on thee!

      • Vid, I want you to click my name, go to my channel, and watch any of my videos. Hell, watch my subscriber intro video, and tell me I’m a robot again.
        As for the tuition, It has a purpose. Its increasing because the economy is jacked up and keeps getting jacked up. Which begs the question: what’s happening to the money that’s given to church.


  3. I didn’t even read it. The title and the pictures were enough to tell me it was all “This is of the devil because… Because I said so…?”

  4. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    My boyfriend’s grandmother will take Easter eggs coloured with red onion, ham, special kind of sausages (Wurst), horseradish, sweet white bread with rasins and walnut roll pastry in a basket today to church (Roman Catholic, of course; there are no others around here) to get it blessed by the archbishop. All of this foods will be on the breakfast table tomorrow, on Easter Sunday. This is the tradition here.
    Blessed Easter to everyone! (Including Jim and Martin.)

  5. Vid says:

    We believers need money to keep the Church running. The main purpose of the Church is to spread the GOSPELS of GOD to all nations throughout the world. Not all Churches are cash-in, and not all Church aren’t either. Without those poor Priests and Nuns helped me from the refugee camp at the border before the camp was bombed, I would not be here. The money that spent to help me and thousand of desperate poor people out from the terrors were from the believers who donated to the Church. I was alive and well now because those believers who serve GOD faithfully fed me when I was hungry, and gave me drink when I was thirst.

    “This is the Lord doing: it is marvelous in our eyes”. PSALMS 118:23

    To me the Church is not a building itself but rather a group of people or believers gather together to learn and hear the words of GOD.

    Sadly we are living in the world where people worship money. But eh 🙂 I did/do/will not watch Hollywood movies, so I cannot tell you or anyone what the heck Mel Gibson created in his films. Mel depicted his Jesus in his film may be to insult the Jews whom he may have believed the CHRIST’s killer. Mel was dead wrong. GOD knew we are miserable sinners, and knew our need for redemption, and only He Himself who is the most Holy can redeem us.

    “But GOD commendeth His love toward us, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”, Roman 5:8

    By the way, I watched only films that made by Christians who contributed their money to make a film using the actual scriptures word for word, and the actors were all volunteered to spread the GOSPELS. One is the Gospel of Matthew and ACTS, and Jesus played by Bruce Machiano; and two The GOSPEL of JoHN, and Henry Cusick as Jesus.

    A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      In the Name of the Pope.
      For the entire life, I, by virtve of the apoſtolic power entrvſted to me, do abſolve thee from all eccleſiaſtical cenſvres, ivdgements, and pvniſhments which thov mvſt have merited; beſides this, from all exceßes, ſins and crimes thov mayeſt have committed, however great and ſhamefvl they may have been, and for whatever cavſe, even in thoſe caſes reſerved for ovr moſt Holy Father the Pope. I obliterate every taint of vnvirtves, all ſigns of infamy, which thov mayeſt have received. I releaſe thee from all pvniſhments which thov wovld have in Pvrgatory. I permit thee again to participate in the ſacraments of the Chvrch. I incorporate thee again in the commvnity of the ſanctified, and replace thee in the ſtate of innocence and pvrity in which thov wert at the hovr of thy baptiſm. So that in the moment of thy death the door throvgh which the ſinner enters the place of tortvre and pvniſhment will be cloſed, and that will be open to thee which leads into the paradiſe of ioys. If thov ſhovldeſt not ſoon die, ſo ſhall this grace remain vnſhakeable vntil the end of thy life.
      In the name of the Holy Father.

      (And no, by no means is this meant to be a mockery of the Pope. If you think it is, you seriously need to brush up on the history of your religion. The first graphic represents the First Vatican Council. Enjoy.)

  6. Imelda says:

    C’est pas mal. 🙂
    Je suis aussi Catholique come toi, Je place Dieu au centre de ma vie et mes croyances sont assez simples, mais Dieu est toujours avant tout le reste.


  7. Vid says:

    Reaper. Who the heck will waste time with your toy, dude?
    My job is more important than going after a robot who has no brain but a circuit made by a mad designer.

    Keep increasing tuition has a purpose because of the economy? I say to you that Christianity has so many Denominations, I cannot speak for them, but I can speak for my Church. I am a Catholic.

    My 1st post in here, I briefly explained the numbers of the believers sacrifice their times and money to help other unfortunate like me.

    You never understood, because you were not in my shoes. All the believers donated money to help and save poor suffering people like myself. Those believers are the body of CHRIST or I should say the CHURCH. I was a pale little skinny child. While caught in the middle of fight between Pol Pot troops and his enemy troop, I was grabbed and carried out from the trench by a French Dr. (Catholic) and run into a Zeep among Zeeps and tracks carried people out. Thousand left behind but thousand were saved. I was brought into a new Camp in Thailand. Then the camp I stayed was bombed hours later. There were only Nuns, Priests, Drs. and Nurses mainly from France and SPAIN helped. They all volunteered to help the poor suffering people, while you and yours’re arrogant Lib SOB complain and complain for every thing you have had. For 6 months I stayed in the Bamboo Hospital; refugee camp, I was fed, cared and clothed by them. The Church is my Mother, GOD is my Father.

    So don’t tell me that where the Church’s money goes? Have you in your life ever volunteered to help the poor people in the 3rd world countries not to mention to run down there to save lives in the battlefield besides BS online? I did, and I continue to help with my little salary GS 9. If not SHUT Up before I may disconnect your circuit. 🙂

    Btw: I have my Website. If you want to chase or fight with me drop me a few nasty lines, I have to go. 🙂

    a Martyr for JESUS CHRIST

    • Vid, I AM NOT A ROBOT! And even if I am, I have more brains then you!
      Who gives a shit. The denominations exist, they can’t all be right, thus they’re all wrong.
      Argument from experience and appeal to emotion. Shut up.
      If by help, you mean hand them bibles and expect everything to work itself out, then no. Also, I doubt I’ll go to 3rd world countries, because more often then not they tend to be dangerous and dictatorial.
      What is the website? You haven’t left any urls to click on,

      The Reaper,
      Soul Shattering to all who deny logic.

      • Unfortunately, YT doesn’t have a captcha box.

      • Vid says:

        🙂 Liar. You have no brain, but a bunch of circuits with lots of components; chips, resistors, capacitors, sensor, …and wire all over in your body.
        You’re programmed to say or not to say. Japanese Robot is way smarter than you million times.
        You cannot go to any poor nations or even donate a cent to them, because you are selfish and arrogant and like to brag on the internet. OOOpPppss. I forget Robot has no bank account, how can you have $$? Hahaha… 🙂

        I posted my website for so many times, you have to go back and look for it. We have 4 people created that site to teach a primitive robot like you to stop being arrogant, but at least help and make this world a better place to live.

        Yeah soul shattering to all Primitive like Reaper who claimed to be smart or know the logic. 🙂 You cannot even use the logic to prove who created your organs, such as your brain, …intestine, heart, lung, …etc. how can you claim to know Logic?
        Logic can prove only the past, but cannot predict or prove the future.

        a Martyr for Jesus CHRIST

      • I could sit here, and explain to your why EVERYTHING you just said is bullshit, but you clearly don’t give a shit. I don’t agree with you point of view, therefore you won’t even consider mine. Bigotry at it’s finest.

  8. Nobody has called them out on their obvious satirical mistake of Voldemort’s name. I mean, Spiderwart? Really? That sounds lame. I have said it once and I will say it again:

  9. Confused as to why Vid believes Reaper to be a robot. He’s usually not so illogical. Of course, atheists would believe anyone who is religious is illogical, but that’s atheism for you.

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