Jurassic Park: The Devil’s vote for evolution!

Jurassic Park is an unholy abomination, from a perverted film making Jew, that is an offense to Truthful Christians and advocates evolution to brainwash the public and kids in the Sunday School classrooms. The film was praised by secular film critics, such as Roger Ebert, who were former screenwriters for the porn industry.


To start off, Steven Spielberg throws in scenes of a female botanist, played by Laura Dern, that exposes lots of cleavage and wears high shorts throughout the entire film. She is a reference to the pornography trash. Sam Neil plays a paleontologist who acts as a disciple of Darwin, tries to convince the audience that the birds magically evolved from dinosaurs, and wants the audience to believe in evolution (So how can a large Brontosaurus that we see many times in the film start flapping its legs and take off in the air?) He also wants us to believe that the frogs turned into dinosaurs since their DNA code was used in creating the dinosaur embryos. Sam Neil’s character is obviously a member of the Neo-Darwinism Cult that wants to challenge and shatter your faith in God’s creation that we see all around us! This is clearly an offense to God and Truthful Christians since nowhere in the Genesis account is evolution mentioned, and saying that you believe in evolution is a blasphemous way of calling our Heavenly father a fool. When we look back in history, we see how evolution was used to inspire Hitler and Marx for their communistic agenda. I must also point out that Sam Neil’s character enjoys groping two young kids in the film, and that is probably what members of the Catholic Church enjoy.

While the film dives into evilution and wants to indoctrinate its viewers into joining Darwin’s cult, the film also mocks the one and True Creator where we see dinosaurs being created from bugs in amber. The people who genetically engineered the dinosaurs play God, and they want you to believe that evolution happened with these dinosaurs in the film. Only God can create living things, not man. This quite an ungodly contradiction in the film.

There were many offenses to God in the film. Samuel Jackson gives offense to God by calling out his name and ending it with the curse word “Damn.” For goodness sakes, “Damn” is not God’s last name! There were other offenses to God by calling out his name in vain when you’re not calling upon him during prayer. It was stated in the Ten Commandments by Moses that you should not call the Lord’s name in vain unless you are in prayer with him. Jeff Goldblum’s atheistic character blasphemously says it’s alright to destroy your Creator in the film and play God by creating dinosaurs for your heathenism purposes. The preaching of evolution multiple times also offends God since he is the one and true Creator, and that evolution has no mention in the bible. We know that evolution is just a fairy tale for adults in the same way that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are fairy tales for children. A computer nerd is rebellious to authority, and he commits a sin by stealing frozen dinosaur embryos. Again, it says in the Ten Commandments that stealing is a sin and that you should not do it! All these cases of sinfulness are what the Devil wants!

There are multiple forms of violence in the film where dinosaurs make threats to people. However, I did enjoy the one scene where the blood sucking lawyer was eaten by the T.rex in the film when he was sitting on the toilet. I imagined him as a member of the Anti Christian Lawyer’s Union receiving punishment from God for denying Christian Rights in America. Truthful Christian Pat Robertson would have agreed with this!

Overall, this is the kind of work that Satan relishes. The film is why we see so many reports of sinfulness, rape, believing in evolution, racism, pedophilia, rise of atheism, Nazism, Sunday School kids bringing pornography magazines to church, and other sins because the film preaches evilution, and evilution wants us to do sinful things as if there is no God watching us! Spielberg, being the greedy secular Jew he is, made billions and billions of dollars from the ticket purchases of the customers so that he could use this money for making deals with Saudi Arabia to purchase foreign oil. Buying a movie ticket to see the film was definitely a ticket to Hell! As Truthful Christians, we need to stand up and fight Hollywood for releasing sinful movies. Hollywood is full of Anti-Christian themes, and we need to take action to make sure that our children do not fall in Satan’s hands. The best way is to join us in prayer so that we can fight Satan! Prayer is the best way to chop down and burn the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits. All Christians unite and we will defeat Satan!

Martin Baker

76 thoughts on “Jurassic Park: The Devil’s vote for evolution!

  1. Jerome says:

    There are so many stupid and nonlogical points in this artical so all I have to say is that it’s a movie so chill out please learn more on evolution.

      • Twiggy says:

        Im not sure if trolling or what…

        Its a movie.

        And im not sure you understood it. I mean, a large part was telling you not to play god(or not to just dive into something that could cause so much trouble. Bringing kids to a new dinosaur habitat is probably not a good idea. Studying, cool. Making it for kids, … nah.)
        And frog DNA was used. Dinsoaurs where not made from frogs. from partial frog DNA. yes.

        And holy crap. A dinosaur movie did not cause kids to bring porn magazines to church. The kids were probably horny teens who didnt want to be there.

      • If that is your only response, you mustn’t have much of an argument.

      • Reason says:


        P.S. We missed you Jim.

      • Spiffy says:

        Your an idiot. Seriously. A blathering idiot. I would try and make you see why your so wrong, but the two brain cells you have left won’t let you understand what the words mean. Or do you not believe in brain cells? Let me guess, all out thoughts are from Jesus and brains are a fictional construct made by the devil to lead us away from Christ. Go jump off a cliff and meet him then. You would be of more service to the human race than you are right now.

      • Larry says:

        yeah, just point your finger and cry “heathen” when you don’t have true arguments to reply
        so mature…

    • Joshua says:

      Agreed. Despite catching this contextual nonsense 2 months after the fact, this post proves that stupidity creeps out of just about anyone. Not to mention I found it to be a wonderful work of fiction, that hasn’t collected dust on my bookshelf in over 20 years.

  2. John says:

    This is genius.

    You should really consider getting into stand-up comedy.

  3. RobPaul says:

    “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”
    ― Unknown, attributed to Marcus Aurelius

  4. Anise says:

    My favorite bit is when you say this is responsible for Sunday school children bring porn to church. I fell off my chair laughing after that. The bit about the brontosaurs flying came in a close second just because of how little you understand bout evolution. I would recommend you retake 8th grand biology class.

  5. Gog says:

    You’re just mad because Jurassic Park is a better written fictional story than the bible is.

  6. John says:

    There’s no way this is legit, is there? This has to be satire, nobody who is insane enough to believe these things could be functional enough to use a computer… or at the very least shouldn’t even WANT to use a computer since they were invented by a gay atheist…

  7. Jeff says:

    This is the funniest thing i have ever seen, one because this movie is around 20 years old, two the only quote/ reference to the movie that is accurate at all is that they say “god damn” in the movie, everything else is pretty much just taking various words and lines and cobbling them together into nonsensical arguments, thirdly your a real live young earth creationist aren’t you? i thought they were only myths haha

  8. Trey says:

    Nice story guy. You should be an author. I love the way you twist stuff so it makes sense to how you want it to. That was cool. And nice name calling too. Give high school science a try. You could learn something

  9. seraphim says:

    Is….is this site legit?

  10. Don says:

    Riddled with fallacies and lack of logical progression throughout. It is truly unfortunate that such a terrific movie was ruined for you because of a faulty belief system.

  11. Reason says:

    Oops. Sorry. I meant Martin.

    Well, both of you I guess.

  12. Atheist says:

    And to think. Creationists have to satisfy some sort of urge to attack us who believe differently. Firstly. Let me begin by asking about your precious Bible. If you know it as well as you seem you’ll know it teaches not to judge people, which is obviously the entire point of this post. I along with everyone else have no right to say what truly does and doesn’t exist. For logics sake science is definitely honing better points and doing research to find the answer. While Christians are still stuck to the same literature written ages ago. As well. I am a firm believer in green monkeys from Pluto and have written my own book and worship them on Tuesdays weekly. They have brought to me insight peace and i shall go to live with them after my period of constant judgement ends.

  13. John says:

    You continue to astound me. This is the most frightened, most idiotic thing I’ve ever read. Why don’t you ever talk about your loving god? Maybe find reasons to believe rather than reasons to think everything is the devil. You make your faith look crazy, not divine.

  14. Brian says:

    Anti-semitism, a victim complex, paranoid conspiracy theories… this “article” has it all!

    This gay atheist is going to go watch Jurassic Park now. Go to hell, Martin.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Go to Hell for being gay, Brian!

      • Xsy says:

        You disgust me. I would rather be gay and happy. Than Christian and closed minded. You will never get into heaven by being that horrible to a minority. Oh no, silly me you will just ask forgiveness and all the horrible things will just disappear. That’s good for you isn’t it? Don’t you see how backwards you are!?

  15. jacob boyce says:

    this post gave me cancer

  16. Twilix01 says:

    Aaaand he’s at it again. Frankly I couldn’t read more than the first paragraph it made my head ache so much. It’s a movie. For entertainment. Not to mention how old this movie IS. Grow up.

  17. RobC says:

    Words fail me, I have never read so much ignorance in one place at one time. It offends God?? which one?? You offend Humans.. They exist.

  18. Pat says:

    This made so little sense that it was painful to read. Chill out, it’s just a movie. You don’t like it, don’t watch it. Doesn’t mean everyone else can’t enjoy it.

  19. Steven Parratt says:

    i’d happily worship the devil if it meant i wouldn’t have to read that pile of bollocks again

  20. Martin Baker says:

    Reason, have you heard of the good movie The Passion of The Christ? It is a gift from God, it was popular in America, and it had a HUGE box office success!

    • Twilix01 says:

      I’m just going to sit here and wait on reason’s counterargument while eating popcorn. These arguments are entertaining to watch.

    • Reason says:

      I see your $600 million dollar movie and raise you this list of the highest grossing films to date:

      (Spoiler: your movie is not on that list)

      I will now list some of my favorite parts about that list. Every movie on that list made more than The Passion of The Christ. Jurassic Park made $900 million dollars (as opposed to $600 million). Avatar is currently the highest grossing film of all-time, bringing in $2,782,275,172. (Man, Satan really hit a gold mine when he decided to make a movie about blue aliens).

      And there are a number of other things I would like point out (Just to name two real quick, every Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movie is on that list. WITCHES AND MAGIC AND DEMONS, OH MY), But I’m tired and need to sleep.

      One more point though. If you’re going to argue about movies in this kind of religious context, why didn’t you lead with a movie like The Ten Commandments? If that movie were released today and had the popularity it had back in it’s heyday, it would have made about a billion dollars (It actually made roughly $65 million upon it’s release, but the US dollar was worth more back then).

      What will you retort with next Martin? I eagerly await your reply…

      P.S. Am I giving you a good show Twilix01?

  21. Steven Parratt says:

    it took me a while to figure it out, but this really is quite a special troll. just click on Martin Bakers name, it’ll become clear.

    good work sir. very funny.

  22. Derpy Hooves says:

    You sir are the greatest troll ever.


  23. Buddha Two Shoes says:

    Greatest Troll I’ve Seen in months!

  24. Rowan says:

    You sir must shut the hell up, I hate idiots like you spitting up nonsense like no tommorow, it seems it is you who is an unholy abomination!

  25. Hahahaha says:

    You cant be serious?! Nobody suggests a Brontosaurus turned into a bird! The Velociraptor showed signs of early bird like skeletal structure also it had feathers, but it was inaccurately portrayed in the film as a large killer, in reality they were small, 3-4 feet high, and long with feathers and probably were a relative of a smaller species that evolved into birds. And the porn industry? Seriously? If there is a God, I hope I don’t end up in your version of heaven whoch denies fact and is a bigoted racist trash hole full of self righteous small minded fools like you. Scary thought. I guess it would be like living in a rural Texas bible town. Id rather live under a bridge as a junkie…

  26. jesus sucks says:

    Jesus can go and screw himself and so can you

  27. BamSam says:

    Thank you for leaving this link on my websites comments section, it was a hilarious read! Funnier than most South Park episodes lol!

  28. James says:

    I’m a Christian and I love Jurassic Park.

  29. Larry says:

    actually men can create life, it’s called procreation

  30. Diego Rivera says:

    This was THE stupidest argument I’ve ever heard. You don’t even know what you’re talking about 90% of the time. First off, the brontosaurus was NEVER in the film because it never existed in the first place, and if you had any functioning brain cells, you would see that creationism is a bunch of bullshit, and evolution is a proves, and very real process. Look at how dinosaurs, more specifically theropods, evolved into birds. They had hollow bones just like birds, which was mentioned in the film. They were also warm blooded, just like birds. And frogs turned into dinosaurs, I just lost it. There is no way any properly functioning human made that mistake. You, sir (because I still kind of respect you) are a pathetic waste of human flesh, proving God isn’t real. Because I’d he was ‘perfect’ as Christians like describe him, he wouldn’t have made the mistake of making you.

  31. Reblogged this on creationsciencestudy and commented:

    This is a movie that is trying to brainwash our children and the public into Darwinism. We must also pray that a fourth installment of this rubbish never becomes made.

    Martin Baker

    • Xsy says:

      Unluckily for you the 4th has been made due to popular demand. You guys just ruin it for everyone else

      • Martin Baker says:

        You heathens ruin everything by spreading lies and other Darwinist Propaganda to the public.That is why a fourth film of this abomination is made.

  32. Look, evolution doesn’t make God a fool. He created all things. Then he stopped? Why would he do that? He’s still creating, and he uses evolution to do that. But by no means are we related to monkeys. When the Serpent lost its legs as you mentioned, it had to be evolution. It fits Darwinism and Christianity. Darwinism doesn’t support the Austrolopithices theory, just evolution. Progressives have twisted it to mean we came from apes, just because Darwin drew a picture that said Man, Chimp, Gor. We didn’t evolve, but certainly other animals did. Thus dinosaurs, unable to live in the later stages of God’s Creation, evolved into birds. The creation took seven days of God’s time, not ours. So a day could easily mean a million years. Ample time for dinosaurs to be created and go extinct before Adam and Eve. So evolution isn’t contrary to the Bible if you take out the things that atheists have inserted into Darwinism. Darwin made one mistake and now people think men came from apes or evolution doesn’t exist. He must be turning in his grave.
    Also, Nelson Mandela went to hell? You are the most racist person ever. That’s like saying Martin Luther King Jr went to hell.

  33. Reid says:

    Hey, newsflash: They’re making a new Jurassic Park movie! 🙂

  34. Xsy says:

    “All Christians unite and we will defeat Satan!”… you realise that Satan (if he were real) would not be taken down by a load of crazy people thinking too hard. Dinosaurs are science so get over it and these films are not made for people like you. They are created (unlike the Universe) by a supreme being known as Hollywood, which is an entertainments industry that has nothing to do with your out-dated beliefs. Also women are allowed to dress how they like these days and if a Ellie (Laura Dern) was hot on the island of Kawaii (Isla Nubla), then she would wear shorts and a revealing top. Please people read a different book. The Bible was written thousands of years ago and you have no solid proof of who wrote it… and no the name on the front does not prove anything! We have science and a ton of evidence to back up our claims and you people are just a broken record to us now. Oh and the comment about Brontosaurs evolving into birds, Alan Grant himself says, “A few species may have evolved down that line”. Meaning that not all Dinosaurs evolved into birds only the obvious ones, such as the small Theropods which still to this day have the same legs and feet of Theropod dinosaurs and the “wish bone” found in many a Christmas turkey, Christmas being a Pagan holiday not Christian. Leave our science movies alone because you clearly don’t understand them.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Hollywood is deluded by the Devil! It is part of the secular media that makes evolution possible for the public, and it has spread other filth like Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the RIngs, and Harry Potter. The secular networks work together to steal from Christians. Plus evolution is not real since it was proven to be a lie from Satan as Kent Hovind proved. You need to repent and accept Christ before it is too late.

      • Xsy says:

        We purely don’t believe in God or the Devil! Some of us are out there just to enjoy our lives and it is a shame that you don’t. I will continue to watch films, listen to music and be a good person without the threat of hell. You shouldn’t need to be threatened with hell to lead a good and kind life. You guys just think that everyone is against you but we are just different. You enjoy your one sided battle because I’ll let you in on a secret… Atheism is winning.

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