Islam is an abomination!

A typical Muslim’s way of changing the world

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates Muhammad and all the Muslims? That’s right boys and girls! Muhammad was deluded by the Devil’s demons into writing the Satanic Quran. This Satanic text today inspires suicide bombers, the anti-Israel lobby, murder, torture, and the September 11th attacks! This is not a Godly religion. Godly religions are meant to bring peace to Earth and to mankind, but Islam brings only death, destruction, and hate. It is my firm belief that no Muslim should be trusted, since as soon as you turn your back on that Muslim they are likely to blow up next to you in an attempt to net 72 virgins in heaven for killing non-Muslims!

A Muslim virgin

Is it just me, or does Islamic paradise sound like the crappiest way to spend an eternity ever? Like if Islam is true, and if you blow yourself up and kill innocent non-Muslim people, you apparently get 72 virgins to do whatever you want with in heaven. What man in his right mind would want to be surrounded by 72 women? Worse yet, what happens when their periods sync? What happens when these 72 virgins aren’t virgins anymore? Then what? Do you trade them in for new virgins? What is paradise like for a woman in Islam? Are they one of the 72 virgins and then cast into hell when they’re not a virgin anymore? This just doesn’t add up!!

Know what else is wrong with the Islamic version of heaven? The BIBLE tells us that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman, and that sex outside of marriage is a sin known as fornication, which will, in turn, lead you to Hell, unless you repent and accept the salvation of Jesus. Yet here the Muslims are, promising hours and hours of fornication in their ungodly suicide bombers’ paradise. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls!

Speaking of fornication, the Muslims are a lot like God’s other least favorite fornicators, the Mormons! Both wear special garments. For the Muslims its the turban and burka, and for the Mormons its the magical, mystical Mormon underwear. Both believe in having many wives or virgins in their version of paradise. And both explicitly reject the Bible! How do they reject the Bible? The Bible itself tells us that anyone who adds to or takes away from the Bible will surely be accursed in the fires of Hell. The Mormons and the Muslims BOTH added fake, demon-inspired texts to the Bible! For the Mormons, it was the Book of Mormon. For the Muslims, it was the Quran.Both books are ungodly and will lead all who believe in them to Hell.

God hates Muhammad!

But this is not a post on Mormons. This is a post on Islam, God’s hated religion. Did you know that the Muslims hate Jesus and worship Muhammad as their prophet? They even hate Isaac, a forefather of the Christian race! The Jewish race, and ultimately Jesus, can claim descent from Isaac, a legitimate son of Abraham. The Muslims, in contrast, claim their descent from Ishmael, the son of one of Abraham’s whores. Nothing good can come from a whore. Just look at the whore of Babylon! She’s right out of Revelation!

Magical Mormon underwear

an in-the-closet but homosexual Muslim’s magical turban

In fact, I believe that the Muslims are one of the Satanic forces alluded to in The Book of Revelation. Not only have they conquered much of the Holy Land, but their most sacred site is built on top of the Temple. Everyone knows that Jesus can’t return until the Temple is rebuilt, so the Muslims are specifically preventing Jesus the Christ from returning to Earth! This must not continue. The Dome of the Rock must be torn down immediately and replaced with the new Temple. This will, of course, cause a major war in the Holy Land, but this war is also described in Revelation! The saved will be raptured up into heaven so that they will not have to face combat against the forces of Satan, the Muslims. The unsaved and impure will be left to fend for themselves. At the end of the battle, Jesus the Christ will cast the Muslims into the depths of Hell with Hitler, Darwin, and Judas!

Did you know that Muhammad was possessed by demons that inspired him to write the Quran? In fact, the Muslims won’t even allow people to portray Muhammad in pictures. Why? Because they know that Muhammad was possessed, and their superstitious, ungodly, Satanic belief system makes them believe that if they portray Muhammad in a picture that they might too become possessed. This is silly stuff. Let’s prove that no such possession will happen. Here are a few pictures of Muhammad, the false prophet of Satan:

Did you know that Muhammad was gay?

If Muhammad was alive today, his two favorite things would be suicide bombers and bacon!

God Hates Muhammad!

How do we know that Islam is cursed by God? First, let’s look at the countries based on Christianity. All the world’s most prosperous nations, “the West”, are built upon fundamentally Christian beliefs. Many of the world’s poorest, most backwards nations are based on Islam! Let’s look at the Islamic countries of the world. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the ungodly illegitimate abomination known as Palestine, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, among others. All are extremely poor. All are completely backwards. And all hate America!

A typical Muslim city

a typical city built in a nation based on Christian beliefs

One of the greatest things that American President George W. Bush did as president was to come down hard on Islam. He invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and set the Talibammers back in their development by a few centuries. While those heathens were still fighting with Soviet weapons from the 1980s, the Christian forces led by America were fighting with modern, well-built weapons. Why? Because God protects and defends those who do His bidding, but curses those who deny Him. America and friends did the bidding of God by weakening the Muslims in the Middle East. The Muslims in the Middle East denied God by fighting against Him. God hates Islam, and will continue to punish the Muslims with starvation and diseases until they repent.


Join us in the war on Islam! How can you help? You can help by burning every copy of the Quran that you can find so that it will not fall into the hands of an innocent child! You can help by preaching the Truth of Christ to any Muslim that you might happen upon. You can help by asking your representatives to be hard on Islam in the legislature. You can help by joining Martin and I in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, please make all the Muslim heathens repent and convert to Christianity. Please punish those that fail to repent and convert with death, and with torment in Hell after death. Please send many plagues upon the Muslims so that their misguided faith in Muhammad, that servant of Satan, will be shaken so that they might be led back to the Truth of the Holy Bible. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

15 thoughts on “Islam is an abomination!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen Jim! We need to turn the muslims to Christ!

  2. Someone says:

    Martin Baker and Jim Solouki, I think you lot are bunch of fucktards coming from the same hole, why? Because:
    1) for those who do not share the same beliefs as you does not make them inferior and they do not have to convert their religious beliefs to yours
    2) not all Muslims are bad in fact only a small number that cause trouble, and you, must be the bad apples from Christianity
    3) war on Islam? So your god actually encourages his followers to start wars on others simply because they are different? What kind of god is that?
    4) honestly you believe in heaven and hell? Who can prove it? What convinces you? The bible? God? He told you about heaven and hell? Well next time do not forget to ask for the lottory winning numbers

    Ps. I’m not a Muslim nor Christian (and glad that I’m not one of you) but someone who stands up for any injustice caused by people like you

    • You need to reject evil sin. 1. Dying unsaved makes all inferior. If you die unsaved, you go to hell. 2. Muslims are all heathens that reject God and are deluded by the devil. 3. We need to eradicate the Muslim hordes from the face of the planet. Lead them to convert, and if they fail, they will surely go to hell. 4. The Bible is true. We know this.

  3. anonymous says:

    how do you even know the bible is true?have you ever studied holy al-Quran?did you know that there are over 900 scientific things were written in al-Quran?the bible had been altered by mankind based on their logic thinking but not al-Quran!

  4. dude says:

    first thing i want to let you know, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) doesnt write nor read. which means only one thing, he doesnt write al-quraan. so your accusation that Muhammad write al-quraan is not valid.

    second, i dont understand the accusation you made against islam. surely, you are blinded by the media. i guess you should quit christianity and start following medianity.

    third thing, you talk like you have mastered the holy bible and the holy al-quraan. would you care to explain your own bible teachings on genesis 19:30? i take it your bible teach you that incest is a good thing to do. not to mention when your pride and joy g. w bush was silenced in front of the media when he talked about burning al-quraan. that’s a clear message by Allah not to disrespect his words.

  5. You are a REAL SATAN disguised as HUMAN.You are a DISGRACE to your CHRISTIAN SOCIETY.
    In the name of Allah and his RASULULLAH, I pray that you will be sent to HELL as soon as possible because you are trying to DISUNITE the HOLY BOOKS followers who only believe in ONE AND ONLY GOD.
    YA RAB YA RAHMAAN YA RAHIIM YA HAYYU YA QAYYUM YA ZAL JALALI WAL IKRAM proceed with my pray to you to send this decendant of SATAN to HELL as soon as possible “KUN FAYAKUN”….Wa shallallahu ‘ala Muhammad, wa ‘ala alihi wa shahbihi wa sallam…Amiin Ya Rabbal ‘Alamiin…Taqabballahu wa minkum

  6. Larry says:

    For each time you say you hate a Muslim, 10 christians are killed

  7. Tomy says:

    FUCK YOU ! You don’t even hve basic knowledge of Quran and u r posting full of shit about Islam and stuffs !_|_
    The bible says the earth is squared shape, while Quran says the earth Round shaped . So tell me LOSER, which books tells the truth

    • Hannah Kim says:

      I agree! We cannot argue what religion is true, which is why I’m raising my future daughter, Jenny, as an agnostic.

    • jambo2001 says:

      Actually the bible does not ever say that the Earth is square shaped. As much as I disagree with Martin Baker and Jim Solouki, I am a Roman Catholic and have read parts of the bible, none of which state that the Earth is square shaped. And no, I don’t hate Muslims, or anyone of any other religion in the world.

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