King Abdullah of Hell!

Abdullah, prince of Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings me great joy to acknowledge the death of Christ’s enemy King Abdullah, until  today leader of the ungodly Muslim country Saudi Arabia! Abdullah’s ungodly family gave money to Osama bin Laden so that he could attack America, and today, King Abdullah joins Osama in the fires of Hell. Why is Abdullah in Hell? For the following reasons.

First, King Abdullah was a Muslim, and no Muslim can enter the Kingdom of Christ. God’s kingdom is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Abdullah died unsaved. Abdullah was a Muslim, and Muslims deny the divinity of Christ. If you deny the divinity of Christ, God denies you entry into Christ’s Kingdom. As we speak, King Abdullah is being tormented by Satan and his minions. Let us pause in gladness to celebrate the death of this enemy of God’s true nation of America.

Second, King Abdullah supported Satan’s minion Osama bin Laden. Any person that mourns the death of King Abdullah is mourning the death of one of bin Laden’s closest monetary supporters, and is an enemy of America. I beg all nations that consider themselves friends of America to not send representatives to his funeral.By sending representatives to his funeral, you are playing into the hands of the Muslims.

Third, King Abdullah believed in polygamy. He had many wives and he now has one demon torturing him for each wife he had. Polygamy is satanic, and all who practice it are doomed to Hell. Marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman. Not between one man and one boy. Not between two men. Not between one man and many women. Not between one man and one goat. Marriage is defined, by GOD, as being between one man and one woman. By having many wives, Abdullah was partaking in ungodly practices.

Abdullah kissing George W. Bush, who is obviously and clearly very uncomfortable.

Fourth, King Abdullah was either a faggot or a fag sympathizer. There are many photographs of him kissing other men, and everyone knows that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord! All homosexuals are destined for Hell. King Abdullah supported homosexuality by kissing other men, and is therefore in Hell.  He holds hands with other men too:

King Abdullah holding hands with Ahmanadeginad, leader of Iran and agent of Satan!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, America’s enemy is dead and is burning in Hell as we speak. Let us pause with great joy and gladness at the thought of his suffering. As Abdullah unleashed great sufferings upon his people while alive, so too will the Lord unleash great sufferings upon him. He will be spending an eternity in Hell with Nixon, Darwin, Sagan, Feynman, Hitler, Mussolini, bin Laden, and Hell’s whore Mother Teresa. Do not waste your prayers on his heathen soul, for it is already in the fires of Hell.  Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the world has become a safer place for both Christians and Americans. Let us take back the Middle East for Jesus! Let us take back the world for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim and Martin

God Hates MILF!

some MILF members on parade

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the many threats facing Americans in the 21st Century, the MILF. This group, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, is one of the many evil faces of Islam. They live in the Philippines and are tormenting Christians and all non-Muslims as we speak. MILF, like all Muslims, must be destroyed. They are the biggest reason that God hates the Philippines!

My dear Christian brothers and sisters, let it be known that God hates MILF! MILF is anti-Christian, and anyone who is against Christian ideas is against Christ. Anyone who is against Christ is against God. Anyone who is against God is of the Devil. Anyone who is of the devil will spend an eternity in excruciating torment. Repent or burn forever in Hell, you members of MILF. The choice is yours.

This is what Muslims do for fun

MILF is a shining example of what is wrong in today’s world. In the 21st Century, Muslims are allowed to espouse their dogma of hate anywhere in the world. This dogma of hatred leads to the growth of groups like Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliband, Hezbollah, MILF, and the Muslim Brotherhood, who love to blow themselves up to kill Christians. They must be stopped. But how can we stop them?

Nuclear weapons are the answer!

There once was another group of ungodly heathen people that liked to blow themselves up to kill people. We defeated them in World War II.  They’re called the Japanese. The Japanese loved nothing more than crashing their planes into American ships and torturing captured American servicemen. This sounds an awful lot like what Muslims are doing today. Muslims are torturing people, Japan used to torture people. Muslims are crucifying Christians, the Japanese used to crucify Christians. Muslims attacked America out of nowhere, the Japanese attacked America out of nowhere. Muslims hate Jesus, the Japanese hated Jesus. Conventional warfare isn’t stopping Muslims. Conventional warfare didn’t stopped the Japanese. Yet we defeated the Japanese and they have now been brought to the light and truth of Jesus through America.

The Japanese used to all worship trees. Now some have turned to Jesus and they are now a peace loving people.

How did this happen, you might ask? When Japan was too foolish to understand that their resistance to American superiority and Christianity was futile, America responded by dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities. This broke the spirit of the heathen Japanese, who finally realized that their false tree gods wouldn’t be able to win against the True Christian God. They repented, they bowed before America and before Christ, and Christ has granted their nation some level of prosperity, even though He is still punishing the non-Christians in their midst.

The Muslims will never repent and stop killing Christians unless they are brought to their knees. How can we make this happen? We must destroy centers of Islamic extremism by dropping nuclear weapons on them. First, the MILF and the ISIS should be bombed; there are not many Christians to be killed in either Iraq or the Philippines. The we continue and nuke Al Qaeda. If this doesn’t bring the Muslim pigs to their knees (trust me, it will), then we continue our bombing run until they surrender. Then we convert the remaining ungodly Muslims to Christ, and no more Islamic heathen threat!

Note how she is trying to hide a smile as she tortures this child!

I beg all American leaders to consider this plan of action. The Muslims will not stop until they have destroyed every non-Muslim on the planet. These people cut their own children open for giggles! God hates the MILF, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and all Muslims. If you are a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, you are fighting against God. Don’t fight against God, fight against Islam.

It is time to declare a war on MILF and all Muslim extremist groups. They must all be destroyed. It is time to take back the world for Jesus. It is time to take back the planet for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Mohammad’s Birthday….in HELL

this heathen is barbecuing in Hell as we speak!

Greetings True Christians!

January 3rd this year marks the heathen Islamic celebration of the false “prophet” Muhammad’s birthday. This year, just like every year since his death, Muhammad will be celebrating it in the fires of hell. Why? Because Mohammad was a false prophet deceived by demons into doing the work of the devil and has led many people away from the True God and into the hands of Satan! He is the creator of a false religion that strives to kill the Christian and remove Christ from our classrooms and our hearts. Even today, members of ISIS are killing and crucifying Christians in the Middle East, because their false prophet Mohammad told them that was the thing to do. Let us take a look at the evils of Mohammad and his false religion before we go on:

Muslims on parade!

what Muslims do for fun!

This man is about to marry this young girl, just like Mohammad!

This Muslim is molesting a little boy, just like Mohammad!

Did you know that Mohammad supported the molestation of both male and female children? He believed that it was ok for a man to have as many concubines as they wanted to as long as they were under sixteen years of age. Boys could only be molested until the age of 14.  In fact, Muslims believe that if they kill themselves and kill a sufficient number of Christians in the process, they will receive both male and female virgin sexual slaves in their “paradise.” Truth is, if they do acts like these, they will go to Hell!

Did you know that Osama bin Laden is Mohammad’s most famous follower? That’s right boys and girls, the world’s biggest terrorist,  bin Laden, is Muslim! So was Saddam Hussein. So is Barack Hussein Obama! So is every member of the Taliban! Muslim leaders are ungodly leaders that can only lead their subjects to Hell. And God hates them all! Any religion that supports homosexuality and spawns murderers should be wiped from the face of the planet. Who is responsible for the evils of Islam? The answer is simple. Mohammed the deceiver, who was led by demons and the devil, is responsible! He is barbecuing in Hell, where Satan and the demons are torturing him endlessly as we speak!

how Mohammad celebrates his birthday now!

This is what Mohammad wants for your soul and for the souls of all!

God hates Mohammad and all of his heathen followers! Let us celebrate Mohammad’s birthday by leading the ungodly heathen Muslim hordes to Jesus and turning them away from the false prophet of Satan! Let us feed them pork chops and bacon and remind them of those wonderful words of Jesus that teach us that nothing that a man eats can make him unclean, but rather that the only source of uncleanliness is that which comes from inside a man. It is what is in our hearts that makes us unclean, not what we eat. What is in a Muslim’s heart? Let me show you:

Muslims often fantasize about crashing airplanes into buildings.

Muslims love to blow themselves up!

Muslims worship bin Laden too!

Are you a Muslim? Are you a Muslim sympathizer? Reject the religion of Satan in honor of Mohammad’s birthday! God detests Mohammad and you should too! the Koran is a false book inspired by demons and should be destroyed. All Muslims should be converted, imprisoned, or at the very least watched very closely, because a free Muslim is a Muslim who might blow themself up to kill a Christian. Why? Because Muslims hate Christians and all that comes from Christ. This is because they know in their hearts that Christians are going to heaven and Muslims are destined to burn in Hell.

Islam is the religion of death. Islam is a false ungodly religion that seeks only to kill and to terrorize. Islam was inspired by the devil, for the devil, to lead people away from Christ and into Satan’s grasp. A devout Muslim is a dangerous Muslim. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened to this wonderful nation on September 11th. Let us pray that God leads the Muslims away from their camels and to Christ!  Tell these people to stop fingering children and to start fingering a Bible.

this is where bin Laden will be tortured forever!

Heaven is a lot like a fancy country club, unsaved unwelcome! The Muslims are all unsaved because they reject the divinity of Christ! They are unwelcome in heaven just like the atheists, agnostics, post-Jesus Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, pagans, Darwinists, and other heathens are unwelcome in Hell. Let us spread the Kingdom for Jesus! Let us baptize the world for Christ!

Shame on all of those who reject Jesus for Mohammad! Reject your evil ways or you will surely burn in Hell! Turn or burn, Muslims, turn or burn. Reject Mohammad on his evil birthday! Repent and choose Jesus instead! I’ll be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is not a Muslim sympathizer! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, God’s punishment for Islam in Malaysia!

Greetings True Christians,

I literally just posted on the fact that God hates Islam when the Holy Spirit led me to an article about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearing en route to China. Malaysia is a heathen country filled with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and witch-doctors, and God has allowed this plane to disappear as a way to open they eyes of the Malaysians to the wrong-ness of their ways. It is likely that God allowed their plane to crash into the sea as punishment for the sinfulness of many on the flight.  Unfortunately, many families will experience sadness due to this event, but if the passengers were all True Christians, this plane would not have crashed. It’s as simple as that.

The disappearance of this plane is a punishment from God. .Either God will allow the plane to turn up safely as a way to lead the passengers to Christ, or God will crash the plane into the ocean. If the passengers were willing to be saved and embrace Jesus, then the plane will land safely. If not, the plane will crash and the passengers will be cast into Hell. The Holy Spirit has told me of this fact.

Let us pray that the passengers have made the correct choice and embraced Jesus so that they might land safely.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

P.S., if you don’t believe that Islam is from Satan, here’s proof (link).

Update: The plane has officially crashed. Please join us in prayer.

Update: The disappearance was a result of the rapture.

Islam is an abomination!

A typical Muslim’s way of changing the world

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates Muhammad and all the Muslims? That’s right boys and girls! Muhammad was deluded by the Devil’s demons into writing the Satanic Quran. This Satanic text today inspires suicide bombers, the anti-Israel lobby, murder, torture, and the September 11th attacks! This is not a Godly religion. Godly religions are meant to bring peace to Earth and to mankind, but Islam brings only death, destruction, and hate. It is my firm belief that no Muslim should be trusted, since as soon as you turn your back on that Muslim they are likely to blow up next to you in an attempt to net 72 virgins in heaven for killing non-Muslims!

A Muslim virgin

Is it just me, or does Islamic paradise sound like the crappiest way to spend an eternity ever? Like if Islam is true, and if you blow yourself up and kill innocent non-Muslim people, you apparently get 72 virgins to do whatever you want with in heaven. What man in his right mind would want to be surrounded by 72 women? Worse yet, what happens when their periods sync? What happens when these 72 virgins aren’t virgins anymore? Then what? Do you trade them in for new virgins? What is paradise like for a woman in Islam? Are they one of the 72 virgins and then cast into hell when they’re not a virgin anymore? This just doesn’t add up!!

Know what else is wrong with the Islamic version of heaven? The BIBLE tells us that marriage is between ONE man and ONE woman, and that sex outside of marriage is a sin known as fornication, which will, in turn, lead you to Hell, unless you repent and accept the salvation of Jesus. Yet here the Muslims are, promising hours and hours of fornication in their ungodly suicide bombers’ paradise. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls!

Speaking of fornication, the Muslims are a lot like God’s other least favorite fornicators, the Mormons! Both wear special garments. For the Muslims its the turban and burka, and for the Mormons its the magical, mystical Mormon underwear. Both believe in having many wives or virgins in their version of paradise. And both explicitly reject the Bible! How do they reject the Bible? The Bible itself tells us that anyone who adds to or takes away from the Bible will surely be accursed in the fires of Hell. The Mormons and the Muslims BOTH added fake, demon-inspired texts to the Bible! For the Mormons, it was the Book of Mormon. For the Muslims, it was the Quran.Both books are ungodly and will lead all who believe in them to Hell.

God hates Muhammad!

But this is not a post on Mormons. This is a post on Islam, God’s hated religion. Did you know that the Muslims hate Jesus and worship Muhammad as their prophet? They even hate Isaac, a forefather of the Christian race! The Jewish race, and ultimately Jesus, can claim descent from Isaac, a legitimate son of Abraham. The Muslims, in contrast, claim their descent from Ishmael, the son of one of Abraham’s whores. Nothing good can come from a whore. Just look at the whore of Babylon! She’s right out of Revelation!

Magical Mormon underwear

an in-the-closet but homosexual Muslim’s magical turban

In fact, I believe that the Muslims are one of the Satanic forces alluded to in The Book of Revelation. Not only have they conquered much of the Holy Land, but their most sacred site is built on top of the Temple. Everyone knows that Jesus can’t return until the Temple is rebuilt, so the Muslims are specifically preventing Jesus the Christ from returning to Earth! This must not continue. The Dome of the Rock must be torn down immediately and replaced with the new Temple. This will, of course, cause a major war in the Holy Land, but this war is also described in Revelation! The saved will be raptured up into heaven so that they will not have to face combat against the forces of Satan, the Muslims. The unsaved and impure will be left to fend for themselves. At the end of the battle, Jesus the Christ will cast the Muslims into the depths of Hell with Hitler, Darwin, and Judas!

Did you know that Muhammad was possessed by demons that inspired him to write the Quran? In fact, the Muslims won’t even allow people to portray Muhammad in pictures. Why? Because they know that Muhammad was possessed, and their superstitious, ungodly, Satanic belief system makes them believe that if they portray Muhammad in a picture that they might too become possessed. This is silly stuff. Let’s prove that no such possession will happen. Here are a few pictures of Muhammad, the false prophet of Satan:

Did you know that Muhammad was gay?

If Muhammad was alive today, his two favorite things would be suicide bombers and bacon!

God Hates Muhammad!

How do we know that Islam is cursed by God? First, let’s look at the countries based on Christianity. All the world’s most prosperous nations, “the West”, are built upon fundamentally Christian beliefs. Many of the world’s poorest, most backwards nations are based on Islam! Let’s look at the Islamic countries of the world. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Africa, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the ungodly illegitimate abomination known as Palestine, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, among others. All are extremely poor. All are completely backwards. And all hate America!

A typical Muslim city

a typical city built in a nation based on Christian beliefs

One of the greatest things that American President George W. Bush did as president was to come down hard on Islam. He invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and set the Talibammers back in their development by a few centuries. While those heathens were still fighting with Soviet weapons from the 1980s, the Christian forces led by America were fighting with modern, well-built weapons. Why? Because God protects and defends those who do His bidding, but curses those who deny Him. America and friends did the bidding of God by weakening the Muslims in the Middle East. The Muslims in the Middle East denied God by fighting against Him. God hates Islam, and will continue to punish the Muslims with starvation and diseases until they repent.


Join us in the war on Islam! How can you help? You can help by burning every copy of the Quran that you can find so that it will not fall into the hands of an innocent child! You can help by preaching the Truth of Christ to any Muslim that you might happen upon. You can help by asking your representatives to be hard on Islam in the legislature. You can help by joining Martin and I in prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father, please make all the Muslim heathens repent and convert to Christianity. Please punish those that fail to repent and convert with death, and with torment in Hell after death. Please send many plagues upon the Muslims so that their misguided faith in Muhammad, that servant of Satan, will be shaken so that they might be led back to the Truth of the Holy Bible. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Palestinians are Satan’s special helpers!

Yasser Arafat doesn’t want you to know the truth about Palestine!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God hates Arab Palestinians? That’s right boys and girls. These Muslim terrorists are occupying the Holy Land and keeping our sacred spaces away from us. In fact, the Dome of the Rock is the only thing in the world keeping Jesus from returning! You see? Jesus will not return until the Temple is rebuilt, and the Dome of the Rock is in its way as we speak. Why? Because the Muslims don’t want Jesus to come back and send them all to Hell!

typical Palestinian soldiers

How do the Palestinians defend their land in Israel? They use innocent children to kill Jews. While Hitler was honorable enough to send grown men to exterminate Jewish people, the Palestinians are content to send impressionable young children. This is ungodly, and is something only a Muslim or a Satanist would ever do. The Palestinians don’t care about their children. They only care about one thing, stealing Israeli land. The Israelites are one of God’s chosen populations, and the Palestinians are terrified of them. God is going to smite the Palestinians. Mark my words.

In fact, God has already begun to smite the heathens! First, God allowed the Israelites to force the Palestinian scum into refugee camps. Then, the Israelites defeated Egypt, the Palestinians, and other heathen Muslims in war. Now, much like God did to the Egyptians, God is killing Palestinian children. God has forced the Palestinians off of much of their land. God is punishing the Palestinians with many plagues, and these plagues will continue until Palestine gives up possession of the Dome of the Rock!

Many Palestinians live in a concentrated, centralized camp system that keeps them safely away from Jewish settlements.

God’s hand at work. Some Muslim heathens who are now in Hell

God destroyed this Palestinian village!

The Palestinians are not only ungodly enemies of Christianity and Israel, but they are also terrorists! Did you know that the Palestinians are members of a terrorist group called Hamas? Maybe they chose that name to scare the Jews in Israel since Jews are afraid to eat pork. But Hamas is bad news. In fact, they are allied with Al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein’s Baath party in Iraq, and probably planned parenthood and Barack Hussein Obama! In fact, did you know that Barack Obama found himself allied with these evil, evil groups while visiting Somalia? Proof below:

Barack Obama. This man is no American.

Note the similarity between the headgear worn by Barack Hussein Obama and the headgear worn by this guy:

Osama bin Laden looks just like Obama. coincidence?

Isn’t it funny how the Muslim Obama looks almost like Osama? In fact, their names are only one letter apart. Not only that, both have set out to destroy America. Under the Obama presidency, we saw bin Laden “killed” by the US Military, only to find out that no photographs of his body were released and that no proof of his death is anywhere to be found. Wake up sheeple. Obama and Osama are the same person, and God will punish this person in Hell. No wonder Obama is making secret deals with the Palestinians to give them a state in Israel. Obama/Osama hates Israel and America! Want proof that Obama and Osama are one in the same? Here we go:

name, nose, and eyebrows. It’s the same guy.

same wave! And note the same eyebrows, same nose, same eyes, and same lines around nose.

look again at the eyes. Same guy.

Oh! And when did Obama begin his career as a politician in America? After bin Laden went into hiding after the September 11th attacks on America. Checkmate Demoncrats. There’s a reason Obama doesn’t have an American birth certificate! Obama is bin Laden!

But I digress. Back to why God hates Palestine. The Palestinians, much like Obama, are Muslims. Muslims are all going to Hell since they worship Muhammad and reject the divinity of Christ. The Muslims hate Israel, even though God loves Israel. Unlike other American presidents, Barack Obama has been extremely weak in his support for Israel, and strong in his support for a Palestinian state. Obama has also downsized the US Military so that we can no longer defend Israel from Israeli attack. The Palestinians are going to make a move to try to destroy Israel, and Obama is allied with them. Why? Because the truth is clear. Barack Obama bin Laden is the antichrist.

Obama’s Satanic master plan

What can we do? We can elect True Christian candidate Rick Santorum as president in 2016! Rick Santorum will save the world from the Muslim hordes and keep the Palestinians in refugee camps! Rick Santorum will return the land the Dome of the Rock is built upon to the Jews so that the Temple might be rebuilt and so that Jesus might return! Rick Santorum is a True Christian, and if we elect him in 2016, he will combat the Palestinian menace! We need Rick Santorum now more than ever!

Rick Santorum is prepared to combat the Islamic menace!

The Dome of the Rock must be destroyed!

What else can we do? We can put political pressure on our leaders all across the world to support the suppression of Islamic thought. We can write to our leaders and ask them not to support a Palestinian state. We can garner support for the return of the Temple Mount to Israel. God hates Palestine because the Palestinians and Obama are working together to keep Jesus away from the world! Only after Palestine gives up the Dome of the Rock can Jesus return. God hates the Dome of the Rock, God hates Muslims, and if you’re a Muslim or a Muslim-supporter, God hates you. We need to reclaim the Holy Land for Jesus. We need to take back the Temple Mount for Christ. Otherwise, He will never return. And Revelation tells us that Jesus does indeed return, so what are we waiting for? Let’s take back the Temple Mount for Christianity! Be gone Palestinians! Give Israel what is rightly her’s. I believe that it is God’s will that the Dome of the Rock be torn down and replaced with the rebuilt Temple of Israel. Allow it to happen Palestinians, or God will punish you all in Hell.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Nelson Mandela, in Hell

Nelson Mandela, Satan’s new toy!

Greetings True Christians!

Today Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, ended his worldly life and entered the depths of Hell. Mandela was an unsaved heathen, and died without knowing the Lord. Not only did Mandela influence American Demoncrat Barack Hussein Obama, but he also practiced a heathen African tribal religion. Unfortunately, while Mandela did some great things for the nation of South Africa by ending apartheid, Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Mandela died unsaved, and is therefore not welcome in Heaven.

Nelson Mandela was also influenced by Darwinism and Communism! Mandela was an avid reader of Marx in the 1950s, and everybody knows that God hates Communists! Mandela allied himself with Communists and heathen Indian Gandhi, who is also in Hell. Instead of seeking a Christian approach to freedom from apartheid, Mandela instead turned entirely to heathens. In fact, Mandela and Gandhi even are rumored to have engaged in rampant homosexual acts with each other while planning protests!

Nelson Mandela loved Karl Marx!

Mandela was also friendly toward Muslims, God’s hated people! Mandela was linked to the American Civil Rights movement, and many members of this movement were Muslims. Know what the Muslims did after they got African Americans equal rights? They crashed airplanes into buildings and started sectarian wars in the Middle East. Nelson Mandela was allied with these heathen scum, and is now being punished for his earthly mistakes.

Tonight I watched many news stations. On every channel, they showed Africans lining the streets of South Africa, doing happy dappy heathen dances, perhaps in hopes that the voodoo rain god might look with favor upon the soul of Mandela. Unfortunately, these savages are of the same cloth as Mandela. Nelson Mandela may have been a great AFRICAN nature, but by world standards, he was rather lacking. But alas, this is the best that Africa can do. Africa is a heathen continent filled with heathens, and it is no wonder that God allowed the people of Africa to be enslaved.

a heathen dance!

I implore those Africans still living to reject the sinful ways of Nelson Mandela and embrace Christianity so that they might not follow Mandela into Hell. Let us pray for the Africans, out of love. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please lead the Africans away from heathen religions and to You. Please lead the Africans to Christianity so that they may stop being punished with AIDS, poverty, and dirty water, and so that they may avoid the fate of Nelson Mandela and avoid being cast into hell. This we pray in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

A heartfelt Christian messages from your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker