Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, God’s punishment for Islam in Malaysia!

Greetings True Christians,

I literally just posted on the fact that God hates Islam when the Holy Spirit led me to an article about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearing en route to China. Malaysia is a heathen country filled with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and witch-doctors, and God has allowed this plane to disappear as a way to open they eyes of the Malaysians to the wrong-ness of their ways. It is likely that God allowed their plane to crash into the sea as punishment for the sinfulness of many on the flight.  Unfortunately, many families will experience sadness due to this event, but if the passengers were all True Christians, this plane would not have crashed. It’s as simple as that.

The disappearance of this plane is a punishment from God. .Either God will allow the plane to turn up safely as a way to lead the passengers to Christ, or God will crash the plane into the ocean. If the passengers were willing to be saved and embrace Jesus, then the plane will land safely. If not, the plane will crash and the passengers will be cast into Hell. The Holy Spirit has told me of this fact.

Let us pray that the passengers have made the correct choice and embraced Jesus so that they might land safely.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

P.S., if you don’t believe that Islam is from Satan, here’s proof (link).

Update: The plane has officially crashed. Please join us in prayer.

Update: The disappearance was a result of the rapture.

156 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, God’s punishment for Islam in Malaysia!

  1. I Am Muslim says:

    With hope u convert into Muslim after this controversial page hehehe aaaameeeeeen ya robb!! thank you for criticising Islam 🙂

  2. I Am Muslim says:

    Thank you 🙂 MAy You Convert Islam. Ameen.

  3. I Am Muslim says:

    Hope to see u in Holy Land Mekkah like Loon the Rap Artist hehe… the more u crticised Islam the more night prayers m gonna do tonight just to make you eat your words n convert into Islam. heheheeeeeee…. Ameen. Allahuakhbar! Mark my words.

  4. BlackMamba says:

    Muslim will not go straight to hell but im sure u will jim stupidki cause u make fun,teasing and using god name,jesus,muslim and other religion. So u better shut your asshole,smelly mouth and go ask god for forgiveness while u still can. We’ll see who going heaven or rotten in hell.

  5. BlackMamba says:

    How u so sure that muslim will go to hell pls u are not god u are not jesus u are not angel. U are just a fucking human being u dont know anything. agent of god huh what a brainless person u are and that shows how wrong u are and how lost u are. I think u put your brain in your ass thats why ur thinking is stinks. U better fuck off prostitute and dun ever mention about muslim,christian or any religion. U just stay home and fuck your dog and continue reading your demon bible which is not the true bible. To all christian that againts him ignore this prostitute and continue follow the correct bible dun be like this guy reading a wrong bible. To muslim dun believe this motherfucker, he is a total lunatic and lost. To other religion also ignore this brainless bitch.

  6. Yo mama says:

    Malaysians are the best example of muslims and the best examples of peace loving people. I have never seen any nation so kind and respectful. And you can judge it yourself if you watch closely how they are handling this case. I hope people like you were the reason some of the good people of Air France Flight 447 that were rotten on sea bed for straight whole 2 years.

    • Muslims are not peace loving. Ever heard of September 11th? They’re working for the devil!

      • Yo mama says:

        September 11th was not a work of these good people. So you are convinced people like Wade Michael Page,Joseph P. Franklin,Lawrence Russell, George Pierre and you best friend’s Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols are yours peace loving people? Ever heard of mass murders in the name of white supremacy?

  7. nigel says:

    sad to see these kind of people still exist in our society. because of these few people who are without proper knowledge, others tend to get easily manipulated. never beieve in what you hear from others, always see with your own eyes to believe….

  8. BlackMamba says:

    Go to hell bitch that september is already the pass and that is not mean muslim is a working for devil u shit. because only one people that is muslim u said whole muslim like that huuh u are so stupid. U are not witness to god pls that sounds stupid and u are not as legit as jesusthat sound stupid too. Hey demon listen up if example one christian do wrong and people have to blame whole christian what world are u leaving in oh i know illusion and dream world. you are the heathen jim stupidki. U are blind with hate thats why u are brainless. Think what u said and go read back the real bible and make sure u understand it. And please u dun know anything about muslim and quran so u just fucking shut up and dun simply accused. I cant tell that im also a god witness, a god witness seing a brainless human with the brainless comment. anybody can say they are god witness or legit as jesus but that is only empty words. Go live in the real world not a fancy dream world that u are god and jesus agent. I have two words for u FUCK OFF.

  9. BlackMamba says:

    stop mention god and jesus u are an embarrassment to god and jesus.I’m sure they are really dissapointed with u jim stupidki. U are even an embarrasment to the world. U are totaly pathetic that use god and jesus name for your hatred.

  10. Nigel says:

    No religion will teach you to harm or kill others. It is not taught in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism etc. All religion believes in peace and harmony. But people get derailed from their religion, culture, family, friends etc. sometimes and chooses the wrong path. And to me it seems that Jim Solouki, you are one of them. May lord have mercy on you and bring you back to your senses.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I didnt know christian taught their followers to criticise other religion..or is it just you, making a fool out of your own religion, and making those of your kind feel ashamed.. im not speaking for any religion, and its good that living things with the likes of you we all have an eye opener of how stupid human can be..

  12. […] is punishing Malaysia still for their tolerance of prostitution, homosexuality, and heathenism? The first time God took down a Malaysian airline plane, the world watched in horror. The plane still hasn’t been found and probably never will be. God […]

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