“Retards” are God’s special people.

Greetings true Christians.

Recently a commentator on our blog asked whether Martin and I were “retarded”, and that offended me. Not because of the implication that we are somehow mentally ill, but because the heathen scum would use the term “retard” as a term of degradation. This is horrible, and is an insult to God’s Creation. Why? Because “retards” are actually God’s special people.

Ever talked to a person with Downs Syndrome (the proper term for a “retard”)? These people are the happiest, most peaceful people you will ever meet. They are loving. They are caring. They are forgiving. They do not hold grudges. Most importantly, in their “debilitating” condition, they also do not know sin. They are kind of like Christ in that they simply cannot make the choice to sin.

What does this mean? the people you call “retards” are on the fast track to paradise. Why do the heathens mock them? Because they are different and the heathens cannot understand them.

These people are God’s children too you scum. Do not mock them on this site, it will not be tolerated. Oh, and making fun of someone with a disability is a one way ticket to Hell. Hope you’re ready for the barbecue, because Satan will enjoy torturing you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

4 thoughts on ““Retards” are God’s special people.

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen, Jim!

  2. ivan says:

    Somehow I doubt that you even bothered to read my response.

    But I acknowledge your point, using the term retarded in a derogatory sense is callous and demeaning to the mentally ill. I guess a better phrased question for you would have been: ‘Are you an idiot?’

  3. Ben Bradford says:

    Look. I may not be Christian, but that doesn’t mean I hate the mentally disabled. Please stop grouping all us “heathens” together, we’re not all devil- worshipping murderers.

  4. Franco says:

    wow, finally something I can agree, people with this syndrome are awesome, are nice, sweet, and conveys happiness, but just to clear that, there are some names for those people who mock them and the names are: Idiots, morons, rude, immature, but those people are like that regardless believes and religion, but what it matters is that finally I saw a positive point in your blog, and God bless those people with that syndrome, they are so lovely, that’s why I was always against the term “retarded” that’s why they are called now “special” or “with different capacities, because they are just different, but at the same time we are the same.

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