A True Christian Crusade against Campus Crusade for Christ

Dear fellow Christians,

Today I want to bring to your attention one of the most sinful so-called Christian groups in all America. This group is responsible for more Christian dis-information and untruthy lies than any other organization calling themselves Christian in America.  This group has permeated our universities, and poisoned the minds of our best and brightest. This group is the well-known and immensely popular Campus Crusade for Christ. Why are they so wrong? We’ll explain here.

First, Campus Crusade embraces the sinful man Thomas Jefferson as a describer of Christ.  Here is the Jefferson quote that they use:

“Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States of America and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, said, “Of all the systems of morality, ancient and modern, which have come under my observation, none appear to me so pure as that of Jesus.””

Was Thomas Jefferson a Christian? NO! Jefferson was a heathen who cut pieces out of the Bible at will, creating the immensely sinful and immensely wrong “Jefferson Bible.” Jefferson was no Christian, and no friend of Christ. Don’t believe me? You can access the Jefferson Bible here, just  to see how quick Jefferson was to destroy God’s word with scissors and a knife. Jefferson was as sinful man as Thomas Paine, so why use him to support Christ? He hated Christianity. Well actually he hated the ideas of miracles, on which CHristianity is based, of course, so by proxy he also hated Christianity. This is sinful! Who would embrace Jefferson on a website which purports, on its surface at least, to embrace Christ and defend Him? These people are heathens! These people mock God by the mere presence of a Thomas Jefferson quote on their website! These people must repent! We must keep these sinful people away from our homes and from our children.

Campus Crusade also embraces modern heathens. It is a well-known fact that Campus Crusade consistently sponsors Intelligent Design advocates to speak on universities across the nation. Know what Intelligent Design is? Intelligent Design is Creationism for wimps. Do you know that evolution is false but are are afraid to publicly embrace Jesus as your savior? Then become an Intelligent Design advocate. Campus Crusade actually supports these sinners! These men who mock God by removing Him from the head of the Creation of the universe are actually being embraced by a group who claims to defend Christ! Can’t you see that Intelligent Design is not Christian? Can’t you see that the only anti-evolutionists who should be sponsored by a group claiming to work for Christ are Creationists, and not Intelligent Design advocates? Clearly Campus Crusade has been infiltrated by Satan.

And here is further proof. The Campus Crusade website today ran an article called “Spiritual Spaghetti.”  This clearly shows that the organization is filled with sinners and heathens. Why, you ask? Because spaghetti is the deity of choice for those that worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a major affront to God. Illustration of the Flying Spaghetti Monster below:

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, mocking God and molesting Adam

Spiritual Spaghetti suggests some type of embracing of this Spaghetti Monster, who is shown above molesting Adam with what appears to be some type of noodly appendage, perhaps a penis.  Note how the Spaghetti Monster has two “meatballs” and touches Adam with one “appendage.”  This is clearly sinful in the worst way. And it appears that Campus Crusade for Christ accepts this smut! The Flying Spaghetti Monster is not in their article, but it is clearly in their title. Reject these heathens, friends. Let us remove them from our campuses and from our one true Church.

Here’s one more reason why Campus Crusade is sinful. Not only does Campus Crusade for Christ ask for donations, but they also sell stuff for profit. You know who else sold stuff for profit? The money lenders in the temple. And you know what happened to the money lenders in the temple. Jesus rejected them. What would Jesus do? Jesus would reject Campus Crusade as well. This organization cares more about their own pockets than about the souls of our youth. And even if they did care about our children’s souls, who could trust them when they embrace heathens like Thomas Jefferson and pagan nonsense such as the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

True Christian Friends, it is time to reject Campus Crusade. Join us in writing letters to your congressmen asking for Campus Crusade to be banned from universities across the nation. The atheists can have the Ten Commandments removed from public buildings. Surely we can have Campus Crusade removed from public campuses. While the loss of any Christian influence on college campuses is lamentable, the loss of Campus Crusade for Christ would be beneficial at worst and more than likely extremely beneficial to the souls of our youth. Why do so many Christians leave the Church in college? This happens for two reasons. First, atheist professors indoctrinate these students into an evolutionary worldview, and second, there is no good Christian defense network in American universities. The best we have is Campus Crusade for Christ. The best we have is nothing. Campus Crusade has outlived its usefulness in American universities, and should be replaced immediately by an organization consisting of TRUE Christians rather than fakers. We need a far more conservative Christian support network for our youth in college campuses, not these fake Christians.

It is time to remove Campus Crusade from our nation’s universities.

It is time to take back campus for Christ.

Join us in this quest, Christian friends. Write your congressmen. Write your newspapers. Even get the atheists involved. Tell them that there are “Christians” proselytizing in public universities across America under the flag of Campus Crusade for Christ. I’m sure the atheists hate God so much that they’d attack any presence of God in the university. Our nation’s future is at stake here. Won’t you stand up and help us defend it?

Your friends from Creation Science Study,

Jim and Martin

34 thoughts on “A True Christian Crusade against Campus Crusade for Christ

  1. Reason says:


    That picture of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is in this article! The title says nothing about the picture, but surely creationsciencestudy.com must support The Flying Spaghetti Monster wholeheartedly! Because why else would they put this picture in their own article!? They had us fooled that they were “christians”, but ohhhh no, that was just a part of the plot! I bet they eat spaghetti every night and save the meatballs for last! creationsciencestudy.com is just a bunch of sick pasta perverts!

    • Reason says:

      I love satire, don’t you?

    • you heathens, we reject the flying spaghetti monster. Campus Crusade invokes Flying spaghetti monster-type symbolism in their article titles. Clearly sinful.

      • Reason says:

        Spiritual spaghetti… I mean yeah it’s spaghetti but… He’s talking about his personal experience with spaghetti in his life. it makes him feel good to eat spaghetti. Makes him feel almost…


        You completely took the title out of context. And your “quest” to have them removed from campuses is going to fail miserably.

        I bid ye good day sir.

      • They should be removed because, well, quite frankly, they’re sinful and fake.


      • Reason says:

        Much like this site. So fake I can’t even comprehend taking this site seriously.

      • Sum Gai says:

        Virgin Mary’s and all christian icons are considered fake by people of other or no religion. why should christianity get special treatment? “Oh because its the one true religion” bullshit you will not know what religion is true 100% until you are dead. If you claim to know 100% now, I cannot and will not ever respect you or your beliefs.

  2. weerd0 says:

    Sigh its midnight here…. ill agree with reason latter. But I have to ask how is the FSM molesting Adam? Via teiknisis? And why does it have to be sexual its a modification of an old painting.

    Wait.. you watch a lot of japanese porn don’t you. That’s the only way you look at tenticals and think rape… or you have a sexual fetish for spaghetti!

    *cricket cricket cricket*

    Oh I guess that’s just me. Im going to bed with a bowl of pasta leave me alone! And again I should not post at midnight…. and sadly these disjointed ideas make more sense than yours…. goodnight people..
    * falls asleep dreaming of sexy pasta.*

  3. Reason says:


    • Martin Baker says:

      Sinfulness and blasphemy! You’re going to Hell where this satanic garbage comes from!

      • Reason says:


        Nowhere in the bible does it jesus was not a raptor. Perhaps YOU are the blasphemous one!

  4. weerd0 says:

    OK time for my response,
    Thomas Jefferson was a cool guy yeah. Although I’m more partial to Ben Franklin.

    By Proxy he hated Christianity… By Proxy? OK so? You have heathens on your blog, and they are more prolific than the believers, ergo by Proxy you are a heathen. And honestly they post a quote from him and you freak out? You posted “sinful” (Sexy) images on your blog, how is that better? Simply because you said they were bad.

    How is intelligent design not christian? It is the hypothesis that the universe was intelligently created, not the assertion. Something which lots of people mix up.

    The church of the FSM is a joke religion, no seriously it is a joke, it was invented in 2006 to show how ridiculous religion was. Simply replace God with a Flying Spaghetti monster and everything sounds ridiculous. He is not molesting Adam but promising him eternal life should he drink his spaghetti sauce. ( And seriously, If i’m going to heaven I want to go to FSM heaven. Their is a beer volcano and the largest stripper factory in the universe!)

    • Reason says:

      Well actually the image came from the internet. Not hell. Unless you consider the internet to be hell? In which case, why are you using the internet?

  5. weerd0 says:

    Huh, OK must have talked some sense into the guy.

  6. Reason says:

    Come back Jim.

  7. weerd0 says:

    Well this is sad, do we as logical and realistic people have nothing better to do than point out the logical fallacies in iron fairy tails and the man whom preaches them as the truth?


    OK then, JIM COME BACK, or quick, someone state something controversial in the comments so i can argue with you!!

  8. I think its pretty sad that it kinda puts a damper on my day to not have any stupidity to argue…. I never thought id say this, but i kinda miss Jim…

  9. weerd0 says:

    OK Im calling it. He’s dead.

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