A Symphony of Sinners

Dear Christian friends,

I would like to draw your attention to the youtube heathen group melody sheep. Their series of videos, “symphony of science,” highlights the clear problem with a blind faith in science. Rather than worshiping God, scientists are led to worship false Gods, including sinners such as Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and (closet Christian?) Bertrand Russell. Here are some examples of the evil product created by Melody Sheep:

Exhibit A, “We are Stardust”:

What’s wrong with this video? First, it glorifies the myth that we came from the stars rather than from dust on Earth. Second, by claiming this, it mocks the Genesis account of the creation of mankind.  God tells us in Genesis that we were created by dust. This track is clearly mocking of this account.

Exhibit B, “The Greatest Show on Earth”:

This one is almost too easy.  It presents evolution as some kind of scientific truth, even though it is clearly refuted by any open-minded reading of Genesis.

Exhibit C, “Children of Africa”:

This one glorifies the evolutionary creation myth which claims that mankind climbed out of the trees after evolving from monkeys in Africa. Sinful stuff.

Exhibit D, “A Wave of Reason”:

This video scares me. It celebrates the growth of atheism in the Western world. We need to fight this expansion of atheists and heathens. Get rid of this symphony of sin and turn to God instead.

Exhibit E, “The World of the Dinosaurs”:

This one also mocks the Genesis account of Creation by implying that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Exhibit F, “The Case for Mars”:

This video implies that Mars was once like Earth, and could harbor life. That’s just stupid! Everyone knows that life is only on Earth! God created us here, not on Mars!

Exhibit G, “The Poetry of Reality”:

This is a sinful celebration of science as the so-called giver of all knowledge. Also scary.

Exhibit H, “A Glorious Dawn”:

This one is the worst one of them all! It actually suggests that Carl Sagan is, in fact, God.  This is so sinful that it is repulsive. Carl Sagan starts out the video by saying that “If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”  Not if you’re God! If you’re God, you can make an apple pie any way you please! You can make one from the souls of sinners, from a box, from concentrate, from scratch, or just by snapping your fingers. Carl Sagan limits the power of God by claiming that the universe must necessarily come before an apple pie. God came before the universe. If God wanted to create apple pie before the universe, He could have done it.

So here you have it. The symphony of sin.  This is what the internet has led us to. This is so sinful its not even funny. This is scary. Let us reject this blind faith in science and replace it with a True Christian faith in God, the ONE TRUE GOD, the Creator of our universe and our world. Let us reject this symphony of sinners. Let us take back the internet for Christ.

From your friends at Creation Science Study.

46 thoughts on “A Symphony of Sinners

  1. weerd0 says:

    I’ll say it again. If you don’t like science, don’t use it. GO live in a cave and rant their. Do not be hypocritical of that which you now enjoy. But anyway thanks for pointing this series out too me. They got my subscription!

  2. I presume, then, that as someone who takes the Bible as the unfaltering, infallible word of God, that only a literal interpretation of Genesis is allowed. I will then also assume that you believe that the sky is an invisible wall that hold back water (Gen 1:6-8) just as the ancient Hebrews did, and that the Sun, Moon and stars are merely objects placed on that invisible barrier (Gen 1:14-19).

    Here’s the problem with blind faith and not taking the Bible in the context in which it was written: We know those things aren’t true. You know that the sky is an atmosphere made of many gasses and that it dissipates into space, and that the Earth orbits the Sun. These are irrefutable facts.

    There are lots of holes in the Bible. In Genesis 1:27, it says that God created mankind in his image, male and female. But Genesis 2:22-23 gives a separate account of the creation of woman. Later, in Genesis 4:15-18. we are given the account of Cain, who it says was driven out of Eden to live int he land of Nod, which lay East of Eden. It also says that he had children. How did he have children when his parents and his brother and he were the only people the Bible gives an account of being created. If we all came from Eve, who was Cain sleeping with? Who bore his children. The Bible does not give an account of God creating anyone else. So where did they come from?

    See the problem with total faith in the Bible? It’s got holes, and people try filling those holes with their own ideas. You might say that God created someone for Cain. I would ask “Where does the Bible say that?” Noah and his sons were the only people to survive the flood, yet they somehow managed to populate every continent with billions of people in a short few thousand years. Power of God? Possibly, but that’s not in the Bible. You have to fill the blanks with your own conclusions because the Bible doesn’t give us the whole story.

    So let me ask you this: if we’re all filling in the holes differently, which of us is right?

    • Genesis is True, and you are a heathen. I believe it true except when the translations are bad, as in the instances you speak.


      • notadouchelikeJim says:

        Well, I believe you’re a douche and when you speak it’s bad. You can’t prove you’re not a douche. No really, you can’t.

      • See boys and girls? This is the type of nonsense spouted by the heathens.


      • My questions is this: Who determines when those translations are bad? And which ones are the bad ones? Just he ones that dont support exactly what you believe, or is it possible/plausible that its actually the other way around? Also, if its possible that some of the things in the bible are poorly translated, and therefor not really true, is it possible that some of the portions that were poorly translated and then edited out may in fact be true?

      • I’ve been very respectful and you reply to me with an insult. Is that what Christ would have done?

        You didn’t answer my question. Who decides how to fill in the holes? And why do you think the Sun is an object in the sky when as a society we know that isn’t true?

      • Sum Gai says:

        Jim, he said the exact same thing that you christians say.

        We can’t prove god doesn’t exist, therefore, god exists

        You can’t prove you’re not a douche, therefore you are a douche.

    • Blah says:

      I completely agree with you sir but alas I don’t care for either side on this we have the freedom of religion so Christians don’t mess with aeithiests and atheists don’t mess with Christians is that simple enough to comprehend people?

      • Atheists are sinners that will lead us all to hel, friend. We need to lead them to repent so that they may enter heaven with all of us.


      • What makes you think that Science and Religion are mutually exclusive? I am a scientist and a Christian. This man is not a Christian – he’s a… Biblian?

      • Sum Gai says:


        You saying genisis is 100% true, you are literally saying you believe space isn’t real, it is just water, and that the sun, moon, and stars are actually small objects placed on the invisible wall blocking the water, and that Cain either fornicated himself, or had sex with Eve, his mother, which it says in the Bible that you cannot sleep with your mother.

        If God is all knowing, how did he:

        1: not know the nature of his creations (the nature he created) would make them tempted enough to the apple tree that they would eat it or

        2: The future, that they were gonna do it.

  3. If god really made us, he really is an incompetent designer, look at the inefficient things in our body.
    Got this from 4chan’s /sci/ board.
    Your eyes. Basically everything about them. Easily damaged, tough to clean out, lenses get deformed and fuck up vision, lenses yellow with age fucking up colour perception, floaters, plus a couple of big blind spots because of tissue running in front of the retina. (Compare to octopus eyes, which are much better.)

    Knees. Again, easily damaged, even through regular use. Basically impossible to fix completely.

    Immune system. Sometimes it attacks everything, including your own body. Sometimes it just lets foreign shit run rampant. Buggier than iTunes software.

    Digestive system.
    First of all, its function is completely dependent upon foreign species which can be wiped out with a single illness. Movement of these species from one part of the system to another causes severe illness and sometimes death. (For example, e. coli… good in large intestine, bad when it works its way back up.). Food goes down the same pipe we use to breathe with

    It’s inconsistent in what it processes from person to person, meaning we can’t even necessarily share the same foods. (Lactose intolerance? Sucks to be you.) It even changes over the course of your life, so what you ate last year might be impossible now.

    Not enough fibre? Stools aren’t flexible to be pushed through. Too much fibre? Muscles contract trying to push excess water, tire out, and you’re in the same situation (with horrible bloating to boot).

    You have a highly acidic environment operating right next to a highly basic one. No chemist in the world would allow this because of the potential for disaster, but for your body, that’s just fine.

  4. maxwell says:

    why is it that we all cannot get along if you want to believe one thing thats fine and he wants to believe another thing thats fine to. it is the freedom to chose religion thats important to me not the religion. i do believe that religion can set you free but not the faith in itself but that you have faith. i believe that we all have our own heaven everybody’s different because everybody is different in there own way. To me trying to force your religion on someone is like rape i do see that rape is worse but it still gets the point across. just because someone does not believe in your religion dose not mean they are wrong just means they don’t believe what you believe and that is there choice.
    (sorry if i misspelled anything) and please do not flame ( swear yell cuss..ect ) it has never gotten any one any where and i won’t if you don’t.

    • Reason says:

      I know how you feel maxwell. But unfortunately, everyone wants to be right. There are those who “know” they’re right (much like the people running this site), and then there are those who can prove they’re right. And nobody likes to be told they’re wrong. So conflict is sadly inevitable.

      • We are right. Jesus is with us. You shuold turn to Him too. He will save you if you let Him.


      • Point of Order, Jim. He already saved everyone. There is no need for further saving.

      • Sum Gai says:

        Jim, by arrogantly saying you know that you’re right, you’re proving his point. You don’t actually know 100%. If you die and you go to heaven, then you know 100%. but which you’re still in this world, you will never know for sure

      • Dude, you;re a sinner. Repent and embrace Christ.

      • Sum Gai says:

        Jim, according to the Bible, we’re all sinners. I have already tried Jesus and God, they didn’t do shit for me, I became atheist.

        Yea, I only believe in stuff that actually helps me.

        Which in the case of atheism, nothing helps me. We’re all alone on this rock.

  5. Reason says:

    No he won’t. He is a delusion born out of mans fear of the unknown. A reassuring fable. A false hope. An excuse.

    Perhaps you remember my first post on this site? I turned to god once and he let me down. I will not make the same mistake twice.

    • Sigh. You didn’t turn to him with an open heart and an open mind obviously. I’ll be praying for you.


      • Reason says:

        Why would I try to accept him with an closed heart and mind? That’s like inviting someone to your house then locking them out. I gave everything I had to the idea of “God”, and nothing happened.

        He was invited. The door was wide open. He either never bothered to come in, or he never existed. I concluded it was the latter.

        Pray all you like Jim. It will accomplish nothing. It never has, and it never will.

      • Jim, there’s a reason John Calvin was excommunicated. The idea of “once saved always saved” is more flawed than I can recount in this space. Christ already saved everyone. Now we simply have the choice on whether to live our lives well, or not.

        Being saved doesn’t magically make you a better person.

        Can you cite the Bible verse that supports your idea?

  6. Martin Baker says:

    Prayer has worked! It has saved people from cancer, helped people during surgery, allowed people to get job promotions, and has allowed people to find parking spots. You refuse it because you do not know God!

    • Reason says:

      Being saved from cancer and successful surgeries can be attributed to the doctors who do it for a living. Job promotions are earned through hard work, dedication, and someone who takes notice of your accomplishments.

      And do I really have to explain parking spots? Come on, people have to leave sometime. They’re always coming and going. Did you get a good parking spot? Then you were in the right place at the right time. That’s literally all there is to it.

    • Sum Gai says:

      There are these things called coincidences. Try praying that the economy will be up surprisingly high by this time next year. if they get higher, whatev. if they get lower, whatev. Try going to a hospital and pick 5 random cancer patients, and pray for them. At least 1 will die. the ones that lived would not have lived 100 years ago. That is due to SCIENCE baby. Medical science has gotten better. So more prayers for the cancerous are answered. suddenly it was god. Im sure all the scientists who spent their lives creating the best solution for cancer and saving millions of lives are “going to hell” in your book.

  7. maxwell says:

    didn’t god give us free will the will to chose why is it though we have to use the will he gave us in the way we he sees wants us to that is like saying you can use either fork or spoon but you have to use the spoon but you can’t use both. it’s like saying you don’t have to believe but this is what you have to believe. like i said he gave us free will, to chose to believe but we have to believe and not in what we want but what we are told to.

  8. Jeff Green says:

    Does one choose what one believes? I tend to think that people are convinced of something and then believes it. Can I choose to believe I am twenty feet tall and have Thor’s hammer? I don’t think we can lie to ourselves because the lair and the one lied to are the same. So, is it not more a question of how one knows stuff? Is not the field of science from just such a question? If we have this tool to demonstrate facts and the facts show that one is wrong then one no longer believes the wrong fact. If it is a problem it is with ones understanding of the tools used to test facts. People have these tools and they work on many sets of facts. There are some things that one cannot use these tools to prove out such as metaphysical information but there are some logical tools that can help there as well.

    • Sum Gai says:

      No. You are told about Jesus and all and it is hammered into your mind from a young age, when you are most susceptible. The original liars are the writers of the Bible, and every child who has been indoctronated into Christianity are the ones being lied to.

      And as far as another post on this website that says this about Evolution. It says that people believe in Evolution because they are told it as a child and are clinging to it (which I and many redditors found most ironic). I was not taught about Evolution (except that it existed and natural selection and such, just very small basics) until high school.

      Children younger than 5 soak up information like memory sponges. The brain is 90% developed at age 5, making it less susceptible after that, which is why it is taught at such young ages.

      I was baptized as a baby, was confirmed at my local church circa 2007, visit church the usual christmas eve and less usual easter. My dad’s side is very catholic, but my dad is not very. My mom’s parents were light christians and open minded, my mom an atheist.

      I think I have a nice variety of christian/atheist people, and my parents allowed my brother and I to choose. We thought and thought about science and laws of the universe, logic, the Bible, our souls, and came out as atheists.

      I am much happier as an atheist than I was as a christian.

      And, Jim, When you were reading this, I know your comment will have at least 2 of the following:
      1) “heathen”
      2) “I’ll pray for you”
      3) “Repent”
      4) “Accept Jesus Christ”
      5) “You are misinformed”
      6) “You are brainwashed by the Devil”
      7) “You will burn in hell”

      And will not contain one of the following:

      1) Evidence
      2) Logic
      3) 1st grade education
      4) Science
      5) Reason

      • You are indoctrinated with evolution. If you read my other posts, you will find out that yeah, I converted to Christianity. I was born an atheist. You are wrong.

      • Sum Gai says:

        I was not indoctrinated into evolution you illiterate twat. You must have not read that, but I didn’t know much anything about creationism or evolutionism until I was about 14 you fool.

      • Sum Gai says:

        You do not know what I was told as a kid. I was told to not be a zombie. A puppet. A sheep. I was told to think for my own. I was made to believe in nothing unless it was worth my believing in.

  9. Go r/atheism says:

    Who converts to Christianity from atheism?

  10. TheWhiteBee says:

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart. Lots of good things to be watching while I’m on holiday!

    • these “good things” will lead you straight to hell.

    • The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.

      Blind faith in anything is bad, which is why science is based on the principles of testing and data. When a scientist comes up with a theory (called a hypothesis), that’s tested multiple ways by multiple people and conclusions are drawn. Sometimes theories are further proven, sometimes they are disproven, but the bottom line is that ALL conclusions are based on the data available at a given time.

      The problem with Christianity, and with religion and theology in general is .. well.. who is right? I mean just look at Matthew 18:16-18. The Catholics interpret it one way, the Protestants another. Who is right? Why are they right? What about the story of Adam and Eve? It’s pretty clearly stated that Cain left to live with other people. What other people? Who were they? From where did they come? The Bible doesn’t say. SO when we postulate and come up with our own ideas, who is right? Why are they right? What is really the point of the story? Is it the basis that killing your brother is wrong? Or was it that you put God in front of yourself? Or maybe that God hates people who don’t make the right offerings. It all depends on your point of view. And the worst part about it is that everyone will always believe they are right.

      I’ll end with this, from Mark Twain, “It’s easier to fool someone than to convince them they’ve been fooled.” I’m not implying that you’ve been fooled, only that it’s difficult to prove to someone that what they believe is wrong. That’s why all Christians aren’t the same. Just like all Muslims aren’t, and all Hindus aren’t, and all Buddhists aren’t.

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