Why am I going to heaven?

I am going to heaven because I am born again in Jesus.

I am going to heaven because I accept Jesus, the Christ, as my own personal savior, and honor Him as the Savior of the world.

I am going to heaven because while I was, and still am, a sinner, I realize the evils of my sinful ways and try to live my life as a soldier for Christ.

I am going to heaven because I reject atheism, liberalism, heathenism, masturbation, rape, homosexuality, agnosticism, paganism, FSMism, Islam, Buddhism, Mormonism, Catholicism, Scienceism, evolutionism, and other sinful belief systems.

I am going to heaven because I know God, the Father, the Creator of this world and this entire cosmos.

I am going to heaven because I do not replace the one True God with the false gods of science and evilution.

I am going to heaven because I reject Satan and all his evil works.

I am going to heaven because I refuse to allow the atheists and heathens to steal my beliefs in the Truth away from me.

I am going to heaven because Jesus died for me.

I am going to heaven because Jesus rose from the grave and conquered sin and death for all of us, if we just would accept His sacrifice at Golgotha.

I am going to heaven because I act as a witness for Christ on this earth, and have spent my life trying to lead a sinful planet towards a divine Savior.

I am going to heaven because the Holy Spirit tells me so.

I am going to heaven because I spend every waking moment of my life trying to lead all the sinners on Earth there with my side.

I am going to heaven. Are you?

Yours in Christ,


20 thoughts on “Why am I going to heaven?

  1. Dima says:

    Two questions:

    1) Other than a book written, re-written, translated, re-translated, and authored by a committee in 200AD or so (a 1800 year old game of telephone) how do you know that Satan is the enemy? Have you ever considered that the “real” evil spirit has written the “holy bible” in an attempt to deceive humanity into following the evil way. Thinking it is right and good? In fact the bible is littered with god killing people left and right with no regard for human life, yet satan brought us knowledge and strength and pretty much didn’t hurt anyone. Knowledge is what gave us computers, and communication between humanity like never before seen, yet you reject he who gave us knowledge and accept he who wishes us to have none of it.

    2) Have you considered that someone may be preying on your current emotional state?

  2. stephen says:

    do you know after you do lsd you can make it so you feel like your on lsd any time?

    anybody who is described how lsd feels in a descriptive way can actually make up what it feels like and make it like they have taken a drug when they have not.

    your brain is very powerful. you can feel like your outside in the rain when you are inside in a heated room.

    so if you want to feel the holy spirit you can.
    if you want to feel like your having sex when your still you can.

    when you feel the “spirit” what you are doing is creating something to feel and applying it to your experience. your Hallucinating.

  3. After my death, my body will either be buried or incinerated, if I’m buried, I will return to the Earth as nutrient for other living beings, if I’m incinerated, my ashes will be kept in a porcelain container and placed in a temple. I don’t care whether I’m going to heaven, rather than doing good deeds so that you enter heaven, I rather do good deeds for the sake of having a positive impact on other people’s lives.

  4. Cyrano de Bergerac says:

    Praying is not necessary. Either it is a part of god’s plan and then it is redundant, or it is not a part of god’s plan and this means it’s pointless. In conclusion, praying is not a very effective form of … well basically anything.

  5. Martin Baker says:

    Please accept Christ before it is too late. You all need to develop a personal relationship with God and know him, so that you be accepted in Heaven. Pray to him so he can guide you and so you won’t be lost.

    • Reason says:

      We don’t need a guide. We can see for ourselves. We don’t need a personal relationship with god. We have family and friends. We are not lost. You are.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I know if there is a heaven, I’m going to it, not because I’m “one with God” or anything like that.

    If I meet God, if he/she/it/cthulu exists, it will know exactly why I chose not to believe. If there is such a being, they play a miniscule role in the existence of one planet in an utterly infinite universe.

    They will know that I am not religious, because I am bisexual and ostracized by religious groups. They will know I have a very rational, fact based view of the universe, and will understand the choices I’ve made.

    However, not believing does not make me evil. Not beliveing does not change the fact that as a person, as a human being, I have the obligation to do the right thing. To stand up for all people of all creeds, races, nationalities, and beliefs. To live my life to the best of my ability. To volunteer to help others less fortunate than I. To serve my country and help bring peace to the world. By taking an interest in the amazing exploits of the human race. Hundreds of years ago, we thought that man could not touch the stars. But today, we have launched probes that have travelled past our solar system, landed on alien worlds, and learned so much about the universe that we call our own. Heaven is not about godliness. It is not about devoting your life to Jesus or God of Cthulu or Morgan Freeman. I do not care whether I go to Heaven or Hell, whether they even exist, because when my life ends, I will know that I have lived my life as me, no more, no less, and have fully enjoyed it, and given back to the human race as much as I can possibly imagine.

    I present this rant to you, to try to explain one simple fact. If there is a God, he does not care who we are. He merely would care if our actions have helped better the human race, our universe as a whole.

    I urge you to ponder that the next time you decry others for being “heathens”.

    A heathen 16 year old fencer, writer, volunteer, and proud Human.

    • Jesus loves you. Please open your heart to Him. You are an intelligent person, and I would love to see you in heaven.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would rather devote my life to helping others and the betterment of all people regardless of faith or race, than to earning myself a personal seat in heaven.

        I would like to apologize for others who share my views, as they may have been less well spoken than me, but I admit: I will not change who I am, to bend for a concept I do not believe in. You are free to believe in whatever you wish, and as a human being I will respect that.

        I can see you genuinely want to help others, and I recommend that you spend some time at a soup kitchen to help those less fortunate, not for God or Jesus, but for the sake of helping.

        I appreciate that you express your opinions through words rather than violence, and it disappoints me when anyone of any creed takes up arms to attack those who believe differently. Atheist, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu- anyone of any creed should treat everyone else they come across with the utmost respect. Why? Might you ask. They may not be Christians, but they are human beings. Our beliefs are polar opposites, but why should that stop us? We are all people, in a species so diverse and wonderful that all of these different religions should play no role in our treatment of others. We are all people, are we not?

        So, I will not change my ways, I nonetheless respect your beliefs, but I will not change my intrinsic nature for a belief I do not share.

        I hope you share my mutual respect.

      • Reason says:

        Do you understand a bit better now Jim? We live life as best as we can. Trying to better ourselves, and others along the way. We do not expect a reward, nor a punishment. We do what we can to make our world a better place for everyone around us.

        I know I often come across as brash and rude on your blog, But I would never wish any form of harm upon you or Martin.

        Anonymous here has perfectly and eloquently explained why we do what we do. We leave it to you to do as you see fit with that information.

        I truly hope that you’ll think on what Anonymous said.

  7. Larry says:

    you’re simply an arrogant pharisee!

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