The banana. The atheist’s worst nightmare

Greetings friends.

Today I will be discussing the banana with you, good Christian friends. While the good Christian thinker Ray Comfort once argued that the Banana was created by God to fit perfectly in the human hand, and is therefore Created by God, I disagree with Comfort’s interpretation.

The banana was not Created by God in its present form, but Created by God and then bastardized by Satan.  The original bananas were much smaller. Mankind bred them into bigger, phallic forms.  Don’t you notice how the banana is perfectly formed to fit the human anus or vagina, or fit within the human mouth in a position with which one can practice fellatio, or the giving of the “blowjob”?

Thus, the banana is a disproof of atheism, but one which incorporates Satan as well as our Lord Jesus Christ.  The banana was a good Christian plant until sin entered the world through Eve’s transgression, at which point death entered the world, and Satan was allowed to toy with the banana.

The banana. Proof of God’s Creation, proof of the Fall.  Checkmate, Atheists!

3 thoughts on “The banana. The atheist’s worst nightmare

  1. Paul Germano says:


    You deluded atheists can’t see that Satan is in control of this world since you reject the one and true god’s existence.


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