AirAsia flight QZ8501. God’s true warning!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God has made an Air Asia plane flying into Singapore disappear with 162 passengers on board as a punishment for their sinful behavior? That’s right boys and girls, much like the Malaysian Air disappearance and crash, God has made a plane filled with mostly Inonesian passengers disappear. Why are planes carrying Indonesians disappearing more than any other types of plane? The answer is simple! The Indonesian people are a heathen people! They failed to keep Christ in Christmas, and now Christ chose to not keep their airplane in the air!

God is striking down planes from this region of the world because these people are unwilling to embrace the Truth of Christ! If they would just embrace Jesus, then God would stop taking their planes! These people are ungodly heathens who are either Muslims, Buddhists, or Hindus. They worship in the jungle and reject Jesus! They are all going to burn in HELL unless they repent!

Unlike True Christian nations like America that never have planes disappear, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia have tons of planes disappear. WHy did this plane go down? The answer is simple. God is punishing the nation and the airline. The disappearance of this plane is a warning from God. If the countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore do not repent, Jesus Christ and God the Father will continue to take airplanes from you.

Repent Malaysia! Repent Indonesia! Repent Singapore! Stop allowing prostitutes to run around on corners in your midst! Get rid of those heathen Hindus and Muslims! Reject Satan and embrace Jesus! Your ungodly sinful tolerance of homosexuality will get you nowhere. God will keep punishing you until you repent!

The disappearance of this plane is another judgment from God issued against these heathens. How can they stop this from happening in the future? They must be Born Again in Christ! Reject Ramadan, reject Muhammad, reject Buddhism, reject stupid heathen ways and embrace Jesus. That is the only way to heaven and to safety. All of the passengers on that flight were probably non-Christian and are truly in Hell.

Let us pray. Dear Lord Jesus, please continue to take planes from the heathen parts of Asia until those sinners repent. Punish them for tolerating the gays, the non-Christians, and the ways of the savage. Crush them until they reject prostitution and embrace your holy word. Please lead the heathens to the Father and away from sin. Until then, continue tor reap punishments upon them until their ungodly spirits are broken. Then they may be reborn as children of Christ. In this your name we pray. Amen.

God hates AirAsia. God hates the heathens. And if you’re a heathen sympathizer, God hates YOU. Repent heathens, or further judgment awaits.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Rick Santorum is NOT a heathen sympathizer. Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president! Vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

P.S. Fans of the NFL, you are next! God will torment you all in eternity for ever and ever until the end of time! This is why God will send NFL fans all to hell!

Also, note that the authors of this site do not support violence in any form, nor do we hope to see it, nor do we hope to see any more incidents such as this. Anyone who attempts to physically harm another person is of the devil and will spend an eternity in Hell. We are merely seeking to guide the sinners from the South Pacific back to Jesus.

58 thoughts on “AirAsia flight QZ8501. God’s true warning!

  1. Sam says:

    you ares sick

  2. hans says:

    Go suck a dick. i have never met someone else who knew even less about Christianity. Have you even seen a bible from the inside. Jesus lord have mercy

    • Hans, you are not a True Christian! Sometimes our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ does hard things to bring us to our knees and force us to repent. Look at what God did to Job! The Bible warns of signs to come in the skies in revelation…the destruction of heathen planes may be one of those signs. He who has ears, let him hear. Repent or burn Hans, Repent or burn.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

  3. dropby says:

    A true christian would not wish for another people to be dead or to be gone, a true christian would wish for someones good health. love one another as you love yourself.

    • I love everyone, but sometimes people must be lost in order to save the rest of the world. God sometimes uses death to bring sinners to their knees. This is one of those cases. It is a sad truth but a truth nonetheless. It is better to suffer in this life and repent than to burn in hell for all eternity. This is an example to all heathens and atheists. Repent or burn.

      I will be praying for you to repent so that you can enter heaven too.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

  4. shagrath 666 says:

    i dare to seat on devil’s chair than go to side of a god that kill people if they not trust on “it”

  5. shagrath 666 says:


  6. RoshanGurmeetSingh says:

    God does not hate, you dumb, fluoride eating zombie.

    • God hates actions, and choosing to reject God’s gifts is an action that God hates! God hates heathens. God hates heathen supporters. And there fore, Roshan Gurmeet Singh, God Hates you!!!!!!! I take it that you are one of those there hindus or Muslims judging from your name. Repent and accept Jesus or you will be next in line to Hell, where the fires are eternal and pain is forever.

      I will be praying for you.


  7. Jonah says:

    I’m an atheist, but I just wanted to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing.

    I can’t think of a better way to turn more people away from Christianity than what you’re doing here. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us, we need more atheists in this world!

    Go ahead and tell me to ‘turn or burn’ now. It means nothing since you can’t prove hell exists, and there’s literally zero reason to think it’s anything other than a lie to keep people from leaving your cult of insanity.

    • Jonah, if you died today, you would be cast into Hell because you don’t accept Jesus. For eternity. Eternity. Do you know what that means? All you need do is accept Jesus into your life and you will instantly be granted access into heaven….but after death is too late. You must do it now.

      If you accept Jesus and die, and find out that God isn’t real, you lose nothing. However, if you accept Jesus and find out that God is real, you get an eternity in paradise! Pretty neat, right?

      However, if you reject Jesus and die and find out that God isn’t real, you do lose nothing as well. Where you lose the bet is if you reject Jesus, die, and find out that God is real. Know what happens then? An eternity of torture, suffering, and torment in Hell.

      You must be very stupid to reject Jesus and willingly send yourself to Hell. Why not accept Jesus just in case?

      I will pray for you.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

      • Jonah says:

        Here’s the thing: Do you get worried when Muslims tell you that you need to worship Allah or else? Probably not, because you don’t believe Allah is god. Same thing with me and ALL religions, including Christianity. You can’t prove Christianity is more true over Islam, and I don’t believe stuff without proof, or at least sufficient evidence. Christianity does not have proof for its claims, so why should I care about this fictional place called ‘hell’? Threatening me with hell does nothing for me, except show that you’re only a Christian because of fear. You’re afraid of being sent to this place of eternal torture that you’ve been told is real, even though there is ZERO EVIDENCE for it. You have been deceived my friend.

        And believing isn’t a choice. I can’t make myself believe in bronze age myths even if I wanted to. If there is a god, and it happens to be the Christian god (beating out thousands and thousands of other gods that people have believed in just as much as you if not more), then it’s his fault for giving me the mind I have.

        Also… if your attitude is ‘why not believe just in case’, then why don’t you accept all gods and subscribe to all religions? Just in case?

      • P says:

        I couldn’t help but notice how you didn’t prove Hell is real for him, rather just said exactly what he figured you would say. Threatening people to convert them doesn’t work on most people nowadays. Especially when individuals of other faiths do the exact same thing to them. What if we actually make examples of ourselves and express love, kindness, and forgiveness?

  8. Ariel says:

    I am a Singaporean, a strong believer of Christ myself and I am deeply shocked to hear this from you.

    Where are you from? Has everyone in your country received Christ as their savior?

    • Ariel, you are one of the few True Christians in your nation. I am an American, and we are facing the onslaught of the antichrist as I type. We must join together to fight against Satan, and it is my hope that God will use these events to bring your country to Christ.

      I will be praying for you. Your nation must turn or burn.

      Jim Solouki

  9. Miep says:

    Love your blog, Jim. It is VERY inspiring.

  10. Also, I have a tumblr now!
    Here ya go, feel free to pettle your pretentious bullshit to me.

  11. Jim, I have a “what if” question. What if every single christian, including Ray Comfort, Kent Hovind, and Ken Ham, all agree that you and Martin are a peice of shit, and that you are a horrible example of christianity?

  12. Mj says:

    You must be insane, you dare to say thrash about a missing airline with hundreds of people inside? when others are praying for them and for God to grant their family the fortitude to bear the loss. Here is this lunatic raising up his ugly head talking nonsense and saying he is doing the work of our lord, you must be a beast for using that name in vein…

  13. How much glue have you been sniffing?

  14. 10bacon says:

    Ah, I’ve missed so much.

    Oh, Jim, I need to reiterate others and say that this site has one of two explanations.

    1. It’s totally fake. First off, you promote young earth bullshit. Second, you’ve shown, repeatedly, your belief in the banana being the proof of intelligent design. Lastly, you support Landover, a site that has been proven to be fake by the people who made it.

    2. You are crazy and stupid, which is a very dangerous combination.

    More likely, number 1 is the explanation. However, if I’m wrong, I take solace in the fact that you are terrible at you “mission”. You are never going to convert any atheists, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Wiccans, or anybody that disagrees with you. The only supporters you are likely to have are already zealots to begin with and, therefore, are pointless ignorant supporters.

    You have no way of knowing what religious affiliation all the passengers have on the flight. (I feel dumber for arguing this. So, I’m going to stop there. I will add that there is so much wrong with your “understanding” of Christ and this post is a prime example of that.)

    I hope you had a Merry Santa Day.

    P.S. – God picks shitty presidential candidates. Perhaps he should use some of his influence to get Santorum on the ticket. The doofus will not make it to the convention just like before. So, don’t go blaming the “Demoncrats” for your fashion crippled president not making it to the White House. It was his fellow “Repuglican’ts” that kept him out of the office. More appropriately, it’s because he would be a horrible president. That’s just my opinion, though. (Like the majority of his party.)

  15. 10bacon says:

    I just discovered that if you make an anagram out of Rick Santorum’s full name you get “Hi, Mr. Crud or SATAN!” Coincidence? I think not.

  16. Aloysius says:

    How can we receive true salvation then?

  17. anonymous says:

    american true christian nation?

    still remember 9/11?.. 4 american planes got hijack and crash into world trade centre. so its mean God is punishing your nation and the airline too

  18. P says:

    You’re a fucking hypocrite. You claim to not want violence and death and yet a few paragraphs ago, that’s exactly what you prayed for. You claim to follow the just and loving Christ, yet you say God hates me for doing exactly what Jesus said. To love your fellow sinner as you would want to be loved. “Let he who hath no sin be the first to cast the stone” I sure as hell am not perfect, but neither are you. Informing gays what they’re doing is a mistake is one thing, but to treat homosexuals like animals, that isn’t love at all. Eternally torturing people for having kind hearts to treat others like human beings is the exact opposite of justice, and by this logic Jesus himself would face damnation. Did you know you can be Christian, spread the good news, disagree with other faiths, and not do everything in your power to oppress, terrorize, control, or even murder others? It’s called live and let live. If you guys actually had power, the only difference between you and Islamic radicals is the religion.

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