Another reason to boycott Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Dear friends,

Just look at that laser sword that looks like an upside down cross wielded by the villain who looks like one of the Horseman from the Book of Revelations.  Obviously no ideas like this ever come from Godly people but by Hollywood and others who allow Satan in their lives.


We must boycott this film and take back the cinemas for Christ. At least Lucas gets something right by portraying the muslims as they truly are in the film!


Those certainly look like barbaric terrorists.

Martin Baker

The Devil and Dr. Funkenstein

Satan loves Funk!

George Clinton, disciple of the Devil!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I would like to tell you about the evil and ungodly music called funk. Funk is a form of music inspired by the devil, for the devil, for his Satanic purposes.  Funk music is like rock and roll for black people!  Funk was created by evolution through demonic influence and leads innocent children into drug use, alcoholism, homosexuality, and sex outside of wedlock (fornication).  Ephesians 5:19 tells us that we need to love hymns and Christian music, not music of the devil. In 1 Corinthians 14:15, we are told to sing praise. Psalms 66:2 tells us to sing the glory of HIS name! In Psalms 9:11, we are told to sing praises to the Lord.  Is this what funk music does? No! Funk music glorifies sexuality, drug use, and other Satanic deeds. This is how we know that it is of the devil! While True Christian music inspires a love of God, the evil musician George Clinton (the father of funk) wants “the funk” instead! In this post, I will focus solely on George Clinton and his minions, although there are numerous funk artists who are working for Satan.

“we want the funk. Gotta have the funk.”

No, Mr. Clinton, you gotta have Jesus.  Give up the funk and embrace the Truth of Christ, who was crucified for YOUR sins! These heathens are singing repetitive nonsense lyrics glorifying “the funk” instead of glorifying Jesus. They are doing it in evil muppet voices  as a way to lead our children away from God.  In fact, George Clinton has even infiltrated the muppets! I have proof! One of the members of the muppet band on the evil kid’s muppet show is even based on George Clinton. I’ll show you.

Proof that the George Clinton has infiltrated the muppets.

Proof that the George Clinton has infiltrated the muppets.

George Clinton is an evil, disturbed man. Consider some of the lyrics he has written. In his ungodly song “Flashlight,” the following lyrics are present: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I guess I’ll go count some sheep. Oh, but I will never dance…..Most of all he needs the funk. Help him find the funk.” This is a clear mockery of Christ and Christianity! The first line is a bastardized version of a wonderful Christian prayer, “and now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord, my soul to keep.” George Clinton is a God mocker, and he is double damned!  Most of all, he needs Jesus, not the funk! The flashlight is clearly the only light that Clinton has seen, because if he had seen the light of Christ, he would have written “Most of all he needs the Lord. Help him find the Lord.”  Here is the evil song in question:

Here is one more Satanic song from George Clinton, who refers to himself as “Dr. Funkenstein.” The song is called Dr. Funkenstein. This song glorifies Darwinism and sexuality, and is proof that Satan is behind his music!

“Microbiologically speaking,
When I start churnin’, burnin’ and turnin’
I’ll make your atoms move so fast
Expandin’ your molecules
Causing a friction fire
Burnin’ you on your neutron
Causing you to scream
“Hit me in the proton, BABY!””

Those evil lyrics are nothing more than an attempt to make children believe in evolution and the big bang! This song also glorifies teen sexuality, drug use, and violence (“if you like hit me again“).  George Clinton also wrote an evil song called “One Nation Under a Groove” that is too ungodly to link on this page, even for educational purposes. You see, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, George Clinton and funk musicians everywhere are working for the devil.  In fact, one of George Clinton’s Satanic followers, Bootsy Collins, refers to himself as the Starchild. This is a clear reference to Darwinism, as I will prove. Bootsy Collins calls himself the Starchild because he believes that he came from star dust instead of God. Bootsy Collins is headed straight to Hell!

Let us consider the atheistic drivel that inspired the name ‘starchild.’ Here is an example:

Boosty Collins, servant of Satan, disciple of Darwin.

Boosty Collins, servant of Satan, disciple of Darwin.

Bootsy Collins believes that he came from star dust instead of from the finger of God.  The video linked just above is a song used by Darwinists everywhere to glorify their clearly false beliefs.  Every molecule in you did not come from stardust, every molecule in you came from GOD.  Not only is Bootsy Collins a disciple of Darwin, but Bootsy Collins also believes in aliens! Bootsy Collins and George Clinton constantly rant about some drug-induced “mothership connection,” believing that they are in contact with extraterrestrials.  They are, in fact, being deluded by demons.  Gary Bates has written a wonderful book titled Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (available here).  If you want to understand the UFO phenomenon from a Biblical perspective, I highly recommend it. “Aliens” are nothing more than demons trying to steal our soul! Bootsy Collins has infiltrated Hollywood as well, just like George  Clinton.  In fact, the Nemoneons in A Phantom Menace are based on his stage attire. Consider the following images:


Note how the evil Bootsy Collins flashes the devil horns hand sign.

same exact costume, inverted colors. Satan at work!

same exact costume, inverted colors. Satan at work!

This is not the first time that a funk artist has been featured in the Star Wars movies. In fact, George Lucas put a representation of George Clinton’s ungodly original band in the first Star Wars film.  Don’t believe me? I’ll show you the pictures.

the band in Star Wars

the band in Star Wars

George Clinton's evil band.

George Clinton’s evil band.

The similarities are clear. Note the space themed outfits in George Clinton’s band. Note the aliens in the Star Wars band.  George Lucas and George Clinton are working together to lead our children towards Satan and away from Christ! Satan has infiltrated Hollywood and the music industry and will not stop until he has taken the souls of our children.  My friends, the devil must be stopped! Funk music (and Star Wars) glorifies Darwinism, atheism, sexuality, and other sinful things.  They are trying to steal our little ones. Here is the only proper place for our little ones:


This is what Hollywood and George Clinton want to do to our children:


Repent Hollywood! Repent! Repent George Clinton! Repent! Repent you musical whores of Babylon! Repent!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we must reject George Clinton and his minions. We must reject all ungodly forms of music. We must reject all music and all television that glorifies Darwinism and other sinful lies.  It is time to take back our airways and our televisions for Jesus! It is time to take back our stations for Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Leonard Nimoy, Hell’s newest resident!

Leonard Nimoy is in Hell

Greetings True Christians!

Today it brings me great joy to announce to you the death of one of Satan’s favorite allies on Earth. Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played the Spock on Star Wars, has died at 82 years of age. He is burning in Hell as we speak, where Satan will enjoy tormenting and torturing and punishing him for all eternity. Nimoy’s crimes against God? Nimoy was wealthy, and wealth is a sin. Nimoy has led children away from God, a grevious sin. Nimoy has also been involved in propagating the many worlds mythology of modern science and did many sciency shows that were of Satan.  Nimoy is being burned in Hell as we speak, as is proper for those who fight against God.

This is where Nimoy is now!

Much like Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, and Duane Gish (who died wealthy and dishonest and is now burning), and Nixon, Nimoy died unsaved, and is being punished. Unlike Christopher Hitchens, Nimoy did not repent on his death bed. I know this because the Holy Spirit told me so in prayer. Thank you God for taking this sinner out of our midst!

Nimoy’s first punishment from God

God has already punished Leonard Nimoy once, ,forcing him into a wheelchair in an attempt to crush his evil, ungodly spirit. Nimoy did not repent, and chose instead to remain married to the ungodly Hollywood wealth machine. That was the biggest mistake Nimoy could have made. God gave him a perfect opportunity to repent, and he didn’t. Because he chose not to repent, Nimoy is burning in Hell.

Do not share the fate of Leonard Nimoy, my brothers and sisters in Christ, and all heathens who read this blog. Repent before it is too late. Repent now, while you are still alive. Embrace Jesus, accept Him as your Savior. Be born again in Jesus and washed in the blood of Christ. Otherwise, you will be burned in the lake of fire forever, where there will be great wailing and gnashing of teeth. I can assure you that Leonard Nimoy does not enjoy Hell, and you will not either. Do not join Nimoy in Hell. Join Jesus in heaven instead. Repent or burn readers, turn or burn.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Star Wars and Satan’s War!

The choice is yours!

Greetings True Christians! That dastardly heathen Mormon George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode 7. That’s right boys and girls! Lucas the soldier of Lucifer has a new movie coming! This one is called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas is still marketing his ungodly evil myth and false religion of the force, and this newest movie is yet another in George Lucas’ 40 year assault on the Truth of Jesus! Why doesn’t George Lucas see a problem with what he is doing? Probably because, like all Mormons, George Lucas believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, children of the magical mystical sky-man who is having sky-sex with his collection of sky-wives and making spirit babies. George Lucas also wears magical Mormon underwear most likely, so its not surprising that he is willing to invent this ungodly Hindu-esque myth that he calls the force! I have news for you George Lucas and all of you Star Wars treckies! There is only one “force,” and that force is the force of Good created by Jesus through the Holy Spirit! Those heathen treckies have tried to turn Jedi Night into a religion based upon George Lucas’s mythological Satanic ungodly films, and are trying to replace Jesus with a fake “spirit” based on his movies. Lucas’s latest film has even mocked the Crucifixion, with a Cross-shaped laser-sword!

This Cross-shaped laser sword mocks the Cross of Christ!

George Lucas’s ungodly evil movies also glorify the Darwinist dogma of playing god! Lucas made up an ungodly story about about “clone wars” and cloning warriors. Everybody knows that cloning is of Satan and not of God! God is the only person who is allowed to create life! First, the evil Darwinists cloned a sheep and named it Dolly after large-bosomed whore of Babylon Dolly Parton, and now George Lucas is making up fantasy stories about cloning! Why? Because George Lucas is a sexual pervert who wants to make veiled references to Darwinism in order to make it more palatable to our young ones. This is sinful stuff, and Lucas should be arrested for his abuse of our children. He even uses children in his film to cater to kids!

George Lucas is a kinky sinner!

Natalie Portmans is a satanic slut!

George Lucas’ glorified “clones”

Star Wars victimizes children!

Did you know that the ungodly and evil George Lucas also supports the many-worlds mythology pushed by Mormons and atheists? Lucas wants us to believe that there is human-like life on planets all across the universe, because his ungodly Mormon faith teaches him that when he dies he will be allowed to create his own planet and make millions of spirit babies with his many spirit wives for all eternity. Joseph Smith believed in polygamy in this life, and Lucas wants it in the next life. This many-worlds doctrine is also a veiled attempt to support Darwinism! By claiming that life exists all through the universe, it undermines the special creation of life on this earth by God. That’s just stupid, boys and girls! The Bible tells us that God created life on THIS world, not anywhere else! Therefore, there is no life anywhere else! It’s as simple as that! We are God’s chosen people, and God’s privileged planet. Shame on George Lucas for trying to teach our children otherwise!

This talking dog-man is one of Lucas’ evil aliens!

George Lucas also wants to teach our children that it is ok to use man-made machinacal creatures to replace interaction with real humans. Lucas creates the ungodly droids, both for a military and for servile tasks. Look at C3Do and C2-D2, the ungodly homosexual droid partners that date each other in a veiled homosexual relationship in the first three films! This is sinful stuff! God hates faggots, and God hates faggot robots! Therefore, God hates Star Wars!

These evil droids are planning a riot somewhere in the Star Wars universe!

The Faggot Droids Satan is looking for!

George Lucas’ ungodly human-robot hybrid!

Did you know that George Lucas also glorifies slavery? Lucas wants to own a collection of slaves, and he shows this with his  characters “Slave Leia” and “slave Anapkin.”  It is fitting that Lucas wants to own both women and young boys, as this is an allusion to Islamic beliefs. Muslims buy little boy slaves and slave women all the time! Here are Lucas’s slave creations:

slave Anapkin

Slave Leia

It is not surprising that Lucas glorifies the owning of young boys. Half of his Star Wars saga is a direct glorification of the Roman Catholic Church! Did you know that the Empire on Star Wars was based entirely on Catholicism? I have proof! First off, compare the Pope and the Emperor:

The symbolism is the same!

Next, note the similarities between the Pope arriving and the Emperor arriving:

This is evil, boys and girls! Lucas also glorifies the evolutionist missing link the crocoduck! Where is the Crocoduck? The Crocoduck is featured in one of George Lucas’s movies in the character Jar Jar Stinks! Here’s the crocoduck:

The Crocoduck!

Lucas also features Satanic teddy bears in his movies:

These Teddy Bears are from the Devil!

The only thing George Lucas got right in his Star Wars films was his portrayal of Muslims. He portrays them as heartless killers fighting in the desert with spears and ugly outfits. That is the only correct representation of anything in Lucas’ films! All other things are of Satan! Here is Lucas’ portrayal of a typical Muslim:

A Typical Muslim

God hates Star Wars! God hates George Lucas! And if you are a Star Wars fan, God hates you! Let us boycott the new Star Wars movie and keep our children and our families away from it! Let us take back our TVs for Jesus! Let us take back our cinemas for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

George Lucas is at it again!

Not too long ago, Lucas has posted a preview on YouTube for his new Star Wars movie. Star Wars is an unholy abomination that is based off the False Religion Buddhism and is related to witchcraft, the Illuminati, and other New Age filth. We have had gun shootings, Christian kids being bullied in school, and other problems related to the release of these films. Please read our previous entry “Star Wars is for Sinners” and help us take our cinemas back for Christ.

Saudi Arabia, a Sinner’s paradise!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you about the heathen Muslims in Saudi Arabia! The Saudis are one of America’s biggest supporters in the Middle East, yet they are also an ungodly, heathen people. There are unsaved, unsavory, and unenlightened. The Saudis rejected the True God in the form of Jesus the Christ and embraced Islam, a religion created when Satan talked to the false prophet Mohammad while Mohammad was in an opium induced trance. Islam is a false religion that spreads hate and causes terrorism, and it is also the state religion is Saudi Arabia. Do we really want to ally ourselves with these heathen Muslims? I think not!

everyone knows that Mohammad was on drugs!

What is wrong with Saudi Arabia? I have already established the fact that they practice a false heathen religion. But wait! There’s more! When Saudi males meet each other, they kiss each other in greeting! They do this in celebration of the kiss of Judas that sealed the fate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every single time a Saudi man kisses another man, he is not only engaging in a homosexual abomination, he is also mocking Christ and celebrating His execution. The Bible tells us that a man must not lie with another man, lest he commit a grave, grave sin. However, the Saudi men practically make out in public! This is sinful stuff!

Saudis engaged in the Kiss of Judas

A typical Muslim, molesting a child

The Saudi regime also supports terrorists! The Saudi royal family put money in the pockets of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaida. Do you know what bin Laden did with this money? He financed the September 11thterrorist attacks in 2001. Why did God allow these attacks to occur? As a punishment for America’s wickedness. Why Al Qaeda and why Muslims? Because Satanic religions such as Islam seek only to kill. The Saudi royal family may not be so comfortable when their minions turn on them.

Osama bin Laden..where the Saudi money went to!

Did you know that the Saudis obsess over oil and gas when they should be instead worrying about Genesis and the New Testament? These heathen Muslims would rather spend their time manipulating global oil markets and starving children than embrace God and repent. Their “god”, Allah, is a mere mockery of the True God that they claim to worship. They follow the heathen, demon-guided false prophet Mohammad rather than Biblical Truth. Did you know that Jesus says it is ok to eat pork since food cannot defile a person? Yet the Muslims would rather not eat pork and stand in solidarity with the Jews that killed Jesus. Hmm. I wonder why. Oh yeah, that’s right. Because they hate the Truth and live to spread death and do Satan’s bidding.

the Muslims believe that pork is unclean, yet constantly portray their false prophet as a pig!

Did you know that the Saudis reject Israel and support Palestine? Everybody knows that the state of Israel is necessary for Christ to return to Earth. That’s why God allowed the nation to be rebuilt! That land is the property of God our Father, but the Palestinians think that they deserve a claim to that land. They don’t. They’re Muslims and deserve nothing unless they convert and accept Jesus the Christ. The Saudis will be punished by God for these failures. Even worse, the Saudis made deals with the Ungodly Demoncrat American president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who rejected Christ and had affairs!

FDR dealing with the devil

However, the Saudis are not ALL evil. They do some things right. For example, the Saudis do not allow their women to drive! This is a True Christian approach that should be adopted in all True Christian countries. Women should not be in a man’s place. Women should not be allowed to drive. Women working and driving can lead only to moral failure and decay, as happened in America after the Second World War.

this woman should not be driving and will likely be properly beaten for it.

The Saudis also effectively cover their women. While the burka is an ungodly and Satanic Muslim garb, its intent is Christian to the core. Women should be dressed in chaste outfits rather than in ungodly miniskirts or pants. God hates unchaste women and women in men’s clothing! Women were created by God to be submissive to their men, and they must accept that position freely. As a True Christian nation, America must follow suit and return women to the kitchens and to traditionally female garb.

these women are covered like all women should be!!

A typical male Arab

In conclusion, the Saudis are an evil race living in a Godless nation. They are Muslims and reject the Truth of Christ. They are so bad that even Mormon minion George Lucas made fun of them in the Star Wars, portraying them as Sand People! These people must repent, or God will punish them.

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On Star Wars and Satan

Greetings True Christians!

Today we will talk about the evils of Star Wars, the Satanic film series directed by George Lucas. We are not fans of Star Wars, and we have covered Star Wars before on this site. But with the new movies coming out, it’s time to talk about them again.

I’ll outline the Star Wars story here. A long time ago in the 1980s in a sinful place far, far away called California, the heathen Mormon George Lucas created Star Wars, and he saw that it was heathen in form. Throughout the Star Wars saga, Lucas carries out his own personal vendetta against traditional Christianity, and his films are meant to lead young minds away from Jesus. What’s wrong with Star Wars? EVERYTHING! It’s time to tell you all why.

Problem one. Homosexuality. The Star Wars universe is rife with homosexuality. During the original three films from the 1980s, in fact, the main protagonists of the film, RD-B2 and C3D0, “droids”, constitute a homosexual couple. The way they bicker and argue yet always stay together throughout the films shows us that there are homosexual tendencies between these robots. This is clearly sinful stuff. Lucas promotes homosexuality with these “droids,” yes. But even worse, these droids seem to have minds of their own! You cannot create a mind, no matter how good your programming skills. The only person that can create a mind is God, and we know that He is Good. Homosexuality in Star Wars is rampant, and even inspires homosexuality among fans of the series. Images below:

Problem two. Incest. Luke Skytalker and Leia Origami, the son and daughter of Anakin Skytalker and Queen Amigdala, are engaged in an incestuous relationship in the first Star Wars film. They even kiss each other on the mouth! Later in the series they find out that they are siblings, so they didn’t know they were siblings when they kissed, but still! This is sinful, sinful writing on the part of Lucas and the crew. In fact, there is apparently a nearly R-rated love scene between Luke and Leia on the unrated dvd version of A New Hope. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t confirm or deny its existence.

Problem three. Mormonism! The films are rife with Mormon ideology! The films show separate creations on separate planets. The Mormon Church preaches that when good Mormons die, they get to create their own planets, much like the planets in Star Wars. This is clearly a reference to Mormonism, and it is sinful.

Problem four. Buddhism and witch craft. Ever see The Empire Strikes Back? Ever see Yoda’s hut? Yoda’s hut is clearly a witch’s hut. It fits all the general characteristics, and it is clear that Yoda represents a glorification of witchcraft in this film. Know the best way to get rid of a witch? Burn it! They burned witches in the 1600s, and we don’t burn them anymore. Why? Because burning witches in the 1600s solved the problem! They’re all gone now. Well almost all gone. The ones that aren’t are hiding from the power of Christ.

As far as Buddhism, the Jedi way of life and the force are clearly Buddhist references. The Jedi worship a mystical power field called the force, that “runs through us all”. They espouse a set of beliefs very similar to Buddhism. There are good and evil followers of the force, much like Buddhism. Unlike Christianity, followers of the force see no problem embracing the Dark Side. The Jedi run around looking like Japanese samurai doing magic Asian Jackie Chan martial arts sequences and playing with light sabers. They dress in kimono-esque robes. Do you know what Buddhists are, boys and girls? Buddhists are heathens! And Lucas makes these heathens the heroes and villains the heroes of his films. This is sinful, and represents a glorification of the heathen way of life. Even worse, people are now putting “Jedi Knight” as their religious faith on censuses! Clearly Lucas is leading people away from God and working for Satan.

Speaking of religion, let us not forget Catholicism! Who is the Evil Empire in Star Wars? The Catholic Church. We told you about this in our previous post on Star Wars, but it bears repeating. First, the last pope of the Catholic Church looks EXACTLY like the Emperor in charge of the Empire. Second, the Empire’s royal guards are dressed almost like Catholic Cardinals. Third, both are deeply steeped in ceremony and dogma. Accidental? I think not. Is Lucas trying to use the imagery of the Catholic Church to imply that ALL Christians are evil? This is a definite possibility. Another key moment in the film dealing with Catholicism is when Dr. Scotty, also referenced in the Rocky Horror Satan Show, is beamed into the Death Star by Mr. Spock, ostensibly destroying the “Church”. The Empire survives, and in the third film, a new Death Star is built. This is apparently a reference to the Great Schism in Catholic history.

Here’s another key problem. Evolution! In “Episode One”, Lucas embraces a Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene Game Theory scenario when Wattle and Qui Gon Gin play dice to decide whether Qui Gon gets to own Anakin or his mother (I will refrain from discussing slavery in the film because the Bible actually seems to endorse slavery, thus, this is not wholly problematic). The video games spun off of Star Wars also use this evolutionist game theory. After all, they’re games. The films also show what appear to be separately “evolved” ecosystems throughout the galaxy. This is sinful. It embraces Darwinism. It rejects the Christian notion of One Creation. It rejects Biblical Truth. Shame on you, George Lucas! Shame on you!

much like George Lucas, this man wants your soul

Another problem? Skin, skin, skin. Episode two shows the nearly exposed buttocks of an alien woman. It also shows the exposed midrift of Natalie Portman, along with a shirt which barely covers her breasts. Things get even worse in the original series. Not only does Jabber the Hutt keep Princess Leia in chains in a metal slave bikini, but the other Twilek dancing slaves in the movie are nearly naked. This is very sinful. As Christians, we must ask ourselves how many innocent teenaged boys have been led into sinful masturbation as a result of these films, and even worse, into sinful masturbation over non-human alien creatures! And let us not forget the “Sarlac”, which is clearly a reference to the female vagina! Not only that, it has s tentacle coming out of it, which bears a striking resemblance, I am told, to Japanese “tentacle” pornography. This is horrible.

What happens to the people tied to these films? They’re most likely going straight to hell. William Shatner is headed straight to hell for trying to be in the new movies. That rocket man is headed straight into the sea of fire. If he thinks space is “cold as hell”, he’ll soon find out what hell really feels like, about 1 second after his death. Samuel L. Jackson? Going to hell. Not only for Star Wars, but all the other movies he’s made too. Sir Alec Guiness? Hell. Harrison Ford, headed straight for the center of hell with his kinky Indiana Jones whip and his Hand Solo space rifle. Hope they’re all ready for a one way ticket straight into Satan’s barbecue!

Do you want to ride on the highway to hell with Lucas and his heathen spawn, or do you want to climb the stairway to heaven? Well if you want a one way ticket to Paradise, you must reject the heathen notions expressed in these films. Lucas is working for the devil, and is trying to lead YOU away from Christ. How do we get to heaven? We must be Born Again. We must accept Biblical Truth. Star Wars rejects Biblical Truth, and as True Christians, we must reject Star Wars. Let us take a stand against Star Wars. Let us protest outside every theater that shows the new films. Two thousand years ago, somebody died on a Cross for you and I. Don’t you think it’s time someone took a stand for Him? Join us in the fight against Star Wars. Join us, Christian soldiers, in the war on Star Wars. Let us take a stand against Lucas. Let us take back our theaters for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

P.S. Let us pray for our men and women in uniform in the Middle East fighting the sand people and camel jockeys who reject Jesus and embrace Islam. There is ONE great scene in the Star Wars saga, and that is the scene where Anakin kills all the sand people. We must do the same thing, and wipe out the Islamic scourge on this planet. After all, they brought down the World Trade Center, and we must now destroy all of them. ~Jim

real life terrorists, or star wars costumes? Either way, they must die.