Valentine’s Day is for Sinners

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is a bastardized Papist holiday filled with capitalism, idolatry, adultery, and sin? Valentine’s Day was a Roman Catholic “feast day” created by the Catholic Church to worship “St.” Valentine. The claim was that “St.” Valentine is in heaven with God, so he can intervene for us. Of course, this is sinful. Only God can tell us who is in heaven and who is in Hell. “St.” Valentine could be in Hell for all we know. Just look at what his feast day has been turned into.

First, Valentine’s Day is a rampant celebration of capitalism. On Valentine’s Day, men are expected to buy many diamonds and chocolates and cards and stuffed animals for their significant others. Their girlfriends or wives are, in turn, expected to provide sexual services in return for these gifts. This is nothing more than a modern form of prostitution. Let us look at the Valentine’s Day items marketed for men and women:

whores of Babylon, where this for your husband, and go straight to Hell.

Ignore the starving, the needy, and the homeless around you! Buy this necklace for your girlfriend instead! It’s what Satan would do.

Want to commit adultery with your boyfriend and be cast into the pit? Wear this!

who cares about love when you can have a heart shaped box of chocolates? Reject Jesus, eat your chocolate, and go to Hell!

this whore of Babylon wants to seduce you for Satan. Don’t be her next victim!

As you have seen, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with sexuality, adultery, capitalism, and sin. On a day that purports to celebrate love, it instead celebrates capitalism and fornication. Valentine’s Day “love” consists of paying money and indulging in sinful sexual acts of fornication and depravity. Reject Valentine’s Day and focus on true love. What is true love?

True love is the love that Jesus the Christ showed for each and every one of us when He died on the Cross so that our sins might be forgiven. Jesus was crucified so that we might enter His Kingdom, so that we might be able to enter heaven. However, we must reject sin. We must reject fornication. We must reject the things of this world and prepare ourselves for the world to come. We must be born again in Christ.

This is true love. Jesus endured this for your sake and mine.

Let us reject Valentine’s Day! Let us cleanse our culture of its sin-filled smut! Let us take back the world for Jesus. Let us take back our calendar for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

We support Rick Santorum for president in 2016!