Valentine’s Day is for Sinners

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is a bastardized Papist holiday filled with capitalism, idolatry, adultery, and sin? Valentine’s Day was a Roman Catholic “feast day” created by the Catholic Church to worship “St.” Valentine. The claim was that “St.” Valentine is in heaven with God, so he can intervene for us. Of course, this is sinful. Only God can tell us who is in heaven and who is in Hell. “St.” Valentine could be in Hell for all we know. Just look at what his feast day has been turned into.

First, Valentine’s Day is a rampant celebration of capitalism. On Valentine’s Day, men are expected to buy many diamonds and chocolates and cards and stuffed animals for their significant others. Their girlfriends or wives are, in turn, expected to provide sexual services in return for these gifts. This is nothing more than a modern form of prostitution. Let us look at the Valentine’s Day items marketed for men and women:

whores of Babylon, where this for your husband, and go straight to Hell.

Ignore the starving, the needy, and the homeless around you! Buy this necklace for your girlfriend instead! It’s what Satan would do.

Want to commit adultery with your boyfriend and be cast into the pit? Wear this!

who cares about love when you can have a heart shaped box of chocolates? Reject Jesus, eat your chocolate, and go to Hell!

this whore of Babylon wants to seduce you for Satan. Don’t be her next victim!

As you have seen, Valentine’s Day is a day filled with sexuality, adultery, capitalism, and sin. On a day that purports to celebrate love, it instead celebrates capitalism and fornication. Valentine’s Day “love” consists of paying money and indulging in sinful sexual acts of fornication and depravity. Reject Valentine’s Day and focus on true love. What is true love?

True love is the love that Jesus the Christ showed for each and every one of us when He died on the Cross so that our sins might be forgiven. Jesus was crucified so that we might enter His Kingdom, so that we might be able to enter heaven. However, we must reject sin. We must reject fornication. We must reject the things of this world and prepare ourselves for the world to come. We must be born again in Christ.

This is true love. Jesus endured this for your sake and mine.

Let us reject Valentine’s Day! Let us cleanse our culture of its sin-filled smut! Let us take back the world for Jesus. Let us take back our calendar for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

We support Rick Santorum for president in 2016!

“Safe” sex and Sodomy

Greetings True Christians!

did this photograph give you an erection? That erection came straight from Satan.

Today I want to talk to you about one of the greatest evils in society, the evil of American sexuality. Many of our young Christian boys and girls are going into high school and watching movies which portray sexual acts outside of marriage as acceptable. Our children engage in blowjobs, oral sex, kissing, masturbation, mutual maturbation, sex, anal sex, lapdances, blumpkins, and many other ungodly acts outside of marriage. Why is this happening? Because the Anti-Christ has taken a hold on our society and is trying to destroy our children through sex. This is ungodly and will lead our society straight to Hell.

Society now even tolerates homosexuals among us! Our American nation is now allowing homosexuals to actually marry, even in states like California that were once led by True Christian governors like Ronald Reagan. God hates homosexuality, and so did Ronald Reagan. Yet our American society is now filled with homosexuals kissing, making out, giving oral, and engaging in numerous other acts. They have even begin to mock Jesus, portraying Him as a homosexual engaged in ungodly acts with Freddy Mercury, the poster child of sodomy, who often bought children to Amsterdam to fulfill his evil sexual fantasies.

please excuse the language in this image. The only thing damned by God in this case is the heathen that created it!

But alas, I digress. There is simply too much evil in society to focus on in ONE blog post. I’ll restrict myself to the myth of safe sex. Do you know what the REAL safe sex is? Abstinence. God told us that sex outside of marriage is adultery, and is in outright defiance of God’s Sacred Law, the Ten Commandments. Rather than embracing Jesus the Christ, our boys and girls are fantasizing about whores of Babylon and engaging in satanic orgiasmic activities in the bedroom. This is sinful stuff!

is your son or daughter masturbating to this whore of Babylon as you read this post?

“Safe” sex is an abomination. There is no such thing as “safe” sex, but rather irresponsible, sinful sex. Any sex outside of marriage will lead you straight to hell, and yet our children are purchasing condoms, diaphragms, the “pill”, and even surgeries which prevent them from having children! Even worse, they are having abortions! Basically, we are allowing our sons and daughters to have sex like rabbits and listen to rock and roll music and do drugs and engage in orgies and homosexual sodomy fests, then kill the children that they conceive! According to our society, it’s apparently ok to have sex any time we want, and if a pregnancy occurs, rather than responsibly accept the pregnancy and raise the child, we kill the fetus. Abortion is murder, and any woman that commits an abortion will burn in Hell for all eternity. Even if she was raped. Even if she can’t afford a baby. If she can’t afford the kid and was raped, then give the child up for adoption. If she wasn’t raped, it’s her own fault for being an unchaste whore of Babylon. The baby should not die in that case, but rather she should. A baby conceived after a rape is a gift from God, and a silver lining to a terrible act. We must not destroy this gift with an abortion!

the only thing Satan loves more than Sodomy is Darwinism!

Why are our children engaging in sodomy and safe sex? Because of the doctrine of Darwinism. They were taught in our schools that they came from animals, so now they believe that it is ok to act like animals. They disregard the commandments. They would rather put their genitals into a prostitute than put their hearts into prayer. They would rather have sex and commit sodomy than be saved. They are embracing the evils of this world at the cost of their place in the next. Because our children are starting to accept Darwinism, they are rejecting God and having orgies, having satanic sex parties, killing babies and chopping up fetuses. Our children believe it is ok to be irresponsible as long as something feels good! This will lead them straight to Hell.

One whore of Babylon punishing another for being unchaste. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Please, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, join me in prayer this Thanksgiving night. Dear Lord Jesus, we humbly kneel before You and beg for Your forgiveness and guidance. In a society tainted by sin, we want nothing more than to bask in Your glory and feel Your mercy upon our chests, hearts, and faces. We love You Jesus, and we ask that You smite the heathens and unbelievers, and punish the unchaste. We ask that You continue to punish homosexuals with AIDS and whores of Babylon with syphilis and HIV. This we ask in the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and is the source of our salvation. Amen.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

liberated women are Satan’s favorite toys!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to talk to you about one of the true evils of American society. Cleavage. Did you know that today’s American women show more cleavage than any other generation of American women? This is a true, but sad, sad story. In the 1950s, women stayed at home in the kitchen, in proper attire (with all female parts fully covered). In the 1960s, women (especially hippies) were running about almost naked in the streets. Today it’s even worse! We have women like Shakira, the whore of Columbia, belly-dancing and bouncing around like a cheap Babylonian prostitute on our stages and on our televisions. Do we really want our children to be exposed to such sinfulness and lustful behavior?

Shakira, the whore of Columbia

I think not! What is the cause of all this hedonistic, heathenistic, sexual liberalism? The answer is quite obvious. The answer is Darwinism. It wasn’t until the late 1950s, after the Soviets launched Sputnik, that Darwinism became incorporated into the American science classroom. Before Sputnik, anti-evolution legislation protected our children from the Darwinian fairy tale, and our children, by and large, became respectful and nondysfunctional members of American society. After Sputnik, once our children became exposed to Darwinism, our children became disrespectful, lustful rock and roll fans that engage in orgies, drugs, and devil worship. The reason for this is totally and completely obvious. Today we are teaching our children that they came from monkeys, so of course they will believe that they came from monkeys! A recent rap song says that “you and me baby we ain’t nothing but animals so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery channel.” This is what Darwinism teaches our children. Darwinism causes our children to become atheists. No Jesus, no life after death. Know Jesus? Know eternal life. The souls of our children is what is at stake here. Nothing less.

Women, please keep your breasts put away. They are meant to be viewed only by your husband and by your young children. Breasts are God’s milk factories, and were designed by God to be the perfect receptacles for the milk we all need as infants. The breast is a wonderful, beautiful thing when properly covered and when used to nourish a child. The breast is a sinful, horrible thing when flitted about in public like some cheap piece of meat. Women, if you show cleavage, you are no better than a pet of Satan. It is a known and proven fact that bare breasts in public inspires sexual fantasies and masturbation among males. Women that show breasts in public are as evil as Eve. By showing cleavage, women are once again tempting men to embrace the forbidden fruit. Eve tempted Adam with the apple. Today’s women tempt men with unchaste clothing.

this woman’s unchaste display of her breasts will lead her straight to Hell.

And ladies (I use this term rather loosely here), if you are going to carry yourself in public in a half-naked state, you are practically inviting rape. Satan’s influence on society is strong, and the devil constantly seeks to tempt men (and women) into sinful, lustful, hurtful acts meant to destroy all that is holy. How does this involve rape? Because the human body is a temple created by God. We were created in God’s image. To bandy about your sexuality like a prostitute at market is an affront to God. We all know that the proper role of a woman is to be a submissive, obedient partner to her husband. Non-discreet dressing styles such as low-cut shirts and short skirts do nothing to instill a sense of obedience and respect in today’s women. Instead, today’s women are encouraged to take sexuality into their own hands. In fact, there is even a pill that allows women to not produce egg cells, therefore nullifying the risk of pregnancy! What horror! How arrogant are we to believe that we can take the act of creation, gifted to us by God, and pervert it by trying to control it ourselves? If you take the “pill”, you will be condemned to hell most likely. Do you really want to trade a couple of orgasms for an eternity in hell? If yes, then you deserve every second of torment and torture you receive in the lake of fire, because that is a foolish, stupid choice.

Rosie the Riveter. Agent of Satan.

Liberated women are an affront to God. Women were created by God from the rib of Adam to be subservient to mankind. The feminist movement is therefore an inherently sinful movement. Women, get back to the home and to the kitchen. If women weren’t taking men’s jobs in the workplace, then there wouldn’t be an unemployment crisis! If women were at home raising children like they should be, then the evilutionist heathen atheists would never gain a stronghold in the hearts of our children. Yes, the evilutionists might have infiltrated our schools, our universities, and the Catholic Church, but good Christian parenting can easily combat the work of these heathen scum. My advice to the women of the world? Put on a dress of a decent length, get back in the kitchen, cover your body, and obey your husbands. It is time to take back society for Jesus. It is time to take back our culture and our kitchens for Christ.

this woman is in her proper place.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Repent Craigslist

Dear Christian brothers and sisters,

Did you know that Craigslist has a section where you can set up “casual encounters”, also known as “hook ups” or “booty calls”, or “adultery”?  Dear friends, we must fight this evil system. it is far too easy for our children to fall into sin if they can hook up through craigslist. Most of the people on it are probably pedophiles and rapists anyway! Let us reject the evils of Craigslist, and pray that they will be stopped.

Yours in Christ,