Mohammad’s Birthday….in HELL

this heathen is barbecuing in Hell as we speak!

Greetings True Christians!

January 3rd this year marks the heathen Islamic celebration of the false “prophet” Muhammad’s birthday. This year, just like every year since his death, Muhammad will be celebrating it in the fires of hell. Why? Because Mohammad was a false prophet deceived by demons into doing the work of the devil and has led many people away from the True God and into the hands of Satan! He is the creator of a false religion that strives to kill the Christian and remove Christ from our classrooms and our hearts. Even today, members of ISIS are killing and crucifying Christians in the Middle East, because their false prophet Mohammad told them that was the thing to do. Let us take a look at the evils of Mohammad and his false religion before we go on:

Muslims on parade!

what Muslims do for fun!

This man is about to marry this young girl, just like Mohammad!

This Muslim is molesting a little boy, just like Mohammad!

Did you know that Mohammad supported the molestation of both male and female children? He believed that it was ok for a man to have as many concubines as they wanted to as long as they were under sixteen years of age. Boys could only be molested until the age of 14.  In fact, Muslims believe that if they kill themselves and kill a sufficient number of Christians in the process, they will receive both male and female virgin sexual slaves in their “paradise.” Truth is, if they do acts like these, they will go to Hell!

Did you know that Osama bin Laden is Mohammad’s most famous follower? That’s right boys and girls, the world’s biggest terrorist,  bin Laden, is Muslim! So was Saddam Hussein. So is Barack Hussein Obama! So is every member of the Taliban! Muslim leaders are ungodly leaders that can only lead their subjects to Hell. And God hates them all! Any religion that supports homosexuality and spawns murderers should be wiped from the face of the planet. Who is responsible for the evils of Islam? The answer is simple. Mohammed the deceiver, who was led by demons and the devil, is responsible! He is barbecuing in Hell, where Satan and the demons are torturing him endlessly as we speak!

how Mohammad celebrates his birthday now!

This is what Mohammad wants for your soul and for the souls of all!

God hates Mohammad and all of his heathen followers! Let us celebrate Mohammad’s birthday by leading the ungodly heathen Muslim hordes to Jesus and turning them away from the false prophet of Satan! Let us feed them pork chops and bacon and remind them of those wonderful words of Jesus that teach us that nothing that a man eats can make him unclean, but rather that the only source of uncleanliness is that which comes from inside a man. It is what is in our hearts that makes us unclean, not what we eat. What is in a Muslim’s heart? Let me show you:

Muslims often fantasize about crashing airplanes into buildings.

Muslims love to blow themselves up!

Muslims worship bin Laden too!

Are you a Muslim? Are you a Muslim sympathizer? Reject the religion of Satan in honor of Mohammad’s birthday! God detests Mohammad and you should too! the Koran is a false book inspired by demons and should be destroyed. All Muslims should be converted, imprisoned, or at the very least watched very closely, because a free Muslim is a Muslim who might blow themself up to kill a Christian. Why? Because Muslims hate Christians and all that comes from Christ. This is because they know in their hearts that Christians are going to heaven and Muslims are destined to burn in Hell.

Islam is the religion of death. Islam is a false ungodly religion that seeks only to kill and to terrorize. Islam was inspired by the devil, for the devil, to lead people away from Christ and into Satan’s grasp. A devout Muslim is a dangerous Muslim. If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened to this wonderful nation on September 11th. Let us pray that God leads the Muslims away from their camels and to Christ!  Tell these people to stop fingering children and to start fingering a Bible.

this is where bin Laden will be tortured forever!

Heaven is a lot like a fancy country club, unsaved unwelcome! The Muslims are all unsaved because they reject the divinity of Christ! They are unwelcome in heaven just like the atheists, agnostics, post-Jesus Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Shintoists, pagans, Darwinists, and other heathens are unwelcome in Hell. Let us spread the Kingdom for Jesus! Let us baptize the world for Christ!

Shame on all of those who reject Jesus for Mohammad! Reject your evil ways or you will surely burn in Hell! Turn or burn, Muslims, turn or burn. Reject Mohammad on his evil birthday! Repent and choose Jesus instead! I’ll be praying for you.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum is not a Muslim sympathizer! Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

join us in the war on Islam!

Greetings True Christians!
Today I’d like to talk to you about the evils of Islam. The Muslim faith is an evil, evil, evil faith responsible for such atrocities as the September 11th Terrorist attacks, Al Qaeda, fatwahs against Christian leaders, the stoning and be-heading of good Americans, blasphemy, heathenism, the collecting of many wives, and the Taliban. The Muslims brought us such great world figures as Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and that idiot Ahmadenijad, and are currently fighting against Christian interests in Israel and the Middle East. We must wipe the false Islamic faith away from the face of the Earth. We must take back the planet for Christ.

Are all Muslims heathens? YES! The Islamic church teaches many false things. For example, Muslims believe that Christ was a “good man”, but not the Son of God. This is false blasphemy, and Muslims should be punished for spreading this lie. The Muslim heathens also call God by the wrong name, “Allah”. Muslims also treat their false “prophet” Mohammed as some kind of God, since they fight against the production of images of Mohammed. Here’s a picture of Mohammed, just to make them angry:

this is the face of a terrorist, not a prophet. Mohammed is one of the princes of hell!

What is the best way to deal with a Muslim? We must bring them to Christ. All Muslims are terrorists. Hasn’t anybody noticed how willing Muslims are to blow themselves up to kill innocent American soldiers and civilians? This is a dangerous, dangerous belief system, one which is fueled by hatred, lies, and Satan. We must either convince Muslims to accept Christ or we must destroy them. Much like a dog that bites all those people around it, the Muslim must either be rehabilitated or put down. We must expand this American “War on Terror” into what it has the potential to be, a “War on Islam”. No matter how many terrorists we kill, as long as there are still Muslims, the sand people will be training more terrorists. It’s as simple as that.

Be an American. Reject Islam. How can you help? I don’t believe that our readers should engage in acts of violence against Muslims. Christ would not want us to do that. However, we can send them Bibles and Christian literature. We can direct them to True Christian websites such as this one. We can shun them when they fail to accept Christ. We can bring them to the light of Christ. We can trust our American government to declare war on the Muslims as well, if enough of us write our congressmen and congresswomen. Join with me today. Ask your local congressional representative to support a declaration of war against the heathen Islamic nations of the world.

Why should we declare war on Islam? Because Christ can’t return until the Temple is rebuilt. What stands on the site of the Temple right now? The Islamic Dome of the Rock. The Dome must be destroyed before the Temple can be rebuilt. Once the Temple is rebuilt, Jesus will return. Therefore, it is essential that we get rid of the Dome of the Rock. How do we get rid of it? Through an act of war. Join with me, Christians of the world, and ask your government leaders to support the destruction of the Islamic faith. Jesus would be proud of all of you.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.