Star Trek is for sinners!

Dear Heathens,

Do you enjoy indulging in a sinful series, Star Trek, that is chock-full of Anti-Christian themes from the Devil? The show came from the mind of a perverted atheist who we know is burning in Hell, and it has also spawned a bunch of films from godless Hollywood, which were given two thumbs up for Satan by Siskel and Ebert and other film critics that were screenwriters for the porn industry! In addition, the marketing of Star Trek through the secular media was also used to make the worship of the occultism popular in America! Targeted to our children and the public, Star Trek is riddled with ungodly themes, and it time for us Christians to stand up against the evils in our media and take it back for Christ. Just as the Word of God commands us:

But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good; abstain from every form of evil. –1 Thessalonians 5:21-22

The show is full of New Age godless themes such as telepathic communication, psychic phenomena, atheism, prostitution, feminism, paganism, homosexuality, telekinesis, witchcraft, mind transference, wiccanism, and many occult themes.

But did you also know that Star Trek is a mockery of The One and True Creator, God, by having false gods that are always mentioned and worshiped? An alien race known as the Vulcans rampantly worship a false god while holding pagan rituals, based on Greek mythology, at some location called “shak key ree”, and their beliefs are a mockery to the Creation in the Book of Genesis because their false god is believed to have created everything! Also don’t forget that the Vulcans use telepathy, mind reading, fortune telling with crystal balls, and other forms of witchcraft. An evil sorcerer by the name of “Q” calls himself a god, and he is worshiped on-board the Enterprise by Captain Picard and the other crew members in order to gain special powers. Other races of aliens worship many false gods and never is there any mention of our One and True Creator. This is clearly an offense to Truthful Christians and our Heavenly Father. Just as Moses informed the public about the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not have any other gods before me. Truly there is no way Star Trek could have been made by people who call themselves Christians, and the show is clearly an offense to God.


Spock’s hand signal refers to his paganism religion he worships.

Bill Nye, an agent of spreading the lies of evolution to the public, is also a follower of the Star Trek cult.

Bill Nye, an agent of spreading the lies of evolution to the public, is also a follower of the Star Trek cult.

Did you know Star Trek is full of sexual immorality? That’s right. There are many images of female crew-members scantily dressed in prostitute clothing, and it looks like  Gene Roddenberry loved smutty stuff. Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner, has an obsession for Orion Slave girls and other space whores of Babylon who work for con-men and space pimps. (By the way, Shatner today supports sinful adultery and other smut by working for Price Line Negotiator and advertising cheap hotel rooms for fornication to happen. He is probably making lots of money so he can buy and build new strip bars.) In one show we see a female disobeying authority and falling in love for a criminal by the name of Khan. In addition, Counselor Dianna Troy, exposes lots of cleavage and the perverted directors use close-up camera views that force us to see these weapons of mass lust.

An example of lust forced onto the viewers.

An example of lust forced onto the viewers.

We see other hints of sexual immorality as men choose to become crossdressers. Look below:

What does the Bible say about this? Deuteronomy 22:5A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”

Homosexuality is also rampant in the series. A cult of males, known as The Borg, is a reference to the alliance of homosexual men who were in defiance to God during the times of Saddam and Gomorrah.  Apparently Patrick Stewart’s character who loves to cross-dress joins this unholy cult for reasons that are obvious, since he is known to be friends with Ian McClellan who is known for committing acts of homosexuality. Actor George Takei is also known for committing homosexual acts and it is said his performance in Star Trek was used to further the Gay Agenda in America.


The characters in Star Trek also worship science, but not the science that was given to us by God; only the evil and ungodly science that comes from the minds of sinner scientists, who rejected God, like Charles Darwin, Richard Dawkins, Stephen Hawking, and Von Dannekin. Star Trek has lots darwinistic propaganda based off the views from Von Dannekin, who has written many books saying that God and humans came from space aliens! Obviously Danneken’s work, Chariots of The Gods, was possible in making this godless filth  happen on the media. We also know that aliens are unbiblical and demonic constructs from the Devil, and that The Book of Genesis refutes aliens because they are never mentioned. But also don’t forget that it was evolution that Hitler, Mandela, and Marx used for their communistic propaganda!

As creation scientist Ken Ham puts it: “Understanding the Gospel that God’s son became a man, became a descendent of Adam, became the God-man (and) remains the God-man – our savior – and that only humans can be saved, so obviously Jesus didn’t become a God-Klingon, he became a God-man.” Ken Ham also rightfully argues that these demonic constructs should be condemned to Hell because they are unbiblical.

Now look at these abominations Gene Roddenberry made so that he could make us believe in evolution:


A violent race called the Kardashians.


These aliens are a mockery of the Jews, God’s chosen people.



Another half human, half alien abomination used to make us believe in evolution?

Another half human, half alien, half elephent abomination used to make us believe in evolution?

Is this the reference to Whore of Babylon?

Is this the reference to Whore of Babylon?

Man also pretends to be God by creating un-human objects. Take for example a cyborg named Data that likes to sexually fondle cats with a black man who wears a funny visor, and a hologram that acts as a real doctor. While the creations have human personality, they are in fact a representation of demonic possession of the non-living, just like the toys from Toy Story. It is also clear that the hologram in Startrek Voyager is an insult to the miracles Jesus performed when healing the sick!


The hologram brought to “life” by man to perform miracles is an insult to what Jesus did to heal the sick. It also represents demonic possession of the non-living.

As the website Answers In Genesis puts it, “….science fiction is firmly rooted in Darwinism and presents a distorted view of reality.


Overall, Star Trek is an unholy abomination full of sinful and Anti-Christian themes coming from smutty Hollywood and the heathens who made gay marriages and the teaching of evolution in the schools possible. We see woman such as Captain Jane being first in command, which is reserved only for men, and is unbiblical since God created Adam first. Signs of witchcraft and pagan worshiping is glorified, and we know that people doing this stuff back in biblical times would be stoned to death, but tolerant Christians today would not let this happen by preaching the word of God!  Many times has this fictional fantasy offended God by taking his name in vain without being used for prayer and we Christians are also offended by seeing the worship of false gods. Star Trek is why we hear of bullying of Christian kids in the schools, rape, the Comic-Con, teaching and believing in evolution, children bringing pornography in the churches, Christian Rights being taken away in America, racism, and other problems relished by Satan and the secular media. Star Trek is a representation of the Walls of Jericho that must be taken down immediately. All Christians unite and take a stand for good and fight the evils spawned by Satan and his delusional “science” known as “Darwinism.” Let’s chop down the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits and BURN it to the ground.

At least Gene Roddenberry got one thing right in Star Trek. He depicted the muslims as they truly are.
Now those barbarians certainly look like terrorists that would make 9/11 possible if I never saw a terrorist.

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

STEVEN SPIELBERG REPENT! He is at it again with Jurassic Park!

Once again, the perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg has decided to declare war on Christianity with his sinful film “Jurassic Park.” The film is an unholy abomination from Spielberg that is used to target innocent children who attend Sunday School at Church and to force them into believing evolution. As Christians, We must stand up against these evils from Hollywood and the Secular Media. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Hollywood has given us movies that are full of anti-christian themes, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tron, Toy Story, lots of porn films, Star Wars, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight, The Hobbit, and Jurassic Park. Spielberg has decided to re-release the film in theaters so that he can use the money from ticket sales to do other sinful projects.


The film preaches evolution and wants us to reject God. Don’t believe me? Look at the scientist character in the movie. The scientist played by Sam Neil is based off of Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin. We know how Darwin and Dawkins have worked on agendas to attack Christianity. The film is also an offense to God as we see Samuel Jackson’s character calling God’s name and ending with the curse word “Damn.” Another offense to God is the atheistic character, acted by Jeff Goldblum, who says you can destroy God and create dinosaurs for your sinful purposes. It is also offensive to God as we see creationism not given any fair mention in the movie. Other forms of sin in Jurassic Park are stealing, homosexuality, lies and deceit, and adultery in the film. The film score was also composed by a composer that had ties with the German Nazi composer Richard Wagner. Let’s also not forget the themes of evolution in the film were useful in inspiring Hitler, Marx, Stalin, and Mao for communist purposes.

Please check a Christian review of the film from here

We also did review of the film here:

As Christians, we must stop Spielberg and Satan from having their way by re-releasing the film in theaters. We have seen rises in pornography, the teaching of evolution in public schools, atheism, teenage sexuality, racism, pornography in the churches, rape, and other sins as a result of the film being released. We must get together and pray, and we can also write letters of concern to Hollywood. The film preaches evilution, and evilution assumes you can do whatever unmoral actions you prefer while thinking that there isn’t the One and True Creator. Let’s take a stand for Christ! It is time to cut down the tree of evil that Satan has planted!

Martin Baker

Evolution is just another dumb religion!

Dear fellow Christians in Christ,

Why should we believe in evolution when we are told constantly that it is just a theory? We know that Charles Darwin gave up on evolution, which we know is only a theory, and accepted Jesus on his deathbed, but we still have people today that teach this theory in the public and use it to indoctrinate the public schools and universities. That is to say that evolution has a cult following because there are scientists that act as prophets to spread the message, and that there is a large following of people that want the word to be spread. The large following ranges from rebellious high school kids to college students and confused Christians. As truthful Christians, we should not let this go unchallenged. We must take a stand for Christ because he decided to take a stand for us on the cross.

Just as many false religions such as Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Mormonism, and many others have their own texts, evolution also has many texts that come in the form of science books and magazine articles in order for it to be religiously spread to the public. The books are often distributed just like bibles. Evolution also has many messengers that are responsible for preaching the message to the public in order to brainwash the public. Godless scientists such as Atheist Richard Dawkins, Carl Sagan, Lawrence Krauss, PZ Meyers, Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Francis Collins have preached evolution throughout the secular media and have sold books to make sure that their dogma is spread so that many people can reject God.

Here are some of the godless works of the heathen scientists that Christians should watch out for:

Now let’s look further into evolution. Evolution has made weird claims that everything in the universe came out of nothing without a creator, that we evolved from monkeys despite the fact that there are still monkeys existing, and that all life came from some sludge on the surface of a pond. I have observed pond scum and haven’t seen it change into a frog or any other animal, and I know this is impossible because the Six Day Creation account from the Book of Genesis tells me so, and I have noticed how a pocket watch cannot spontaneously form by itself without a creator. We have never seen planets forming from dust in space, we know that the Piltdown Man and the Cardiff Giant were just fabricated hoaxes for the human evolution myth, and that it is impossible for chimpanzees to give birth to human beings. If the universe formed after some “Big Bang” explosion, then how come we have perfectly round planets in space? You can’t see something perfectly round like a basketball or a bowling ball form after a piece of dynamite blows up a slab of rubbish. It’s just smaller broken pieces that can’t assemble into round objects. Overall, these claims require faith since their is no evidence to back these silly claims.

Physicist Lawrence Krauss claims that you can get a universe out of nothing without a creator. He also preaches his personal beliefs and faith to the atheistic crowd. Really? Was he ever there to prove it? Of course not! Read the book of Genesis.

Richard Dawkins, who is the Jerry Springer of atheism, claims you can still believe in evolution and be a Christian! However, from his book “The Blind Watchmaker”, 1986, he says that “Darwin made it possible to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist.” Richard Dawkins has also done many campaigns across America to spread atheism with Darwinism. He spoke to over 20,000 evolutionists at The Reason Rally in Washington D.C., which were in fact just atheists that were newly converted after reading fraudulent material that isn’t approved by true scientists of Answers in Genesis. Other evolutionist scientists that claim to be Christian, such as Francis Collins and Kenneth Miller, are likely to be closeted atheists that are spreading the Darwinian agenda.

There are many gaps in evolution. Evolutionist Niles Eldridge says in his book, “The Monkey Business: An Evolutionist looks at Creationism,” 1982, “There are all sorts of gaps: absence of gradationally intermediate ‘transitional’ forms between species, but also between larger groups – between, say, families of carnivores, or the orders of mammals. In fact, the higher up the Linnaean hierarchy you look, the fewer transitional forms there seem to be.” Douglas Futuyama says that “Undeniably, the fossil record has provided disappointingly few gradual series. The origins of many groups are still not documented at all” from his book “Science on Trial: The Case for Evolution, 1983.” J. Cracaft  says in “Systematics, Comparative Biology, and the Case Against Creationism,” 1983, “It should come as no surprise that it would be extremely difficult to find a specific fossil species that is both intermediate in morphology between two other taxa and is also in the appropriate stratigraphic position.” The fossil record that the evolutionists use for evolution is full of gaps, and the Creation scientist Duane Gish has told us many times that the fossils just say NO to evolution. But how do the evilutionists try to fix this problem? They hire artists to make illustrations of creatures that never existed! Look at these illustrations made below:

Overall, evolution is a faith based initiative and just another religion that has caused so many problems throughout history. From Hitler’s founding of the Nazi Party to pornography, teenage sexuality, homosexuality, doubting the One and True Creator, atheism, the rise of the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union, the election of Obama and Jimmy Carter as presidents, hate, drug usage, racism, and the other bad fruits from the Tree of Evolution, we must take action to fight Satan and chop down the tree.

Jesus has always instructed us that trees which produce bad fruit must be chopped down and cast into the fire. Evolution assumes that you can use absurd faith to believe that everything is changing when we know it is scientifically impossible. The claims made by the evolutionists compare to the Mormons believing that God lives somewhere on a remote planet in space, and so on. You can get the picture of how ridiculous evolution is. The faith in evolution has never produced any miracles that Christianity has produced. We know Christianity is real since the image of Jesus has appeared in random places, that there is the Shroud of Turin that proves he died on the cross for us, that Darwin converted to Christianity, that evolution has never been proven, and that Christianity has more followers and is still rising compared to other religions. The only example of evolution we have ever seen was from the Japanese cartoon Pokemon, which is demonic and ungodly. It’s no wonder that Ray Comfort thinks that all the atheists are just bananas!

Your fellows in Christ,

Martin and Jim

Touched by Jesus

Greetings true friends in Christ.

Tonight I want to ask all of you a very important question.  Have you been touched by Christ? Do you pretend to believe in Jesus only on Sundays, or do you really know Him, and live with Him in your life every day?  We must stop the Sunday “saved” from believing that JUST because they go to Church on Sunday does not mean they will go to heaven. They must not only claim to believe in Jesus; they must be born again in Him.  Jesus loves us, but He expects us to embrace Him if we are to be saved. Let us be like these little children who had come unto Jesus:

Let us sit before Christ not with pre-conceived notions, but rather, bow before Him as a little child, willing to follow humbly and honestly to where He will lead us.  If we can do this, then we can be saved.  Jesus loves us, each and every one of us.  We need only accept Him.

But society refuses to accept Him.  What do we see in malls around “holidays” every year?  Signs no longer say “Merry Christmas.”  They say “Happy Holidays.”  And we don’t see Nativity scenes in malls anymore.  We see Santa.  This is clearly sinful stuff. Santa in the mall tells the children that they can have whatever they want so their parents go to the stores and buy it for them.  It’s a good system for capitalism, but everyone knows that capitalism itself carries the mark of the beast!

What should we see in the malls if America would like to earn its salvation once again? This:


Look at that happy young child sitting in the lap of Jesus. Look at the eager children waiting in line. Look at the smile on the face of Jesus, gladly waiting for the next child to sit on His holy lap.  Jesus loves the children, and He loves all of us. We must open our hearts to Him and be touched by Him.  Look at this man eagerly awaiting His touch:


Look at the man as he looks up toward Jesus, eagerly awaiting the healing touch of Christ. Christ will save all of us if we just ask Him.  Jesus is our savior, and we must embrace Him.  But what happens if we don’t embrace Him?

If we don’t embrace Jesus and become born again in Him, we go to hell.  Who goes to hell? Heathens, sinners, politicians, liars, communists, and evolutionists.  That’s right folks. Believe in evolution, go straight to hell. Evolution itself sends more people to hell per capita than any other sinful ideology! This is because, as Dr. Kent Hovind tells us in his brilliantly written PhD dissertation, evolution comes from the Devil! That’s right folks. The doctrine of evolution was created by Satan to lead true Christians away from God.  We must reject evilution in all its sinful forms.

Why is evolution responsible for so many sins? Consider the tree of evolution, and remember, a sinful tree can never bear good fruits:


This is the problem boys and girls.  Atheism causes sin. Sin causes a belief in evolution. Evolution causes such sinful actions as socialism, hard rock, inflation, terrorism, sexuality, bdsm, abortion, sex education, homosexuality, and blumpkins. Don’t become a blumpkin eater.  Reject evolution in all its forms.  Join with the scientific creationists as the ax which cuts the tree at its base.  Become a soldier for Christ. Reject the sin of evolution.

How do we know that evolution is sinful ?Just look at the resemblance between Charles Darwin, the father of evolution, and Hell Boy, a modern interpretation of a son of Satan in a movie. The directors wanted their “demon” to look like the devil, so they make him look like Charles Darwin. Coincidence? I think not:


We must reject Darwin’s devilish idea.  We must stop Satan at the door. We must reject evolution, and open our hearts to Christ. But is this possible?




There is plenty of good evidence for Creation.  Let me suggest a few wonderful sources.

First, Answers in Genesis. They have good True Christian articles proving the Truth of God’s Creation.They even have their own peer reviewed journal. So next time somebody tells you that Creationists don’t publish in peer-reviewed journals, you can tell them that this is false.

Second, the Institute for Creationist Research.  They do great Christian research, and even have their own widely accepted Creationist graduate school.

Third, Creation Science Defense .  These people do great Christian work.

There are hundreds of great Creationist scientists and organizations throughout America and the world, and this is just a start.


Let us reject evolution, and embrace the touch of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us reject sin in all its form. Let us take back America for Christ.

Yours truly in Jesus,

Jim Solouki

Save a Soul, Fix a Faggot

Dear Good Christian Friends,

Please help me in my quest to save homosexuals and bring them to Christ. I suggest a new strategy for curing faggots.  It is a simple yet effective approach.  First, we fit all homosexual males in America with chastity belts. We lock said males in these belts to keep them from engaging in sodomy.  Then we take young strong men who are also faggots in chastity belts and parade them in front of these males. They will become sexually aroused, and the chastity belt will cause them pain.  Eventually, from the steady influx of pain from their chastity belts, they will be cured of their homosexuality.  Negative reinforcement at its finest.

If you are interested in helping to fund this Good Christian Plan, or have suggestions to make it more effective, please leave a comment.

Your’s in Christ,