Music that is from Satan!

Darwinist music!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Satan is responsible for many types of modern music? Through the evil ungodly false pseudoscience of evilution, Satan has created rock and roll, jazz, rap, hip hop,  heavy metal, and other forms of ungodly music that are meant to lure our children away from God and into Satan’s arms! Did you know that belief in evolution causes the spread of these ungodly rhythms? How? The answer is simple. If we teach our children that they came from animals, they will act like animals!

The Highway to Hell is paved with Atheists

Did you know that much of rock and roll glorifies Satan and Hell? Homosexual heathen rock and roll band AC/DC, who’s name glorifies homosexual activities, released an album called Highway to Hell. Soon after, their singer, Bonald Scott, choked to death on his own vomit after drinking the devil’s drink, alcohol. Now he’s in Hell forever, and will be joined by the millions of youth that embraced his ungodly music. Don’t be one of the fallen in Hell! Reject AC/DC!

Marlyn Manson, Satan’s singer!

Marlyn Manson is another ungodly servant of Satan! Not only did he have ribs removed so that he could perform ungodly acts of hedonism upon himself, but he also plays ungodly Rock and Roll music and metal. Manson was influenced by Alice Cooper and other ungodly artists like Kiss, and will surely burn in Hell.

Alice Cooper, Satan’s priest!

Speaking of Alice Cooper and Kiss, those heathens are heading straight to Hell. Alice Cooper imitates suicide during every concert, and every True Christian knows that suicide goes against God’s Word. Kiss wears makeup on stage, and everyone knows that dressing as a woman is ungodly. That didn’t stop homosexual heathens Queen though!

men shall not dress as women! This is an abomination!

The members of Queen are all headed straight to Hell. God killed Satan’s singer Freddy Mercury with AIDS, and Freddy is now on fire in Hell with Satan. The other members of Queen will follow soon. David Bowie, Freddy Mercury’s ungodly boyfriend, will also burn in Hell. So will their homosexual lover Elton John. Rock music is filled with homosexuality. In fact, some rock artists are trying to turn themselves into women! Like Boy George!

Boy George, disturbingly Satanic

Boy George wrote heathen songs like karma chamelian, which glorified the ungodly Buddhist idea of karma. He also wrote a song called Do You Really Want to Hurt Me about his homosexual love affair with his drummer. Much like the ungodly Robin Williams, who is also in Hell, Boy George loved dressing up as a woman! God hates all who commit acts of homosexuality, and they will be punished!

George Clinton is from Hell!

God also hates the funk. George Clinton and Bootsy Collins are servants of the devil who will be barbecuing in hell forever! FOREVER! These evil heathens care more about fornication than they care about Jesus! They have made false gods of women and what they heathenistically refer to as “the booty,” and God will send them to Hell for idolatry!

Ray Charles, one of many musicians in Hell

God will also send the blues musicians to Hell. Ray Charles is evil and is in Hell because he rewrote Gospel music and replaced it with sexual lyrics. That spells Hell! In fact, blues musician Robert Johnson sold his soul to Satan to play the blues! All who follow the steps of the Blues will burn forever and forever for all eternity until the end of time in Hell! There will be no quenching their fire and they will be tortured eternally.

Let us reject the ungodly evil music that will lead our children to Hell! God hates Rock,  blues, Jazz, rap, R&B, and the Funk! Darwinism created these evil forms of music, as tools to lead our children to sin. This is another reason we need to reject Darwin Day, which celebrates ungodly heathen music. We must take back our airways for Jesus! We must take back the radios for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim and Martin.