The fossils say no to evolution!

Satan is the author of evilution!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that evolution is a lie created by Satan and given to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to lead us to Hell? That’s right boys and girls! As True Christian scientist Kent Hovind tells us, the damnable doctrine of Darwinism has been with us since Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden. With one bite of the apple, Adam and Eve came to believe that they could progressively evolve to be greater than God, and Satan began to use that belief to shake man’s faith in God.

Kent Hovind knows that Darwinism is a lie!

In the 1800s, Satan created the doctrines of uniformitarianism, gradualism, millions of years, and biological evolution and used them to lead man further away from God and towards evil and sin. Satan used Charles Lyell, James Hutton, and Charles Darwin to shake man’s faith in God with the lies of science. Of course, Charles Darwin, who trained to be a minister, knew that his theory was false. Not only did Darwin say, in the Origin of Species itself, that the eye rendered his theory utterly untenable and stupid, but he also repented on his deathbed! Why? Because Darwin knew he had been doing the work of the Devil and was afraid of hell once he knew that his death was near.

Now let’s take a look at the biggest lie of Darwinism. The fossil record. The Darwinists actually believe that the fossil record supports evolution! That’s just stupid boys and girls. Evolution teaches that death is the cause of development and creation. Things die and those animals that make babies before dying pass on their genes. Evolution is a meaningless tautology! Survival of the fittest means survival of those that survive! That’s just nonsense. But onto the fossils.

Piltdown Man, a Darwinist fake!

The Darwinists lie about the fossils all the time! Look at Piltdown Man and Archaeoraptor! The Darwinists’ two only semi-good “transitional fossils” were both faked. Every other “transitional” fossil only showcases a transition within a kind, rather than between kinds. Everyone knows that microevolution happens. That was a mechanism created by God to allow the Created Kinds on the Ark to repopulate the Earth after Noah’s Flood. Macroevolution, however, is a fairy tale created by Satan and spread by the Darwinists to shake our faith in God. Macroevolution is not real and there is no evidence for it whatsoever!

nothing to see here boys and girls. Archaeopteryx is just a bird!

Archaeopteryx isn’t a missing link! It’s nothing more than a bird! It was a bird and will always be a bird! Just like Ambulocetus isn’t a “whale ancestor”, but rather a creation of God in its own special form. The Darwinists want us to believe that evolution is true, but there are millions of gaps in the fossil record! The Darwinists can’t explain that! Checkmate.

T-Rex ate Coconuts before the fall!

One of the favorite lies created by Darwinists is the claim that T-Rex’s sharp teeth disprove the Creation model. Why? Because according to them, T-Rex just couldn’t have been created to eat plants. But the Bible teaches that all animals were created in Eden, and there was no death before the Fall. How can we account for the sharp teeth of the Tyrannosaurus? They were used for cracking open coconuts, much like the toucan’s bill! Simple as Genesis 1:1! Don’t let the atheists lie to you. Creationism makes sense!

the bone that Jack Horner doesn’t want you to see!

Want to know something else cool about Tyrannosaurus Rex? Their fossils prove that the Earth is very young! Did you know that the Darwinists actually found preserved blood vessels and blood cells in Tyrannosaurus bones? That’s right! Jack Horney of the Museum of the Rockies and Jurassic Park discovered a T-Rex bone with soft tissue! This soft tissue can’t be millions of years old! It’s soft and spongy! It’s only a few thousand of years old at most, and was buried by the flood.

Duane T. Gish, Darwinist Double Agent

Did you know that Duane Gish was a Darwinist double agent working for the Devil? Gish was known for misquoting Darwinists and for quoting Darwinists out of context in his books. The Gish Gallop was a specific secret ploy by the Darwinists. Gish would quote scientists ridiculously out of context, in a manner which would be extremely easy to refute. Once the Darwinists “found” his out of context quotes, they would point their fingers and say “aha! The Creationists are lying for Jesus!” Gish was, in fact, an atheist in his later years blinded by money and Darwinist lies. These lies made people distrusting of Creationists in general, and led to the unlawful imprisonment of Kent Hovind, the removal of Creation Science from the classroom, and the popularity of the ungodly Cosmos series hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Agent of Satan! Duane Gish is being punished in Hell as we speak!

Haeckel’s Drawings were fake!

Want to see more proof that the Darwinists are ungodly? The paleontologists are hosting their annual ungodly get together with the Society for Vertebrate Paleontology in Hitler’s nation of Germany. Germany is where Archaeopteryx was discovered and twisted into a “missing link”. Germany is where Haeckel made his fake embryo drawings highlighted by Jonathan Wells in his wonderful book Icons of Evolution. Germany is where Darwinism was taken to its logical conclusion under Hitler’s Third Reich. Everyone knows it’s a very easy road from Darwin to Hitler.

The Cardiff Giant, a Biblical find!

What is the truth about the fossil record? The truth is, the world is very young, and the fossil record and Bible both prove this. The Cardiff Giant proves that the Nephilim and Giants written about in the Bible actually existed. The Cardiff Giant is one of these giants spoken about in the Bible. The Africans, savage though they may be, often speak of dinosaurs living in their midst. This is proof that they still live! The archaeological record is proof of dinosaurs and man living together, as is the fossil record. See pictures below:

Tah Prohm Temple, a dinosaur in life!

the Ica Stones from Peru!

dinosaur footprint with man footprint!

So how do Creationists account for the diversity of life and necessary post-flood radiation of life? The answer is simple. With Microevolution, or evolution within kinds! God granted all created kinds a plasticity of form. They can all change within kind, but never between kinds. It’s why the Darwinists have never found a crocoduck. The only transitional forms to be found have been evidence of transitions within kinds, never between. Don’t let the evolutionists fool you. There is NO evidence for millions of years of goo-to-zoo-to-you evolution! Darwinism is a lie created by Satan to lead you away from the Truth! Reject it at all costs!

this poverty-stricken child is a victim of Darwinism.

It is time to take back our classrooms for Jesus! Remove the Darwinist plague from the classroom! We must fight Darwinism with all our hearts. If we teach our children that they came from monkeys then they will act like monkeys. And that is why American society has gone straight to Hell. This Darwinist faith is responsible for the collapse of the American economy, the prevalence of abortions and rejected children, and the failure of America’s international image. We must defeat Darwinism and save America for Jesus!

From your friends,
Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Why Muslims are better than atheists!

Dear friends,

Are you tired of the Atheists making claims that they are better than Muslims? Atheists claim that they are morally superior than Muslims, but let’s look at the facts below:

1. Atheists want to force homosexuality and gay marriages, especially in America, but Muslims are doing a good job by preventing it from spreading in Iran and other Muslim countries. After all, Muslims know the importance of family values and they know that homosexuality is wrong and evil. You also never hear Muslim men talking about killing themselves for 72 male virgins.

2. Atheists don’t believe anything! Muslims believe in the false god, Allah, and they also believe in Jesus and that Satan is real. However, they don’t acknowledge that Jesus was actually the son of God, but as a perverted prophet!

3. Muslims are against pornography, strip-bars, and other forms of adultery. They know this is wrong, but atheists say it’s okay to commit these acts of adultery!

4. Atheists believe in evolution and worship Darwin. Muslims are against the teaching of evolution, and they do a good job at preventing others from believing it.

5. Atheists killed way more people than Muslims did! Look at the actions of Stalin, Mao, and Hitler and try telling me that 9/11 killed more people than the atheists!

6. Atheists are trying to destroy marriage by wanting gay marriages to happen, but Muslims don’t want the gays to ruin marriage.

Whatever claims the atheists make about being better than the Muslims, simply do not believe them. Also do not forget that the Muslims, just like the Catholics and the Mormons, are misguided by what they believe in, and they need to be preached about the real word of God. Once the Muslims know the Gospels and the real Jesus, they shall be set free and will live everlasting salvation!

Your friends,
Martin and Jim