Stop Jurassic Park 4 from being made

Dear friends,

Spielberg is working with the secular media once again to declare war on Christians and to promote evolution to brainwash the public, as well as to have evolution taught in the Sunday Schools. As Christians, we must take a stand for Christ and fight the unholy smut that Hollywood likes to throw onto Christians. Read the Christian review on Jurassic Park, and take action now.

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Jurassic Park: The Devil’s vote for evolution!

Jurassic Park is an unholy abomination, from a perverted film making Jew, that is an offense to Truthful Christians and advocates evolution to brainwash the public and kids in the Sunday School classrooms. The film was praised by secular film critics, such as Roger Ebert, who were former screenwriters for the porn industry.


To start off, Steven Spielberg throws in scenes of a female botanist, played by Laura Dern, that exposes lots of cleavage and wears high shorts throughout the entire film. She is a reference to the pornography trash. Sam Neil plays a paleontologist who acts as a disciple of Darwin, tries to convince the audience that the birds magically evolved from dinosaurs, and wants the audience to believe in evolution (So how can a large Brontosaurus that we see many times in the film start flapping its legs and take off in the air?) He also wants us to believe that the frogs turned into dinosaurs since their DNA code was used in creating the dinosaur embryos. Sam Neil’s character is obviously a member of the Neo-Darwinism Cult that wants to challenge and shatter your faith in God’s creation that we see all around us! This is clearly an offense to God and Truthful Christians since nowhere in the Genesis account is evolution mentioned, and saying that you believe in evolution is a blasphemous way of calling our Heavenly father a fool. When we look back in history, we see how evolution was used to inspire Hitler and Marx for their communistic agenda. I must also point out that Sam Neil’s character enjoys groping two young kids in the film, and that is probably what members of the Catholic Church enjoy.

While the film dives into evilution and wants to indoctrinate its viewers into joining Darwin’s cult, the film also mocks the one and True Creator where we see dinosaurs being created from bugs in amber. The people who genetically engineered the dinosaurs play God, and they want you to believe that evolution happened with these dinosaurs in the film. Only God can create living things, not man. This quite an ungodly contradiction in the film.

There were many offenses to God in the film. Samuel Jackson gives offense to God by calling out his name and ending it with the curse word “Damn.” For goodness sakes, “Damn” is not God’s last name! There were other offenses to God by calling out his name in vain when you’re not calling upon him during prayer. It was stated in the Ten Commandments by Moses that you should not call the Lord’s name in vain unless you are in prayer with him. Jeff Goldblum’s atheistic character blasphemously says it’s alright to destroy your Creator in the film and play God by creating dinosaurs for your heathenism purposes. The preaching of evolution multiple times also offends God since he is the one and true Creator, and that evolution has no mention in the bible. We know that evolution is just a fairy tale for adults in the same way that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are fairy tales for children. A computer nerd is rebellious to authority, and he commits a sin by stealing frozen dinosaur embryos. Again, it says in the Ten Commandments that stealing is a sin and that you should not do it! All these cases of sinfulness are what the Devil wants!

There are multiple forms of violence in the film where dinosaurs make threats to people. However, I did enjoy the one scene where the blood sucking lawyer was eaten by the T.rex in the film when he was sitting on the toilet. I imagined him as a member of the Anti Christian Lawyer’s Union receiving punishment from God for denying Christian Rights in America. Truthful Christian Pat Robertson would have agreed with this!

Overall, this is the kind of work that Satan relishes. The film is why we see so many reports of sinfulness, rape, believing in evolution, racism, pedophilia, rise of atheism, Nazism, Sunday School kids bringing pornography magazines to church, and other sins because the film preaches evilution, and evilution wants us to do sinful things as if there is no God watching us! Spielberg, being the greedy secular Jew he is, made billions and billions of dollars from the ticket purchases of the customers so that he could use this money for making deals with Saudi Arabia to purchase foreign oil. Buying a movie ticket to see the film was definitely a ticket to Hell! As Truthful Christians, we need to stand up and fight Hollywood for releasing sinful movies. Hollywood is full of Anti-Christian themes, and we need to take action to make sure that our children do not fall in Satan’s hands. The best way is to join us in prayer so that we can fight Satan! Prayer is the best way to chop down and burn the Tree of Evil that produces these bad fruits. All Christians unite and we will defeat Satan!

Martin Baker