Jurassic World: Satan’s Campaign for Evolution

Jurassic World, the sequel to the unholy abomination known as Jurassic Park, is another snide attempt to spread the teaching of evolution to the public and to brainwash God from the public. Like other godless movies from Hollywood, Jurassic World was praised by the secular critics who are known to condemn Christian movies. This film is just another one of many offenses to God that must be banned and not used to indoctrinate our children into rejecting God and believing in evolution.


Jurassic World wants you to believe dinosaurs turned to birds, but could this T rex fly with those tiny arms or chirp or peck at things?

The film starts out with two young brothers given a vacation by their divorcing parents. We know from the bible that divorce is unbiblical, but that doesn’t matter to the parents as they plan on letting their children venture to an Island that glorifies sinner scientists like Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.

Chris Pratt plays a scientist who is an obvious disciple of Darwin in the movie but also serve as a homosexual lust vector since he wears skin tight clothes worn by gay men. Bryce Dallas plays some lust influencing woman who exposes lots of cleavage and runs in high heels. Obviously Jurassic World is full of sexual immorality that is known to further Satan’s favorite agenda in America: Homosexuality and the spread of gay marriages.

Throughout the film, the scientists play God by creating dinosaurs from fossil bugs trapped in amber. This is simply an ungodly offense in the film. Why? Only God himself has the power to create living things as proven in the Book of Genesis. The film further dives into evolution as the scientists glorify Darwin by creating a dinosaur that is supposed to be a mix of other dinosaurs. Again, this is an ungodly offense as God can only create life and that this ungodly invention was created by the scientists to prove evolution. Did you know evolution was favored by Cultural Marxists like Mao, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Stalin, and other godless communists? This film should have been correctly titled “Evilution.” You can bet that the so called indominus rex will be featured in text books from our public schools to teach evolution to our children.

There are other offenses to God throughout the film. The boys disobey authority from their superiors many times. God’s name is taken in vain multiple times without being called for prayer. Evolution is mentioned many times in the film. Bryce Dallas’ character takes on a role in the film that is supposed to be reserved for superior men. Sexual immorality is evident between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas. Bestiality between a black man and several trained raptors is suggested since the raptor trainer is intimately connected to them. The film also wants the viewers to believe that dinosaurs turned into birds, but how can a T.rex with tiny arms fly? How can a brontosaurus or stegosaurus chirp and fly? Thankfully God’s name was not taken in vain and ended with the curse word “damn” because that is not his last name.

Jurassic World is another unbiblical abomination from Hollywood that makes movies to make fun of Christians. The goal for this film is to indoctrinate its viewers into believing evolution, which is after all a theory, and to make the viewers reject God. Believing in evolution simply means you can do whatever you want as if there is no God. That means committing evil acts like homosexuality, teach evolution, steal, pornography, and other acts of sin. How do I know this to be true? Ever since this movie’s release, more atheistic inspired gun shootings have been happening. Movies like Jurassic World are responsible for the rise of atheism, people believing in evolution, racism, rape, murders, stealing, bullying in the schools, people looking up pornography on church computers, and other sins. Again, building a foundational belief in evilution allows us to do whatever we want as if there is no God watching us. Perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg and other secular jews are responsible for making this godless filth to make lots of money so they can purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. If you purchased a ticket to see this film, then you definitely purchased a ticket to HELL. As Christians, we must take a stand against Satan and his agents. The movies must be taken back for Christ. Let’s unite as Christians and demand that Satan take his presence away from America. AMERICA is a Christian country and Satan is NOT invited to spread his evil.

Martin Baker

Bill O’Reilly, Deceived by the Devil!

Greetings True Christians! Did you know that Fox News star Bill O’Reilley has been deceived by Satan into ending his War on Christmas? That’s right boys and girls! This week, Bill O’Reilly claimed that the “War on Christmas is over.” Why? Because of a pew survey that shows that Americans love Jesus and know the Christmas Story is true. That being said, the atheists have not given up the war. They are still, even today, preparing to celebrate their ungodly celebrations of Newtonmas, mocking the True Christian holiday of Christmas! On December 21st, the pagans get together to celebrate the winter solstice, another ungodly “holiday” created to take away from the glory of Christmas. The War on Christmas has not ended, and will not be over until all the atheists are silenced and America is once again led by Christians and not Muslims and atheists! This is why we need to elect Rick Santorum in 2016!

Rick Santorum won’t back down in the War on Christmas!

Bill O’Reilly needs to repent immediately and recognize the evils of his ways, or he will be sent straight to Hell along with Darwin, Nixon, Feynman, Hitler, Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and all the heathens. The Devil is deluding Bill into believing that the war is over. We have won a battle, but we have not yet won the war. The War on Christmas will not be won until atheism and heathenism is eradicated from America! We must take back the country for Christ! Here is a picture of what Hell will look like when Bill O’Reilly is cast into the pit. Note Pope John Paul II covered in unquenchable fire and Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro engaging in sodomy.

This is what is in store for Bill O'Reilly if he does not repent!

This is what is in store for Bill O’Reilly if he does not repent!

How are the heathens propagating the War on Christmas in America? They are taking “under God” out of our pledge of allegiance and taking “in God we trust” off of our currency! Don’t turn away from the war Bill! Every time the atheists take the ten commandments off of a public building, Satan wins a major victory. Every time someone says Happy Holidays or “happy solstice” instead of Merry Christmas, Satan wins a major victory. The War on Christmas is but one campaign in Satan’s larger campaign to take Christ out of Christmas and out of our world. Don’t leet the devil win. Keep Christ in Christmas, and never give up the fight until we have won! The war on Christmas is not over Bill! Open your eyes!

the Ten Commandments being removed by the forces of Satan

Every single year, around America, children go to the mall to sit on the lap of a fat man posing as “Santa.”  If you change the letters just a little, its easy to see the truth of Santa. Santa is really symbolic of Satan! Don’t bring your child to see Santa on Christmas, take him to worship Christ! We must keep Christ in Christmas!

We should only celebrate Jesus on Christmas!

The only way to win the War on Christmas is to effectively keep Christ in Christmas. Remember, Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. Yet the modern American celebration of Christmas is all about wealth and money. That’s hypocrisy, boys and girls. Jesus wouldn’t want you to look for presents on Christmas, He’d want you to celebrate His birthday and worship the Father!

Rick Santorum will ALWAYS fight for Christmas, unlike the deluded Bill O’Reilly!

Shame on Bill o’Reilly for allowing himself to be deceived by the Devil! The war on Christmas is not over! O’Reilley needs to stop doing the devil’s work or he’ll find himself in Hell with Robin Williams, Mandela, the scientists, the popes, and Darwin! Repent Bill O’Reilly! Consult the True Christian politician Rick Santorum, who knows that the war on Christmas is not over! Santorum for President in 2016! To Hell with Bill O’Reilly! Keep-christ--anim+big And remember to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas! Yours in Christ, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

The Magical Missing Missing Link!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you one of the Darwinists’ biggest secrets. The missing link is missing. In fact, all of their “missing links” are missing! The fossil record is a perfect rebuttal to Devilution because everything shows proof of Creation! The catastrophic preservation of fossils shows proof of Noah’s Flood, and the complete and total lack of transitional fossils, or “fossils ‘between kinds'” in Creationist terminology, utterly decimates the evilutionist worldview inspired by Satan!

Archaeopteryx, just another bird.

The evilutionists want us to believe that Archaeopteryx is a true “Missing Link”, between dinosaurs and birds. Now that’s just stupid boys and girls. Did you know that Archaeopteryx is a bird of the bird kind? Sure, it has teeth, but so do some modern birds like hoatzins. The Archaeopteryx was a bird and will always be a bird. It’s not half dinosaur-half bird, it’s not half bird-half something else. It is 100% bird! Same goes for Hesperornis, Icthyornis, and the Dodo. No change between kinds here, so one “proof of Darwinism” disproven. Checkmate, Darwinists!

Tiktaalik is just another salamander!

Tiktaalik is another favorite “missing link” bandied about by the Darwinists.  Tiktaalik is just another amphibian. Just like Icthyostega, Tiktaalik is 100% amphibian! Nothing to see here. Just another lie created by the Darwinists. They say that Tiktaalik is a missing link, but as a Creation scientist, I know the truth! Tiktaalik Rosea is just another example of the amphibian kind. That’s not a missing link.  Checkmate, Darwinists!

they’re all horses! The little one is just a baby!

Did you know that the horse transitional series is nothing more than a Darwinist fairy tail for grownups? That’s right boys and girls! All of the so-called transitional horses are still 100% horse. That’s not a transitional sequence that proves macroevolution (change between kinds), that’s merely change within a kind, or microevolution, and all Creationists accept change within kinds.  The horse lineage is one of Jonathan Wells’ icons of evolution for good reason. It’s a myth created by the Darwinists and Satan to try to discredit the truth of Creation!

Piltdown man. you can actually SEE where the skull was faked!

the Darwinists drew this ape man missing link…..from a pig tooth! That’s a fairy tale if I’ve ever seen one!

Human ancestors? Now those are all lies made up by the Darwinists! Did you know that Piltdown Man was a hoax created by the evolutionists in a basement to try to prove evolution?  Why? Because they couldn’t find any other missing links to prove their monkey to man myth! Not to be out done, they found a single peccary tooth and fabricated  a whole missing link out of it, and called it Nebraska Man. The evolutionists want you to believe that life came from goo to zoo to you over millions of years by unguided Satanic processes. However, they have absolutely NO evidence for this claim! They have to fake it!

Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort show us what a real transitional form should look like, a crocoduck, a true form between kinds.

Don’t buy into the Darwinist myth of devolution! If Evilution was true, then the Darwinists could show us true transitional forms like the Crocoduck! They can’t because the myth of evolution is a fairy tale created by Satan for grownups. The public schools are teaching your kids the myth of evolution as we speak. Write your local school boards and get evolution out of your classrooms. It is time to take back the schools for Jesus. It’s time to save our Children for Christ!

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Darwinists want to steal your children!

this is where the Darwinists want to lead your children.

Greetings True Christians!

Today I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon the blog of Niles Eldredge, paleontologist and Darwinist on staff at the American Museum of Natural History. Eldredge is one of the co-developers of the Hopeful monster saltation theory with Stephen Jay Gould. This theory suggests that stasis, or no change, is the rule in the fossil record, and new forms appear suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere. Eldredge and Gould suggest that some kind of magical evolutionary pathway must be behind these appearances. True Christians have the true answer. These appearances are consistent with divine intervention in the history of life.

While looking at Eldredge’s ungodly blog, one post stood out to me. Here’s the link. The first part of the post isn’t too ungodly. In fact, it’s basic, typical, evilutionist drivel. The guy talks about going to conferences, worshiping Darwin, and doing ungodly “scientific” things. That’s typical for a blog on Darwin. The second and third parts of the blog post, however, disturb me.

First, Eldredge has a freshman in college, Mike Bartesso, write a post on Darwin that is extremely anti-Christian. Bartesso has been deluded into believing that God and evolution can co-exist, and cites Pope John Paul II (who is burning in Hell as we speak) and the Catholic Church as support for his claims. He then professes the glory of Darwinism and mocks Creation Science. Eldredge, of course, introduces Bartesso’s post with excitement and zeal. What we have here is the Darwinists at work. First, they latch onto your children. Then they nudge them towards the Darwinist atheist faith in science. Finally, they make your children feel welcomed and at home with recognition such as this. As you can see from the link, they are often successful. Mike Bartesso is probably on his way to hell with a solid, unshakeable faith in Darwinism as we speak. And that, my friends, is a sad, sad fact. While Eldredge and the Darwinists will be in hell for deceiving Bartesso, Bartesso will be there through no fault of his own. He has merely been misled by his peers and elders. This is a sad truth that we must face. What are your children learning in college? For the sake of their souls, make sure that it isn’t Darwinism!

Second, Eldredge describes an outright act of necromancy. Eldredge claims that Charles Darwin “emails” him, and posts these emails on his blog. Either the guy is extremely mentally unstable, or he is attempting to channel the spirits of the dead. What does the Bible tell us about necromancy? Let’s take a look at Deuteronomy 18: 9-12:

“When you come into the land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of those nations. There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you.”

The truth is clear. This man is engaging in the devil’s work, and is an abomination to the Lord. He is in dire risk of Hell, and needs to repent, accept Jesus, and be saved.

My friends, we need to keep our children away from the secular Darwinist universities to save their souls. Do not let your children be deluded by Darwin. Do not let your child face the same fate faced by Mike Bartesso. He seemed like a well-meaning, intelligent young man in his “guest blog”, but this young man is going straight to Hell for accepting Darwinism unless he rejects Darwin and embraces Jesus. Right now, unless he has repented, he is acting as an agent of Satan. Let us pray for him and for all of our youth that have been misled by the Darwinists. Let us save the souls of our children. Let us take back our campuses for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

Rick Santorum would never stand by and let our youth be misled by the Darwinists. Let’s elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

Turmoil in the Textbooks

I have a dream that one day our children may one day be free to believe in Christ and the Bible, and not have those beliefs challenged within the classroom!

Greetings Christian brethren!

Did you know that the biology and other science textbooks that your children use in the classroom are an atheistic tool used to indoctrinate them into believing into evolution and an old Earth? In the early 1900s, True Christian school boards in states across America all taught the real science of Creationism instead of that evil fairy tale for grownups, evolution. After the Soviets launched Sputnik, the Atheist Communist Lawyers Union and liberal atheist scientists used that as an excuse to challenge the teaching of Creation Science in schools! Ever since the 1980s, a decade wrought with many ungodly attacks on our culture, Americans rejected Christian science in deference to atheism again, and again, and again. Edwards v. Aguilard, McLean v. Arkansas, Kitzmiller v. Dover. The end result of all these cases was the same. God was taking out of the classroom, and Darwin’s dangerous dogma was put into our children’s textbooks.

evolutionists in the process of making the fake Piltdown man fossil!

Christian scientist Jonathan Wells has done a wonderful job of documenting the myths that our children are taught in science textbooks. In his True Christian book, Icons of Evolution, Wells discusses a list of false icons of evolution that our children are taught as truth in all American high school science textbook. These icons include the Miller-Urey Experiment (which has been proven to be fake), Darwin’s Tree of Life (which is a Darwinian fairy tale imbued with Victorian ideas of “progress”, not science), homology in vertebrate limbs (which is proof of common design, not common descent!), Haeckel’s embryos (which even the Darwinists admit are faked!), Archaeopteryx (which wasn’t a “missing link” at all, but rather a True Bird of the bird kind), Peppered moths (which were glued to trees to supposedly “prove” that evolution is true), Darwin’s finches (which didn’t evolve at all, but rather showed very minor microevolution within a kind, and then stabilized back to their original forms), four winged fruit flies (which prove nothing at all except that a designer messing with DNA can have an effect on the blueprint of life, an obvious proof of God), the tree of horse evolution (which was an obvious fake and misrepresents the fossils), and finally, the purported evolutionary tree for humans (of which, the only evidence that scientists could find for evolution, Piltdown Man, was an obvious hoax, proving that humans obviously didn’t evolve if the evolutionists have to fake the evidence!

All these icons are taught to our children as truth, and used to indoctrinate them into an evolutionary atheistic system of faith and belief. Our schools are using these icons of evolution to teach our children to love Darwin and to reject Jesus. No wonder many students that go to university return home as atheists! The education system, which was developed by atheist heathen John Dewey, strives to challenge the faith of our young people! I believe that our children are best kept from going to college at all, unless the college they attend is a good Christian college! The faith of our children is too precious an asset to sacrifice for so-called education.

our schools and colleges have become a bastion of indoctrination and atheism!

Even worse, my brothers and sisters in Christ, is the fact that your tax dollars are being used to indoctrinate our students! The National Academy of Science claims that evolution is true and Creationism is a myth. This is patently false. Evolution is a fairy tale for grownups created by Satan and taught to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden by the devil in serpent form. Evolution is a tool of the devil. It is a tool that the devil uses to destroy faith in Jesus the Christ, to challenge faith in the Bible, and to imbide our culture with Communism, Atheism, Nazism, homosexuality, heathenism, agnosticism, rock and roll, suicide, school shootings, masturbation, adultery, pornography, and other evils. The senators and representatives that you put into office are allowing this abomination to continue! We must elect new representatives and a Christian president like Rick Santorum the next time we visit the polls and keep evilution out of our classrooms!

Rick Santorum is a True Christian politician that loves life and hates abortion and Satanic ideologies like Darwinism

Did you know that high school and college textbooks are used to indoctrinate our children into the billions of years mythology? Children are taught that the world is “4.6 BILLION years old”, and that the universe came into existence “13 BILLION years ago.” The next time your child is taught that by a teacher in school, have them raise their hand. Have them ask their teacher “were you there?” The teacher, if he or she is not a liar, will of course say no. Then your child should ask “then how do you know the world is that old?” The teacher will likely talk about radioactive dating (which is fake) or some other method. Don’t let your child accept that answer. The correct response to such an approach by the teacher is as follows: “excuse me teacher, but I know somebody that was there when the world was created, and his name is God. In the Bible, He tells us exactly how the world was created, and that account proves that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old.” If your child’s teacher is a True Christian, they will embrace the wisdom of the child’s words. If your child’s teacher is an atheist Darwinist, they will ignore your child’s question and blow it off. These teachers should be removed from the classroom in favor of True Christian teachers.

proof that humans and dinosaurs lived together. Proof that the Bible is true and evolution is a lie.

Less than a quarter of Americans actually believe in atheistic evolution. Yet we are allowing them to control our children’s educational curriculum! That doesn’t seem fair to me, especially in a Democracy! We are paying for the school system, so the schools should teach our children what we believe in. And it doesn’t take a monkey to understand that evolution is such a stupid idea that even a caveman could refute it! Call your school board. Call your representative. Ask them about the icons of evolution. Ask them why they’re using a textbook (if they’re using Kenneth Miller’s book for high school biology) written by an atheist posing as a Catholic. Ask them why they’re teaching our children to be atheists. Ask them if they were there when the world was created. Ask them why it’s so important to take God out of the classroom. Ask them all these questions and more.

Of course, the schools will probably say that the Constitution necessitates a separation of Church and State. This is a lie created by the heathens to try to force God out of our schools. Check out the book Myths of Separation. It turns out that the founding fathers always meant for America to be a Christian nation, so any argument otherwise is an utter and complete lie. If the schools refuse to repent, I suggest homeschooling your children and picketing outside the schools. We must stop teaching our children that they came from monkeys or else they will act like monkeys! We must stop teaching our children that the Bible is false or they will believe that the Bible is false and they will reject Jesus and embrace Satan’s fairy tale of evolution. Two thousand years ago, somebody died on a Cross for our sins. Isn’t it time we took a stand for Him?

man and dinosaurs did not evolve, but were created and lived together in the Garden of Eden. Christ loved all of God’s creation, including the dinosaurs.

It is time to reject Satan’s myth of evolution and cast it out of our textbooks! Remove Darwin’s dangerous dogma from our classrooms and from the minds of our impressionable young students! We should burn all the Darwinist textbooks and barbecue the atheist’s favorite idea. Let us expose evolution for the false science that it is, and let us replace it with the Truth of Creation. Let us pray for our leaders, and if they refuse to stop the teaching of evolution in schools, let us replace them with True Christian leaders that will. God loves us. Isn’t it time we loved Him back? We will end this post with a sample letter for you to use when writing to your school board or representative, and will ask that you will send many of these to all of your representatives. Letter below:

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madame/etc.],

I am one of your constituents, and am extremely concerned with what is being taught to our children in our classrooms. Did you know that American classrooms throughout our True Christian nation are being used to indoctrinate our children into the false doctrine of Darwinism, an atheistic fairy tale for grownups? As a taxpayer, I believe that my money should not be spent to undermine the Truth of the Bible and to teach my child to be an atheist. I ask that you defend the Truth of the Bible in our classrooms. Jesus died for you too, and you should show some gratitude. Otherwise, you will be voted out of office next election.


(your name).

May our letter writing campaign completely destroy the teaching of Darwinism in America! Join us in the war on Darwin and on atheism!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker