Jurassic World: Satan’s Campaign for Evolution

Jurassic World, the sequel to the unholy abomination known as Jurassic Park, is another snide attempt to spread the teaching of evolution to the public and to brainwash God from the public. Like other godless movies from Hollywood, Jurassic World was praised by the secular critics who are known to condemn Christian movies. This film is just another one of many offenses to God that must be banned and not used to indoctrinate our children into rejecting God and believing in evolution.


Jurassic World wants you to believe dinosaurs turned to birds, but could this T rex fly with those tiny arms or chirp or peck at things?

The film starts out with two young brothers given a vacation by their divorcing parents. We know from the bible that divorce is unbiblical, but that doesn’t matter to the parents as they plan on letting their children venture to an Island that glorifies sinner scientists like Darwin and Stephen Hawkins.

Chris Pratt plays a scientist who is an obvious disciple of Darwin in the movie but also serve as a homosexual lust vector since he wears skin tight clothes worn by gay men. Bryce Dallas plays some lust influencing woman who exposes lots of cleavage and runs in high heels. Obviously Jurassic World is full of sexual immorality that is known to further Satan’s favorite agenda in America: Homosexuality and the spread of gay marriages.

Throughout the film, the scientists play God by creating dinosaurs from fossil bugs trapped in amber. This is simply an ungodly offense in the film. Why? Only God himself has the power to create living things as proven in the Book of Genesis. The film further dives into evolution as the scientists glorify Darwin by creating a dinosaur that is supposed to be a mix of other dinosaurs. Again, this is an ungodly offense as God can only create life and that this ungodly invention was created by the scientists to prove evolution. Did you know evolution was favored by Cultural Marxists like Mao, Karl Marx, Nelson Mandela, Hitler, Stalin, and other godless communists? This film should have been correctly titled “Evilution.” You can bet that the so called indominus rex will be featured in text books from our public schools to teach evolution to our children.

There are other offenses to God throughout the film. The boys disobey authority from their superiors many times. God’s name is taken in vain multiple times without being called for prayer. Evolution is mentioned many times in the film. Bryce Dallas’ character takes on a role in the film that is supposed to be reserved for superior men. Sexual immorality is evident between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas. Bestiality between a black man and several trained raptors is suggested since the raptor trainer is intimately connected to them. The film also wants the viewers to believe that dinosaurs turned into birds, but how can a T.rex with tiny arms fly? How can a brontosaurus or stegosaurus chirp and fly? Thankfully God’s name was not taken in vain and ended with the curse word “damn” because that is not his last name.

Jurassic World is another unbiblical abomination from Hollywood that makes movies to make fun of Christians. The goal for this film is to indoctrinate its viewers into believing evolution, which is after all a theory, and to make the viewers reject God. Believing in evolution simply means you can do whatever you want as if there is no God. That means committing evil acts like homosexuality, teach evolution, steal, pornography, and other acts of sin. How do I know this to be true? Ever since this movie’s release, more atheistic inspired gun shootings have been happening. Movies like Jurassic World are responsible for the rise of atheism, people believing in evolution, racism, rape, murders, stealing, bullying in the schools, people looking up pornography on church computers, and other sins. Again, building a foundational belief in evilution allows us to do whatever we want as if there is no God watching us. Perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg and other secular jews are responsible for making this godless filth to make lots of money so they can purchase oil from Saudi Arabia. If you purchased a ticket to see this film, then you definitely purchased a ticket to HELL. As Christians, we must take a stand against Satan and his agents. The movies must be taken back for Christ. Let’s unite as Christians and demand that Satan take his presence away from America. AMERICA is a Christian country and Satan is NOT invited to spread his evil.

Martin Baker

Dubstep is from the Devil!

Did you know that Dubstep is a Satanic form of music along with Rock and Roll, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Soul, pop, rap, hip hop, and trance?? Dubstep is played in ungodly clubs where young men and women go to grind against each other, get stoned, smoke opium, eat marijuana brownies, and commit ritualized public sexual acts. Dubstep is a tool used by Satan to lure our children deeper and deeper into sexual deviancy, and must be avoided at all times! In fact, Dubstep is loved by some of the greatest criminals of all time, including Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein, and Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t believe me? Here’s proof!

Kim Jong Il with a dubstep DJ, listening to the Devil’s music!

People that listen to Dubstep also often commit flagrant rampant homosexual actions in public! This is because Dubstep uses Satanic beats to hypnotize our young ones into acts of sin! God gave us free will, but Satan can use the power of temptation to take it away. Satan often uses Dubstep as a tool to control our young people, much like he uses rock and roll, drugs, sexuality, alcohol, and HBO. Girls that listen to Dubstep often dress like whores of Babylon and touch each other in inappropriate ways in nightclubs!

Typical dubstep fans

Did you know that Jesus hates Dubstep and loves good Christian music like Gospel and Country? Don’t listen to Dubstep! Don’t listen to Rock and Roll! Listen to Johnny Cash, because God’s gonna hunt you down! Listen to Tamela Mann, and be led toward Christ. Jesus died for our sins, and yet our society is listening almost solely to sinful music! We are rejecting God and we will be punished!

Dubstep is also a popular music amongst the evolutionists. PZ Myers, Richard Dawkins, Will Provine, Stephen Jay Gould, Robert T. Bakker, Michael Shermer, Eugenie “Satan” Scott, and Carl Sagan! Sagan used to smoke marijuana while listening to Dubstep and talking with Annie Druyan and Lynn Margulis about the Cosmos. Sagan, Druyan, and Margulis would then proceed to engage in Satanic rituals and the ritualized brainwashing of children into Darwinism. This is sinful stuff!

This is the Satanic dubstep cat. It’s owners are headed to Hell for forcing a formerly innocent animal to engage in godless hedonry. Its owners are the tyical type of Satanic heathen, who abuse animals and believe that they can be treated as human and forced to do human things. They are going straight to hell. See below.

Don’t be a Satanic stooge like the owners of the Dubstep cat! Reject Dubstep and other Satanic forms of music and listen to Gospel, Classical, and country! God loves you, and hates it when you listen to Satan’s music! So reject Dubstep now! It’s time to take back the radio airwaves for Jesus!

From your friends at http://www.creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com

STEVEN SPIELBERG REPENT! He is at it again with Jurassic Park!

Once again, the perverted filmmaker Steven Spielberg has decided to declare war on Christianity with his sinful film “Jurassic Park.” The film is an unholy abomination from Spielberg that is used to target innocent children who attend Sunday School at Church and to force them into believing evolution. As Christians, We must stand up against these evils from Hollywood and the Secular Media. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Hollywood has given us movies that are full of anti-christian themes, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Tron, Toy Story, lots of porn films, Star Wars, Brokeback Mountain, The Dark Knight, The Hobbit, and Jurassic Park. Spielberg has decided to re-release the film in theaters so that he can use the money from ticket sales to do other sinful projects.


The film preaches evolution and wants us to reject God. Don’t believe me? Look at the scientist character in the movie. The scientist played by Sam Neil is based off of Richard Dawkins and Charles Darwin. We know how Darwin and Dawkins have worked on agendas to attack Christianity. The film is also an offense to God as we see Samuel Jackson’s character calling God’s name and ending with the curse word “Damn.” Another offense to God is the atheistic character, acted by Jeff Goldblum, who says you can destroy God and create dinosaurs for your sinful purposes. It is also offensive to God as we see creationism not given any fair mention in the movie. Other forms of sin in Jurassic Park are stealing, homosexuality, lies and deceit, and adultery in the film. The film score was also composed by a composer that had ties with the German Nazi composer Richard Wagner. Let’s also not forget the themes of evolution in the film were useful in inspiring Hitler, Marx, Stalin, and Mao for communist purposes.

Please check a Christian review of the film from here http://www.capalert.com/capreports/jurassic/jurassic.htm.

We also did review of the film here: https://creationsciencestudy.wordpress.com/2012/09/02/jurassic-park-the-devils-vote-for-evolution/

As Christians, we must stop Spielberg and Satan from having their way by re-releasing the film in theaters. We have seen rises in pornography, the teaching of evolution in public schools, atheism, teenage sexuality, racism, pornography in the churches, rape, and other sins as a result of the film being released. We must get together and pray, and we can also write letters of concern to Hollywood. The film preaches evilution, and evilution assumes you can do whatever unmoral actions you prefer while thinking that there isn’t the One and True Creator. Let’s take a stand for Christ! It is time to cut down the tree of evil that Satan has planted!

Martin Baker