Halloween and the Whores of Babylon

These unchaste women are inspired by Satan!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Halloween is a day inspired by Satan? Every year on October 31st, Satanic heathen scum and moderate “Christians” get together, dress up in ungodly costumes, and knock on each other’s doors asking for candy and poisoning each other’s children. In fact, in Seattle, people are even giving out marijuana-laced candy this year! This is a holiday created for Satan, by Satan, for the benefit of Satan.

Every Halloween, celebrities and college girls alike go out in very immodest clothing trying to find a fun sexual fling for the night….even though adultery and fornication is of the Devil and not of God.  These heathen whores of Babylon are headed straight to Hell, where Satan will torture them for all eternity. Why? Because they embraced their Satanic animalistic urges for the penis instead of their spiritual yearnings for Jesus. Do not let your daughters celebrate Halloween, my brothers and sisters in Christ, lest they burn in Hell.

Kim Kardahasian, Satan’s slut, on Halloween

A common heathen tradition on Halloween is the viewing of the Rocky Horror Satan Show. Each and every Halloween, “Transylvanians” gather together to view homosexual heathenmongerer Tim Curry prance around onscreen with a half-naked Susan Sarandon.  These “Transylvanians” are not truly from Transylvania, but rather worship the cult of Rocky. They throw rice and toast at the screen (wasting food that could be used to feed the poor instead), scream obscenities, engage in a practice called “elbow sex,” and do an ungodly Wicca-inspired dance called the Time Warp, which, incidentally, has much hidden symbolism involving pentagrams. This show is Satanic and must be avoided at all costs! It even glorifies Cannibalism!

Atheists and Darwinists love watching the Rocky Horror Satan Show on Halloween!

Not all servants of Satan view the Rocky Horror Satan Show on Halloween. Other Satanic whores of Babylon go out on Halloween dressed in outfits that glorify the Devil and deny the divinity of God. These heathens replace God with an animalist Darwinist icon of sexuality, thus breaking multiple commandments (thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, and thou shalt not have false gods come to mind immediately). Remember boys and girls, unsaved sinners go straight to hell!

Halloween glorifies Satan and sex!

Halloween is an ungodly “holiday” that glorifies sin and makes a mockery of death. Jesus vanquished death by dying for our sins. However, on Halloween, many heathen sinners go out dressed as “zombies,” which are creatures that have risen from the dead to kill others. They also dress as heathen spirits and vampires! This is sinful stuff!

a heathen “vampire” costume, again glorifying sexuality.

God hates sin! God hates the sinful implications of Halloween! And if you celebrate Halloween, then God hates you! It is time we take back October for Jesus! It is time we take back America for Christ! Satan wants your daughter to dress as a whore of Babylon. Don’t let the Devil win. Keep her in clothes!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!


good parents don’t let their daughters dress like this!

The Highway to Hell

Greetings Christians!

See that picture of the burning Buddhist monk? That monk was preparing himself to enter the fires of hell! The Bible tells us that the only way to heaven is through Christ. We must reject sinful heathen ways or we will burn in the fires stoked by Satan. Jesus tells us that the only way into the Kingdom is through Him. This Buddhist monk clearly did not know the way to heaven, and is burning in hell as we speak.

Who else is going to hell? Here’s a short list.

Justin Bieber, the Devil’s homosexual boy toy:

Above: Homosexual boy toy and spoiled Brat Justin Bieber, worshipped by heathens worldwide.

Freddy Mercury, the Spirit of Sodomy:

Freddie Mercury (real name — Frederick Farookh Bulsara), lead singer of the legendary rock band Queen, died of AIDS at only 45 years of age on November 24th, 1991. How tragic! It was alleged that Freddie Mercury had homosexual lovers all around the world. One simply go no further than a simple web search to discover that Mercury was openly bisexual. It is not surprising that Mr. Bulsara died because of AIDS. Queen’s music is idolized today by the homosexual community, with such hits as “Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy.”

Madonna, Satan’s slut!

Madonna is a sicko! She not only blasphemes Jesus Christ in her filthy book, SEX, but also portrays herself as receiving oral sex from a dog.

Carl Sagan, Stoner and sinner!

lit up on special cigarettes. His lighter mimicked the fires of hell.

Paris Hilton, rich, dumb, and slutty!

Parents, is this who you want your daughters to emulate?

Julie Henderson, for showing cleavage.

I wonder how many sad teenage boys have masturbated to this sinful picture!

Quite possibly, you! If you are unsaved, you will join these heathens in the fires of Hell. Change your ways heathens, choose Christ, so that you may join Jesus, Martin, myself, the other True Christian readers of this blog, and Christopher Hitchens in heaven!

If you are unsaved, you are unwelcome. Accept Jesus or burn in Hell!

Fellow Christian readers of this blog, let us pray for the unwashed unsaved. Let us lead them to Christ. Let’s take back America for Jesus!

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian.

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R/Atheism, the Gateway to Hell

Greetings True Christians!

Let us declare intellectual war on the heathens on reddit! The Godless Satan-worshipping atheists on Reddit Atheism are mocking this True Christian site! We are here, trying to do the Lord’s work, and the heathens laugh at us. But let us remember the words of the Good Lord Jesus. We will many times be laughed at for His sake by the heathens. Here is an example of this mocking on R/Atheism

What does the site say? I will copy-paste. I apologize for the language. These Godless heathens will all rot in Hell while True Christians like Martin and I will watch from Heaven. I will respond to this drivel after posting it. Heathen-central R/Atheism mocking in italics.:
“[–]ncm3t4l 10 points 20 hours ago
Therefore, unlike Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed and is now in Paradise because he accepted Jesus Christ at his death, John Paul II is burning in hell as we speak.
find and beat this blogger
[–]KalElKent821 5 points 18 hours ago
Amen to that! I say crucify the son of a bitch
[–]cantthinkofgoodname 3 points 15 hours ago
That really pissed me off to read that. I hope this son of a bitch is just a good troll because if not I’d really like to see him experience a moderate amount of pain soon.
[–]verandaguy 2 points 5 hours ago
Christopher Hitchens, who repented on his deathbed[citation needed]
[–]Mutton_Chap 1 point 4 hours ago
This this and this again..
[–]intentListener 6 points 20 hours ago
Is this a Poe?
[–]olbertie 4 points 19 hours ago*
My guess is yes. Edit: Statements like “You don’t see Billy Graham practicing this type of extravagance! Why? Unlike the Pope, Billy Graham is a true Christian” give it away as a Poe… it’s highlighting Christian hypocrisy.
[–]KalElKent821 1 point 18 hours ago
Damn. You beat me to it
[–]catholicrainsta[S] 1 point 20 hours ago
Poe’s law…it’s impossible to tell
[–]loltrolled 3 points 18 hours ago
It is. It pops up every so often with new accounts to post about it.
[–]memeticadama 4 points 18 hours ago
I don’t know which side of this post to support.
Does not compute.. Nnnrrrggghhhghghgfzzzt.
[–]loltrolled 3 points 18 hours ago
I say support neither since it’s just a Poe.
[–]redditsatan 2 points 19 hours ago
Hey, I had nothing to do with what those priests did to those boys.
Seriously folks, y’all are fucked up.
[–]verandaguy 2 points 19 hours ago
Damn… JP2 was actually a decent human being. He didn’t deserve this.
[–]djphoria 2 points 19 hours ago
Is that a troll blog? My brain hurts after reading several articles All though the pics of sinful lust where pretty good.

First off, we are not a “troll blog”. We are as legit as Jesus.

Second, redditsatan? Someone is pretending to be Satan on reddit! This proves that the antichrist himself is allied with R/Atheism.

John Paul II was a decent human being? So was Hitler…at least if you weren’t Jewish, Black, or a Gypsy…although one must agree with Hitler’s stance on homosexuality…

Yes. Billy Graham is surrounded in the trappings of wealth. But Graham earned this money as the fruits of his God-serving labors. John Paul II was gifted them by an evil organization.

Friends, Christopher Hitchens DID convert to Christianity on his deathbed. I have covered this before. I know this is true because the Holy Spirit tells me so. Pray about it and you will be enlightened as well. I challenge the heathens on R/Atheism to disprove this.

Well Christian friends? What must we do? We must pray for the heathens that frequent r/Atheism. We must hope that they will choose to be saved lest they be cast into the fires of hell. But alas, if they choose to continue their lives of sin, they will spend an eternity in hell. Let’s see some people that they will join, so we can laugh at their suffering!

Is there where you want to spend eternity you heathens? If not, repent and know Jesus. My fellow Christians, join Martin and I in praying for the Godless sinners on the reddit atheist board. Let’s take back their souls for Jesus. Let’s win the world for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.

Why evolution fails

Greetings fellow Christians! I have just returned from spending time amongst the heathens in Eritrea where I spread the Bible to many people. I love sharing the Truth of our Lord Jesus Christ with the world and saving people for Jesus! Now that I have returned, let’s look at why evolution fails. People are blinded by an ideology and dogma of evolution, even though the science of evolution fails. The dogma of evolution is what guides the behavior of the atheist. Below I will show that the dogma of evolution stands in stark contrast to what we might expect to actually see if evolution were true. Evolution fails, but the heathens cling to the dogma of evolution because it is what Satan wants!

If evolution is true, then why do people have abortions? Isn’t abortion genetic suicide? Wouldn’t evolution forbid abortion? The TEACHING of evolution, a Satanic doctrine, inspires evils like abortion, pedophilia, masturbation, castration, and lesbianism. This is because the doctrine of evolution is the doctrine of Satan. If evolution actually worked, abortion would have been evolved out of the gene pool!

If evolution were true, then people wouldn’t get sick any more! People are far more complex than bacteria, and bacteria cause disease. This disease is a result of the fall of Man and God’s Creation as a result of Eve’s transgression in the Garden of Eden. If evolution were true, then people would have evolved resistance to these bacteria! The fact that people still get sick shows that the Creation is devolving, not evolving. This is exactly what we would expect to see given the post-Eden fall.

If evolution is true, then how come numerous studies by the RATE group show that the world is very young and that radiometric dating is extremely flawed? You need millions of years for evolution to occur. Yet the earth is very young. Need more proof of this? Why do scientists have dinosaur blood cells and blood vessels? These aren’t millions of years old!

If evolution is true, then how come people have anal sex? Anal sex is sinful and from Satan. If evolution were true, then the only sex people would have is vaginal sex for reproduction. This is not the proper place to put a penis boys and girls:


If evolution is true, then how come people still masturbate? See point on abortion. Masturbation is sinful and inspired by Satan. If evolution were true, nobody would ever waste semen. In fact, semen would only be used to make babies, in the way God wishes us to do, if evolution were true.

Why is the internet so filled with pornography if evolution is true? Pornographic images are satanic, not evolved! If evolution were true, men would not lust after women on the screen but they would seek to make love with real women in real life. I don’t advocate adultery or lustful behavior, but the evolutionary worldview does inspire such sinful behaviors. First off, let the great Christian thinker Edward Current guide us before I give you examples of the evil images available on the internet:

Now for some of these lustful images:

If evolution were true, then why do people have sex with animals? Beastiality is a sin. Man on dog is sinful just like man on man. Let us trust the wisdom of Rick Santorum on that topic. I believe that Rick Santorum should be the next president of America because Santorum is a true Christian. Vote for him in 2016. But I digress. Bestiality does not make babies. If evolution were true, bestiality would not occur! And yet we find images such as this on the world wide web of sin:

If evolution were true, then how come we don’t see monkeys giving birth to human babies? How come we don’t see carbon atoms spontaneously turning into cells? Evolution is a false doctrine inspired by Satan, boys and girls. Hopefully these few examples have shown you how bankrupt the science of evolution is. Next time an evolutionist tells you that evolution is true, you can tell them the truth! Evolution is a lie! The “science” of evolution is merely a tool used by Satan to inspire a heathenistic, hedonist, sinful world! And even this sinful world ruined by Satan is not consistent with what we would expect if evolution were true.

Evolution is a bankrupt idea and acceptance of it leads to strong moral decay. Keep evolution away from your children and families, my True Christian Friends.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a true Christian.

Star Wars is for sinners

Dear Heathens,

How many of you have watched and enjoyed the evil Star Wars films created by Satanic producer George Lucas? These films are RIDDLED with sin! We must keep our children away from these evil works of Satanic reverie. We must save our children’s eyes for Christ and their souls for Jesus.

Sinners, are these the droids you’re looking for?:

It is clear that R2B2 and C3P0 are barely veiled attempts by Lucas to smuggle homosexual imagery into his films. R2B2 and C3P0 are actually gay, homosexual, heathen lovers!! Listen to them bicker. Listen to C3P0 whine like a jilted lover in the Jawamobile about how R2B2 is always messing up, only to rescue him for more gay robot love at the last moment when Luke, an abomination to the Biblical name “Luke”, comes to buy him.

The Jedi nonsense is also an abomination to Christ. The “force” is portrayed as the one true religion, and bears a stark similarity to the heathen religions of buddhism and hindoism.  The Jedi Way also bears a striking resemblance to the heathen ways of the Japanese Samurai. Master and apprentice. APprentice learns from master. One with the “force”.  A way of battle. A Jedi Code.  These Jedi are an attempt by Lucas to glorify a heathen way of life.

What else do we learn form Satan Wars (the PROPER name for Lucas’ Star Wars movies)?  We learn that evil is the true way to power! The dark Jedi, the Sith, are the powerful ones in the film, and the Pope, who bears a striking resemblance to Emperor Benedict the 16th, is the leader of evil. Clearly the Sith order is an allegorical reference to the Catholic Church. Don’t believe me? Look at the evidence!!

Note the drastic, drastic similarities!  And note the similarities in costume!!

Catholic Cardinals:

Imperial royal guard:

Isn’t it strange that the guards of the evil Emperor on star wars look exactly like the personal confidants/assistants to the Pope, the Cardinals?  The evil empire on starwars is clearly the same thing as the evil Roman Catholic Church. And what do we learn from Star Wars? By following Papism, one becomes strong. However, at least at the end of the third film, the papists are exterminated when the last death star is destroyed. However, rather than being replaced with True Christians, they are replaced with heathen savagery.

Star Wars also promotes bestiality, as demonstrated by the “Twi Lek” dancing girls in the film. People actually go to see a half naked alien girl dancing around. This is creepy, sinful stuff! This is the type of imagery that Star Wars promotes:

download (1)

For those with more “human” tastes, consider this image, with a human slave girl chained to a gigantic space worm. This shows that George Lucas was into kinky, kinky stuff.

This space worm may in fact be a reference to Mark 9:47-48:

  And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire:
 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

This woman, then, is chained to a demonic agent of sin as described by Mark in the Bible.  And what about this abomination?

Look at that boys and girls…we finally found it! The crocko-space-duck! The first non-pokemon evidence of evolution ever produced by the evilutionists!!! Sadly, this was created in a Hollywood basement, much like Piltdown Man was created in the basement of a sinner.    Sinful, sinful stuff.

Not only that, but Star Wars can also be demonstrated to be responsible for an increase in witchcraft in America. It is a proven fact that Star Wars pre-dates the rise in popularity of Wicca in America, thus showing that the pagan principles in Star Wars led to the growth of Wicca. What happened last time we had a population of witches in America? We burned them. In Salem. In the 1600s. And that solved a lot of problem. We must expunge these modern day witches from American society as well. Not with violence, but by silencing them, rehabilitating them, and leading them toward Christ.

And look at this. Oafy-Wan showing himself like God to Moses in the Star Wars movie.


Clearly another affront to Christ on the part of Lucas.

Star Wars has been shown to support evolution, homosexuality, pedophilism, gun violence, violence in general, hatred, rape, murder, torture, bullying at schools, bestiality, and thoughts critical of religion, and should be removed from our cinemas and our homes. Lucas was once a Christian, but was led astray by an affiliation with Mormon heathens. Lucas has become an agent of the anti-Christ, and his works must be avoided.

Lucas even mocks the virgin birth of Christ by claiming that Anakin Skywalker is born to a virgin mother.  In Star Wars, Anakin, the figure Lucas bases on Jesus, turns to the “dark side”, joins the Catholic Church (the Empire), and ultimately dies in its service. The One True Christ, however, would always reject the ways of the Catholics and their self-serving indulgence selling idol worshipping habits. Do not be misled by Lucas. Accept the TRUE Jesus.

Let us reject George Lucas, Star Wars, and the sins that they inspire. Let us take back America for Christ.

Brought to you by your friends, Jim and Martin, of Creation Science Study.

P.S. At least Lucas got one thing right. He made the Muslim heathens out to look as ridiculous and uncivilized as they are. Check out what Muslims look like in Star Wars:


Now THAT’S a terrorist if I’ve ever seen one!