Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat!

Dear friends,

Did you know Hillary Clinton is an evil person somebody like Mao, Marx, or Hitler would ever dream of? That’s right, concerned citizens. Besides being married to a husband that lied about having ungodly affairs in the White House, Hillary is part of an Anti-Christian agenda that is trying to take the Great Nation away from Christ. These facts presented below prove how dangerous she is and why she should not be voted for president.

-Hillary Clinton currently plays a part in the world’s largest Holocaust ever that kills unborn babies through Planned Parenthood. She also helped in the stealing of tax dollars which helped in the selling of aborted baby parts to godless countries.

-Hillary Clinton is a woman, and that makes her not fit to become president. She needs to know God created Adam first.

-She is responsible for gay marriages to be forced in America. As a consequence, marriages are redefined by a government that has turned away from God and has taken away our Christian Rights.

-Hillary Clinton wants Christians to become unarmed and to have their guns taken away.

-Hillary refuses to say Marry Christmas, but she prefers to say the offensive phrase “Happy Holidays.”

-She will have a godless government spy on the lives of innocent Christians. She will use the NSA to spy on Christians. This may also make it harder for new churches to be built, but will surely allow the construction of new mosques.

-Besides working with Planned Parenthood, she also works with the ACLU, MSNBC, and other like-minded organisations.


Do we Christians want this person of ungodly principles to take the White House? No. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God and not the people, to save this great nation from the secular evils that are making it illegal to say Merry Christmas, to display the Ten Commandments in the courts and schools, to display Nativity Scenes?


Rick Santorum! Remember to vote Santorum 2016 to save America.

Martin Baker

Rick Santorum 2016: For God and America.

Dear friends,

America is no longer recognized as a Nation under God. Our constitution, written by our Founding Fathers who were our Christian disciples, has been demolished by legions of demoncrats and other godless heathens who want God taken away from our schools, the courtrooms, and the public. It’s time for a change, America, and Rick Santorum is the one True Candidate chosen by God to save this great nation from the evils terrorizing this great nation. It is time for us as Christians to come out of the closet once more, go to our churches, and tell Satan he is not welcome in America!


America is losing its Christian values everyday. Obama, who we know is a muslim and no friend of Christ, destroyed the sanctity of marriage by allowing gay marriages in America. This means we will see people marrying dogs and cars. Obama also did some other evil acts such as free drug dealers from prison and contribute to the largest Holocaust ever by allowing “Ungodly” Planned Parenthood to sell aborted baby parts. Heck, he is also trying to pave the way for Hillary Clinton (who should appropriately be known as Hitler Clinton) so she can take over the White House and spread vile acts of feminism and other unholy abominations. Oviously, Obama is not aware God created Adam first, that it is Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve, and that woman are not capable of taking such a high position in America!



The government, which is now controlled by the demoncrats, atheists, feminists, muslims, Anti-Christian Lawyers Union and other sinners against Christ, are making it illegal for the Ten Commandments to be displayed in the courtrooms. Furthermore, Nativity Scenes are now banned from the public and schools. Obama has lawfully allowed the offensive and Anti-Christian saying “Happy Holidays” to be forced in businesses. Satan is invited in our lives and America when the War on Christmans continues to be waged against us Christians.

America is slowly transforming into a godless nation that evil socialists like Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Jimmy Carter, and Mao would ever dreamed of. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God, to save this great nation and bring it closer to God?

Rick Santorum!


As a True Christian, Santorum promises the best for American Christiandom. Santorum is Pro-Life and will do what he will to stop the Holocaust of unborn babies. He is pro-military. He will stop evolution from being taught in the schools. He will ban pornography so it will not be brought into the churches. Merry Christmas instead of “Happy Holidays” will be said in public. The Ten Commandments will stay in our God-given court rooms. He will protect our Christian rights. He will stop the War on Christmas.
But most of all, Santorum will tirelessly fight to make sure America is one nation under God.

Santorum promises to be a Mandela for Christians, and we need him more than ever to stop the satanic secularism spreading in America. Remember, vote Santorum 2016. Santorum was not chosen by the people, but by God.


Martin Baker and Jim Solouki

Rick Santorum, God's candidate for president.

Rick Santorum, God’s candidate for president.



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Grace Mann in HELL!

Dear friends,


Did you know that Hell has another resident, Grace Man? That’s right. Grace Mann is burning next to perverts like Joan Rivers, Michael Jackson, Anne Nichole Smith, Nelson Mandela, Pope John Paul II, and Richard Nixon.

For her punishment, Grace Mann was a feminist. Feminism is an ungodly offense that makes our woman transform into whores of Babylon by no longer taking on the responsibilities of child caring or other simple acts commanded by God. Feminism is a dangerous and ungodly ideology. Did you know that feminism made the largest Holocaust ever, abortions, happen? That’s right, feminism is allied with the godless “Planned Parenthood,” and the evil ideology has helped Satan’s organisation get away with killing millions and millions of unborn children. This evil scandal is on the same level as Hitler who tried to get away with murdering millions of God’s innocent people, the Jews. Feminism also makes our woman want to work as strippers, prostitutes, and adult actors in the porn industry.

Grace Mann also probably supported the demoncrat Hitler Clinton for her run as president in the office. Did she know that Hillary Clinton is an agent of Satan who has continued the war on unborn children? Hillary is well known demoncrat who is notorious for being allied with “Planned Parenthood,” strikes a similar resemblance of evil with Adolf Hitler, wants to take away our gun rights, and is known for advancing the gay agenda into our churches and schools. Heck, Grace probably also did not know that God created Adam first, not Eve, since men are only qualified by God to serve as President, not woman.


It is unfortunate for somebody who has lived a life of sin to be cast into Hell following death. I pray that her murderer comes to know Christ, repents for his or her actions, and is given everlasting salvation in the Kingdom of Heaven. Grace Mann should have become a Truthful Christian and work for Pro-Life organisations who continue the good fight against the evils that Satan has spawned in America. She never knew this day would come when she would be dragged down to Hell following her unexpected death. Grace should have supported Rick Santorum for President of America.

Martin Baker

Please support Rick Santorum for 2016 as President. We can’t afford to allow many millions more of innocent and unborn children to be killed.


Why is Stephen Hawking crippled?


It has been asked why Stephen Hawking is crippled. To put this simply, Hawking decided to declare a war on Christianity when he released his book “A Brief History of Time” as a way to mock God, so God punished him for this sinful act. Hawking thought he knew everything and that he could play God when he wrote his book, so God made Hawking crippled, and he also made it impossible for Hawking to speak without a microphone.

Today, Hawking continues to offend the Christian community by talking about aliens, which We know are impossible because they are not mentioned in the Bible, and he continues to be worshiped by many Universities that support the work of godless heathens. He still defies God by living his life as a heathen, and it is time for Stephen Hawking to repent and accept God into his life!


Remember to accept Christ, and you will be free and live everlasting salvation!

Star Wars is for sinners

Dear Heathens,

How many of you have watched and enjoyed the evil Star Wars films created by Satanic producer George Lucas? These films are RIDDLED with sin! We must keep our children away from these evil works of Satanic reverie. We must save our children’s eyes for Christ and their souls for Jesus.

Sinners, are these the droids you’re looking for?:

It is clear that R2B2 and C3P0 are barely veiled attempts by Lucas to smuggle homosexual imagery into his films. R2B2 and C3P0 are actually gay, homosexual, heathen lovers!! Listen to them bicker. Listen to C3P0 whine like a jilted lover in the Jawamobile about how R2B2 is always messing up, only to rescue him for more gay robot love at the last moment when Luke, an abomination to the Biblical name “Luke”, comes to buy him.

The Jedi nonsense is also an abomination to Christ. The “force” is portrayed as the one true religion, and bears a stark similarity to the heathen religions of buddhism and hindoism.  The Jedi Way also bears a striking resemblance to the heathen ways of the Japanese Samurai. Master and apprentice. APprentice learns from master. One with the “force”.  A way of battle. A Jedi Code.  These Jedi are an attempt by Lucas to glorify a heathen way of life.

What else do we learn form Satan Wars (the PROPER name for Lucas’ Star Wars movies)?  We learn that evil is the true way to power! The dark Jedi, the Sith, are the powerful ones in the film, and the Pope, who bears a striking resemblance to Emperor Benedict the 16th, is the leader of evil. Clearly the Sith order is an allegorical reference to the Catholic Church. Don’t believe me? Look at the evidence!!

Note the drastic, drastic similarities!  And note the similarities in costume!!

Catholic Cardinals:

Imperial royal guard:

Isn’t it strange that the guards of the evil Emperor on star wars look exactly like the personal confidants/assistants to the Pope, the Cardinals?  The evil empire on starwars is clearly the same thing as the evil Roman Catholic Church. And what do we learn from Star Wars? By following Papism, one becomes strong. However, at least at the end of the third film, the papists are exterminated when the last death star is destroyed. However, rather than being replaced with True Christians, they are replaced with heathen savagery.

Star Wars also promotes bestiality, as demonstrated by the “Twi Lek” dancing girls in the film. People actually go to see a half naked alien girl dancing around. This is creepy, sinful stuff! This is the type of imagery that Star Wars promotes:

download (1)

For those with more “human” tastes, consider this image, with a human slave girl chained to a gigantic space worm. This shows that George Lucas was into kinky, kinky stuff.

This space worm may in fact be a reference to Mark 9:47-48:

  And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire:
 Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched.

This woman, then, is chained to a demonic agent of sin as described by Mark in the Bible.  And what about this abomination?

Look at that boys and girls…we finally found it! The crocko-space-duck! The first non-pokemon evidence of evolution ever produced by the evilutionists!!! Sadly, this was created in a Hollywood basement, much like Piltdown Man was created in the basement of a sinner.    Sinful, sinful stuff.

Not only that, but Star Wars can also be demonstrated to be responsible for an increase in witchcraft in America. It is a proven fact that Star Wars pre-dates the rise in popularity of Wicca in America, thus showing that the pagan principles in Star Wars led to the growth of Wicca. What happened last time we had a population of witches in America? We burned them. In Salem. In the 1600s. And that solved a lot of problem. We must expunge these modern day witches from American society as well. Not with violence, but by silencing them, rehabilitating them, and leading them toward Christ.

And look at this. Oafy-Wan showing himself like God to Moses in the Star Wars movie.


Clearly another affront to Christ on the part of Lucas.

Star Wars has been shown to support evolution, homosexuality, pedophilism, gun violence, violence in general, hatred, rape, murder, torture, bullying at schools, bestiality, and thoughts critical of religion, and should be removed from our cinemas and our homes. Lucas was once a Christian, but was led astray by an affiliation with Mormon heathens. Lucas has become an agent of the anti-Christ, and his works must be avoided.

Lucas even mocks the virgin birth of Christ by claiming that Anakin Skywalker is born to a virgin mother.  In Star Wars, Anakin, the figure Lucas bases on Jesus, turns to the “dark side”, joins the Catholic Church (the Empire), and ultimately dies in its service. The One True Christ, however, would always reject the ways of the Catholics and their self-serving indulgence selling idol worshipping habits. Do not be misled by Lucas. Accept the TRUE Jesus.

Let us reject George Lucas, Star Wars, and the sins that they inspire. Let us take back America for Christ.

Brought to you by your friends, Jim and Martin, of Creation Science Study.

P.S. At least Lucas got one thing right. He made the Muslim heathens out to look as ridiculous and uncivilized as they are. Check out what Muslims look like in Star Wars:


Now THAT’S a terrorist if I’ve ever seen one!