Atheists Attack in the War on Christmas!


Greetings True Christians (and heathen scum)!

Today is Christmas, also known in America as “Holidays.” This glorious day commemorates the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in a manger in Bethlehem.  Jesus was visited by both kings and shepherds in the manger.  Herod tried to have him killed, only to see His plans foiled by the Wise Men, who were inspired by the Holy Spirit and by angels. This Man, the Son of God, conceived by the virgin Mary, would later be crucified by the Romans and the Jews.  After His  Crucifixion, He rose from the dead for the salvation of all. Why did Jesus allow Himself to be crucified? Jesus wanted to understand the suffering that sin brings into the world and be able to empathize with the suffering of all people. The crucifixion helped Him do that and acheived the salvation of all saved and Born Again True Christians.  Christmas was the start of His earthly mission, as Jesus was born to a virgin to help defeat Satan.


Of course, Satan’s minions are all around us. In fact, even this True Christian site was interfered with by the heathens.  Each time I have recently tried to publish posts, a video of a strange man in a suit singing a song made up of many nonsensical syllables while perpetually smiling a strange smile has popped up on my screen and forced my computer to freeze.  It has only just now stopped happening. Here is an image of the man:


I have done some research and the song that he sang is called the Trololo Song.  Clearly this must have been an attack on our True Christian website from the heathen haters of Christian Truth.  It saddens me that our Godly site is now being attacked by the atheist Anonymous and atheists. At the same time, I am proud that we have generated enough interest to convince the atheists to attack our site during their war on Christmas. When Christ reclaims America, you will all be destroyed and will burn in Hell forever.


We are not the only victims of the atheist’s War on Christmas. Everywhere, the atheists are in the lead.  You go to the stores, and you hear “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas.  Starbucks has taken Christmas off of their Christmas cups.  Santa Claus is allowed in our shopping malls, but Christ is not allowed in public Christmases in America thanks to the atheists, Jews, and ungodly Muslims. Remember, boys and girls, that Muslims attacked us on September 11th.  Muslims are responsible for terrorism.  Muslims also outlawed Christmas in Somalia! America is not Somalia and should never act like Somalia! Shame on America!


Find the Muslim!

As long as we strive to take Christ out of CHRISTmas in America, God will continue to allow America to be punished. We will continue to be attacked. Satan will have his way with us as God turns his back on this nation.  It is time, my brothers and sisters in Christ, to take back Christmas for Jesus, because JESUS is the reason for the season. It is time to keep Christ in CHRISTMAS.

And to those who attacked our True Christian site, you will all burn in the fires of Hell forever unless you repent.

Yours in Christ, and Merry CHRISTmas,

Jim and Martin



50 thoughts on “Atheists Attack in the War on Christmas!

  1. So what did you guys get for Christmas. Not whatever-your-name-is and whatever-your-name-is-2, I mean the wonderful commenters here. I personally got Fallout 4 Collector’s Editions as well as Stan Lee’s memoir (I think I spelled that right) and a book of SCIENCE. Happy Holidays everyone 🙂

  2. Imelda says:

    Ah, Bonjour Jim et Martin. 👋🎄
    Si vous voulez, regardez “Les apparitions de la St Vierge Marie (la mère de Jesus Christ) à Amsterdam” sur YouTube

  3. P.C.Miller says:

    And worst! Star Wars 7 has already demonized this Christmas this year! Like you said in your Star Wars boycott article.


  4. Just when I thought I had seen everything, along comes a muscled, shirtless jesus wielding an RPG.

    • That moment when you realize he is only knows this through googling it himself

    • Vid says:

      You meant repost for sinners? Miller, did u have a good Christmas?
      Go to this site below, there are plenty of gifts u can buy. Jesus Christ wears earnings, Jesus Christ on g-string, … lot more. Our Lord has been humiliated 2000’so years ago while He was walking on earth, … until this day while He is in Heaven.

      Btw: Dear Jim Solouki. Are you alright? Wherever you are, I pray the Lord Jesus Christ to keep you safe from all temptations. And I will pray for Martin Baker too, that GOD will grant him wisdom to understand between right and wrong.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Worry not about Jim Solouki, Vid. One of my curses has probably already started working on him and shall lead to inevitable decline in his unworthy life. No deity, not even Christian/Catholique God can help him or Martin now.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      You’re a disgusting PERVERT! People like you search for these things CONSCIOUSLY AND ON PURPOSE! (And the worst thing is that you use church computers for this.) I know you can sometimes see this pictures by accident like in some adverts, but the most disturbing must be searched for specifically.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      YOU are the one talking here?! YOU are the one who watches adult film industry all day long. Don’t deny it; my eyes are EVERYHWERE!

      • P.C.Miller says:

        No, I don’t see your eyes!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        What I meant by ‘My eyes are everywhere!’ is that I see every thing thou dost, every second of thy pathetic life. Thou cannot see my eyes; it would disintegrate thy Soul should our eyes ever meet! S.I.T.T.P.S.

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