Proof Ricky Gervais is headed for Hell

Atheist and godless comedian Ricky Gervais is committing blasphemy by pretending to be an angel and showing his middle finger. This is ungodly stuff that offends God and that Satan loves. The angels are supposed to be holy servants and followers of God, not crude beings who would do this stuff. Ricky Gervais is known for his mockery of Christians and he must repent or he will be cast into Hell.


Martin Baker

131 thoughts on “Proof Ricky Gervais is headed for Hell

  1. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    I don’t even know who this is … :facepalm: I hate comedy; I prefer horror and thrillers. Just my personal opinion.
    THIS is an angel: (Renaissance art)

    • Vid says:

      Post more Angels instead of Horrors and Thrillers. I witnessed many young beautiful girls like you who have been tempted so easily chose to play or poke around with Satan without having a true intention to part with it, falling easily by just poking fun.

      *You don’t belong to those ugly monsters that you posted, but in Paradise with The Living GOD. So teach these people the Gospels because I haven’t seen them post the WORDS of GOD to support their mockery against others whom they see as army of Satan.
      You know Kid, I never believe you are a witch as you often claimed, but a confused lonely child with no love at home. The parents this day many don’t have time with the children, look what they are now?
      Sorry I lost my temper, but why on earth you let these bloggers and some visitors push you to be a mad person?
      You know, Kid, you need a lot to learn in life. 😦
      European kids should know better.

  2. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  4. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  5. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  6. P.C.Miller says:

    Ricky Gervais is a sick perverted Illuminati member and comedian. He stars in evil movies! Anything that has Ricky is UNGODLY!!!!!

    Amen Martin!

    – P.C. Miller

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      P. C. Miller, thou art of the Devil. Thou must not agree with Jim and Martin, otherwise HELL AWAITS THEE! The reaping of thy soul shan’t be pleasant … well, at least not ot thee. 👻👻👻

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      Turn to an official Catholic archbishop to seek redemption. Only he has the powers to save thee. 💀💀💀💀💀 Otherwise, thou art TRULY destined to the ETERNALL FIRES.

    • Vid says:

      PC Miller
      Gee.. I don’t know that this Idiot Ricky Gervais is the only sick illuminati member and comedian. I thought billion are.
      Many souls will be lost, but only about a few can enter through the Gate of Heaven. It says in the Holy Bible.
      “It is not everyone that says to me, “My LORD, my LORD”, who enters the Kingdom of Heaven, but whoever does the Will of my FATHER who is in Heaven.” MATTHEW 7:21.

      Do we all do the Will of GOD?
      We all have to be very careful, because we may fall into a category in MATTHEW Chapter 7:22-23.
      The LORD told us:
      “Many will say to Me in that day, LORD, LORD, have we not prophesied in Your Name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name? And I will declare to them, “I never knew you; depart from Me, you evildoers”.

      May be we have to start to serve GOD according the Holy Bible teaches.

  7. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    BEHOLD! Google’s celebration of the evil, magical and ungodly EVILution:

    It is time to boycott Google and take back the Internet for IESVS CHRISTVS.

    • I don’t believe homo sapiens evolved from Austrolopithices. I don’t believe in Austrolopithices, Piltdown Man or Neanderthal. But just because HUMANS didn’t evolve that way (and we do evolve, just not from or into other creatures) doesn’t mean OTHER creatures don’t evolve through God’s direction.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      Sounds familiar?

  8. P.C.Miller says:

    Ricky Gervais! thou need to repent or thou will burn in the fires of BURNING HELL SICKO GERMVAIS!!!!!!!!


    -P.C. Miller

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      Thou art deluded by thine own fanaticism, Devil’s accomplice P. C. Müller! Thou needst not to agree with me, but thou MVSTN’T agree with Jim and Martin! THAT IS A MORTALL SIN. They are of the Devil and by thine agreement with them, thou art Satan’s minion and his slave, as well as they are. I see there is no hope for thee. (I have seen the future!) Hell TRVLY awaits thee! Not even an indulgence from Pope Emeritus himself can now thee help, and incorporate thee into the state in which thou wert at the hour of thy baptism; THOV ART DAMNÈD FOREVRE!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
      Thou art a disgrace! Thank thee for using ‘thou’ and trying to be poëtic and eloquent. Thy language is foul and not worthy of appreciation. Who do thou thinkest thou art and hast such a position thou canst tell other people what they must do?!?!?! What it is to thee if someone named Ricky Gervais repents or not? THAT’S NONE OF THY BVSINESS!!!!! Goest away and transcribest the Bible in calligraphy by hand; that shall leave thee busy and prevent thee from commenting here and spreading various falsehoods.
      And thy next comment is simply PATHETIC!!! Who cares about stupid and unimportant films, like Fern Gully, Toy Story, Aladdin and Happy Feet??? Bother yourself with something relevant in thy life; like learning how to spell ‘wondering’ properly. Is it much more useful, and thy God would have been much more pleased with it.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      No, I believe in various deities from various mythologies. They are older than Jesus Christus and have much nicer rituals of worship. Like burning incense and candles for example.

      • P.C.Miller says:

        What do you worship?

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        You mean WHOM do I worship? Two goddess I feel connected to are Athena (Ancient Greek) and Isis (Ancient Egypt).

      • P.C.Miller says:

        You. Are. A. Pagan. Heathen!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        I don’t care what you call me. These religions are much more older than your own and are in connection with nature. And what do THOU worship?

      • P.C.Miller says:

        I prayed with the HOLY SPIRIT that you are gonna
        BURN IN HELL! (TM)

        BURN IN HELL is a registered trademark of The Heavenly Kingdom of God (TM)

      • P.C.Miller says:

        I worship GOD, JESUS, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        A true religion cannot be a company and have registered trademarks. I worry not. Thy ‘Holy Spiritus’ is not authentic.

      • Tell me the name of thy religion.

      • Be more specific. Tell me the exact denomination.

      • P.C.Miller says:

        Repent! (TM)

        Repent! is a registered trademark of God (TM)

      • A true religion needs not trademarks to be authentic.

      • Müller, are you an American?

      • Vid says:

        Oh yeahhhh… older than JESUS CHRIST? You flunked big times, Kid.

        In Chapter 1, verses 1-14 of jOhno Gospels:
        “[[[1 In the beginning was the Word: the Word was with God and the Word was God.

        2 He was with God in the beginning.

        3 Through him all things came into being, not one thing came into being except through him.

        4 What has come into being in him was life, life that was the light of men;

        5 and light shines in darkness, and darkness could not overpower it.

        6 A man came, sent by God. His name was John.

        7 He came as a witness, to bear witness to the light, so that everyone might believe through him.

        8 He was not the light, he was to bear witness to the light.

        9 The Word was the real light that gives light to everyone; he was coming into the world.

        10 He was in the world that had come into being through him, and the world did not recognise him.

        11 He came to his own and his own people did not accept him.

        12 But to those who did accept him he gave power to become children of God, to those who believed in his name

        13 who were born not from human stock or human desire or human will but from God himself.

        14 The Word became flesh, he lived among us, and we saw his glory, the glory that he has from the Father as only Son of the Father, full of grace and truth”]]

  9. P.C.Miller says:

    Martin and Jim, where did you hear abut Fern Gully, Toy Story, Aladdin, and Happy Feet? Just wandering. I HATE THOSE MOVIES.

    – P.C. Miller

  10. P.C.Miller says:

    For Martin and Jim!

    Dear True Christians here’s an expose’ by Landover Baptist about Noddy!

    Here it is.


    Millions of children Worldwide are being brainwashed into worshipping a DEMON !!! This is the TRUTH I must now reveal!

    The Demon is question is ‘Noddy’. A so-called children’s secular teevee show, centered around a Satanic Gnome – called ‘Noddy’!!!

    In this so-called child-friendly show, we witness this Satanic ‘Noddy’ demon performing Satanic spells with his best friend ‘Big Ears’, a Brownie, and having sexual relations … with a BEAR named Tessie!!! He also associates with other Satanic creatures, such as Goblins and elves, a talking cat, and a negro doll named ‘Dinah’ ?!!!

    And they let children watch this trash??? Disgusting! This show de-sensitizes children to a very real evil, and opens them up to possible Satanic possession and Demon Worship!

    Friends, we all know what gnomes REALLY are … GNOMES ARE SATANIC DEMONS FROM HELL !!!!

    Now, HERE is what a Gnome REALLY looks like !!! –

    Do you REALLY want your children worshipping something like this? Neither would I !!!

    ‘Creepy gnome’ terrorises town

    A TOWN in South America is living in fear after several sightings of a ‘creepy gnome’ that locals claim stalks the streets at night.

    The midget – which wears a pointy hat and has a distinctive sideways walk – was caught on video last week by a terrified group of youngsters.

    Teenager Jose Alvarez – who filmed the gnome – yesterday told national newspaper El Tribuno that they caught the creature while larking about in their hometown of General Guemes, in the province of Salta, Argentina.
    He said: “We were chatting about our last fishing trip. It was one in the morning.

    “I began to film a bit with my mobile phone while the others were chatting and joking.

    “Suddenly we heard something – a weird noise as if someone was throwing stones.

    “We looked to one side and saw that the grass was moving. To begin with we thought it was a dog but when we saw this gnome-like figure begin to emerge we were really afraid.”

    Jose added that other locals had come forward to say they had spotted the gnome.

    He said: “This is no joke. We are still afraid to go out – just like everyone else in the neighbourhood now.

    “One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital.”

    • Landover Baptists are a satire. If you deny that, you are one as well.

      • P.C.Miller says:


        I’m going away right now!

      • P.C.Miller says:

        Landover baptist is not satire!


        – PCM

      • From trustworthy Wikipedia:
        The Landover Baptist Church is a parody of fundamentalist, Independent Baptist churches and Biblical literalism.
        The church is described as operating under a dictatorial structure whereby its “Pastor” holds all authority over the church, its members, and its extensive holdings. The church supposedly uses an elaborate fine system to maintain its authority over its members, parodying Jerry Falwell’s system at Liberty University, and in addition can force its members to comply with any and all of its wishes (a common phrase on the website used in such cases is that the member “mandatorily volunteered” to comply). In cases of expulsion the member is also removed from the church property. The website describes Landover as having a “permanent injunction” against all “unsaved” persons, prohibiting them from being within ten miles of the Landover property as well as forbidding them to enter Landover’s website.
        Within the Landover universe, the church is described as owning well over 1,000 acres (400 ha) in Freehold, with twenty-eight paid pastors, 412 full-time staff members, eleven fully equipped chapels, seven sanctuaries, a 100,000 seat amphitheater, twelve television studios, two radio stations, an academy, a university, two gated communities, twenty-seven developments, three office parks, as well as a shopping mall, amusement park, golf course, retirement community, foundation, fire and police department, circus camp, resort center, retreat center, and a number of fitness centers, swimming pools, hot springs, and cemeteries. An annual feature on the website is a story about the church’s Halloween hell house.
        The site records that the initial pastor of Landover was Ben Ebeneezer Smith, and that upon his death his brother (Deacon Fred Smith) assumed the office. In and around June 2010 a “coup” was related to website visitors (in accordance with a spurious interpretation of Romans 13) whereby Pastor Harry Harkwell took over leadership. The site went on to describe Deacon Fred being “restored” to his pastorship after a “reconciliation” during Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor rally.
        The Landover site also features material from Betty Bowers, a fictional central character on the satirical website Bowers is portrayed by voice actress and comedienne Deven Green, appearing both in photographs and numerous satirical videos. According to Bradley’s fictional satirical biography of Mrs. Betty Bowers, she proclaims herself “America’s Best Christian”. Bowers operates several Christian ministries with names like “Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers” (B.I.T.C.H.) and “Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals” (B.A.S.H.). She is listed as a member of the Landover Baptist Church.

      • P.C.Miller says:

        Wikipedia is lying! Landover is legit as jesus.

    • I wanted not to post this disturbing graphic, but Müller left me with no choice:

      You call site which depicts that ‘legitimate as Jesus’?! This is a MOCKERY of Jesus Christus. Are you mocking you own saviour?
      You must cease to exist. Only then the world shall become a better place. I advise you this: ‘accidentally’ stick a metal fork in the electrical socket and we all (including you) shall be saved from our suffering.

  11. P.C.Miller says:

    For Jim and Martin.

    Greetings, True Christians!

    Landover boycotts: “Walt Disney Pictures’ All Dogs go to Heaven” more like “Satan Devil Pictures’ All Demons go to Hell!”

    Disney may call their movies for UA, MGM, and Don Bluth, but we True Christians call them “The Work Of Satan!”

    I just found out about a new movie called “All Dogs Go To Heaven” when I searched for movies about Heaven and God. I am now deeply offended by its title and coverart, and as a Christian i think that i have the right to not be offended. The Bible is very clear on this issue. In the real world, all dogs do not go to Heaven, infact, no dogs go to Heaven, that is because dogs are (unlike humans) animals, and animals does not have a soul! This movie will lead millions into Hell for believing that dogs can go to Heaven, let alone all dogs including those that has not accepted Jesus as their personal savior. As a Christian, i demand that this movie gets banned, it should not be legal to distribute, possess, advertise or watch this movie.

    Share your thoughts with:

    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    The Honorable (full name)
    (Room #) (Name) House Office Building
    United States House of Representatives
    Washington, DC 20515

    The Honorable (full name)
    (Room #) (Name) Senate Office Building
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510

    That this sick movie is not banned is a violation of our right to Freedom of Religion. How are we supposed to teach people to believe that the Bible is the truth if movies like this are allowed to exist?

    Amen Landover!

    – P.C. Miller

  12. P.C.Miller says:

    Martin! Cassandra is bothering me!

  13. P.C.Miller says:

    Also, The Pebble and the Penguin features that ungodly and smutty and dirty “Tim Curry” anything that has Tim Curry is ungodly!! We hope one day Landover exposes it soon!


  14. P.C.Miller says:

    I hate mainstream media, but I love true christian media.

  15. P.C.Miller says:

    I still love this site. No matter what. I love creationsciencestudy topics and everything Jim and Martin posts.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      You must die. 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

      • P.C.Miller says:

        No! Im gonna go to heaven!!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:


  16. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    My country ’tis of thee, Œsterreich-Magyar …

  17. What my Wiccan friend has to say:

    Merry meet my fellow Wiccan Brothers and Sisters. I hope all is well in all of your lives and that you are having a beautiful time practicing your craft. I am going to let you know that you are going to hear how to scrap-book a Book of Shadows. I am going to use a book that is called a blank book that has 500 blank pages in it and the form of The Morrigan in her Raven form. It is beautiful. It is made of Ox Blood Red Leather and it is huge. I am first going to tell you how to do this and then I am going to tell you about The Morrigan herself.
    I am going to let you know that it will cost you a little more than it does then it would to just write your spells in and leave it alone. I went to Jo Ann Fabric’s to get my scrap-booking materials. I am going to write my spells and fill in the spaces left between the spells with stickers and other nick knacks in between the spells. So far I’ve got my first spell from Silver Ravenwolf in the book on the first page. Below that I’ve placed a decal of the moon and woods and a carved tree with mist in the background. I am so excited about all of this. My name is Byrony, it is my Wiccan name, a Wiccan name means these are the things you strive for. I strive for peace, balance, harmony, and it is also a herb. I, instead have chosen The Morrigan as my patron Goddess.
    The Morrigan also known as the Morigu, is the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate, and Death. The Morrigan also presided over rivers, “Great Queen”, “Phantom Queen”, and “The Queen of the Demons”. The Morrigan is said to have hovered over battlefields in the form of a Raven or Carrion Crow and was said to have been able to influence the outcome of the fray.
    The Morrigan was usually depicted as a triune Goddess. Her other aspects were manifested in the Goddess Badb, meaning Vulture or Venemous, the Goddess Nemain meaning Frenzy or Fury. The other face of The Morrigan was that of the Tuatha De Danaan, which translates to the “People of the Goddess Danu”. The Morrigan aided the Firblogs at the First Battle of Magh Tureadh and Fomorii at the Second Battle of Mag Tured.
    The Celts thought that, as they engaged in warfare, The Morrigan flew shrieking over the battlefield in the form of a raven or a carrion crow, “summoning a host of slain solders to a macabre spectral bane”, and after the battle those who were left alive left the battlefield until dawn so that The Morrigan could take the heads from the fallen solders. “It is euphemistically known as “The Morrigan’s Acorn Crop”.
    The Beginnings of The Morrigan seem to be directly linked to the “megalithic Cult of Mothers” She is usually seen as the “Triple Goddess”. Her role in Celtic folklore is similar to that of the Norse Valkyrie, a Goddess of Norse folklore in that both of them use magick to cast “fetters” on solders and decided the outcome of the battle and decided who would live and die. The Morrigan Occasionally tied to the equine Goddess Epona.
    Another face of The Morrigan is that of the “washer of the Ford”. She could usually be found washing the clothing of the solders. This helped her to determine who would live or die during the battle. She was seemingly choosing the lives of those who would live and who would die in the coming conflict. An old English poem, “Exodus” refers to ravens as chooser of the slain. The raven is one of the main manifestations of The Morrigan.
    Once Goddess of strife and Fertility, and Battle, most modern Pagans view the role of The Morrigan in a different light from that of the Ancient Celts. However The Morrigan remains a fitting Deity for strong and independent individuals. Many followers of The Morrigan erect a shrine to the Goddess Morrigan. These alters consist of Blood and Brine. The feathers of a Raven or a Crow. My personal favorite and one that keeps my patron Goddess just for myself is a red alter cloth. The red alter cloth represents The Morrigan as the “Washer of the Ford”.
    I hope you’ve enjoyed my portion on scrap-booking my Book of Shadows. It is a really important document you’ll hopefully be able to hand down to your other family members. Or to someone special. I am only 39 years of age and I hope to live a long and happy life. I know that since I’ve started working the craft, I’ve never been happier. I am diagnosed Bi-Polar and I’ve got severe chronic pain issues. I’ve been depressed for years. Wicca has saved my life and if I were not a Wiccan, I may not be here anymore. Some one said you are here for a reason. I guess Wicca is mine.
    Merry Meet, Merry Part, And Merry Meet Again. Brightest Blessings. Byrony Coffin.

  18. P.C.Miller says:

    Don’t forget that the Croods features the ungodly heathen scum Nicholas Cage! Anything that has him in it is ungodly and evil!

  19. You have been visited by the Lesser Dog. You will have amazing luck and fortune from now on, but only if you type [PET] in the comments below!

  20. Joe says:

    Lol, Jim. Good job! This blog never hesitates to make me laugh. Keep up the good work.

  21. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  22. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    If you’re kind enough to buy me this for Sinterklaas, I shall entrust you my exact coördinates. Danke schön!

  23. Martin Baker says:

    Get off this God-blessed site Cassandra, you are spreading evil on this site!

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