The country has rebelled from God and is allowing the homosexual agenda to flourish. It is time for Ireland to repent for its Cultural Marxism practices before the country plunges into terror and God won’t be around for that.

Martin Baker

5 thoughts on “GOD HATES IRELAND!

  1. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Ugh. :facepalm: It’s none of your business what the Republic of Ireland allows and what not. I believe people must have the right to same-sex marriage when it comes to civil marriage, because it is in the hands of the state. Church same-sex marriage, however, cannot exist, because it is against the Bible and Christian principles; it’s like ordering that the (Catholic) Church must preform Muslim, Jewish or any other rituals. It is contradictory.
    I don’t want Christianity to change and submit to the modern times, but it must stay out of secular things.

    • Vid says:

      Kid. Our rights are in GOD’S Hands. HE is the JUDGE.
      When we depart from this world, our souls will be sent to either
      Heaven or Hell according to our works we did on earth while we’re alive.

      • Joe says:

        Which is none of the state’s buisiness, the state is in the buisiness of things that can be proved and things that at least have some chance of being proved.

  2. Vid says:

    GOD hates SIN, not Sinners.
    GOD is not the author of confusion, and HE does not change HIS MIND nor HIS LAWS.
    GOD Loves these Gay and Lesbian people but their SIN that HE HATES.
    So when their SIN will be casted to eternal hellish fire, so their souls go along with them. They must repent and must change their life style or otherwise.

  3. Joe says:

    I am laughing out loud though. This is the FUNNIEST DAMN THING!

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