13 thoughts on “Disproving evolution easily!

  1. Um, you do know bacteria evolves over MILLIONS OF YEARS?

  2. That poor man; he died the way he lived, at his desk…

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    This post has a wrong title; it ought to say: Proving That Martin Baker Doesn’t Possess a Brain. Agree you not? Martin possesses just an empty skull 💀 which steals valuable oxygen from other beings that actually are worthy of living. 🐌

  4. This is not how Evolution works you idot.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Liar. The evilutionist propaganda says I can get wings if I want or that we will be coming from monkeys.

      • Ok you are a troll. Do some research before you comment.

        And then you wonder why we make fun of christians!



      • P says:

        You really are an idiot if you not only think that’s what evolution is, but you refuse to listen to people that actually know what they’re talking about and present you with actual facts about evolution.

  5. Hell spawn says:

    Ok, so I’ve been reading this forum for a while now, and I am stumped, I absolutely cannot decide if you are for real or not? Certain posts such as ones where you shop dead people into photo’s, or find the word Satan spelled out over an entire paragraph, or…. Literally a thousand other examples… Make me want to say that this entire blog is a giant joke. But almost 4 years of posting seems like incredible commitment to a bit, please please Jim, tell me if this is legit?, I promise I won’t tell anyone and spoil your gag

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