God has punished Russia!

Vladimir Putin is purely EVIL!

Vladimir Putin is purely EVIL!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that God is entirely displeased with the evils practiced by Vladimir Putin and the Russian nation?  For their Communist beliefs, atheism, tolerance of man-on-man kissing (only for dictators), and other ungodly acts,  God has allowed a Russian airliner to break up in mid-air over the Sinai peninsula, in Egypt.  All 244 people on board were killed.  God was greatly pleased, and all these ungodly heathens onboard were immediately cast into the fires of Hell.  Cold, you might think.  However, God gives everyone a chance for salvation.  The Russians rejected that chance for salvation.  By rejecting salvation, the Russians rejected God. By rejecting God,the Russians passed judgment upon themselves and those who died on the plane crash are now in Hell.  For it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay-says the Lord.” (Romans 12:19). The Russians acted of Satan and challenged God’s country America, and God responded by punishing Russia by crashing a Russian plane, much like God allowed over 6 million Jews to perish during the Holocaust as punishment for the crucifixion of Jesus. God hates all who challenge him, and all will ultimately face judgment.

God hates Fags and dictators!

God hates Fags and dictators! They will be judged!

244 dead people is but a drop in the bucket, boys and girls.  When the end of the world comes, there will be a battle so great that nobody will be left untouched. Many thousands will die, and it will make all of the wars ever fought in the world look mild. All will be judged on that glorious day. Those that are True Christians will be allowed to live in God’s kingdom.  Those that are not will be cast into the lake of fire.  Those Russians who died on the Russian Airbus A321 are already beginning to undergo eternal torment, and are being burned and prodded and tortured and tormented non-stop in Hell as we speak.  However, that death will be punctuated by a greater death in Hell at the final judgment, where that torment will likely become even worse.

God's punishment is glorious!

God’s punishment is glorious!

Let us take a moment to celebrate the fact that God has once again struck down His enemies! The ungodly ISIS heathens have tried to claim credit for this crash, but they are Muslims living in the dark ages and sleeping in caves who are far too foolish to actually take down a real aircraft.  Give glory for this crash to God, not to the foolish Muslim heathens who will soon burn in Hell along with the passengers.   If there is anything God hates more than Russian Communists, it’s Muslims! God has struck against Russia in the hopes that they will one day repent.  If they do not, God will continue to strike against them.

God hates Communists. God hates heathens. If you are a Communist or a Heathen, or a supporter of either, then God hates YOU. It is easy for God to bring down a plane. It is just as easy for God to destroy you. Remember that before you sin next.

Let us pray:

Dear almighty and dominant God, our Holy Creator. We thank you very much for striking a blow against the evil Russians who hate America and all that is Holy. We ask that your execution of those 244 people will lead the rest of Russia to repent. If not, we ask you to destroy more Russians, until they do repent.  We ask this in the name of Christ, our Holy Lord and Savior, who died for us. Amen.

God’s wrath is always present in this world. Do not be the victim next time it hits. Repent or burn!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

27 thoughts on “God has punished Russia!

  1. Martin Baker says:

    Amen Jim. God hates Russia because it is communist.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      You two are a Devil’s disgrace, the source of all evil and Devil incarnate himself! You deserve to be painfully and slowly punished in agony until death and eaten by wild animals, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker! I hope someone finds your pathetic, poor, dirty, vile, low-class proletarian home and kills you while you bathe by drowning you!
      Russians are Orthodox Christians. And America deserves to be hated by them and everybody else; she is the most evil country in the world. (Whenever I speak about America being evil, I always mean the corrupt and evil politics of world domination and exploiting resources of other countries for her own gain while depriving those who are actually entitled to them, and not the people of America themselves who have no direct power to change their country’s evil path.)

      • Now, now, Cassandra, these people aren’t evil. They just have SPECIAL brains that don’t think in terms of logic, reason, research or facts. They are living stereotypes of faithful Christians.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        I know, SF PaperDragon. But ignorance is the greatest sin of them all. They are inspired by Devil himself!

      • Suddenly, Heaven a seems much better choice if Hell will have these guys.

      • Vid says:

        Kid, hold down your temper. I hate to see young girls go online and curse. If Michelle Obama curses is OK, but beautiful classy lady like Tyra Bank curses, hummm.. it breaks my heart. 😔
        Why you allow these 2 Jim & Martin bother your mind? God is the judge not us.
        Well I am saying for your own good. Hell is real. You cannot go there.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        I never curse, Vid; not even in my mind. I find those words beginning with the letter ‘f’ and such disgusting and very obscene and inappropriate. But I do use very negative, powerful adjectives against Jim and Martin in order to show my extreme despisement/scorn towards them. I know I and not the one to judge, but I cannot contain myself when someone thanks ‘God’ and prays to him for more innocent victims and tragedies. This is simply unacceptable and I stand strongly behind what I have written here and don’t intend to take it back. They deserve it.
        And don’t worry, I don’t even think about this ‘Jesus-blessèd site’ otherwise in my everyday life; I just come here to entertain myself and be critical (and often sarcastic) towards awful people.

    • You’re behind the times. Russia is no longer communist.

  2. Joe says:

    I and my children read your blog evey time you post something. Thank you for your hard work at spreading God’s will.

    • You couldn’t think of a less obvious, generic name, Jim? We know it’s you. Believing in your guys’ faith (whatever it is) is one thing. Believing you two specifically is another.

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      You, Joe, whoever you may be, are the Devil’s slave and your children are his slaves as well! You deserve and are destined to enjoy the eternal fires if you believe this Satan’s blog spreads will of the Almighty. IHS

      • Joe says:

        No that wasn’t him, I was kidding, I’m not a horrible person.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Thank the deities you were just kidding. 😇 Unfortunately, there may be people who do exactly what you described. 😖
        Have a pleasant day.

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Although they are very cheap, they are scrumptious. 🍫

  4. Vid says:

    I’ve been away for so long, I almost forgot our friends Jim and Martin. This job is crazy but the most important thing I have a job and salary to buy food and pay rent 🙂 Saving money and when I retire I am going to move back to my native country, France far away from those fanatic Muslims. Anyway between Obama and Putin, I like neither one of them.
    Obama is a little better than one thing he would never dump his wife no matter how not pretty she is. Putin is a cruel guy, not only he dumped his wife for 30 years, he is a real beast but he is very smart guy who is not afraid of fire or mud. I don’t like Putin, but I admire & respect a leader who is a very nationalist, does not allow same sex marriage. He is a true traditional Christian (Catholic/Orthodox ).

    My questions to Jim and Martin:
    If God punish only Russia bcoz of Putin who is strong leader and now reaching to the top most powerful man on earth, why did God give Russia Crimea, then helping Putin to bomb American allies instead the real ISIS? Putin helps his country to restore the Church, and his country has little debts, no illegal immigrants, no Muslim refugees such as Syrians in.
    Perhaps, God uses Evil Putin to punish America for turning away from Him, that’s I agree.
    If you read about FATIMA in Portugal in 1917, then you know, America will be punished for her wickedness, and RUSSIA will be the instrument of Heaven to punish the world. The prophecies were fulfilled in WWI, WWII. Now WWIII, if America does not turn away from their wickedness, God’ Wrath is soon fall upon America. When America falls and so does the whole world.

  5. Imelda says:

    Ah Bonjour, Vid.
    Je suis contente que vous soyez de retour
    Bon. A bientôt.

    Regardez “Why Putin is the most powerful man in the world” sur YouTube

    • Vid says:

      🙂 I’m fine Kiddo, but very tired. I’m still trying to adjust day and night.
      You should keep practicing English. You would not make it in school in North America such as Canada.

  6. Vid says:

    Reply to Cassandra.
    Sorry Kiddo. I didn’t actually read from A to Z. I just read fast then I made comment.
    I am happy to know you don’t curse. All of you young girls are Princesses, so don’t engage with those nonsense, but you can teach them. Also even if you made jokes, don’t put yourself down like making a pact with Satan, etc..
    You cannot go with Satan. Your place is with Jesup Christ in Paradise, that’s what you girls deserve.
    And pray and pray that our European nations with rich cultures and richb civilization turn to GOD and kick all those barbaric Muslims out.

    • Not all Muslims are barbaric. Only about ten percent of Germans were Nazis. It’s the same with Muslims and extremists. Unfortunately, the extremists are a serious threat that few politicians take seriously in order to be politically correct. At least in America, where the majority’s philosophy is “if you disagree you’re intolerant” and you get branded an Islamaphobe if you’re worried about extremists. Mind you, some conservatives ARE Islamophobes. Actually, I think Jim and Martin are so extremely right-wing because they’re actually liberals making fun of the right wing.

      • Vid says:

        I didn’t say all Muslims, I said those barbaric Muslims. I was never proud of Napoleon Bonaparte, so Hitler is not in my book. The guy (Hitler) was crazy beyond repair. I am worried about my Europe continent but i am not worried for the US who can take care itself for being powerful . I like and love the US for giving me a good education and career, but I always love my native land.
        You want to call me Islamphobes is your freedom, but it won’t change the facts that Islam is violent, and I don’t like them in my country.

        Besides Muslims are mostly Christianophobies. Just look at every Muslim nations, Christians are being persecuted. I didn’t go to cause troubles in their countries, they shouldn’t cause trouble in mine either.
        Christians, non-Christians, and non-Muslims are welcome, but not fanatic Muslims.

      • Vid says:

        One more thing. I am speaking for my European people and Nations who are being terrorized by the Muslims aka CHRISTIANOPHOBIES.
        You knew crap about how we are going through and liver with them. If it was okay, I and many of my people would have not left to other countries such as US, Canada, Russia… etc.
        About Jim and Martin. Who am I to judge them? If they observed how much Europeans have to go through with the CHRISTIANOPHOBIES, and they voice their concerns about their nation security, they are nationalists.

      • I wasn’t calling you an Islamophobe. I was saying that a lot of conservatives get slammed for not being politically correct.

  7. Imelda says:

    Vid. You lived in Cambodia short timed but Cambodians not accepted you, Coz you are Caucasian. But Queen of Cambodia (French/Italian/Cambodian) also look Caucasian and her son, King today Caucasian a lot, Cambodian accepted them why? The Cambodians are racist?
    Je ne sais pas comment? Europeanophobes? Hehehehe….

  8. Someone Sane says:

    Sick sick sick sick sick sick sick. You’re god can go to hell.

    • Martin Baker says:

      God does not go to Hell. Only Satan and his fallen angels who were excommunicated by God stay in hell along with sinners like you.

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