Halloween is Helloween!

These whores of Babylon are right about one thing. They wear “Fire” on their slutty dresses because they are preparing to burn in the fires of Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that every year the Pagans, Satanists, and other heathens use the ungodly “holiday” of Halloween to lead our young people into sin?  That’s right, boys and girls. Satan’s day is coming up very soon. We need to be aware of all the risks out there for young True Christians so that parents can keep them safe. Halloween is of Satan, and if we are to combat Satan, we must be aware of the tools that he employs.  This will be a relatively long post, but it is an important one.

This ungodly motley crew means one thing. The Rocky Horror Satan Show is in town!

This ungodly motley crew means one thing. The Rocky Horror Satan Show is in town!

Every year around Halloween, the heathens (especially homosexuals who are of Satan) get together and watch the Rocky Horror Satan Show. They all group together in a theater, yell evil and ungodly things at the screen, dress in Satanic outfits, and participate in evil and ungodly rites of passage.  The first rite of passage, I am told, is called a virgin game, where virgins are sacrificed to the false god Frankenfurtle, a disturbing cross dresser in the film.  The second rite of passage is a Satanic dance called the Time Warp, where participants engage in an action called pelvic thrusting. I have done some research on this ungodly dance, and it is actually derived from Satanic cult dances from the 1970s.  The third, and most disturbing, rite of passage is the act called elbowsex.  After doing their evil Time Warp and virgin games, the Rocky Horror participants rub their elbows together and mimic the sexual act. This is done to show their communion with Satan.

the evil act known as elbow sex. Note the candles left over from another Satanic ritual!

the evil act known as elbow sex. Note the candles left over from another Satanic ritual!

The story line of the Rocky Horror Satan Show is fairly simple.  The film follows the misadventures of two characters, Brad and Janet. Brad and Janet drive after a wedding and break down.  Then a strange looking man with no neck appears onscreen and explains their situation.  Then they walk into a castle, where they meet the Butler and Frankenfurtle.  Frankenfurtle is a homosexual cross-dressing fag hero who creates male sex slaves. His first sex slave was Meatloaf, who he kills for some reason. His second sex slave is Rocky, a young man with lots of muscles (Janet alludes to “one big muscle,” but I am unaware of what she meant in that instance).  When they first get to the castle, they engage in the Time Warp. Then the elbow sex occurs in the theater.  Then, Frankenfurtle engages in homosexual and deviant acts with Brad as Janet engages in ungodly sexual activities with Rocky.  Finally, Dr. Strangelove the Nazi shows up in a wheelchair looking for Meatloaf, who the characters in the film are eating in an ungodly and cannabilistic fashion.  Finally, Frankenfurtle dies, Rocky, the Butler, and Magenter go back to their planet, and Brad, Janet and the Nazi are left on Earth. This is clearly extremely sinful stuff.  If you or your children are invited to go to the Rocky Horror Satan Show, run far away.  Ungodly orgies often occur at these showings, I am told.

A Typical whore of Babylon preparing to view the Rocky Horror Satan Show.

A Typical whore of Babylon preparing to view the Rocky Horror Satan Show.

A typical heathen Halloween Party

A typical heathen Halloween Party

Showings of the Rocky Horror Satan Show are not the only place where whores and homosexuals abound.  Especially around college campuses (where the atheists and heathens are strongest and Satan has a firm grip), young women are encouraged to attend Halloween parties dressed as little whores of Babylon, with much flesh and little morality.  Halloween is clearly a threat to our college-aged youth.  However, did you know that Halloween costumes are also used by Darwinists to make our children believe in Darwin? That’s right, boys and girls. The Darwinists have infiltrated Halloween too!

this evil costume supports Darwinism!

this evil costume supports Darwinism!

Consider the Demoncrat Flower Child costume! Look at the baby inside of a plant. This glorifies the heathen belief that animals evolved from plants and that we came from goo to zoo to you! In reality, God created us from dust, not from a flower.  However, the Darwinists want you to believe that that flower is your great great great great great great great great great grandfather. Why? Because devilution. If the flower isn’t evil enough, the evolutionists also create crocoduck-style outfits to try to prove their false theory.

This is the closest Darwinists will ever get to proving evolution!

This is the closest Darwinists will ever get to proving evolution!

if evolution were true, then how come we don't have any crocoducks?

if evolution were true, then how come we don’t have any crocoducks? Checkmate, atheists!

On a less Darwinistic note, Halloween also glorifies Satan worship and occult practices in general. Many ungodly and evil movies are watched every year on Halloween that celebrate demons and the occult. Movies are bad enough, but these movies aren’t the only thing Satanic happening on Halloween.  Every year, atheists and heathens alike play with Ouija boards and old rituals such as those found in the Lesser Key of Solomon and the Necronomicon (a copy of which, I am told, can be found in a small liberal arts college library somewhere in Massachusetts).  Every year, some foolish heathen attempts to summon a demon, not knowing what to expect or how to react when they open themselves to Satan’s influence. These gullible fools are led to believe that it is just a game, that these forces are something to be toyed with. Then they find themselves the victim of Demonic possession. Possession can only be cured through Christ, and many of these heathens do not know Christ, and also do not know enough to turn to Christ to cure themselves. All forms of divination and all attempts to talk to the dead are sinful, and sin is punished by God!

Satanic rituals like this lead only to hell.

Satanic rituals like this lead only to hell.

The Time Warp, Satanic ritual from Rocky Horror Satan Show!

The Time Warp, Satanic ritual from Rocky Horror Satan Show!

“Trick or treating” is also evil! The concept stems from the Nazis. How so? In Nazi Germany, soldiers used to knock on the doors of Jewish-owned shops. They then demanded gifts and bribes. If the Jew paid the Nazi, then the Jew would not be deported (at least early in Nazi history).  If the Jew didn’t pay, they would be sent to a concentration camp. Hence the term “trick or treat.”  If you give the Nazi a treat, they will not send you to a concentration camp (the trick).  Of course, the real trick was that all Jews would ultimately be targeted for deportation and extermination by the Nazis, so this was all a cruel game played by the average Nazi soldier to line his pockets.  Do you really want your child to behave like a Nazi? If yes, then by all means take them trick or treating. They will simply be committing an obvious and blatant act of intercourse with Satan and with evil, and will be judged by God accordingly!

the original Trick or Treat!

the original Trick or Treat!

Any “church” that accepts Halloween and celebrates it is CLEARLY of Satan.  Anyone that embraces atheism, works of the Devil, and Darwinism is a friend of the devil and no friend of Jesus. Do we know of any churches that are no friend of Jesus? Yes! The Catholics celebrate Halloween and call it All Souls Day every year! Why would the Catholics celebrate a holiday based on evil? Why would they celebrate a holiday that actually EMBRACES a Nazi practice? The answer is simple. The Catholic “church” is evil and of the devil!

The Catholic Church is EVIL!

The Catholic Church is EVIL!

As a Christian, you have two options. You can either celebrate Halloween and ally yourself with Satan, or you can choose to do the Christian thing and reject the “holiday.” If you celebrate Halloween, this is where you are going:

It is time for us to stand together as Christians and fight against Halloween! we must take back America for Jesus! We must take back the hearts of our children for Christ! Halloween is Helloween, and we must reject it! Make the right choice this October 31st!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

16 thoughts on “Halloween is Helloween!

  1. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Jim Solouki and Martin Baker, I officially declare you—by the grace of the Almighty—the biggest perverts who enjoy writing about disgusting and disturbing practices of Geschlechtsverkehr. You have a nasty, dirty mind and your God shall never forgive you for that; you are kin to Satan himself! I know you actually enjoy writing about these practices and this is a great sin you will never be able to absolve from, because your twisted mind cannot help itself. I actually feel sorry for you, in a way.
    I know it is YOU who are destined for hell. Your prayers cannot help you, you must change your lives drastically in order to be saved; you need to get an indulgence from POPE EMERITVS BENEDICTVS XVI. But I bet you cannot afford it, because you are too poor. I highly doubt that, unlike me, you have six figures on your bank account … 💶💶💶💶💶💶
    (Actually, not on the bank, but in several envelopes hidden within the borders of my residence.)

  2. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    I’ve made pact with the Devil …

    • Martin Baker says:

      Hell awaits you!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        WRONG!!!!! It is YOU who are destined to HELL FOR ETERNITY, you twisted, evil, dirty, not worthy of living human being who is going by the name of Martin Baker! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 If you cannot understand Sarkasmus, that’s your problem … It’s interesting how you bother not to reply to my first comment which actually says something relevant. You have no arguments against me; that’s why you remain silent.

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:


  4. This post reeks of the Landover Baptists. You even stole a picture from their site.

  5. Imelda says:

    Catholic Church où bien Orthodox Church found by Jesus Christ 2000 years old is no evil, but people are evils. Jesus Christ is God, His Church is Holy.
    New Churches found by Luther, Henri 8, … are evils.

  6. Imelda says:

    Regardez “Excommunicated Priest.. Exposes New World Order 1/3 Must see!” sur YouTube

    Good Catholique Priest excommunicated by Satan Priests. .

  7. Imelda says:

    Regardez “Real Luciferian Church Meeting (Must See)” sur YouTube

    Lucifer Church opens today in Texas, USA.

  8. I feel like I haven’t made any good contributions to the comments wall today, so I will just add this video playlist of Feast of Fiction!
    See if there is anything you like!

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