Christians, Let’s Boycott Star Wars VII

Greetings True Christians. Perverted magic underwear director and Agent of Satan, George Lucas and godless Hollywood are at it once again by releasing the upcoming Star Wars film which is based on Mormon, atheistic, and Buddhist ideas. Little does the public know that the new film spews Marxist ideas that glorify Russia’s rise during the Cold War. It’s also no surprise that the film’s release on Christmas is a political move by America’s Cultural Marxism movement to demonize Christmas and to continue the War on Christmas. The Devil’s favorite sinners, Star Wars fans and Trekkies, will definitely plan on rejoicing this filth by worshiping the “force”, but we Christians know the True Force and that is The One and only True Creator, God.


The film starts on a barren desert planet with a female character and smutty female aliens. Undoubtedly, this planet can be seen as a reference to Lucas’ Mormon belief of the planet Kolob where God lives there and is just a human being who has sexual relations with many woman.


The Force Awakens also has Darwinist ideas in it. The Stormtroopers are originally depicted as white, superior beings in the Star Wars films, but Lucas goes further by having a black person play as a stormtrooper. By pulling this little stunt, Lucas is simply spreading his Darwinist beliefs by making it appear as if black people “evolved” from white people. This is ungodly stuff that Lucas likes to smuggle in his films. Don’t forget that Lucas is also hiding racist themes in the movie. With the black guy dressed as a stormtrooper, Lucas expresses his racist Mormon beliefs that one must be truly cleansed of sin by going from black to white, and this is also probably a reference to former Mormon Michael Jackson who tired to be fully white by bleaching his skin and is now in Hell! Also look at how Lucas likes to depict stormtroopers to look like members of the KKK. Why are they not correctly called Klantroopers in the movies?

The villain is unmasked and next to stormtroopers resembling the KKK!


But there is more that we must warn about this film. Images released of the Force Awakens show how there is an undeniable connection with the Nuremberg Rallies of Nazi Germany.


Nuremberg Rally

The film also tells us Lucas was inspired by the Cold War and the rise of Communism in Russia and China. Just look at that red flag in the background with a symbol used by the New World Order in the movie. Red was the color during the Cold War that symbolized fear and oppression to Christians. By connecting scenes to the Nuremberg Rallies and Communist Russia, Lucas makes it clear that Star Wars is about furthering the communist agenda favored by Hitler, Marx, Mandela, and Carter. Lucas and smutty Hollywood want Cultural Marxism to spread in America and for Modern Day Christiandom to be erased.


What exactly is the force? Trekkies may respond by saying it is a luminous and mystical power, but in reality “The Force” is an unbiblical theme that relates to Buddhism and other Asian religions, like Hinduism, that worship False Gods. Essentially, the “Jedi”, who are actually a cult of monks in disguise, worship this power in order to become ungodly sorcerers. Never in the Star Wars films do the Jedi pray to God for help; they only worship this energy as their own God, which violates the Ten Commandments telling that you should not worship any other gods. Sadly, the fans of these movies also worship their personal idol by the name of Yoda who is a champion of “the force” and clearly Buddha in disguise. Obviously Jesus does not matter to the fans. We Christians know Jesus as the True Force and the way to Heaven. Star Wars gets you nowhere but to Hell!

There are other ungodly themes in Episode 7. Pirates in the movie undoubtedly resemble uncivilized and savage Somalia pirates who want to take our freedoms away from America. And there are also the gay robot pair, R2-B2 and CD3PDO who inspired the homosexual movie Brokeback Mountain. Aliens are unbiblical since they imply God created life elsewhere and not on Earth as stated in The Book of Genesis.


Heathen Pirates.



R2B2 an C3DPO engaging in rampant homosexual acts in the new movie.

It is unfortunate that The Force Awakens is being released this Christmas as an attempt to continue the War on Christmas but also to demonize Christmas. Lucas wants to spread his atheistic, Hindu, and mormon beliefs to the world as an attempt to brainwash Christians and to make more fans follow his cult. The films are an insult to Christianity since Annakan Skywalker, who was destined to become the good guy like Jesus after being born of a virgin birth, turned to pure evil and the opposite of Jesus. Star Wars, or more appropriately Satan Wars, is responsible for causing a rise in New Age practices like witchcraft, paganism, worshiping the Illuminati, and atheism. The films are also responsible for the bullying of Christians, gay marriages, believing in evolution, teenage sexuality, Rock n Roll, and other vile acts that offend God. As we Christians know, anybody who ever claimed to be all powerful with the “force” in biblical times would be stoned to death, but we know the Christian way is to preach the word of God and hope that they become saved. Does God ever matter to Star Wars fans? God is the one and True Force out there who created the Heavens and Earth. As Christians, it is our goodly duty to fight the evils from Hollywood and to take back the movies and TVs for Christ. We must boycott this film, Lucas, and other films that attack Christians.

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker


12 thoughts on “Christians, Let’s Boycott Star Wars VII

  1. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    This post only shows how irrelevant your ‘True Christian teachings’ really are, Martin Baker and Jim Solouki. Who cares about a stupid film?! This is just a film, and if people are going to convert because of it, there’s no hope for them in either case.
    Please, try to write about something relevant. Like, how did the floorplans of churches change though centuries and how did the longitudinal scheme became prevalent instead of the central.

    • Martin Baker says:

      These are ungodly images you are posting. The Catholic Church is not of God.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Almost every single picture (97½% of them) you two post on THIS SATAN-INSPIRED BLOG is ungodly! You really have the guts to say that above picture is ungodly. You must be one of the most stupid, pathetic and undereducated people in this world!!!!! The picture represents the floorplans of St Peter’s Basilica, which is actually irrelevant, because no matter which building the floorplan represented, it would NOT be ungodly. Art CANNOT be ungodly! ART IS ABOVE EVERYTHING AND MOST CERTAINLY ABOVE YOUR PATHETIC DEITY!!!!! And the Roman Catholic Church is the only true Church; ⛪ you two are SPREADING A FALSE SECT, just like Jehovah Witnesses.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:


  2. I smell a counter-article!

  3. Zoe Farris says:

    What a crock of…well. crock. and quoting the article – “What exactly is the force? Trekkies may respond by saying it is a luminous and mystical power, but in reality “The Force” Trekkies are a whole other fandom, so obviously you do not know anything about the topic you are pulling apart, and you do not understand the term ‘FICTION’ and ‘Science FICTION” The operative word being ‘FICTION’. And when you stop miss-inturperating the bible for your own ends to control people, and start using it for peace and love for ALL, then stop preaching, because you are worse than those you condemn.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Did you know Star Wars is for sinners like you? You may also not know the “force” is based off witchcraft and sorcery that God condemns. There is one true force, and that is God. Also science fiction is ungodly. You can look up to learn how science fiction is unbiblical.

      • Agent X says:

        Why don’t you shut up about Star Wars 7? In fact, what is your deal with humanity? To quote Simon Pegg’s The World’s End, “It is our basic human right to be f**k-ups!”

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