Burn in Hell, Ansarullah Bangla Team!

God hates Mohammad, too!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to bring to your awareness the work of the heathen Muslim terrorist group Ansarullah Bangla Team. They are a group of terrorist scum from the country of Bangladesh and have made threats against many bloggers. More on that here. As a blogger and Christian pastor, it is my duty to comment on their actions.  Every time you threaten the life or physical well-being of a living individual, God will add torment to your sentence in Hell. Every time you seek to harm a living person, you do yourself harm in the afterlife.  You are all going straight to the fires of Hell after death, members of Ansarullah Bangla Team.  Do not pass go. Do not collect 72 virgins. Go straight to Hell, where all Islamic terrorists go.

I would also like to declare a holy war upon these heathens.  I will continue to be critical of Islam so long as radical Islam continues to threaten the safety and well-being of True Christian Americans! The time for the next Crusade is now! We must renounce Islamic violence and replace it with Christian love. Then, and only then, can we take back the Middle East for Jesus.

Members of Ansarullah Bangla Team, there is only one way into Heaven. You must be born again in Jesus.  As a Muslim, you’re not getting in.  Burn in Hell, Ansarullah Bangla Team! God hates Muslims, God hates terrorists, and most of all, God hates YOU!

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

7 thoughts on “Burn in Hell, Ansarullah Bangla Team!

  1. Imelda says:


    Why Saudi Arabia et Arab rich states don’t take Muslim Syrian refugees? 😦

  2. Imelda says:

    Regardez “Holy Spirit, Please Come” sur YouTube 🙂

  3. Martin Baker says:

    Amen Jim!

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      You make me vomit, false Christian!

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      أبانا الذي في السموات،
      ليتقدس اسمك.
      ليأت ملكوتك.
      لتكن مشيئتك
      على الأرض كما هي في السماء.
      أعطنا خبزنا كفافنا اليوم،
      واغفر لنا ذنوبنا وخطايانا،
      كما نغفر نحن أيضا للمذنبين إلينا،
      وتؤدي بنا الا الى الاغراء،
      لكن نجنا من الشرير.
      للذين هي المملكة،
      والقوة، والمجد،
      إلى أبد الآبدين.

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