Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat!

Dear friends,

Did you know Hillary Clinton is an evil person somebody like Mao, Marx, or Hitler would ever dream of? That’s right, concerned citizens. Besides being married to a husband that lied about having ungodly affairs in the White House, Hillary is part of an Anti-Christian agenda that is trying to take the Great Nation away from Christ. These facts presented below prove how dangerous she is and why she should not be voted for president.

-Hillary Clinton currently plays a part in the world’s largest Holocaust ever that kills unborn babies through Planned Parenthood. She also helped in the stealing of tax dollars which helped in the selling of aborted baby parts to godless countries.

-Hillary Clinton is a woman, and that makes her not fit to become president. She needs to know God created Adam first.

-She is responsible for gay marriages to be forced in America. As a consequence, marriages are redefined by a government that has turned away from God and has taken away our Christian Rights.

-Hillary Clinton wants Christians to become unarmed and to have their guns taken away.

-Hillary refuses to say Marry Christmas, but she prefers to say the offensive phrase “Happy Holidays.”

-She will have a godless government spy on the lives of innocent Christians. She will use the NSA to spy on Christians. This may also make it harder for new churches to be built, but will surely allow the construction of new mosques.

-Besides working with Planned Parenthood, she also works with the ACLU, MSNBC, and other like-minded organisations.


Do we Christians want this person of ungodly principles to take the White House? No. But who is the one candidate, chosen by God and not the people, to save this great nation from the secular evils that are making it illegal to say Merry Christmas, to display the Ten Commandments in the courts and schools, to display Nativity Scenes?


Rick Santorum! Remember to vote Santorum 2016 to save America.

Martin Baker

4 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton, another Demoncrat!

  1. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Please, be respectful when talking about dearest Hitlery Clinton. She deserves much more politeness from you than Rick Satanorum. 👿

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