The Devil and Dr. Funkenstein

Satan loves Funk!

George Clinton, disciple of the Devil!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I would like to tell you about the evil and ungodly music called funk. Funk is a form of music inspired by the devil, for the devil, for his Satanic purposes.  Funk music is like rock and roll for black people!  Funk was created by evolution through demonic influence and leads innocent children into drug use, alcoholism, homosexuality, and sex outside of wedlock (fornication).  Ephesians 5:19 tells us that we need to love hymns and Christian music, not music of the devil. In 1 Corinthians 14:15, we are told to sing praise. Psalms 66:2 tells us to sing the glory of HIS name! In Psalms 9:11, we are told to sing praises to the Lord.  Is this what funk music does? No! Funk music glorifies sexuality, drug use, and other Satanic deeds. This is how we know that it is of the devil! While True Christian music inspires a love of God, the evil musician George Clinton (the father of funk) wants “the funk” instead! In this post, I will focus solely on George Clinton and his minions, although there are numerous funk artists who are working for Satan.

“we want the funk. Gotta have the funk.”

No, Mr. Clinton, you gotta have Jesus.  Give up the funk and embrace the Truth of Christ, who was crucified for YOUR sins! These heathens are singing repetitive nonsense lyrics glorifying “the funk” instead of glorifying Jesus. They are doing it in evil muppet voices  as a way to lead our children away from God.  In fact, George Clinton has even infiltrated the muppets! I have proof! One of the members of the muppet band on the evil kid’s muppet show is even based on George Clinton. I’ll show you.

Proof that the George Clinton has infiltrated the muppets.

Proof that the George Clinton has infiltrated the muppets.

George Clinton is an evil, disturbed man. Consider some of the lyrics he has written. In his ungodly song “Flashlight,” the following lyrics are present: “Now I lay me down to sleep. I guess I’ll go count some sheep. Oh, but I will never dance…..Most of all he needs the funk. Help him find the funk.” This is a clear mockery of Christ and Christianity! The first line is a bastardized version of a wonderful Christian prayer, “and now I lay me down to sleep and pray the Lord, my soul to keep.” George Clinton is a God mocker, and he is double damned!  Most of all, he needs Jesus, not the funk! The flashlight is clearly the only light that Clinton has seen, because if he had seen the light of Christ, he would have written “Most of all he needs the Lord. Help him find the Lord.”  Here is the evil song in question:

Here is one more Satanic song from George Clinton, who refers to himself as “Dr. Funkenstein.” The song is called Dr. Funkenstein. This song glorifies Darwinism and sexuality, and is proof that Satan is behind his music!

“Microbiologically speaking,
When I start churnin’, burnin’ and turnin’
I’ll make your atoms move so fast
Expandin’ your molecules
Causing a friction fire
Burnin’ you on your neutron
Causing you to scream
“Hit me in the proton, BABY!””

Those evil lyrics are nothing more than an attempt to make children believe in evolution and the big bang! This song also glorifies teen sexuality, drug use, and violence (“if you like hit me again“).  George Clinton also wrote an evil song called “One Nation Under a Groove” that is too ungodly to link on this page, even for educational purposes. You see, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, George Clinton and funk musicians everywhere are working for the devil.  In fact, one of George Clinton’s Satanic followers, Bootsy Collins, refers to himself as the Starchild. This is a clear reference to Darwinism, as I will prove. Bootsy Collins calls himself the Starchild because he believes that he came from star dust instead of God. Bootsy Collins is headed straight to Hell!

Let us consider the atheistic drivel that inspired the name ‘starchild.’ Here is an example:

Boosty Collins, servant of Satan, disciple of Darwin.

Boosty Collins, servant of Satan, disciple of Darwin.

Bootsy Collins believes that he came from star dust instead of from the finger of God.  The video linked just above is a song used by Darwinists everywhere to glorify their clearly false beliefs.  Every molecule in you did not come from stardust, every molecule in you came from GOD.  Not only is Bootsy Collins a disciple of Darwin, but Bootsy Collins also believes in aliens! Bootsy Collins and George Clinton constantly rant about some drug-induced “mothership connection,” believing that they are in contact with extraterrestrials.  They are, in fact, being deluded by demons.  Gary Bates has written a wonderful book titled Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection (available here).  If you want to understand the UFO phenomenon from a Biblical perspective, I highly recommend it. “Aliens” are nothing more than demons trying to steal our soul! Bootsy Collins has infiltrated Hollywood as well, just like George  Clinton.  In fact, the Nemoneons in A Phantom Menace are based on his stage attire. Consider the following images:


Note how the evil Bootsy Collins flashes the devil horns hand sign.

same exact costume, inverted colors. Satan at work!

same exact costume, inverted colors. Satan at work!

This is not the first time that a funk artist has been featured in the Star Wars movies. In fact, George Lucas put a representation of George Clinton’s ungodly original band in the first Star Wars film.  Don’t believe me? I’ll show you the pictures.

the band in Star Wars

the band in Star Wars

George Clinton's evil band.

George Clinton’s evil band.

The similarities are clear. Note the space themed outfits in George Clinton’s band. Note the aliens in the Star Wars band.  George Lucas and George Clinton are working together to lead our children towards Satan and away from Christ! Satan has infiltrated Hollywood and the music industry and will not stop until he has taken the souls of our children.  My friends, the devil must be stopped! Funk music (and Star Wars) glorifies Darwinism, atheism, sexuality, and other sinful things.  They are trying to steal our little ones. Here is the only proper place for our little ones:


This is what Hollywood and George Clinton want to do to our children:


Repent Hollywood! Repent! Repent George Clinton! Repent! Repent you musical whores of Babylon! Repent!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, we must reject George Clinton and his minions. We must reject all ungodly forms of music. We must reject all music and all television that glorifies Darwinism and other sinful lies.  It is time to take back our airways and our televisions for Jesus! It is time to take back our stations for Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Solouki

35 thoughts on “The Devil and Dr. Funkenstein

  1. Imelda says:

    Dégoûtant. Yakkkkkk…..
    They ar Americans? Bien sûr.
    Oh là là. 😦

    • Vid says:

      Huh? You parents didn’t beat the crap of you for watching the devils? j/k 🙂
      Don’t you know Jim picks one group but that does not mean only these junk dudes who are bad, there are so many more. People are too corrupted in every where on the planet earth for the sake of $$$$ and power.

      SATAN infiltrated Church and in every household and in all,places, you name it. GOD will elect only people who are spiritually strong (faith) in HIM so the rest will be doomed.

      Remember POPE Leo’s vision of SATAN stood before GOD throne? He asked the Lord to give him power and times to destroy GOD’s Church. Our GOD granted him his request. Soviet Union and Moussolini sent thousand of their spies to be Priests, then Satanic ritual performed in the Vatican by some Catholic hierarchy. Gay priest rose like mushroom. Then POPE John Paul I was assassinated after 33 days as POPE, then they almost killed POPE John Paul II, too.
      🙂 POPE Francis can’t do anything to them, so he prophesied himself that he can live about 2-3 years then he will go back home to be with his Father.

      But don’t be afraid “N’ayez pas peur”. Our job is to pray unceasingly for Priests to turn to serve GOD not SATAN. GOD’s Church remains HOLY until the end (as HE promised that the gate of hell cannot prevail), but bad people will be sent to hell, only the good ones will be in heaven.

      If you cannot understand my comment email me, I’ll explain. I am sure you can understand. All you need is you should practice writing English.


  2. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Oh, just shut up, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker, you hustlers of your True Christian false God. You need to repent before it is too late. You truly are doomed forever. I have seen the future …

    • Imelda says:

      Saint père Benoît xvi is my favorite Pope. 🙂


      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Mine, too, dearest Imelda! I am sad he decided to resign. Francis is okay, but I liked Benedict XVI more. ☺

      • Vid says:

        POPE Benedict XVi is one of my most favorite POPE, too. He is the most Holy and humble POPE among POPE John Paul II and POPE Francis, I knew in my life time. He was an obedience servant of GOD. Some people attacked him and hated him, but GOD loves him that’s all he and everyone needs. He’s old and he knew what Satan has been up in the Church of GOD. He lives in a room with an old bed, little old desk and chair, and he has prayed many times a day, fast, and confess ( Repent). He will be be in heaven.

        We cannot please the people in this world no matter what we do. As Our Lord said to His disciples “If you belonged to the world, the world would love you as its own, but because I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you”.

  3. A collection of dirty lyrics does not the whole of funk condemn.


  5. Vid says:

    >SF PaperDragon says:
    >August 31, 2015 at 3:40 pm
    >If you could get your FACTS right I could believe your FAITH.

    Huh? 🙂 I am not your savior, I am just a miserable sinner like the rest 7 billions. You can believe anything you want including dog, cat, cow…. I only shared that Mormonism found by Joseph Smith is no where to be found in the history or geography etc./ The weird thing was the book of Abraham papyri later translated by Egyptologists turned to be the Egyptian funeral. Still these criminals didn’t shy away, insisting to deny the true. If any Mormon members challenged their authorities, they kicked them out. 🙂

    Thousand and thousand left and keep leaving after they learned the true from the Internet. Now they go down to deceive Africans and Polynesians, but wait until those people find out the true, they too will leave. Cambodian Americans in Long Beach, Stockton,.. and at Metropolitan DC areas I talked to during their New Year 2014 now rises to more than 200 left the Mormon church. When asked why? They said “fake church for their business empire”.


  6. Wow, I missed a lot while I was in the Lake District! Vid, I see you are doing fine. Cassandra, you’re still awesome! Bonjour Imelda! Cette vidéo était génial!

    As a welcome back present I will leave you with this, the playlist of “If The Emperor Had A Text-to-Speech Device” and an image below that in another comment.

  7. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  8. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Jim and Martin, your Satanic Rick Santorum doesn’t deserve better than this:


    A post shared by President Donald J. Trump (@realdonaldtrump) on

    I am glad True Christianity shall fail again at ruling America. Remember my words: Jim and Martin’s True Christianity is of the Devil!!!

    • Vid says:

      Don’t you worry Baby, GOD is in control. You may get the President that you don’t like.
      Almost every nation is being judged. America is being judged and will be punished. Many turned away from GOD, and many pushed for abortion and for same sex marriage, so GOD gave Obama to satisfy them, then the LORD will bring wrath upon her (America).
      Russia killed too many lives during Stalin ruled, he killed too many lives in his own country and other nations he spread his Communist ideology. Now Russia became a mafia state (crimes after crimes), so corrupted, then GOD gave Russia a man (former KGB, a wife beater) from an unknown background to be their leader. He is just dumped his wife for 30 years. They said he secretly married a woman who is younger than his own daughters. He allowed ZERO democracy.

      The funny thing was I heard that Obama has no real birth certificate and he was born from a teenage mother whose husband from Kenya. So what? He is Muslim by birth, Christian (through his wife) and Atheist (enjoys to promote same sex marriage) at the same time.

      Putin I heard was born in Georgia from a teenage Mother with no husband. So what? Putin is now a powerful man. Putin professed as a Christian wears Cross, but he does not follow his LORD Jesus Christ.

      But who cares? Because everyone will be dead sooner or later.

      My prediction: Donald Trump will not be the US President.
      Jebb Bush will be. Santorum is a man of GOD, he will not be President. Because GOD is about to punish America. Jeb Bush will nuke :), then the NWO will come.

      But I will vote for Geert Wilders. 🙂


      • Imelda says:

        Moi aussi. 🙂 How do you do?

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Hello my dearest Imelda! ❤
        I am doing very well; I am just worried about the ongoing refugees crisis. Do you reside in France métropolitaine? I am afraid the refugees shall outnumber the autochthonous population of Europe in the future and force their culture upon us. I hope the politicians aren’t stupid enough to let anyone live on the European soil …

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      I still remember these audio cassettes from the time I was a child … My boyfriend’s grandmother still has a recorder that plays the magnetic tape, which is a couple of decades older. 😉 But, although they’re obsolete, I still love to use disquettes, also known as ‘floppy disks’ in some parts of the world. In the case of a severe solar radiation, all digital data shall be wiped (unless enshrined within a lead container), while my disquette with my book of shadows stored on it will survive the digital apocalypse! (Sarkasmus.) 🙂

  9. Vid says:

    SATAN conquered the Atheists like Stalin, and Mussolini, and he used them to do dirty jobs. sent his army to invade Church(es), every nation, governments,…household, jobs,…in everywhere. Remember Pope Leo’s vision?
    GOD’s Church remains Holy until the end, but people are so corrupted.
    Why GOD allowed SATAN to cause problems upon us? May be to verify to SATAN GOD’s children will never fall into SATAN’s hands.

    If you don’t understand then read JOB, how Satan wanted to destroy JOB, so he went to heaven and stood before GOD accusing GOD for protecting JOB. GOD allowed SATAN to destroy everything JOB had, but spare his life.

    Vid 😦

  10. Vid says:

    I have to admit that whatever Jim and Martin posted in their Website, they are very concerned that many of their Christian brothers and sisters will go to Hell. Pope Leo’s vision of Satan stood before GOD and demanded to prove that the CHURCH of our LORD will be doomed. Satan requested to have more power and more times to destroy GOD’s CHURCH, so Our LORD granted him as HE did in JOB’s time. What happened to Job? Job was even blessed more than before, because Job was a true believer in GOD, he made Satan wept all the way back to hell. :

    But today the believers are not many left, that’s why we have seen why Our LORD is reaching out to people among Buddhists, Muslims, Hindu, and Atheists. We are in the Revelation time, folks. Satanists are rising.
    Watch this Video, and see for yourself that too many Christians will go to hell for their wickedness.

  11. Vid says:

    See this 🙂 hahahah….

  12. Vid says:

    Dr. James David Manning is a man sent by GOD to tell HIS Black children to Repent.

    Since I am Eurasian 🙂 I only post for ya’ll to watch and think.

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