AIDS is God’s Favorite Virus!

Freddie Mercury, sodomist, heathen, and killed by AIDS

Freddie Mercury, sodomist, heathen, and killed by AIDS

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the AIDS virus is a creation by God used to kill the ungodly? That’s right, boys and girls. The AIDS is God’s favorite virus, and is a tool used by God to usher sinners such as Freddie Mercury and other fags, Isaac Asimov and other evil scientists, and Muslims and heathens in Africa off of this earth and into the fires of Hell forever! When people choose to reject God, God tries to bring them back home. When they continue to reject God, God eventually rejects them, and afflicts them with the AIDS.  When they get the AIDS, which is a perfect Godly virus that proves Creation and disproves the ungodly dogma of Darwinism, they soon die. The virus that kills them is a proof of God’s existence, and serves as an example to still-living people that God will strike down those who reject Him!

The AIDS virus, proof of a Creator

The AIDS virus, proof of a Creator

Did you know that every time the ungodly scientists think that they have a vaccine for the AIDS, the AIDS mutates and then cannot be destroyed by puny atheistic medicine? AIDS, like cancer, cannot be cured by the atheist scientists. This is by design. When God chooses for people to die from a disease, God uses a disease that cannot be cured by the atheists. The people who die from AIDS and cancer are nearly always sinners who God is punishing for their unwillingness to repent. God does this to bring them closer to Him. When an atheist such as Isaac Asimov is afflicted with the AIDS, he can either choose to turn to God, at which point his illness will be miraculously cured, or to continue to reject God, at which point the AIDS will kill him.  Asimov had two options. He chose the wrong one and is now dead and burning in Hell as we speak along with Nelson Mandela, Hell’s whore Mother Theresa, Freddie Mercury, Hitler, Darwin, and all the other minions of Satan. Don’t be like Isaac Asimov! Choose God!

Isaac Asimov wearing Darwin's Satan chops

Isaac Asimov wearing Darwin’s Satan chops

Did you know that the entire continent of Africa is even now being punished for Ramses refusal to free the Israelites? The Africans continued to fight against God throughout the years, and eventually either clung to heathen happy dappy tribal beliefs or converted to Islam (in the case of closet Kenyan Barack HUSEIN Obama). The Africans rejected God and Christ, and God has forsaken most of the people on this heathen continent.  The only visionary to come from Africa, Nelson Mandela, is surely in Hell as we speak for being an ungodly communist! In Africa, many believe that sexual interactions with infants can cure AIDS. This leads to the rape of innocent infants, and leads the perpretrators straight to Hell. Africa is filled with ungodly people who have sex with infants, sleep with members of the same sex, and even engage in bestiality. Clearly, God is just when He punishes them. This is why AIDS is most prevalent in Africa.

Behold, the wrath of God.

Behold, the wrath of God.

It is no surprise that the group most afflicted by the AIDS is homosexuals.  Homosexuals are an abomination to God (Leviticus 20:13), and the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death.  It makes sense that God is targetting homosexuals more than anyone with the AIDS.  Because society has stopped properly punishing homosexuality, God has to step in and do it Himself. These heathens are the reason that the AIDS exists:

Revelers enjoy during the annual Gay Pride Parade in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on June 10, 2012. About 3 million people were expected to take part in the parade under the 2012 theme "Homophobia has cure".  AFP PHOTO/Yasuyoshi CHIBAYASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/GettyImages ORG XMIT:

God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! As long as the fag enablers continue to support sodomy and other homosexual heathen acts, God will punish them harshly, bringing death and despair upon them.  Barack Obama is a supporter of sodomy and homosexual rights, and wants to push this sickness upon his home continent of Africa.  Luckily, True Christian pastor Martin Ssempa is willing to stand up for Africa and fight against him. Consider the following video:

Martin Ssempa is taking a wonderful stand in Africa with the Ugandans United Against Sodomy.  In a time when America is falling deep into sexual deviance where homosexuality is both tolerated and embraced, some enlightened Ugandan Christians have learned that homosexuality will only lead to punishment from God through the use of tools such as the AIDS. Does America have a political candidate who will take a stand against sodomy?

Rick Santorum is God's choice for president in 2016!

Rick Santorum is God’s choice for president in 2016!

Rick Santorum is willing to take a stand against sodomy! In fact, Rick Santorum already has! Rick Santorum knows that homosexuality and sodomy should be criminalized! Rick Santorum rejects man-on-dog and all forms of bestiality. Rick Santorum knows that God created Adam and Eve and not Eve and Yvonne! Rick Santorum is a God-fearing Christian who will fight against homosexuality and all other sins.  If Rick Santorum is elected president, God will begin to cleanse America of the AIDS.  When the homosexuals give up their ungodly acts of sodomy, God will stop afflicting them with AIDs too!  We must elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president, in 2016 if we wish to defeat the ungodly homosexual victories from Satan allowed by the Obama administration and fought for by the Anti-Christian Liberals Union!

santorumandsempaThe True Christian, Godly men, Martin Ssempa and Rick Santorum are both taking a stand against sodomy and for Jesus.  Who are they fighting against? Heathens like this:



Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., address guests at a fundraising event in Chicago, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)


Do not join forces with these ungodly heathens! Vote for Santorum, and help save America from the AIDS.  The AIDS is a punishment from God for homosexuality and sodomy, and we need leaders who will crack down on these abominations!  Obama and the Demoncrats won’t! It’s time for a True Christian president! It’s time to elect Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016! Vote for a Demoncrat and you might be next on the Lord’s AIDS list. It’s time to take a stand for Jesus and reject the heathens.  It’s time to take back this country for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Vote Santorum 2016!

Vote Santorum 2016!

23 thoughts on “AIDS is God’s Favorite Virus!


    • the Holy Spirit has guided me to fix your misguided comment sinner.

      Yours in Christ,

      Jim Solouki

      • Glad you kept in the “fuck you” part and admit your god is the lord of violence.

      • Vid says:

        Hi Jim,
        You don’t have to waste time to reply. Here are the WORDS of GOD.
        From Leviticus 18:22-24.

        22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.

        23 “‘Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion.

        24 “‘Do not defile yourselves in any of these ways, because this is how the nations that I am going to drive out before you became defiled.

        You post a good article. Let them cry and curse. Because GOD will change their curse to blessing to you.
        They blaspheme GOD, by accusing HIM as a Violent GOD. He created His Laws through Moses, but they rejected and so they have to face the consequences. Even humans have their laws, if they break the laws of the lands they know where they will end up? JAIL.

        GOD Is HOLY, thus HIS Punishment upon them is JUST.

        Peace and GOD be with you.


        JESUS is LORD (GOD)

      • amen Vid! Jesus loves you!

        Yours in Christ,


      • Look, I agree AIDS is bad and a punishment from God, but you pack some bullcrap into every one of your posts.

      • That your god claims credit for causing AIDS sickens me. If god causes AIDS, then I’m going to kill him because that is Satanic. Your god is Satan not Jesus.

      • God will use whatever means necessary to protect His Truth, and if that includes using AIDS to end sinful practices, then God will use AIDS. I am born again in Jesus, friend.

        Are you?

        Judging from your response the answer is no. Turn or burn.


  2. jrj1701 says:

    Yo Jim, edit this:
    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.·´

  3. Vid says:

    JESUS is GOD in flesh. He came to teach and be with us. He ate, walked with us about 2000 years ago.

    Why did GOD Himself come to earth? You can just open the Holy BIBLE and find out, why HE came.

    HE is also the JUDGE who JUDGE all of us. Read the REVELATION.
    He warned you all before that you must pray for guidance and must Repent and walk away from SIN. If you refuse, then His LAWs that gave to Moses for all humans to abide and obey will fall upon everyone of you.

    If you are Gay or Lesbian, then READ the HOLY BIBLE very careful.
    Pray GOD to help and heal you. GOD loves you and all HIS creation, but HE hates SIN.



  4. Vid says:

    SATAN is in action. PRAY, PRAY,… REPENT, REPENT….and WALK AWAY from Sins.
    Make sure store some food supplies for yourself and your family.

  5. Vid says:

    GOD loves this guy (David). Watch what he testifies about GOD healed and saved him.

  6. Vid says:

    GOD’s wrath will soon come, and it will be worse than the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.
    GOD created them a great nation and bless them, but HE will take it away, because of their rebellion and wickedness against HIM is worse than ever. Even with HIS Laws sent through His servant Moses, they don’t care, they mock HIM and they laugh trying to destroy HIS Covenant? They pushed to legalize abortion and same sex marriage, so the LORD gave them a fork tongue of the devil to be their President..

    If they still REFUSE to REPENT, they will be perished in hellish fire for eternal. GOD does not want anyone to go there, but they choose to go to reside in the Kingdom of Satan, so they shall.
    .Jim and Martin, don’t stop waking them up telling them to REPENT.. If you all belong to their wicked world, they will love you as their own, but you belong to the true GOD, LORD JESUS in the HOLY BIBLE who is in heaven, so don’t be afraid of their mockery. Their Jesus is fake, it’s Satan. You know the devil can deceive people by appearing himself as Jesus or as angels of light.

    2 Corinthian 11:14
    “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light”

    GOD Bless.all children of GOD who obey HIS LAWS and do the Will of the heavenly FATHER. Amen


  7. Vid says:

    creation science study says:
    August 26, 2015 at 5:17 am
    amen Vid! Jesus loves you!

    Yours in Christ,


    Same to you Jim.
    In your article is good in the sense that you dared to speak against the wicked people. I knew you picked randomly from famous people who rejected GOD, such as Nelson Mandela a communist who came to power and he wrecked the whole nation, Atheist scientists, …through the fork tongued devil who legalizes abortion and same sex marriage, and/or princess Diana is burning in hell for she committed adultery and fornication, etc.

    But I got one problem when you called mother Teresa a whore in hell. Care to explain? May be you had dreamed saw her in hell, but apparently I found none who whatsoever saw her in hell. She prayed and repented every day all her life.

    Remember Our LORD JESUS is the Judge, not us, no body but HIM.

    Peter was a new name Our Lord gave him, Peter is in English, in French is Pierre means Rock. And the LORD said to Peter after Peter recognized that the LORD is the Son of GOD, the Messiah.
    Our LORD said to Simon called Peter:

    “And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My Church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18.

    I knew you are not found of the Universal Christian Church called Catholic, but who are we to judge GOD’s Church he Built for about 2000 years when Paul and Peter were in Rome and many converted.

    Insulting Catholic Church like blaspheming GOD’s Covenant, that HE is not capable to keep HIS Church from being destroyed by SATAN. Giving SATAN credits over our LORD is too dangerous.

    The Lord our GOD appears to each soul based on HIS will, and HE is the only SAVIOR, who knows all things we did, do and will do. HE is Mighty and HE will be the judge.

    Mother Teresa was from a wealthy family, her background was Catholic. She gave up her wealthy life style and carried the Cross serving GOD. Have you ever found a young wealthy girl would have given up her life to serve the poor without prejudice? May be GOD sent her to consecrate those Hindu who believe million gods without knowing that Salvation only through JESUS CHRIST. Million Indians became Christians.

    Our LORD after resurrection appeared to His 11 Disciples (Juda Iscariot was not among them that’s why I said 11 disciples) , He Blessed them and told them to preach to His children throughout the world, He said:
    “If you forgive anyone’s sins, they are forgiven. If you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven”. John 20:23

    The Priests are His disciples, and they too must walk on GOD’s paths, they go to Confession like non-Priests. If the don’t they will be in hell just like the rest. Pastor and all Preachers around the world will end up in hell if they wronged GOD’s words..

    Going to Confession to GOD via Priests is what our LORD instructed.

    You knew I had tried to join many Churches, but the LORD who has raised and fed and saved me from the Demonic disorientation in Cambodia, He brought me to the Universal Church called Catholic.

    Let assume if Mother Teresa is in Hell, It has to be something else she did we did not see. For example exalting herself forgetting to glorify GOD for what she had achieved such as Nobel Prize, etc.
    If she fell from reaching heaven, then we must know that Our LORD reminded us as shown in the Gospel of Matthew is just.
    The Lord said:
    “Many will say to me on that day, “LORD, LORD did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” and then I will declare to them, “I never knew you, depart from me, you that work iniquity” Matthew 7:22-23..

    You just read some confused people who hate Catholics that’s all.

    I pray that you two will not be tempted by Satan.

    GOD Bless you two as always.


    • Imelda says:

      Oh là. là. …Vid. Votre Anglaise est très mal. Bad.👼

      • Vid says:

        Yeah I knew typographical errors I made. But eh, I admitted before ya know that I was often sloppy 🙂
        Ok, let me correct some errors I made, so you won’t complain anymore.

        “I knew you are not [[found]] FOND of the Universal Christian Church called Catholic, but who are we to judge GOD’s Church he Built for about 2000 years when Paul and Peter were in Rome and many converted”.

        “The Priests are His disciples, and they too must walk on GOD’s paths, they go to Confession like non-Priests. If [[the]] THEY don’t DO they will OF GOD THEY WILL be in hell just like the rest.[[ Pastor]] PASTORS and all Preachers around the world will end up in hell if they wronged GOD’s words.”

        GOD Bless you and your Family


    • Imelda says:

      Le Church of GOD est toujours HOLY, but peuple corrompus? 🙂

  8. Vid says:

    Keep writing, you will be fine. Don’t worry about right or wrong.
    English does not use “Le” Church. It should be The Church of GOD is eternally HOLY, but people are corrupted regardless who the hect they are. 🙂 Hahaha…

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