Jesus Christ! What’s Good in the Hood?

Tyrone needs your help to find salvation!

Tyrone needs your help to find salvation!

Greetings True Christians! Today, Martin and I would like to announce our new social outreach project, a project titled Jesus Christ! What’s Good in the Hood?  This is a mission given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, and you can help! You see, our brothers and sisters in His Holy Name, Jesus is calling us to reach out to the unsaved souls in the inner city! All around us, potential Christian converts are stuck in an ungodly and evil system created by capitalism and loved by Satan! Many people who’s lives would be greatly improved by finding Jesus are stuck in the hood living like hoodlums on the street, playing in filthy buckets and smoking dope on porches. My brothers and sisters in Jesus, it is time to change this!

Jesus came for us ALL!

Jesus came for us ALL!

Did you know that Jesus Christ Himself used to dine with prostitutes and other sinners? Why? So that He could save them.  We are called to the same duty! We must help these whores of Babylon repent and become slaves to Christ. You see, my brothers and sisters in Jesus, by leading these ungodly women to Jesus, we are achieving great victories over Satan, who uses these women to destroy the sanctity of marriage, create children out of wedlock, and keep Planned Parenthood alive! By destroying street prostitution in our inner cities and leading these women to Christ, we will win a great victory for God!

we must save this whore of Babylon for Jesus!

we must save this whore of Babylon for Jesus!

One of the biggest blights upon our inner cities are the ungodly abortion factories operated by the Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood preys upon impoverished inner city women, especially prostitutes, to provide fresh victims for the modern holocaust of abortion! God hates abortion, God hates abortionists, and if you support abortion, God hates YOU.  We must stand in solidarity against abortion, and we can destroy Planned Parenthood’s hold on the inner city by converting ghetto women, especially prostitutes, to Christianity! All unborn children are CHILDREN!

These people know the Truth!

These people know the Truth!

this is what abortion looks like

this is what abortion looks like

Rick Santorum knows the Truth about abortion

Rick Santorum knows the Truth about abortion

So, my brothers and sisters in Christ, we MUST destroy Planned Parenthood, and eradicate it from our midst. Abortion is ungodly and must be made illegal. We must also address the presence of illegal drugs in our society.  How do we do this? We need to challenge the pot dealers and crackheads in the inner city to give up their evil, Satanic addictions to pleasure for a new addiction to Christ! How destructive are drugs to the human spirit? This picture shows nicely: My brothers and sisters in Jesus, we must attack the drug epidemic in the Hood at its source, the dealers. These evil servants of Satan profit off of the addictions of the ungodly Hood residents by selling them drugs.  If we convert the dealers, then we destroy the foundation of the drug economy in the Hood. With no supply source, the drug epidemic will sputter and die. How do we convert the dealers? We share our testimony! I challenge each and every one of you to walk up to a drug dealer in the nearest hood and have a long hard talk with them about Jesus. With the right approach, we can change dealers of drugs in the inner city to dealers of Christ!  Consider the following images: dealers1Bible Note how in the first picture, the drug dealers look afflicted by Satan as they smoke their ungodly drugs. Then notice in the second photo how much more alive they look after finding the fire of Christ! Look at the fire in the bearded man’s eyes. Look at the smiling face of Jesus on the long-haired man’s shirt. My brothers and sisters, converted drug dealers are some of the greatest allies we can find.

Did you know the Darwinists will not tell you what is wrong with evolution?

Did you know the Darwinists will not tell you what is wrong with evolution?

What do Martin and I hope to see happen? We hope to destroy Satan’s grasp on the Hood! But why does Satan have such a strong grasp there? The answer is Darwin. We teach our children that they came from animals, and so they act like animals! This is most prevalent in the inner cities where Christ often has little following.  Darwin’s greatest secret is that his own work is a tool of Satan used to destroy the inner cities! If we destroy Darwinism, then we destroy one of the fundamental bases of the Hood. Darwinism legitimizes abortion, murder, rape, drugs, torture, heathenism, hedonism, atheism, prostitution, fornication, and all sins. The Truth of the Bible shows us that by defeating Satan, we can accomplish anything! By leading the denizens of the Hood to Christ, we can save the Hoods for Jesus! We can even save young Tyrone:

Tyrone basking in the glory of Salvation

Tyrone basking in the glory of Salvation

The following video might also be useful in our outreach. Share it with your friends! My brothers and sisters in Christ, Martin and I challenge you to join our mission. Join in Jesus Christ! What’s Good in the Hood? We must make the summer of 2015 a summer of salvation. I challenge each and every one of you to share your True Christian testimony with one of the denizens of the Hood. by sharing the Truth, that Truth shall set the people in the hood free.  We must realize that Christ came to preach to all people, even the ungodly evil atheist heathens who attack this True Christian blog on a daily basis. We must bring the Truth to the heathens! Ask your pastors and friends from Church to join our mission! Preach to the people in the ghettos, and we shall lead them to Jesus, and the Truth of Christ shall free them! It is time to take back our cities for Jesus! We must take back all areas of our towns for Christ! From your True Christian friends, Jim Solouki and Martin Baker Rick Santorum knows what’s good in the hood! Vote Rick Santorum for President in 2016!

69 thoughts on “Jesus Christ! What’s Good in the Hood?

  1. Christ does not want slaves. He wants to free us from sin.
    Also, I did not need to see that picture with the baby hands. That was disgusting and sad. But I hope any atheists who see it will think abortion is evil instead of, I don’t know, that somebody took a tiny baby and chopped their hands off.

  2. Wait, did you say capitalism is Satanic? Isn’t that a communist idea?

    • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

      Here is another episode of that random TV show ‘A Believer’ one published in one of his ‘God-inspired’ comments here. It sounds quite interesting, and people are full of different emotions from what I can understand (good and bad; mostly bad).

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Here is a message from a good Wiccan friend of mine who also writes a blog of her own:

    Tuesday, Feb/18/2014
    Oh My Goddess, Now What?
    Greetings and salutations my fine Wiccan and other friends. I am a lucky girl. I have to do the wheel of the year for my coven. I am currently a student of Ecletic Paths Coven, we practice at Covensted or the home of Owl Phoenix and her husband. She studied in Ecletic paths Wicca and he is a firm believer of Pan. Or Egyptian Wicca. So we have a merry mix of folks who study whatever path they want. Which is great so my problem is the wheel of the year. and I need to find out what is the dark time and what is the light time of the wheel. When the harvesting begins and the crops die and the sun leaves the sky early and the light when we begin to plant and things begin to grow and we prepare for the harvesting of our crops. Please let me know if you don’t understand because it isn’t hard to figure out what the light and dark times mean in the olden days. Crops and such. But it befuddles me that I cannot figure out our Wiccan holidays with the cycle of the crops. I am trying to get over something like a sickness. It is rage. Have you ever felt gut renching rage? Well it is hard to do any kind of project when your mind is in the gutter with rage. So I’ve been told a hundred times what Samhein pronounced Sowenn, is and what the dark times are and I still can’t remember them. I just got off the phone with a good coven mate and he told me and he also told me that anything with a mas at the end of it is the Christian version of a word. Is that crazy or what. Llewellyn’s Press is usually very good to us Wiccans and would never print a false hood. That is just the way it is. So I go to the witches bible and find out how to spell Lammas the right way with the right word and it sounds like something Hitler flew over England and dropped bombs from. I do not understand how the hell I am going to put the dark times and light times together with how I’ve made my wheel. I used blue and black construction paper with white wedges and I need to find a way to put some kind of thing on this wheel that reminds me of what the holiday means to me. For Yule I have a really beautiful angel and for the other seven sabbats I have no idea what to use. I am going to do the best I can and next week we are meeting at Covensted to work on our wheel of the year. I am also supposed to make a wheel of the year events calendar for my Book of Shadows. This is where I put my spells and I use either dragon’s blood or dove’s blood ink so that it is perfect. I still have yet to put my spells in my book of shadows. I am going to put my first one in when this project of mine which has nothing to do with the wheel of the year is finished. I have some herbs to find and a small art project to do and my candles are on the way and I have to stuff and bind and sew and grind and go to the graveyard and get my dirt. That is another project all together. I must focus on my wheel of the year but my other project, the one I need to use to quell my rage, is my main focus. I even have some herbs to grow. Crazy huh? If you read my prior post about herbs and Elizabeth Anna’s Old World Garden then you too can find herbs and get them started for you so you never have to find them again. The only problem with my herb garden is that I am afraid I am going to kill my cat on accident so I’ll grow her some catnip and she’ll have her own little herb in the garden she can eat. Anyway do you see my problem? Rage and a prior project. You need to do this before you can do that. I have a lot to do to finish my project that has been going to make me feel like a cat in catnip to coin a phrase. No More Rage. All gone and done with. I will get this project done so I can work on my wheel of the year. Maybe I should stop Covensted and get my loose ends tied up and then begin again. What do you think? Should I keep trying to study my craft and work on the wheel of the year and my Sabbats spells, food, and craft project, or should I stop trying to study with others and go out on my own and figure out what is killing me inside? I hope to hear from someone who will at least give me some advice and let me know how I should deal with this. I still plan to blog about Wicca and how I work with it and how to do things like make potions brews oils and soaps and other things you need for rituals spells and where to find things that may make you life easier but am I doing the right thing or am I half assing one thing when another occupies my time? Blessed be. Byrony.

    I hope you have enjoyed … 😉 (And I hope it wasn’t TOO long.)

    • It was and it was also Satanic.

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        I am glad you enjoy the Satanic ways, SF PaperDragon. You must be a fan of the Goddess pile (from my friend):
        I’m doing a lot of things now however because come to find out someone put a curse on me. A psychic attack. It sucked all my energy out of me and I couldn’t do anything at all and I went to bed at five pm. fighting the curse. Now the thing my mentor said was that I got the curse from someone who is non-magical because no one would risk their Karma on someone just for fun. I was so tired I couldn’t tie my shoes. It was really hard on me and my sister. She thought I was just being lazy and didn’t want to do anything as far as house work went and she is wrong. I am so unhappy, even though i fixed the curse and salted and saged and incensed and took everything bad out of my air space and took a shower to make sure none of it stuck on me in the interim. I’m so happy now that everything is going better already. I’ve gotten a housecleaning, a ritual bath, and today my Aunt Dixie called today and that was a blessing. My sister is yelling at me because I told the new neighbors about my goddess pile. I had the pile at the foot of the edge of the balcony. I am so sorry that this is so long I will try to keep it to a dull minimum in the future. Brightest Blessings. Kristen Coffin.

      • No, I meant it was long.

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        For those who are in doubt about so-called ‘Christian Wicca’:

      • This is False Christianity of one of the worst kinds!

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        For once, I agree with you. There is no such no thing as Christian Wicca, and it is false, indeed, just as Jim and Martin’s True Christianity™. (Note the curly quotation marks, i.e. ‘ ’, I used when referring to it in my previous comment.) Either you are a follower of Christianity or you are a follower of Wicca; there is no in-between path, since the religions are so different in the system of belief.
        I shared the link just to let the public know that there are such odd forms of mixed religions that ought not to exist.
        I hope you all are having a pleasant Sunday.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        And thank you, SF PaperDragon!!! 😉

      • I don’t want to know what for.

      • Oh, never mind. I really should just click the notification and see the actual comment. You’re welcome!

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        I hope you don’t mind me commenting on your personal blog. I do try to refrain from doing so, as I do not like to spread CreationScienceStudy-ism onto other blogs/websites with trustworthy information, unlike what one can read here. And no, I don’t follow that blog, I just decided to click the link and saw the farewell letter …
        And my thank you has no hidden motives behind it; it’s completely innocent and meant in a non-mocking way, should you worry.
        Do you like the photograph I posted below? Note the beautiful neo-romanesque church that can be seen in the left part of the picture. And those flags with Swastikas of Nationalsozialismus give me goose bumps. It is even more shocking because I have had the privilege to visit the town in which the church is situated and cannot imagine those flagpoles being there for real …

      • You’re welcome to comment there, very welcome, just don’t post Satanic stuff. 🙂

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        I am not a Satanist, nor do I worship Devil (or even believe in him); I just post that Satanismus to provoke all our dearest Jim, Martin, Vid, A Believer and anyone else who claims to be a follower of what is falsely called True Christianity™.
        Toodles. ⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄ (Schneemänner ’R’ Kool! Especially in summer.)

      • But you practice witchcraft.

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        No offence, but it is not any of other people’s business what do I do in my private life. Yes, I told you practise witchcraft, and that is correct, but what difference does the fact make on how I should be treated? (Same as for Satanic things: I post witchcraft here only to provoke True Christians℠—note the service mark—and not to impose it on others.) I live in a predominantly Catholic community/city where no one asks in whom I believe; that is not important in everyday life. What is important is how do you behave and your attitude towards other people regardless of your religion.

        Good day to you. 💾💾💾 (Disquette is a much prettier word than floopy disk. Don’t you agree??)

  4. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  5. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:


  6. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    The following message is very important!

    If my sources are correct, this is Martin Baker’s Bakers Dozen (with an apostrophe missing!!!):

    This is the basic outline of the principles I believe in. They are broken down into four sub-categories for easier understanding. I will fight for these tenets and more when given the opportunity to serve you as your Representative from the First District.

    * Respect for Life
    1) American values rest with protecting life at all stages, strong families, and individual involvement.
    2) Our nation’s greatest strength rests on the shoulders of the individual citizens and each person’s dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and respected.
    3) We must be a nation of equal rights, equal justice, and equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, age or disability.
    4) We must seek reform within the criminal justice system by taking steps including reevaluating minimum sentencing for non-violent federal offenders.
    * Respect for the US Constitution
    5) We must embrace the principles of free enterprise and encourage individual initiatives as these are the keys to economic growth, and prosperity.
    6) We must have a government that is a responsible caretaker of taxpayer money. Taxpayers must be allowed to keep more of their earned money and government must learn to live within its means.​​
    7) Government can only govern with the consent of the governed and must never lose sight that all its power was bestowed upon them by the people.
    * Belief in Limited Government
    8) Government must limit its role and provide only those basic needs that cannot be provided by individuals or private organizations. Government can be compassionate without enabling a pattern of lifetime dependency.
    9) Government cannot continue to stifle potential medical breakthroughs crucial to our citizen’s wellbeing through overregulation or forced participation in restrictive medical care coverage.
    * Belief in Personal Responsibility
    10) We must secure our borders from illegal immigration without delay and prosecute those who violate immigration law.
    11) Any and all foreign policy decisions including aid and charitable giving must be made with the goal of preserving and improving American society.
    12) The men and women of our armed forces who face danger in defense of our principles deserve our respect and unconditional support.
    13) Education decisions must be done and kept locally.

    Not bad, but there was one thing I couldn’t not see: number 13. Isn’t that ‘the Devil’s number’. (Just sayin’.)

  8. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    👑 THE GRAND FINAL!!! 👑

  9. Vid says:

    My next US President, I will vote for:
    1) Lord JESUS CHRIST, the Living GOD (1st Choice). If I’m not allowed to choose GOD, but humans, then I will write-in:
    1) Wilders Geert;

    If I am not allowed to choose non-US citizen, then I will write-in:
    2) Pastor James David Manning.

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Here’s your Geert Wilders, St Vid, who is so enthusiastic about American politics:

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Does anyone else remember seeing this woman all over the news in the summer of the year 2011 AD?

  10. Vid says:

    Sorry Folks. I should have written Geert Wilders.

    I hate to see these barbaric Muslims are keep terrorizing my Fatherland (France) after we gave them a good life with freedom that they didn’t have in their own miserable lands. I am not pointing at the Muslims who are being trapped in Islam, but only the barbaric Muslims whoever want to destroy our cultures, our laws and our nations.

    We cannot even have freedom to pray in the Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, and their phenomenon of intolerance and discrimination against non Muslims, so why are these barbaric Muslims still complain?



  11. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    (The winning Eurovision 2015 song. Just my modest, non-obliging opinion.)

  12. Imelda says:

    Viens, mes amies danser avec moi 🙂

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Avez-vous regardé l’Eurovision Song Contest 2015 à Vienne, Imelda ? Quel pays avez-vous wan pour gagner ?

      • Imelda says:

        Non. (Autrefois. Oui; mais maintenant, rien). Le concourss d’ Eurovision de la chanson n’est pas mon favorite.
        Quel pays que je desir? 🙂
        Biensûr, FRANCE, et le gagnant de L’Eurovision est la Suède. 🙂

        Bonne Journée, Au revoir, mon amie


      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        Ma chanson préférée de cette année était de la Slovénie (la vidéo je affiché ci-dessus) ; mais je aimé la chanson française beaucoup ainsi. 🙂 Malheureusement, je pense qu’il est non seulement sur la musique, parce que l’Autriche et l’Allemagne ne méritaient pas nulle de points, et il semblait assez méfiant pour moi que le pays d’accueil, dont la chanson était pas mal du tout, a absolument aucun points … La chanson italienne était très belle, aussi, à mon avis.
        (Je présente également mes excuses pour avoir besoin autant de temps pour répondre. Disons simplement que ma connexion Internet a connu des jours meilleurs.) :-/

        Être bien.

  13. Vid says:

    *JESUS is LORD. He is the living One True GOD.
    (i) Isaiah 9:6
    “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”
    (ii) Matthew 1:23
    “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).
    (iii) John
    1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
    2 The same was in the beginning with God.
    3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
    4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
    5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
    6 There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.
    7 The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.
    8 He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.
    9 That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
    10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.
    11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not.
    12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
    13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.
    14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

    …….and many more prophesies that I did not list in here. GOD can manifest in everywhere at one time. He can manifest in a human form of Jesus Christ. Everything is impossible with us humans, but all possible with GOD.

    And you are a witch who called yourself a wiccan who practices witchcraft. Of course you have always denied the True GOD. you told Paper Dragon that you don’t believe in Satan, but the spiritual world (goddess…). If the Spiritual World is real to you, why not Satan? Then you further claimed you’re cursed by someone. You’re in the spiritual battle against invisible beings, don’t you realize that?



  14. Vid says:

    My post today for Cassandra.

    I should have said “you’re struggling against the powers of the dark world, and even against the spiritual forces of evil that belong to Satan. Your wiccan army cannot overthrow Satan, you need GOD on your side or otherwise you all will be doomed in hellish fire for eternity.

    You should worship GOD but not His creation. Your imaginary goddess is just a reflection of GOD glory and it is not to be worshiped.



    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      Dear Vid, I shall try to be as nice as I can in this comment.
      It was not me who said that ‘one is struggling against the powers of the dark world and even against the spiritual forces of evil that belong to Satan /…/’. That whole part of my comment in italics is an account of a Wiccan friend of mine, Byrony Coffin. I don’t consider myself a Wiccan; I am just a person who practises the art of witchcraft and am, therefore, a witch. I don’t usually work with deities, I raise power from natural elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water). It is all natural and normal. Everyone can do it if they want … It just needs practice.

      (And no, I have NOT misspelt practice, should anyone be wondering: practice is a noun, while practise is a verb; at least in the Commonwealth.)

      Have a blessed day! 😉

      • Vid says:

        My Dear!. You follow the Pagan’s path by practicing the art of witchcraft and am or so called the art of energy manipulation, therefore, you are a witch. Turn to JESUS Christ, and Don’t be ashamed of the Gospels of GOD. Believe and follow HIM who loves you unconditionally. Everyone including your loved ones will abandon you, but the Lord (JESUS) will never abandon you

        If you are still stubborn, then remember that whenever you ever face troubles, please call by His Holy Mighty Name “JESUS”, HE will never abandon or forsake you.



        Look @ this beautiful young woman who used to practice like you.

  15. Vid says:

    “DOWN FROM HIS GLORY’ (O Sole Mio)
    Listen to our Great American Caruso (Freddy Hayler). Freddy was given a voice like the great Enrico Caruso, and he was anointed by GOD to sing the Prayer Songs for HIS GLORY.

    “Down from His Glory every living story,
    My GOD and Savior came and JESUS was HIS name.
    Born in a manger to HIS own a stranger;
    He stooped to woo, to win and save my wretch soul.

    O how I love HIM,
    How I adore Him!
    He is my life, my sunshine,
    My all and all,
    The Great Creator, became my savior,
    And all GOD’s fullness, dwelleth in HIM.” Amen


  16. Vid says:

    Funny to read Miss Mormon PaperDragon replied to Cassandra. LOL LOL …:)
    >SF PaperDragon said::
    >May 23, 2015 at 8:10 pm
    >Martin’s too racist to be a black guy. Oh wait, that’s racist.

    Neither Martin Baker who owned this website is racist nor Martin Baker in that you-tube is racist. The 2 are exercising their rights to free speech for what they have believed.

    If you disagree with my comment, then tell us readers “was your 2nd master named Brigham Young a racist?” I quoted it from A Discourse by President Brigham Young, Delivered in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, Feb. 18, 1855.
    “But let them apostatize, and they will become gray-haired, wrinkled, and black, just like the Devil” (Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 5, p. 332″.

    Racism exists in all nation in every corners of this planet. The facts the US is the only nation that allows Blacks, Hispanic and Asian to possess high offices, Still the White Americans are blamed of racism. Why? Because the other White trash supremacy are hiding themselves behind the Blacks and try to use race card to defeat their opponents. If this great nation be destroyed it will be the White liberals’ faults.

    If any White person says “White people are the most brilliant people on earth”, the whole earth will be crumbled and exploded. But if a Black man got on stage said “We the blacks are the most talented people on earth” like Jamie Fox announced during 44th NAACP Awards, he is OK.

    When Dr. James David Manning said his own Black people are the most Racist people, the destroyers not builders, then the blacks and some White liberals try to frame him and called him “Uncle Tom” and even threat to kill him. Why don’t you call Dr. Manning a racist, he said Blacks and Muslims are the servants of SATAN, and he is Black himself? Have you every listened to Louis Farakhan speech?
    May be Brigham Young was right, since Dr. manning said Muslims and Blacks are serving Satan. I don’t know and I don’t care. I heard more than enough, when I went to Cambodia, Thailand, Japan.. Russia.
    In Cambodia, the ones who accused me of racism were the ugly Cambodian guys who were afraid of their girls would chase after me.

    Martin and Jim are serving GOD. Their eyes are on heaven not on this earth country. You and the White racist (Leberals) should be ashamed of yourself for attacking Martin and calling him too racist. Seriously, I am too sick and too tired of this earthlings. Did not you say “GOD” does not want slavery, He wants to free the slaves? HE already did on the Cross, but you still are a slave to your sins.



    • Don’t call me Miss Mormon, I am a BOY and I am proud to be a Mormon, so derogatory as the title Mormon may have been originally (we prefer to be called Latter-Day Saints) I embrace it, so don’t tack anything onto it.

      • Vid says:

        You did not deny of being little reaper’s Mommy. You said if you were his mommy, he would be good. I didn’t know how the Transgender female to male is that fast.

        What? Proud to be a Mormon, but hate to be called a Mormon? Then you want us to call you Latter-Day Saints?

        Proud to be a Mormon? You know what the TRUE Holy BIBLE says about PROUD?

        “The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished.” Proverbs 16:5.

        Will you still be proud of Joseph Smith and his book of Abraham he lied to his followers?



      • Okay, stop twisting everything I say. Just because I slip up doesn’t mean what I’m TRYING to say isn’t true.
        I don’t HATE to be called Mormon, I prefer to be called a Latter-Day Saint because that is our proper name. I object to neither, quite the opposite.
        I’m not a transgender female or whatever you were trying to call me. I am not his mommy because I am a boy and because he would not be an atheist if I was.
        There’s pride and then there’s pride in the Lord. I’m not proud of myself; I’m proud of the Lord; therefore I’m proud to serve the Lord; therefore I am proud to belong to his true church. I’ll get back to you on the video if I even want to watch it. It’s probably filth.
        You know, you made a really good first impression on me. Then you went NUTSO.

      • Are you ashamed to be a Christian, Vid? Yes, God condemns pride, but it is pride in man. Where does He say, “Be thou ashamed of me” or “Take not pride in thy God”?

  17. Hello, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a bit, I am currently on holiday in the US for my cousin’s wedding! Nothing really happening…

    I’m gonna drop this here:

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      😱😱😱 Spooky! ☺☺☺
      I hope you enjoy your trip, Quentin! But I do advise you to beware while in America; the country is known by her mass-surveillance … If True Christians℠ track you down, I don’t even want to think about what may happen to you. Please be cautious! We would miss you greately.

  18. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    But I would absolutely LOVE to possess this:

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      And maybe even this (to use it when travelling to countries like North Korea and such):

      Unfortunately, it is not so easy to get a hold of one. A good acquaintance with the Pope certainty helps!

  19. Vid says:

    >SF PaperDragon

    There’re no twisting anything. You gave us readers the impression that you’re little reaper’s mother, and you didn’t seem to mind.
    You are Mormon, and what ever you desire pple to call you still you are Mormon. You are proud to be a Mormon, why do you insist that us readers must call you another name? How many thousand times that your self proclaim true Church has to change or edit the documents and names, then tell us 7 billions to remember your new names or read another new documents.

    I never like to be flattered, nor I practice of favoring friends, I say what I saw. I didn’t ask you or any body to like or hate me whatsoever. All Blogs usually for comments or debate.

    You said “you’re proud to be a Mormon”, you cannot be proud of God. But since your Mormon God is an exalted man, many men will be gods, okay to you. Yeahh there’re so many documents, as well as Video, that’s why so many ex-Mormons spoke out.

    I am a Christian, but you are not. I am proud of my GOD, who died on the CROSS for my sins, that’s why I follow HIM. My GOD is the Mighty GOD, the CREATOR. Your little Gods are exalted men who enjoy sex by having multiple wives and countless children.


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