Baltimore and the impending end times.

This is what happens if you teach your children that they came from monkeys!

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that the riots in Baltimore are a sign of the impending end times and the increasing presence of Satan in our midst?  Our children have been indoctrinated with Darwinism thanks to the plans of Satan and the Demoncrats, and are now joining forces with the Islamic State (Satan’s favorite terrorist organisation today) to destroy the True Christian city of Baltimore. These ungodly misguided agents of Satan are stealing, burning property set aside for Christian purposes, and even attempting to stone police officers! My brothers and sisters in Christ, this is ungodly stuff and must not stand.  Unfortunately, these riots are just the beginning. Baltimore has been transformed into a warzone between the agents of Satan and the people of God.  This is a sign of the impending return of Jesus, and at the end of the day, as Revelation teaches us, the forces of God will triumph. Much blood will be spilled, we are warned in the Book of Revelation, but at the end, Christ will prevail.

As shown in the above video, the Nation of Islam provided security at these protests. Who is the Nation of Islam? The Nation of Islam are known ISIS supporters!  My friends, ISIS is HERE!  First, they built a camp just across the border in Mexico and began crossing the border (proof here). Their advocates are now starting riots all across America.  ISIS is here. Here’s proof:

protesters in Baltimore, note the circled fingers

ISIS agents in the Middle East

This is what ISIS wants to bring to America!

Note the erect index finger in the three pictures. This is the ISIS one finger salute, and is meant to signify unity with the caliphate, which is a Satanic Islamic organization hell-bent on world domination. This is exactly the type of organization spoken of in the book of Revelation. Revelation speaks of a period of Tribulation where the agents of Christ left on Earth will combat the agents of Satan and the Antichrist. Soon, the Rapture will occur, and those who are the elite saved will be raptured into heaven before the final battle for Earth. In the end, the agents of Satan will be defeated, but not before much death.

The teaching of Darwinism has played a special role in the development of these protests. Many of the protesters are high school students, many of whom have just covered evolution in their biology classes. These kids came right out of their classrooms and joined in the riots! Here’s a passage from a news article:

“These are Baltimore youthful residents, a number of them came right out of the local high schools there on the other side of Mondawmin and started engaging in this. And if you saw in one scene, you had one a mother who grabbed their child who had a hood on his head and she started smacking him on the head because she was so embarrassed. I wish I had more parents who took charge of their kids tonight,” said Commissioner Batts. “I think these were youth coming out of the high school and they thought it was cute to throw cinder blocks at the police department and address it that way.” (Article here)

Why are these children engaging in acts of urban terrorism? The truth is clear! We are teaching our children that they came from monkeys! It is for this reason that they act like uncivilized, crazed monkeys on the streets! Satan may have inspired these riots, but it is Darwin who has given the children the mentality necessary to engage in them!  Darwin is to blame for our children’s susceptability to rioting! This is ungodly to the core and must be stopped!

the ungodly heathenistic Darwinist children’s book Curious George teaches our children to act like monkeys!

My brothers and sisters, these riots in Baltimore are a sign of greater things to come. They are a sign of the impending return of Jesus! We must combat these ungodly forces of Satan who are inspired by the evil Obama! The Kenyan Obama supported the evil African leader Nelson Mandela, and now the “Black Lives Matter” protesters are punishing America for allowing Nelson Mandela to die. This is Satan’s revenge for America not doing more to save him!

Shame on Baltimore for allowing these protests to occur. Shame on the citizens of Baltimore who are engaging in them. We must take Baltimore away from the agents of Satan and defeat them for Jesus! God please smite Baltimore! God please rain fire and judgement upon Baltimore’s Obamatron agents of the devil! God please curse these protesters! It is time to defeat these agents of the devil and take a stand for Jesus! It’s time to take back Baltimore for Christ!

From your True Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

Rick Santorum would stop these protests! Vote for Rick Santorum, God’s choice for president in 2016!

48 thoughts on “Baltimore and the impending end times.

  1. jrj1701 says:

    Really? This is a new low for y’all.

  2. Be seeing you soon Jim!
    Diablo sends his regards…

  3. You’re a fucktard! Aren’t you Jim?!

  4. Vid says:

    Well Jim and Martin,
    There’re some good Blacks, but many were real bad.

    Pastor Dr. James David Manning said “the Blacks are not good in building anything but destroying…” Listen to this Black Pastor Dr. Manning, you may learn something from him. He is a true Prophet of GOD. The link below is “GOD is sick of Black people” by Dr, Manning. Remember Pastor Dr. James David Manning is Black.
    Dr. Manning did not just criticize Blacks in the US but the whole Black community in Africa except Arabs in North Africa such as Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria who aren’t Black. He said that some White mixed Black Like Jeremiah Wright used Racist card to gain his own wealth.
    There’re thousand Videos made by Dr. Manning and his Church across the globe.



    • I love how a black guy is racist to another black guy.

      • Vid says:

        Little reaper,
        I don’t mean to be rude. 🙂 You cannot understand that Dr. James David Manning is the only Black leader after Dr. King who dares to speak the truth about the failure of his own race, why did you call him racist?

        I am actually an alien known as Eurasian born in Cambodia. When I criticized Cambodian-American for being stupid, they were pissed off and accused me of Racist said that I will never be qualified to be Cambodian like them because my father was French, although my mother was Cambodian. When a Cambodian old man criticized them, they told him, you are not our leader, get out from our community, we have our own leaders, so and so. But they did not call him a racist. So you see how or when you can accuse someone of being racist.

        Dr. Manning is Black and is an international preacher, a brave man deserves to be respected. Behind every Black racist there are White Lib. or Socialist or Communist or Radical Muslims. If any Black man dared to stand up and speak the truth, he would be shot. I didn’t say these words, Dr. Manning did. You listen to Dr. manning unmasked the destroyers who have tried to destroy this great nation of America through the Blacks (NOI, i.e.,), Muslims (infiltrators) and the White socialists/Lib who used blacks as their instrument to tear down America for their own evil deeds. Those White who use race card for Blacks are in Dr. Manning’s book. And also listen to him how McColm X after his return from Mecca was executed in front of his little 4 children. McColm X discovered that Arabs who created ISLAM were White. When McColm X decided to speak the true that White are not Evils as these Black racist preached, he was shot inside Black Muslim mosque.

        That’s why Dr. Manning said we need to turn to GOD, put GOD in the first place. Amen

        When I go to vote I will write in James David Manning name or I will write Geert Wilder (Dutch politician). If Geert Wilders is allowed to run to be the US president he will win. You know what? I trust neither DEM nor REP, not even Tea party. They are sold. If I can write in any name I want, I’d write JESUS CHRIST THE LIVING GOD.

        a Martyr for JESUS CHRIST

  5. Let’s be honest here. If Rick Santorum was elected. All that would happen is riots. Idiots.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Star Wars is for sinners!

      • You’re an ascetic. Also, I finally got a comment out of you. Figures that you’d respond to the troll video I posted and not the comments I actually wanted you to address.

      • Almost forgot! May the Fourth be with You! Go watch a Star Wars movie. You can write a bad review on it on your blog if you want. Love to see that!

      • Want a Star Wars Christian lesson?

        Jabba the Hutt is easily one of the most sinful characters in Star Wars. His palace is a den of iniquity much like unto one in ancient Babylon. He is a gangster, consorts with criminals, commits unspeakable acts, murders, and promotes lasciviousness throughout his palace. Jabba is guilty of breaking commandments 6-10, 1, 4, and possibly 2. When he imprisons Han Solo, he prompts Han’s friends to save him and put an end to Jabba’s evil. Luke arrives as a messenger of the Force, which represents the power of God, and warns him to repent. Jabba refuses and attempts to kill Luke, but with the help of the Force, Jabba perishes in a fiery death as punishment for his wickedness. Now, tell me that does not sound like somebody just took a Bible chapter and rewrote it. The question is which one or which elements from different ones does it contain. I’ll leave that one up to you.

      • Also, you support FOX, right? Because it’s Christian? Well, FOX financed and distributed Star Wars.

      • Jabba the Hutt is actually a Christian.

    • don’t lie to him…jabba the hutt is a christian.

  6. Vid says:

    Jim and Martin,
    May GOD Bless you guys and Bless Dr. James David Manning for daring to speak up. He is a true prophet of GOD. Dr. Manning loves his Black people and his country by willing to lay down his life just to speak the truth.
    *Only through Prayers and keep praying we may be freed from Satan that has attempted to divide and destroy humanity.

    I think your site has many invisible readers, but a few audiences that write comments here are not interested in engaging with Black racists. Because they already knew them in/out. So they are getting so TIRED of the Race Card still exists in this great nation. However, there are many good black men such as Dr. King, Dr. Manning, Allan Key, etc… knew and admitted the failure of their black race.

    Many countries I went to (work assignment), OK let say my birth country, Cambodia. Cambodia is a Constitutional monarchy and Buddhism is a state religion. BUT, let me tell you. Cambodia an’t no real Monarchy but a Communist nation under a one eyed (Hun Sen) former Communist peasant in Pol Pot regime. He kept the monarchy as his puppet. and that puppet King happened to be mixed French/Italian and Cambodian. His name is King Norodom Sihamoni (not Sihanouk his Dad). His mother is Queen mother named Monique changed to Queen Monineath Norodom Sihanouk. Cambodia is also a multiracial. There many Whites since Portuguese, Spanish,….entered many hundred years ago, then French Napoleon ruled over a few hundred years. There’re African_Cambodian, too, but these African Cambodians have no privilege like Blacks here in the US. However, they live peaceful productive within the community. ONLY if any Cambodian who used the word “Yuon” toward the Vietnamese is racist and will be accused of committing crime and will be punished. The word Yuon was from Chinese known as YUE (Chinese people in South). But the Viets believe that Yuon were too savage that their ancestors did to their neighbors. So the Viets have all privilege to just say RACISM, the Cambodians (White, Black and Brown) will be jailed in their own land. Why? Because the Viet Communists helped to put Hun Sen to power for more than 3 decades. Likewise, the Whites in America who allowed the about 30 million Blacks to hijack America as is today because of the history of slavery that ended since 1800’s. How long this story will end?

    The White Racist: Democrats, Liberals, Communists. Socialists and Muslim infiltrators supported Obama was not that they really liked or loved him for he has anything to offer, but because his skin color against Dr. King’s ideology “…not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. I didn’t say it but Dr. Manning did through his speech.
    I went through this race card against me that’s why I called myself an alien. I am not qualified to be a Cambodian or French, so I called myself a pure American blood and Nationalist who loves this country after GOD. I am too sick and too tired of this crap Race Card that leads us go nowhere but a self destruction. Why cannot we just treat each others as we are Americans. There are many Blacks who do not need this crap Affirmative action, they are intelligent people just as others. We have to move on before Chinese will buy all our companies and our lands, and before the big companies will be all out to Asia, and before Arabs will send money to build more most all over the US, then all of you will be subjected to their Sharia Laws, even against the Constitution of the US.

    * DEM and REP won’t get my vote. Now that REP controls both House and Senate, gosshhh… I am scared. If REP get the White Hose too, oh man I will have to increase my prayers to GOD to take me from this miserable earth fast. Or I will take all my little money I have to put in foreign banks. They are busy using race card while our economy is down— how much we owed the Chinese? Go figure.
    By the way Christianity in China and whole Asia keeps growing. Remember the LORD our GOD will not stay or bless wherever HE Is not WANTED. HE Goes and Bless wherever HE has WANTED.

    There are never justice on this miserable earth, unless we all turn to JESUS CHRIST, the LIVING GOD.


  7. Vid says:

    …Asia, and before Arabs will send money to build more MOSQUES all over in the US, then all of you will be subjected to their Sharia Laws, even against the Constitution of the US.

  8. So, what ever happened to that post about Ted Cruz?

  9. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

  10. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    This is SO COOL! GO ITALIA!

    CALL NOW!!! 0039.02.855.6457
    The exorcists are reachable from Monday to Friday, between 14.30 and 17.00, Central European (Summer) Time.
    (This is the real number, I swear.)

  11. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    In the preparation for the nearing Eurovision Song Contest 2015, let us refresh our memory with the last year’s winner: CONCHITA WURST!

  12. Bring on the Mariachi Band!

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