God Hates TransAsia!

The hand of God at work!

Greetings True Christians!

The glorious and good Heavenly Father has taken down another Asian plane as punishment for the sins of the Asians! We have warned the anti-Christian Buddhist, Muslim, Shinto, Hindu, and jungle voodoo worshipping heathens of Asia many times that God is punishing them and will continue to punish them with plane crashes until they repent. They have chosen not to repent, and now God has punished the heathen nation of Taiwan with a plane crash that has killed at least 26 heathens! They are all in hell now!

Why does God hate Taiwan? The Taiwanese are unsaved sinners! They are taking jobs away from God’s true people, the Americans, and forcing millions of Americans out of work and into poverty! This cannot stand, and  God will continue to punish the heathen evil Asian servants of Satan until they repent! Hell is eternal, and as a warning to those of you in the ungodly Asian nations, you will go to Hell if you fail to embrace Christ in this life. What will you do if too soon comes too late? You could die tomorrow, and like the passengers of the TransAsia flight, you’ll go straight to hell if you die unsaved!

Let us offer a prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Dear Jesus, savior of all who accept Your gift of salvation, please continue to punish the heathens and to break their spirit until they embrace you. Continue to reap vengeance upon those who reject You until they open their hearts to Your glory and mercy. Break them down so that they will turn and embrace You. This will save the remainder who do turn to You, and will allow at least some to enter Paradise, where we want to see all people go. In Your name we pray for this, Amen.

REPENT ASIA, lest you be punished with more crashes and disasters! God will smite you until you turn to the Truth. Open your hearts and reject the ways of Satan and of sin. Repent Asia, repent!

A message from your true Christian friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!

18 thoughts on “God Hates TransAsia!

  1. Isn’t God punishing the Asians going against free will? It seems like god is NOT a benevolent being, but a jackass who wants attention.

  2. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    I heard about this on the news yesterday. If that taxi hadn’t stopped where it did, there would be even more casualties, as it was only a matter of milimetres…
    Well, it is true that many Asians are ‘taking away’ jobs from people in other nations, but that’s because we let them by not supporting local businesses and buying cheap items of poor quality (not everything, though) that are produced there. It’s not like that I don’t wish those people a good life, but it’s also better for the environment to buy what is produced in the immediate vicinity. This is why I refuse to buy anything that has ‘Made in China’ written on it (and products with soya and GMO as well).
    I hope I am not the only one enjoying the view of snow through my window. ❄

  3. *Smashes head into desk* Will these guys ever learn to SHUT UP?!

  4. Last night I found out that my granddad has a couple of days left to live. 😦

  5. 10bacon says:

    Deleting my post doesn’t change that this is a poor man’s Landover Baptist.

  6. Voodoo is African. Get it right! Oh, wait, you’re satirists.

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