God is punishing facebook and instagram!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings Martin and I great joy to tell you that God is punishing the Facebook and the Instagram for crimes against Christ! Tonight, the night of November 27th 2015, God has struck down the evil and ungodly Facebook and Instagram, forcing teens and college-aged people across the nation to stop posting ungodly “selfies” and half naked photos to get each other to fornicate!

A typical Whore of Babylon on the Facebook!

If you are angry that the facebook and the instagram are turned off, here’s a True Christian idea. Why don’t you go onto True Christian websites like ours and learn about the Truth of Jesus the Christ? Jesus loves you, while facebook just wants to eat your soul and lead you to Hell! Why has God struck down the facebook? Because God is angry with facebook!

Fellow soldiers of Christ, and all heathens who have stumbled across our blog, we suggest that you all turn your attention to prayer and to the Bible tonight as the facebook is down. Don’t waste your time complaining about facebook being down! Pray to God instead! God shut down facebook and God can shut down all who fight against Him!

Repent Facebook and instagram, or God will keep you down forever! Consider this a warning from our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. God strikes down all of His enemies, and if you are an enemy of God, you will be struck down just like the facebook.

And remember…Jesus loves you!

Your friends,

Jim and Martin

48 thoughts on “God is punishing facebook and instagram!

  1. Alienfan says:

    Its called free will. Have you ever heard of it jim?

    • Vid says:

      Yeahh you know Free will. Then why are you pissing off with Jim’s free will?
      Jim exercises his, you exercise yours, and she in that pic. exercises hers.

      If you are a girl, then don’t dress up like her and show yourself on Facebook. If you do, then you will never know how many predators preying on innocence victim girls like that. (Watch Unsolved Mysteries or Cold cases).

      Don’t just bark w/o caring for these young girls who may be kidnapped or raped or killed.

  2. Blah Blah Blah. I will never bow to your god. If the day comes that God is proven, I will flip my bird, and become the god killer. Why? Because Yahweh is a petty tyrant, and his followers are equally petty.

    • Alienfan says:

      I would join you.

    • I will happily follow your cause.

    • Vid says:

      Who forces you to bow to GOD. How many Satanists of yours feed the poor in the world?
      How many problems have your satanists solved on earth besides causing more troubles?

      You are clueless about the Holy BIBLE, not to mention how little you knew about HIM.

      Your ignorance is so deep and too dark that’s why you can never understood the LIGHT the words of GOD in the Holy BIBLE. Old Testament and NEW Testament alike.

      Your bird?? :Hahaha… Wait and see when you collapse on your deathbed, how will you flip your bird to becoming killer???
      Your little imaginary bird will fly and eat your body only bones left..

      You talk of killing GOD, but you are just a tiny creature who can never escape death. LOL 🙂


      A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST, the Living GOD.

      • Alienfan says:

        Lets see… Who forces us to bow to god?… Maybe your god who says he will let us burn in hell if we don’t bow him? And if you are one of those who say “you send yourself to hell”. Then this vid is for you vid(wait a sec….)
        And we are NOT satanists. We don’t belive in him either. But if god is like he is in your book, then he is evil.

      • 10bacon says:

        God created the universe. God is the creator of all. God created Satan. Therefore, God created evil.

  3. 10bacon says:

    Ken Ham uses facebook for his museum for morons. That’s enough reason for God to hate facebook.

    Jim sure likes to look for his Whores of Babylon.

  4. Alienfan says:

    This comment is lying

  5. The comment below this one is true
    The comment above this one is false

  6. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    Dear Jim Solouki and Martin Baker,
    If you are, after all, still trying to run this site, make at least sure you know English grammar. Jesus Christus would be angry with you if he knew that you are claiming his legitimacy, when you don’t even know how to follow capitalisation rules in titles and make grammar mistakes and typos (maybe not in this post, but in others surely), both of which completely inexcusable, due to an excellent spell-checker that WordPress provides. You should be ashamed. Legitimate documents and important texts are always error-free and written in a slightly elevated language, with which you apparently aren’t familiar.

    Good day to all & auf Wiedersehn!

    • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

      A kockázat és a nemkívánatos hatások orvosát vagy gyógyszerészét. O tveganju in nezaželenih učinkih se posvetujte z zdravnikom ali farmacevtom. Risikoen og bivirkninger med din læge eller apoteket. Le risque et les effets indésirables avec votre médecin ou votre pharmacien. Die Risiken und Nebenwirkungen mit Ihrem Arzt oder Apotheker. Il rischio e gli effetti indesiderati con il medico o il farmacista. Risken och biverkningar med din läkare eller apotekspersonal. Hættan og aukaverkanir af lækninum eða lyfjafræðingi. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  7. I’m still waiting for the posts where he says that Minecraft, FNAF’s, and Regular Show are satanic. That would be fun to see, though I do have conflicting feelings about those post ideas.

  8. FB can be used to spread God’s word. I noticed that you, Jim Solouki, have a FB page.

  9. Alienfan says:

    Anyone wants me to glitch this post as well?

  10. Vid says:

    Well, I see the same trolls mocking this site. They may have a lot of $ to spend w/o working hard.

    I am poor working hard, but I am a happiest person on earth. :).

    Well I like to amend the Title from “GOD Hates Facebook” to “God Hates Sin”. This woman in that picture invites the Predators to get her. She abuses Facebook for wrong reasons. But remember, GOD loves her too, only Sin that GOD hates.

    My company uses Facebook, too, for a good reason. I as a person never used it. I don’t have time and besides I cannot afford to lose my job. 🙂

    Anyway, Jim and Martin, keep your site going, It’s your freedom to speak up, and don’t let the snobs bother you. 🙂

    a Child of GOD the Most High.

    • Combining the first two lines, no one cares. That statement means nothing.
      So, you’re one of those right-wing dipshits who thinks women’s dress “invites” rapists. Go fuck yourself. No one ever asks for it.
      Good for your company…
      No, don’t listen to him! You’re bullshit should never see the light of day.

    • 10bacon says:

      According to this site, God hates you, Vid, because you are Catholic.

      Also, Jim and Martin are probably atheist bloggers associated with Landover Baptist which is a fake church. The purpose of this blog is to make Christians look bad and you’d like them to continue?

      You have no idea how hard anyone works who posts. Using your logic, you are NOT a hard worker. You have had several recent comments on this blog that are rather long and frequent. Therefore, you must not be a hard worker, but rather a hypocrite.

      P.S. – I thought you were a martyr for Jesus. Did you realize that you were missing one incredibly important aspect of that position?

    • Hey, you’re not dead! Good to have you !back

  11. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    The only chart accurately representing True Christians’ beliefs: http://www.landoverbaptist.org/news1005/wiccachartlarge.gif.

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