King Abdullah of Hell!

Abdullah, prince of Hell!

Greetings True Christians!

It brings me great joy to acknowledge the death of Christ’s enemy King Abdullah, until  today leader of the ungodly Muslim country Saudi Arabia! Abdullah’s ungodly family gave money to Osama bin Laden so that he could attack America, and today, King Abdullah joins Osama in the fires of Hell. Why is Abdullah in Hell? For the following reasons.

First, King Abdullah was a Muslim, and no Muslim can enter the Kingdom of Christ. God’s kingdom is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. Abdullah died unsaved. Abdullah was a Muslim, and Muslims deny the divinity of Christ. If you deny the divinity of Christ, God denies you entry into Christ’s Kingdom. As we speak, King Abdullah is being tormented by Satan and his minions. Let us pause in gladness to celebrate the death of this enemy of God’s true nation of America.

Second, King Abdullah supported Satan’s minion Osama bin Laden. Any person that mourns the death of King Abdullah is mourning the death of one of bin Laden’s closest monetary supporters, and is an enemy of America. I beg all nations that consider themselves friends of America to not send representatives to his funeral.By sending representatives to his funeral, you are playing into the hands of the Muslims.

Third, King Abdullah believed in polygamy. He had many wives and he now has one demon torturing him for each wife he had. Polygamy is satanic, and all who practice it are doomed to Hell. Marriage is meant to be between one man and one woman. Not between one man and one boy. Not between two men. Not between one man and many women. Not between one man and one goat. Marriage is defined, by GOD, as being between one man and one woman. By having many wives, Abdullah was partaking in ungodly practices.

Abdullah kissing George W. Bush, who is obviously and clearly very uncomfortable.

Fourth, King Abdullah was either a faggot or a fag sympathizer. There are many photographs of him kissing other men, and everyone knows that homosexuality is an abomination to the Lord! All homosexuals are destined for Hell. King Abdullah supported homosexuality by kissing other men, and is therefore in Hell.  He holds hands with other men too:

King Abdullah holding hands with Ahmanadeginad, leader of Iran and agent of Satan!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, America’s enemy is dead and is burning in Hell as we speak. Let us pause with great joy and gladness at the thought of his suffering. As Abdullah unleashed great sufferings upon his people while alive, so too will the Lord unleash great sufferings upon him. He will be spending an eternity in Hell with Nixon, Darwin, Sagan, Feynman, Hitler, Mussolini, bin Laden, and Hell’s whore Mother Teresa. Do not waste your prayers on his heathen soul, for it is already in the fires of Hell.  Let us rejoice in the knowledge that the world has become a safer place for both Christians and Americans. Let us take back the Middle East for Jesus! Let us take back the world for Christ.

From your friends,

Jim and Martin

13 thoughts on “King Abdullah of Hell!

  1. I think you’re lying, please site your sources. As for polygamy, Deuteronomy 17:17 Pretty much says “you can’t have multiple wives unless you’re rich!”
    Do everyone who wants to progress a favor, and shut up. Why don’t you accually read the bible. After all, thats the true cure to theism.

  2. Alienfan says:

    I wanted to see how long you could read before I found something intolerant. To be precise, it was the second sentence… And then it went on for the rest of the text!

    The second sentence:
    “It brings me great joy to acknowledge the death of Christ’s enemy King Abdullah, until today leader of the ungodly Muslim country Saudi Arabia!”

  3. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    If you knew more about other cultures, you’d know that cheek kissing is a normal, non-sexual and gesture in many parts of the world. Like I said, ignorance is the greatest sin of them all, which makes you both, Jim and Martin, a sinner!

  4. 10bacon says:

    In 1…

    We are go for bigotry.

  5. Why does Abdullah’s beard look fake in the top picture?

  6. Bush looks as though he’s enjoying himself

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