God hates our haters!

Jesus endured this for your sins!

Greetings True Christians!

It has come to Martin and my attention that our blog has been receiving many attacks by the ungodly heathen satanic army who seeks to destroy all things True Christian on the internet. This does not bother us; Jesus told us that we would be blessed when persecuted because of Him.  Look at what we are told in John 15:20. “Remember what I told you: ‘A servant is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also. If they obeyed my teaching, they will obey yours also.” Those are the words of Jesus! 2 Timothy 3:12 tells us more. “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.” As the Bible tells us, it is absolutely natural for us to be persecuted by the non-Christian heathen haters across the internet. We are working for Jesus, and they are working for the devil.  All those who work for Satan will be punished in Hell forever.

I spent a long time praying about the hate we are currently receiving. The Holy Spirit drew me to the story of God’s two witnesses in Revelation, who would be sent during the first half of the Tribulation. They were hated by the people and they were ultimately killed. God raised them from the dead, and issued vengeance upon their killers. As the Bible teaches us, it is God’s privilege to issue vengeance when He deems it necessary. Let us reference Deuteronomy 32:35. “It is mine to avenge; I will repay. In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”  God has already unleashed vengeance upon his enemies in the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, America, and across the globe. Martin and I are kind of like God’s two witnesses in 2015, and God will issue vengeance against those who fight us as well. I have prayed deeply, and the Holy Spirit has allowed me to see the eternal fates of some of the people attacking our True Christian website.

Repent or go to Hell!

We begin with the ungodly authors of a post on http://www.mattandmikesports.com that can be found here at this page. This website is very misguided. They claim that Martin and I are bigots, and then go on to argue that many NFL players did good Christian work. This is dishonestly sinful stuff! All NFL players who are not True Christians are going to Hell. They also defend Richard Nixon, claim that you can watch football and go to church both on Sunday (when the Sabbath is meant only for the Lord, not for football!!), and call me a jerk. I have prayed a lot about what will happen to you after you die, oh heathen writers of the matt and mike sports, and the Spirit has shown me. You will spend an eternity in Hell being spirit sodomized by Satan’s succubus Shakira as Hell’s whore Mother Theresa whips you with rulers for her kinky Catholic pleasures. Repent heathens, or this will be your fate in the lake of fire.

Satan’s Succubus Shakira!

Hell’s whore Mother Teresa

We next move to the ungodly and evil commenters from this site Illogical Reaper and SF Paper Dragon. They are both very evil, but Paper Dragon has issued a whole blog post attempting to “refute” our blog post on Star Wars on his http://www.paperdragonfolding.wordpress.com.  Here is his ungodly post. Dragon says that George Lucas is not Mormon. That’s a lie. He also says that Mormons believe in a sky mother as well as God, but they don’t talk about their sky mother! I think it’s because they hate women. After all, Joseph Smith was a raging polygamist and a thief. He says that Mormons believe in polygamy in the next life and that men will become Gods after death. Those heathen beliefs will lead you straight to Hell lest you repent. God has allowed me to see the fate of Paper Dragon and Reaper. Illogical Reaper gets crucified for all eternity to a cross of flame.  SF Paper Dragon will be spending eternity as one of Satan’s favorite playthings, Osama bin Laden’s, virgins for eternity. You see? Satan has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and since Mormons believe in polygamy, and since Muslims believe that they will receive 72 virgins after death, Satan gives the Muslim scum Mormon males as playthings for all eternity.

He’s waiting in Hell for his next male virgin.

The last heathen hater I will address today is Cassandra von d’Nacht, who has been criticizing us unfairly with nearly every post. Unless you repent and place Jesus firmly at the center of your life, Satan will toss you into his special lake of fire where Satan’s sodomist Freddy Mercury will spend all eternity singing the same song over, and over, and over.The torment is real, and there will be no relief. Repent, or this fate is real Cassandra. We will be praying for you.

Satan’s sodomist Freddy Mercury

Boys and girls, everybody can escape Hell, even the haters commenting on our blog and attacking us. There is a way to go to heaven, and it is a simple way. You must be born again. The ONLY way to heaven is to be born again in Christ. By accepting Christ as your own personal savior, by rejecting sin and all sinful things, and by living a Biblical life, you can go straight to heaven. The path to doom is wide, and the path to heaven is thin and tough to follow, but if you follow God’s path to Christ, you can go to heaven. I pray that our haters will repent lest they face these torments for eternity. I will be praying deeply for each and every one of you so that you may repent and reject your heathen ways. Heaven is like an exclusive club, unsaved unwelcome. You must be saved. You must be born again. Jesus has opened the door for you. Will you accept His gift of salvation and live according to His laws? I highly suggest you do.

From your True Christian friend,

Jim Solouki

29 thoughts on “God hates our haters!


  2. 10bacon says:

    Jim, the hate you receive is proportional to the hate you spew on this blog. You couldn’t be further from Christ than you are right now. Judge not lest ye be judged.

    You are a bigot. Every post lumping all Muslims as terrorist or saying that they look like Klingons is the defining characteristic of bigotry. You really should get your money back from Patriot Bible College for not being able to teach you this simple concept. Your a bigot in this very post.

    All NFL players are going to Hell? (Except Tebow, of course.) Star Wars movies are evil? Rock and Roll is evil? Beatles, Michael Jackson, Harry Potter, and my personal favorite of yours, toys are evil? Your list of insanity goes on.

    Prove George Lucas is a Mormon.

    God isn’t talking to you. That would be your stupidity that fills this blog.

    I want to be clear here. I do not think that all Christians are dumb. Many are incredibly smart and thoughtful. C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, and George MacDonald, are just a handful of smart Christians. Jim you need to close the Bible you cherry picked your beliefs from and read George MacDonald. He will show you what a true Christian is as you and Martin are certainly not.

    • 10bacon says:

      Isn’t it telling that you have no supporter in the comments?

    • 10bacon says:

      I would also like to add that Paperdragon’s post regarding Star Wars is, unlike 99% of this blog, accurate and thoughtful.

    • What does Jim think of C S Lewis I wonder? Surely he doesn’t think that he was a wicked, unintelligent sinner. I do know he doesn’t like Tolkien though, which is weird because Tolkien was the one who converted C S Lewis.

      • 10bacon says:

        I am going to go out on a limb and assume he didn’t know that.

        I will assume that C.S. Lewis is in Hell as he wrote about a lion being worshipped as a God.

        Jim and Martin, I request that you do a post on The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe being of Satan. Please?

      • I would expect that they would bash one of the greatest Christian apologists of all time, who probably shares many of their beliefs. I’m with 10bacon, I’m curious about your opinion now.

  3. Alienfan says:

    And also, if god want us to accept us, why don’t he show himself/herself?

  4. You’re. A. Bigot! You don’t see and understand the other persons point-of-view. You just block it out, and call them a satanist. In addition, you make outlandish claims that make the westbro baptist church look tame. If you are a true christian (or at least as far as you can get before hitting contradictions), you’d have to agree to every single thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6cb0GNc1WY
    Also, using any old testament laws makes you jewish, not christian.

  5. I give up. I’m freaking Deadpool for hate. Why comment if I can’t get mentioned. You mention PaperDragon but not your old pal PauseenP. Dude.

  6. “We next move to the ungodly and evil commenters from this site Illogical Reaper and SF Paper Dragon.” You forgot to add: “And one of them has a YouTube Channel where he takes arguments and destroys them!”

  7. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    I shall honestly say that I am honoured to be mentioned in this post. I am glad I was not unheard. Thank you Jim Soluki and Martin Baker! While I shan’t hide my scorn towards its extremism, I have never had anything against Christianity itself. Maybe some of you will think I like to be flattered (as someone’s comments stated), but as long as one does not interfere with my freedoms, I don’t care what or whom one worships. It’s (most usually) people who make religions ‘bad’, because they use it as a tool to control the masses who blindly follow.
    This blog is too radical, too extreme, making it like a Christian version of the infamous Islamic State (minus the killings; for now). I’m sure if Jim and Martin wrote about positive aspects of Christianity, didn’t attact other groups and didn’t write about trivial things like ‘Satanic’ cartoons no one really cares about, there would not be so many haters. Tell me, why is the majority of those who comment against you? (If the only thing you can think of is, ‘Because you’re working for Satan,’ you have not made a greater fail in your life.) You two brought this onto yourselves.

    Jim and Martin, it’s not too late. The following is a Roman Catholic indulgence (there was no Protestantism yet, only the Orthodox Church since MLIV) that was sold during the mediæval period in the Holy Roman Empire, which existed for more than a millennium.

    In the Name of the Pope
    For the entire life, I, by virtue of the apostolic power entrusted to me, do absolve thee from all ecclesiastical censures, judgments, and punishments which thou must have merited; besides this, from all excesses, sins and crimes thou mayest have committed, however great and shameful they may have been, and for whatever cause, even in those cases reserved for our most Holy Father the Pope. I obliterate every taint of unvirtues, all signs of infamy, which thou mayest have received. I release thee from all punishments which thou would have in Purgatory. I permit thee again to participate in the sacraments of the Church. I incorporate thee again in the community of the sanctified, and replace thee in the state of innocence and purity in which thou wert at the hour of thy baptism. So that in the moment of thy death the door through which the sinner enters the place of torture and punishment will be closed, and that will be open to thee which leads into the paradise of joys. If thou shouldest not soon die, so shall this grace remain unshakeable until the end of thy life.
    In the name of the Holy Father.

    In the MMXVth year since the birth of Jesus Christus.
    (I hope you all know how to read Roman numerals. If not, you’re going to Hell, as ignorace is the greatest sin of them all, and I shall never talk to you again, as I would be personally offended.)

    Toodles. 🐻

  8. Oh, goody, I get a mention. I could refute this article but you wouldn’t believe me. I’m too lazy anyway. George is definitely not Mormon. We don’t talk about our Heavenly Mother to respect her. After all, people take God’s name in vain all the time! God doesn’t want us to do that to his wife! Oh, wait, I am refuting this post. The fact that you would call me evil is laughable, though I am not perfect, like all human beings including yourselves. Reaper may be evil but I doubt it. Joseph Smith was a polygamist but not a thief, and he was reluctant to take multiple wives because he loved his wife Emma. However, he did as the Lord commanded. We do not become Gods after death, because we are only dead for a short time, during which time we preach the gospel to other spirits so they can accept the true gospel. (See you in the spirit world!) After everyone has lived their life, we are resurrected like Christ, never to die again. And then, yes, we become Gods, which are living, all-powerful beings like our Father in Heaven. I struggle to see how a sexual punishment is fitting for me. If you knew me better you would think of something cleverer, like being digested by an origami dragon for all eternity. Oh, wait, I said I wouldn’t refute this article. I lied, so I’m probably going to hell. (This is called sarcasm.) Anyway, I’m glad that the plan of salvation is not your twisted version of it, because you will be too in the afterlife. Thank goodness for both of us the afterlife is not the end. And I, SF PaperDragon, do testify that I know of a surety that these things are true and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church and the same church that existed anciently, from before the time of Adam. And I lie not, God bearing witness of it, and if I be wrong, it be not through fault of my own but of ignorance and my faith toward that which I believe to be true, which shall not easily be shaken by those who are equally devoted to the cause of Christ, but do lift themselves up in their faith to persecute those who also possess faith in God. I pray that someday you will come to know the truth in this life, and if not I pray that you are baptized by the power of the Holy Spirit, that ye may enter the world of spirits and be converted unto the fulness of the gospel, and live in the kingdom of God, which is the celestial kingdom and the highest degree of glory, where all who are spotless before judgement dwell with Him forever. I testify further that even if thou shouldst obtain the lowest degree of glory, it shall be more glorious than the glory of the Earth. And I testify with boldness, and conviction, and faith, and gladness in my heart, of all these things, and I lie not, God bearing witness of it, for if it so be that I have lied, then god knoweth I have lied, and I shall be punished. And now I say unto you what manner of man doth lie unto God and know of it, for he surely knoweth also the hell which awaits him? And I say these things in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ, amen.

  9. We refrain from mentioning Heavenly Mother for the same reason I refrain from mentioning a friend of mine that I do not want you writing a counter-article on. It’s respect, not hate.

    • And no, I will not tell you who that friend is because you do not know that person and wouldn’t recognize them but would probably “research” them and persecute someone who I know to be a strong Christian. They are easily Googled, so I will not even give a name, because doubtless you will attack them.

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