Khan Bonfils: More proof that God Hates Star Wars!

This ungodly servant of Satan is now in Hell.

Greetings True Christians!

Martin and I just recently published a post about how God hates Star Wars. God is now beginning to punish Star Wars actors for their part in the ungodly films! Did you know that just today God struck down Star Wars and James Bond actor Khan Bonfils? That’s right boys and girls, he was an agent of Satan and he is now burning in Hell, firmly in Satan’s grasp. He had his chance to repent, and he did not make the right choice.


The above photograph is a picture of Bonfils doing the Devil’s work in Star Wars. Note the ungodly Satan’s horns on his head, a reference to where he will spend eternity. Bonfils is barbecuing on Satan’s soul grill as we speak, and he’s going to be in pain for all eternity! God has struck him down so that he will not lead any more of our youth astray!

All you followers of Khan Bonfils ungodly career, repent or follow his path to Hell. The only way to heaven is through Jesus the Christ. You must be born again or you will die twice, once in this life and once when you are cast into the pit of Hell for all eternity. If you are born again, you will never die in Christ. Your soul will be with him eternally and you will be in paradise.

To our evil atheist readers, might I issue a challenge? If you accept Jesus and die tomorrow and find out He’s not real, what have you lost? Nothing. If you accept Jesus and die tomorrow and find out that He is real, you go straight to heaven!  If you reject Jesus and die tomorrow and find out He’s not real, you’ve lost nothing. If you reject Him, die tomorrow, and find out that He is real, you go straight to Hell! Accept Jesus and go to heaven or lose nothing! Reject Jesus and go to Hell or lose nothing. What looks like the smarter choice? I’ll take the one that takes me to heaven, and I hope you will too.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker!
Remember to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

16 thoughts on “Khan Bonfils: More proof that God Hates Star Wars!

  1. And if you die tommorrow and find out Jesus isn’t real? Then what? By the way, not horns, head-tails

    • The challenge is good, but if you accept it with that attitude, like you have nothing to lose, you don’t really believe. PP, Yes they are horns. Head-tails are different. Togruta have both. This post is sad. I’d like to see you say that people are in heaven instead. Don’t lie, just find righteous people who are deceased and write about them.

  2. Pascal’s wager. I’ve already talked about it, and its doesn’t work. 1. How do you know Jesus is the right answer? How do you know the true god isnt Allah, Budda, Vishnu? 2. I have lost something. Money wasted on helping churches, time wasted sundays, and if I had to see myself become you? fuck that. Screw you, I’ll take my chances with the devil.

  3. 10bacon says:

    Martin and Jim, you guys are really stupid. Here’s the problem with your challenge. Wouldn’t God know if I was accepting Jesus just in case? That’s not believing, that’s going through the motions in hopes that the all knowing deity won’t be able to tell the difference between a believer and a faker. Your Hell makes no sense in Christianity. God is love, but he will eternally torch your ass if you don’t like his son? That’s a total contradiction. Did Jesus die for all our sins, or all but one?

  4. Great. Somebody dies and you pounce on him. More posts about people going to heaven please! Just ignore the “wicked” people dying. They were “wicked”, so we all know where you think they’re going. Tell us, what DON’T you think is of the devil?

  5. I will, however, give you credit for using the CORRECT PHOTO unlike many times when you don’t.

  6. It is not easy to live the Gospel. But it is simple. God does not ask much of us. Therein lies Martin and Jim’s problem. God does not care about Star Wars. He wants us to choose for ourselves. I gain spiritual insight from Star Wars and it brings me closer to God by likening it unto the scriptures. Jim and Martin, however, derive their own conclusions. God has commanded us to do so. But He does not want anyone to force those conclusions on others, because He has given us the power to choose. If Jim and Martin feel that they should not watch Star Wars, then they should not watch it. But even though they have the right to express their views concerning it, they are wrong when they say God hates all who watch Star Wars. I am sure Rick Santorum watches Star Wars. I am sure many of the people you call True Christians find true Christian messages in Star Wars. I am sure if you didn’t focus on the bad you would too. The problem is that there is no commandment in the scriptures that expressly forbids Star Wars, and God will not do that. He wants us to decide whether or not, based on the commandments He HAS given us, that Star Wars is evil. The Pharisees had the same problem. They took the law of Moses and turned it into a complicated set of rules that were not originally part of the law. God’s commandments are few and uncomplicated. If we keep these few commandments, repenting of our sins, we will be saved. It can be hard. It is meant to be hard. But it is meant to be simple as well, and God will help us understand His will.
    Are you getting all this, Jim and Martin?

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