Star Wars and Satan’s War!

The choice is yours!

Greetings True Christians! That dastardly heathen Mormon George Lucas is at it again with Star Wars Episode 7. That’s right boys and girls! Lucas the soldier of Lucifer has a new movie coming! This one is called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Lucas is still marketing his ungodly evil myth and false religion of the force, and this newest movie is yet another in George Lucas’ 40 year assault on the Truth of Jesus! Why doesn’t George Lucas see a problem with what he is doing? Probably because, like all Mormons, George Lucas believes that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, children of the magical mystical sky-man who is having sky-sex with his collection of sky-wives and making spirit babies. George Lucas also wears magical Mormon underwear most likely, so its not surprising that he is willing to invent this ungodly Hindu-esque myth that he calls the force! I have news for you George Lucas and all of you Star Wars treckies! There is only one “force,” and that force is the force of Good created by Jesus through the Holy Spirit! Those heathen treckies have tried to turn Jedi Night into a religion based upon George Lucas’s mythological Satanic ungodly films, and are trying to replace Jesus with a fake “spirit” based on his movies. Lucas’s latest film has even mocked the Crucifixion, with a Cross-shaped laser-sword!

This Cross-shaped laser sword mocks the Cross of Christ!

George Lucas’s ungodly evil movies also glorify the Darwinist dogma of playing god! Lucas made up an ungodly story about about “clone wars” and cloning warriors. Everybody knows that cloning is of Satan and not of God! God is the only person who is allowed to create life! First, the evil Darwinists cloned a sheep and named it Dolly after large-bosomed whore of Babylon Dolly Parton, and now George Lucas is making up fantasy stories about cloning! Why? Because George Lucas is a sexual pervert who wants to make veiled references to Darwinism in order to make it more palatable to our young ones. This is sinful stuff, and Lucas should be arrested for his abuse of our children. He even uses children in his film to cater to kids!

George Lucas is a kinky sinner!

Natalie Portmans is a satanic slut!

George Lucas’ glorified “clones”

Star Wars victimizes children!

Did you know that the ungodly and evil George Lucas also supports the many-worlds mythology pushed by Mormons and atheists? Lucas wants us to believe that there is human-like life on planets all across the universe, because his ungodly Mormon faith teaches him that when he dies he will be allowed to create his own planet and make millions of spirit babies with his many spirit wives for all eternity. Joseph Smith believed in polygamy in this life, and Lucas wants it in the next life. This many-worlds doctrine is also a veiled attempt to support Darwinism! By claiming that life exists all through the universe, it undermines the special creation of life on this earth by God. That’s just stupid, boys and girls! The Bible tells us that God created life on THIS world, not anywhere else! Therefore, there is no life anywhere else! It’s as simple as that! We are God’s chosen people, and God’s privileged planet. Shame on George Lucas for trying to teach our children otherwise!

This talking dog-man is one of Lucas’ evil aliens!

George Lucas also wants to teach our children that it is ok to use man-made machinacal creatures to replace interaction with real humans. Lucas creates the ungodly droids, both for a military and for servile tasks. Look at C3Do and C2-D2, the ungodly homosexual droid partners that date each other in a veiled homosexual relationship in the first three films! This is sinful stuff! God hates faggots, and God hates faggot robots! Therefore, God hates Star Wars!

These evil droids are planning a riot somewhere in the Star Wars universe!

The Faggot Droids Satan is looking for!

George Lucas’ ungodly human-robot hybrid!

Did you know that George Lucas also glorifies slavery? Lucas wants to own a collection of slaves, and he shows this with his  characters “Slave Leia” and “slave Anapkin.”  It is fitting that Lucas wants to own both women and young boys, as this is an allusion to Islamic beliefs. Muslims buy little boy slaves and slave women all the time! Here are Lucas’s slave creations:

slave Anapkin

Slave Leia

It is not surprising that Lucas glorifies the owning of young boys. Half of his Star Wars saga is a direct glorification of the Roman Catholic Church! Did you know that the Empire on Star Wars was based entirely on Catholicism? I have proof! First off, compare the Pope and the Emperor:

The symbolism is the same!

Next, note the similarities between the Pope arriving and the Emperor arriving:

This is evil, boys and girls! Lucas also glorifies the evolutionist missing link the crocoduck! Where is the Crocoduck? The Crocoduck is featured in one of George Lucas’s movies in the character Jar Jar Stinks! Here’s the crocoduck:

The Crocoduck!

Lucas also features Satanic teddy bears in his movies:

These Teddy Bears are from the Devil!

The only thing George Lucas got right in his Star Wars films was his portrayal of Muslims. He portrays them as heartless killers fighting in the desert with spears and ugly outfits. That is the only correct representation of anything in Lucas’ films! All other things are of Satan! Here is Lucas’ portrayal of a typical Muslim:

A Typical Muslim

God hates Star Wars! God hates George Lucas! And if you are a Star Wars fan, God hates you! Let us boycott the new Star Wars movie and keep our children and our families away from it! Let us take back our TVs for Jesus! Let us take back our cinemas for Christ!

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker

51 thoughts on “Star Wars and Satan’s War!

  1. 10bacon says:

    You need to get a refund for the failed attempt to educate you as a child, as this is the stupidest thing ever. More likely, this is a total poe blog. There is no other way that you can exist.

    Have you ever heard of fiction?! Seriously, are you aware that you can tell a story and have it not pertain to a religion? There are elements of Buddhism, but that’s it. Everything else is you reaching for things that aren’t there. Not everything needs to be based in the real world. He I not trying to convince us of anything. It’s an entertainment. Kind of like this site, except less stupid.

    Have you even seen the movies? First off, “treckies” don’t give two craps about Star Wars. Those are Star Trek fan’s correctly spelled “trekkies.” (This is a poe site isn’t it?) The light saber is in the shape of many swords and has nothing to do with the crucifixion.

    You two are such moronic bigots. If there is a Hell, which there isn’t, you two would be the only residents.

    All that being said, this site and you two are total fakers. Only total dumbasses would put an image from Star Trek in a post about Star Wars. Anyone else would check there work.

    By the way, did you know that Rick Santorum wanted to get his picture taken with an actor who plays the most prominent gay characters on television. I guess we know what kind of television Rick likes.

    Santorum in 2016?

    • AMEN 10BACON! FYI, the Force is not a religion nor does it replace any god or God.

    • You heathen, this is not a poe blog, this site is as legitimatee as Jesus. You need to repent or you will burn forever in Hell with Robin Williams and Richard Dawkins. I will be prayoing for you still heathen.

      Repent or burn heathen. Repent or burn.

      I will be praying for you.


      • Have you guys even heard of fiction? Star Wars is 100% fictional (probably, cuz aliens.) Jar Jar Binks is a species of humanoid alien called a Gungan, which EVOLVED from land based animals, and is in no way related to this piece of shit “animal” called a crocoduck.
        The “Muslims” that you guys call here are Sand People, a race of nomads. Teddy bears are adorable, and so are ewoks. Jedi religion is based off of Buddhism, THAT’S IT!! The light-saber, (called the cross guard light-saber) is like a broadsword. Go stick your head into a book and then have Martin eat his own bible…


      • 10bacon says:

        So, your only response to my post is that it’s not a poe blog?

        There is no Hell. Hell is counter to everything Christ stood for.

        Also, calling me a heathen is fine by me. All it means is that I am not a follower of your insane version of Christianity. So, I can only take that as a compliment. I take no offense.

        I thought Jesus died for ALL our sins.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Please, Jim, tell me in which church do you attend the Mass.

      • There is a Hell, but nobody’s in it yet. God wants us ALL to get to Heaven. Has God failed already? It is blasphemy to think that God has failed. Ultimately, however, it is our God-given choice to accept the Gospel. Chances are some of us won’t make it to heaven. But it’s not impossible for the entire world to get to heaven. I hope that you will be baptized posthumously so that you can choose whether or not to accept the gospel, because you will be in for a shock when you find yourself in spirit prison waiting to have the chance to repent instead of the celestial kingdom. I’m not saying you’re going to Hell. Spirit prison is not Hell, and really neither are the other two degrees of glory. Outer darkness is Hell. I don’t think you’ll go there. But I hope you will make it to the celestial kingdom with the most righteous. I truly believe you are a soldier of God, but you are firing at the other divisions of His army.

      • 10bacon says:

        Well, Paperdragon, I appreciate that. I guess we’ll see. Have you read any George MacDonald? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have. If not, he’s sort of the father of fantasy genre of literature. He was a Scottish preacher who was not exactly praised for his views. I quoted him in the previous ridiculous post about Muslims. In essence, he believed that there was no Hell in the sense of eternal suffering as that would be contrary to what an all loving God would do. Punishment was one thing. but eternal suffering serves no purpose.

        I have read on more than one occasion that Hell is not mention in the Bible. Now, it is in the English version, but some people believe that that Hell is a mistranslation of the word Shoel, which means grave. In the previous article I left a link to someone making this case.

  2. You are literally talking STRAIGHT out of your ass.

  3. Even worse than the last one. Must not write counter-article, must not write counter-article… I want to do it so bad…

  4. GL is not Mormon, trust me.

  5. This post HAS to be satire. I don’t care about the rest of this site, this post is hands down the dumbest thing I have read in my life. Who wants me to write a counter-post?

  6. Only you two would think Yoda looks like a dog. People have called him a frog before but I see no resemblance to any creature on Earth. And while we are on the subject, does the Bible say God DID NOT create life on other planets? Answer: NO. It says God created life on Earth, but mentions nothing about other planets to the contrary or otherwise. I believe in aliens. I believe in intelligent aliens. But the only intelligent aliens I know to exist are humans, whose only alien characteristic is their location in the universe. No other difference. You guys need to start actually researching everything you argue about. 95% of your posts are bullsh.

  7. Hey PD, wanna wright a counter article together. Like we could post it on both of our sites. I need something lol-tastic for 7,000 hits anyway

  8. Tell you what, I’ll agree that cloning is probably wrong. But that doesn’t make Star Wars bad. In fact, even though it may seem that way, Star Wars doesn’t glorify cloning. Here’s why:
    The clone army was commissioned by Darth Tyranus, an Sith and a servant of evil. First reason. The cloners were the Kaminoans, who had cloned their own species to survive. The Kaminoans were emotionless, neutrally-oriented beings devoted to science, and they culled their own species and experiments to survive. Questionable moral system there, right? Others were somewhat bothered by this too, but it is not shown in the film. The Kaminoans are not heroes, they are aloof beings with no moral code. So they could be evil. Their actions, therefore, are justified as a caution against culling and cloning. Reason two. The clones were programmed by Palpatine to turn on the Jedi at his command, one of the contingency orders implanted in their brains. They turned and began to serve the Sith. That would not have happened if the republic had not approved a clone army, and thus we see that the Republic, for all its good, democratic ideals, had major flaws. Reason three. To my knowledge, ever since the Clone Wars no party represented as heroic by the authors of Star Wars has used cloning, only the villains and the Kaminoans. So the heroes don’t use cloning. Why? Because they learned their lesson, and now know that cloning is bad. And that, my friend, is reason four. So I would say that George Lucas does not actually glorify clones but instead uses them as a plot device to warn against cloning. However, there are many clone heroes. Even though Lucas’ ultimate message is against cloning, the clones themselves are not inherently evil.

  9. George Lucas enslaved Anakin and Leia to show how HORRIBLE slavery is. He does NOT glorify it. That papal video? Real footage, but did you notice the audio? That video is a PARODY, my friend. Also, Pope Benedict was made pope 25 years AFTER Star Wars came out. Your whole post, it’s so dumb. I could go on and on. I struggle to believe that this site is not satire, even though I once believed you were just really, really stupid. But I do not see how any human being could BE that stupid. It wouldn’t be so bad if you actually got the facts right, then people might believe all the crazy stuff you say. But no, you spell things wrong (on purpose?) and you put in irrelevant photos and parody videos and do no research at all. Your arguments are weak. You shall find that it is you who are mistaken about a great many things.

  10. Reblogged this on PaperDragon Folding and commented:
    Just… stupid.

  11. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Jim Solouki and Martin Baker, if you are stating that the Roman Catholic Church is evil, then enlighten all us here and tell us which branch of Christianity is, according to you, the right one. If you reply me with ‘True Chrisitan’, it won’t be enough. Tell me the exact coordinates (or the town of location) of the church building you believe is True Christian, so we can all have some closure.

    Good day to you.

  12. Just to be clear, how many times have you watched Star Wars? I can teach some good, Christian messages with Star Wars, want to hear some?

  13. Want a questionable George Lucas film? Try THX 1138. Creepy, kinky stuff. BTW, george isn’t involved in Episode VII whatsoever. Go bash Disney. They’re the ones doing this.

  14. We ARE God’s privileged children. Just not the only ones in the universe. As for privileged planet… we actually are. You’re right. But we aren’t privileged just because, we are privileged because God chose to send Jesus to live his life HERE, on Earth, and die HERE, for our sins, and that is why we are a privileged planet. but God has children, HUMAN CHILDREN, on other planets in other galaxies. It is not very likely that there is other life as intelligent as humankind, god’s children made in his own image, but certainly there is alien life out there, and it is human. Genesis does not deny this. Show me where it does.

    • dumcheese says:

      I would send a hate comment to this guy, but I dont want to get involved with him…
      The entire article is complete GARBAGE!

      • says the man who calls himself “dumcheese.” You are the stupid one and you are going to Hell, heathen. I’ll be praying for you.

        Yours in Christ,

        Jim Solouki

      • Correction: you’re going to hell. You are essentially rotten cheese, you’re moldy, stinky, and stupid. You really think Jesus wants you? Yeah right, not even Satan wants you. So, go to non-existence, its where you belong, and its where you should stay.
        (Playing into Christianity is fun!)

      • Martin Baker says:

        Your eternity will be garbage if you don’t repent and become Born Again.

  15. Martin Baker says:

    Look at the picture of the children victimized in the star wars picture. It’s as if George Lucas in his perverted evilness has taught the children to stroke penises for homosexual pleasure.

    • These children are, or were (they are dead now, because of the Great Jedi Purge) being taught to use the light sabers. George Lucas never did that. You perverted piece of bullplop.

    • 10bacon says:

      I never saw that when I viewed the film. That fact that you saw the penis stroking says a great deal about where your mind is. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

      • Yup. I’m surprised they managed to find images of those two twi’lek girls that were not heavily sexualised. I mean, they are wearing fishnets and are nude underneath, which is pretty hot.

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