The Pinky and the Brain is from the Devil!

These mice are Satan’s mice!

Greetings True Christians!

Today I want to tell you about the ungodly and Satanic cartoon the Pinky and the Brain. I was flipping through the channels on my television set today and came across this evil show! Did you know that this show is a tool created to lead our children away from God and towards the devil? That’s right boys and girls. Hollywood is a servant of Satan, and Hollywood is using cartoons such as the Pinky and the Brain to lead our childrens away from God and into the grasp of the devil! This must not be allowed to continue.

The Brain is a cartoon version of Richard Nixon!

The Brain is a cartoon version of Richard Nixon!

Did you know that the evil character the “Brain” was designed to look like Satan’s president Richard Nixon? The similarities don’t stop there! Much like Nixon (who was a servant of the Illuminati and craved world domination), the Brain always talks about taking over the world. In fact, the entire world is predicated on global conquest, and glorifies the idea that the world can be taken over. The Brain’s companion is a particularly evil character named Pinky. Pinky is portrayed as an extremely unintelligent, gullible individual who does anything the Brain tells him to without question. And guess what boys and girls? This is exactly what the Antichrist seeks from you! He wants you to do his bidding instead of the Lord’s, and he doesn’t want you to ask any questions. This is why I think that the Brain is, in fact, a representation of the Antichrist, and this show is an attempt to teach our children to obey the Antichrist!

Did you know that the Pinky and the Brain also supports sexuality outside of wedlock? IN the show the Pinky and the Brain, the cohorts of the Brain, the Animalianiacs, are sexual addicts who constantly kiss and fondle unsuspecting women followed with the statement “Hello nurse.” The show also supports beastiality since these Animalianiacs are non-human creatures engaged in sexual acts with a human! That’s sinful smut that can easily poison the minds of our young ones and it must not be tolerated!

A heathen beastiality moment!

Not only that, the Pinky and the Brain was made by the ungodly and Satanic Steven Spielberg, author of the Jurassic Park and other evil movies! Spielberg hates Jesus and God and always glorifies evil ideas in his film. Evolution? Check. Millions of years mythology? Check. Science? Check. Rape? Check. Homosexuality? Double check. Adultery? Check. World conquest by the forces of evil? Check. Ungodly savage belief systems? See the below image:

Brain with a savage creature’s voodoo doll.

This show is clearly attempting to introduce our children to pagan belief systems that are of the Devil and will only lead them to Hell for all eternity. The Satanic pagan doll in the above photo comes from an episode where the Brain seeks to enter into the homes of children all around the world and hypnotize them all into obeying him. Who does that sound like to you? Oh wait, I forgot, Brain is a cartoon representation of the Antichrist, and that’s why this is happening!  The show even glorifies evolution through the use of a crocoduck-type creature!

There’s no proof of Darwinism here!

Perhaps the most obscene part of the series is where the Animalianiacs mock God! They talk about liking to paint naked people on the side of a church. They like to talk about watching adult tv shows and doing ungodly things! They even mock the story of Noah’s Flood, as shown below:

Worse yet, this ungodly show created by Spielberg tries to indoctrinate our children into accepting non-christian historical false doctrine! Take for example this ungodly celebration of sinful false science. The Brain here is acting as a heathen tribute to Thomas Huxley, who’s work on the brain was one of the Darwinists’ favorite weapons to use against Creation Scientists in the 19th century. This is sinful smut.

Still not convinced?  The Pinky and the Brain also glorifies the Satanic children’s series Winnie the Pooh! Proof below:

The Pooh is Satanic too!

Steven Spielberg is using this ungodly show to brainwash your children and steal them from Jesus. Don’t let him succeed. We must keep Speilberg’s ungodly smut away from our children and off of our TVs. It is time to take back the televisions for Jesus. It is time to take back our cartoons for Christ. Two thousand years ago, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. It’s time to take a stand for Him. Join us and reject the Pinky and the Brain. It’s what Jesus would want us to do.

From your friends,

Jim Solouki and Martin Baker.

Don’t forget to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

21 thoughts on “The Pinky and the Brain is from the Devil!

  1. Well, its a start. You are completely misrepresenting everything. If you’re going to point out problems (imaginary as they are), keep it in the show, not in the other animaniacs shorts. To put it bluntly, everything in this post is stupid, and forced. There bad conspiracy theories, and then theres… you shit.

  2. 10bacon says:

    It’s posts like this that make me call this site fake.

    If, Odin save us, site is not fake. Clearly, you do not understand satire. Also, I believe the Brain was modeled after Orson Welles not Nixon. To reiterate Reaper, this post is stupid and forced. You clearly had too much time on your hands when you should have been thinking about Jesus. Clearly, you don’t do that enough since you don’t understand Christianity.

  3. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    Koga briga neka brezvezna risanka?! Ti, JIM SOLOUKI, in tvoj podložnik, MARTIN BAKER, sta navadna bedaka in najhujši smeti, ki nimata kaj početi v lastnem zamorjenem življenju in se izdajata za ‘Prave Kristjane’! Na bruhanje mi gre!!! Raje priznajta, da je ta stran samo satirična komedija ali raje takoj umrita v mukah, ki vama jih bo zadal vajin lasten Krščanski Bog! Pred tem pa raje napišita zaupanja vredno oporoko, saj NADANGELI ŽE SPUŠČAJO STRUPENO PERJE NAD VAJU, KI VAJU BO UGNOBILO!!! Pripravita se na najhujše. Želim vama neprijetno posmrtno življenje, ki ga bosta preživela v mukah, ki vama jih bo zadal nihče drug, kot vajin ljub Hudič iz podzemeljskega pekla.
    V imenu Očeta, Sina in Svetega Duha, ZBOGOM.


  4. 10bacon says:

    Perhaps they realize that this post makes as much sense as the banana controversy and that’s why they won’t reply.

  5. Let’s all hope Jim and Martian’s new years resolution is “stop making idiotic posts and make amends to those who I’ve annoyed.”

    • Vid says:

      Hahaha… you make me laugh 🙂 🙂 Reaper, Hahahaha….
      These guys are extreme right, but you are an extreme left.
      “Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are that judge; for in what you judge another, you condemn yourself; for you that judge do the same things”. Roman 2:1

      • …Seriously? I don’t see my self as an extremest anything. As for that left-wing right-wing bullshit, I kinda sit on the fence, though I am leaning towards the left.
        Besides, have you seen his posts? All of them are fucking stupid.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Our resoltion is to continue spreading the word of Christ, sinner.

      • V͙̳̰̠̳̟̈́͝o̻̲̯͕͇͖ͤͤ̈́͂̀t͉̩̲̪̘͎͚̋ͬͭe̘̺̬̟̭͉̳ͮ̚ ̖Cͣͧ̿ͮ̌t͇͚̯̭̞̥͞ͅh̖͉̪̫̹̭ͤ͊ͫụ͖̞͙̑͌̅l̙̰̪̖͊̚̕huͧ͆̍ͦ͂͋҉̪͖̯͇̠ ͎̼̳̱̪ͩͫ͂͛͂2͙͙̬͇0͖̣̮̠̞̭̱1̵͍̭̇͌ͭ̔̽̾̎6̷͔̗͇̮!̷͍̤͍̮̙̦ͥ͛ͧ!͖̍́ͪ

  6. Vid says:

    A lot of commotions here. Just got back from celebrating CHRISTMAS, then NEW YEAR 2015. Can you all believe it we are in 2015? Man, back to work tomorrow, and soon 2016, then we’ll have a new President. This time I will vote for Jeb Bush. Because I want him to nuke North Korea and stop ISIS.

    Listen folks, these people created their Website to express their opinions, They are extreme right movements, it is their freedom. There are few idiot extreme left here, too, and one of them is Reaper> Reaper’s baby sitter (Bacon); and the wicked witch in Wizard of Oz who is best with cursing. Okay they, too have freedom to attack the far right movements or vice versa or attack anybody.

    I, too have my freedom to choose the path of JESUS CHRIST, the Prince of PEACE. If anyone attacks me I can stay mum or I don’t have to, it is my freedom.
    “But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despite-fully use you, and persecute you” Matthew 5:44.

    A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST.

    Please Visit my website:

    • You have a right to your own opinion, but when you’re opinion is wrong, I point it out. When you say what Jim says here, its safe to assume that he is not a safe person.
      Also, stop quoting out-of-context bible verses at me, if the abridged pascal’s wager fails, so will that.

    • 10bacon says:

      Your comment is oozing with moronic word vomit. First off, it is laughable that you call reaper and I idiots. You need to read what you write before you post your comment. That includes this one. by your own admission, you do not educate yourselves in areas that are not a necessity to your degree or are not related to the Bible. Further more, you embrace that willful ignorance as if it is some badge of honor. That is idiotic and makes any of your claims irrelevant and pointless.

      How am I Reaper’s babysitter. That makes no sense. Am I shielding him from the harm of the internet and the stupid people in it? Clearly not, as he has had much interaction with you. I think he can take care of himself without his “baby sitter.”

      So, you are going to vote for Jeb Bush so that he nukes North Korea and ISIS? How exactly is that an example of “ your enemies, bless them that curse you, DO GOOD TO THEM THAT HATE YOU…”
      Also, we are the persecuted ones on this blog.

      I’m going to assume you are still alive. So, you cannot be a martyr yet. One of the main aspects of martyrdom is that the person in question is not longer living. So, you may want to get a new title.

      You, sir, are a moron and a hypocrite. So, congratulations. You can now write a post for Jim and Martin.

    • Nuking innocent people is no way to go. Jesus was never “the Prince of Peace”as you call him, he was just a man who was supposedly the son of a falsely benevolent, omnipotent fairy, who created a single planet. God is not worthy of his supposed status just because he made a lump of rock have life. Vid, can you see god?, can you touch God?, can you hear him?

      Because I cant, so therefore, there is no such thing as him.

      Any person who is of equal religion to these people, is only worthy of being shunned or vilified from society, as there is no point for us to live under the influence of a false religion that has caused the human race to become so hate filled, so eager to destroy one another, simply because they differently. Ask yourself this Vid, What would life be like if there was no religion?

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