George Lucas is at it again!

Not too long ago, Lucas has posted a preview on YouTube for his new Star Wars movie. Star Wars is an unholy abomination that is based off the False Religion Buddhism and is related to witchcraft, the Illuminati, and other New Age filth. We have had gun shootings, Christian kids being bullied in school, and other problems related to the release of these films. Please read our previous entry “Star Wars is for Sinners” and help us take our cinemas back for Christ.

49 thoughts on “George Lucas is at it again!

  1. 10bacon says:

    You can’t have entertainment for entertainment’s sake, huh? Frankly, I don’t think you care about the unholiness of Star Wars. This is just click bait so that you might get a few stragglers who Googled Star Wars and went through the entire search list. Any true Christian would be able to fight off the tractor beam of Buddhism and enjoy a film for purely entertainment’s value.

    However, you are not a true Christian.

    Happy Holidays

  2. Whats going to happen when an atheist becomes president? Honestly, what will you do if you see the day an admitted atheist takes office? Will you give up, or will you go into an even more rage-fueled rant?

    • Vid says:

      If the US has an Atheist president I will move to China or SEA nations. Because Christianity keeps growing in China and all SEA nations.

      I will go whereever GOD Bless that nation. GOD bless China and soon China will overtake the US as the most Christian nation.

      America turns her back on GOD, then GOD will dump America.

      When GOD dump America, the beasts anti-Christ will rule for a few years.

      Nay I don’t believe the beasts can take over America.


      A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST

      Ps: This article has erred about Buddhism related to witchcraft.
      It should be written as Buddhists (but not Buddhism) many practice wichcraft, at least in Cambodia.

  3. A: Lucas is a consultant for this movie, Disney has the rights.
    B: The trailer looks so ****ing EPIC!


  5. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    What’s wrong with witchcraft?! I’ve been practising it every day of my life for the past three years and have never been better, thank you very much!
    Gun shootings are a result of uncontrolled gun purchasing in the US, not atheism and films. Well, some films and video games may encourage this kind of violence in people with poor judgement of what’s right and wrong, but if there was gun control, they wouldn’t be able to get guns in the first place. One can almost purchase guns more easily than alcoholic beverages these days. It’s ABSURD! (Not that approve drinking.)

    • Please tell me that thing you said about witchcraft was sarcastic, we don’t need someone proving his points.

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        Why would I be sarcastic? Many people around the world practice witchcraft in different forms, and I am one of them. I also know many Wiccans, but I don’t consider myself one, although I do observe holidays like Yuletide, Samhain, Lammas etc. plus every full moon and dark moon. It’s really empowering, much more like masses, because in witchcraft, you’re your own priest when contacting entities. I also have my own Book of Shadows, Tarot cards and a Ouija board to communicate with spirits of the other realms.
        And with saying this, I’m not proving anyone’s point.

      • Well… obviously you are not Christian. You do know that Wiccans worship the devil, right? Witchcraft is a form of worshipping the devil. But the Force is not witchcraft, nor has it inspired witchcraft. The Force is something completely different. Also, it’s fake. Witchcraft is fake. I am sorry to hear that you aren’t sarcastic about that.

      • Yes, Cassandra. You are not proving Jim’s point, but you are certainly not helping my argument.

  6. The Illogical Reaper says:

    Just something stupid.

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        In reply to your own reply:
        You may say what you want about witchcraft, I don’t really care if you’re interested in knowing. For me, it’s real. But, I have to inform you that Mormonism indeed is fake. It was, I believe, founded by some people who reside in a city which is in the middle of a desert that used to a large lake…? I would stay with good old Roman Catholicism if I were you.

      • You, madam, no longer have my respect. You clearly do not understand Mormonism.

      • Oh, yes, and how do you know I’m LDS?

      • BTW, you also don’t know your history. Utah was uninhabited by non-Indians until the Mormons came. The Church was restored in New York. The Saints were persecuted out of New York, Ohio, Illinois and Missouri until they finally left for Zion. They settled in Utah and it became a territory. Years later it became a state. So no, the Church was not “started” in Utah, it was restored in Palmyra, New York.

      • Mormons believe that their religion is the same that was the religion of Adam, of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. When the world became wicked and killed the apostles, the gospel was lost, until God restored the truth unto Joseph Smith Jr. The Lord told Joseph that there was another people who lived during the time of Jeremiah, who traveled out of Jerusalem before it was destroyed, and sailed to America, and the Book of Mormon is that record. By revelation, the book was found and translated.
        So, contrary to what others may say, Catholocism, no offense to Catholics, is NOT the original branch of Christianity.

  7. That trailer is fake. Obviously you never watched star wars and clearly don’t have a clue what you are talking about.
    George Lucas didn’t make this movie. Disney did.
    The trailer is fake.
    I watch Star Wars. I do not practice magic, black or white, I am not Buddhist, and I do not shoot people. You never said how bullying in school relates to Star Wars.
    The only people offended by Star Wars are people like you. George Lucas isn’t trying to send heathen messages. If he offended you it was clearly an accident, because people like you, and especially you two specifically, are offended by absolutely everything and everything that you find offensive is clearly of the devil, is that right?
    As you would say when you have “won” an argument,
    Checkmate “Christians”! I hope you come to realize that there is nothing Satanic about Star Wars and maybe even that people can use it to bring people closer to Christ. Stories have morals, but the morals are what you make of them. plus anything the author says explicitly is the moral, but you can still draw your own moral from that. If you want an example of how Star Wars relates to Christianity in a pro-Christian way then just say the word and I will prepare something for you. Although I expect the only thing you will do if and after you read this comment is tell me I’m going to hell and address nothing I have said whatsoever, instead choosing to blindly deny what I have said, whatever I have said, no matter what. I encourage you to go and see this movie when it comes out. Really study it. Look for good. Actually try to see the good. Write all that down as you watch it and think about it and how it relates to your religion. Then once you’ve don that, write a post here and list all the bad things FROM MEMORY. I dare you to do that and I guarantee you will get something out of that. BYUtv has a motto and it is a very good one. The motto is “See the good in the world.” I would like to see you do that.

  8. 10bacon says:

    I’m really getting into the commercial spirit of the Holidays!

    Happy non-specific holiday, everybody!.

    “Keeping the Santa in Christmas”

  9. Vid says:

    Woe Reaper,
    “The USA is not a Christian nation. Even if 99.9999% of Americans were Christian, the USA would still not be a Christian nation”???
    The USA was built by the Christians, and all presidents sworn into the office place their hands on the Holey Bible not on Q’Uran.
    Are you telling us that the USA is Muslim nation? or a Buddhist nation? Don’t kill yourself my friend. You have fought too hard to destroy America.


    • Vid,

      You are very smart, did I mention that? You are definitely not Jim in disguise. His logic is that the USA does not belong to one religion. It is a multireligious nation.

      • Oops, by “his” I meant IllogicalReaper, not Jim’s. Stupid mistake.

      • Vid says:

        Dragon. Thanks. But please, I can’t take credit for being smart. If so, I Glorify all to the Lord JESUS CHRIST, My GOD and my Savior.

        Btw: I am not anyone’s enemy. I only share my comments with readers. I can careless if readers think that I am Jim in disguise. Jim is my friend, Cathy is my friend, ….you are my friend, and all are my friends. The Lord my GOD sees and He knows all.


        A child of the MOST HIGH GOD.

        Ps; Please visit our Blog and tell us what do you think?
        We dedicate our Blog for others to study about Cambodia and her history. Our Logo is Saint Michael. Don’t forget to click on ABOVE ALL.

  10. Vid says:

    Show us where does it say the USA is not a Christian nation.

    • Show me in the constitution where it says it is? Unless it says somewhere in the constitution “this is a christian nation”, then its not a christian nation. Other peices of eevidence? Freedom of Religion, Secularism writen in the constitution, ect.
      Unlike when Jim Fuckwit says, its more likely the founding fathers were deitists, people who belive a god created the universe but does not interfere or “cause miracles.” Thomas Jefferson was also considered a closet atheist.
      I blame 1950’s for the rise of power in Christianity.

    • 10bacon says:

      Reaper and PauSeen are correct. This country was founded on the idea that the Government could not force its citizens to practice one religion over another. That’s a huge issue that had with England and other nations that had the same policy. If a Muslim did take office, I imagine they would use the Qur’an.

      This is the oath of office:

      “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

      Some presidents have added “So help me God”, but it is not required by law. I truly believe that there are some politicians, even presidents, who do not consider themselves truly Christian in practice, but must keep up pretenses or else risk offending middle America and the South.

      • Vid says:

        The USA was founded by the Christians, 99.99% were JESUS CHRIST’ followers. The Christians found and built their Christian nation. They did not escape from Europe to build Buddhist or Islam nation. The Christians love freedom so they keep allowing other religions to enjoy freedom to worship in their Christian nation.

        There won’t be Q’uran in the White House. The Muslims try too hard to destroy America from within. It won’t happen.



      • 10bacon says:

        Nope, you’re wrong. Some were Christian, some were atheists, several were deists. This isn’t a Christian nation. This country is has no religious affiliation. You can claim they were bible thumping Christians all you want, but the Freedom of Religion part throw out your argument.

        There is no law that says a Muslim or Buddhist cannot hold the office of the President. I think it will be a long time before that ever happens because there are too many paranoid bigots out in the Midwest and South to ever let it happen. But there is zero laws barring them from being elected. It was amazing enough for a black man to get nominated let alone win.

        So, despite the many Christians in this country, it is not a Christian nation. There is no religion tied to this country.

  11. Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

    Jim and Martin don’t like any movies because of this ‘divine’ animation they posted in one of their first posts on this blog and prefer to watch in their free time:
    ENJOY! 😉

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