God Damn Greenpeace!

Greetings True Christians!

First off, allow me to make two comments. First, a reminder that God’s last name is not “damn.” We are not attempting to mock our Creator, but rather asking Him to damn Greenpeace for their evil message of “change” and liberalism. Second, I ask you to continue to remain strong in the war on Christmas! Let us keep Christ in Christmas and support True Christian politicians like Rick Santorum that also fight the good fight to keep Christ in Christmas!

Obama is a demoncrat from the devil!

Now to the important Christian message about Greenpeace. Did you know that the ungodly atheist activists of Greenpeace just recently pushed US President Barack Hussein Osama’s message of “change” in Peru. Why? The answer is  clear. Greenpeace is part of Obama’s New World Order anti-God anti-Christ order that seeks to take over the world! So what do they do? They protest in a heathen “sacred site” in Peru. Not only did they make a gigantic sign on the ground, but they also allegedly performed Satanic rituals on the site. This is sinful stuff!

While we applaud Greeenpeace for their partial destruction of a heathen monument to heathen beliefs, let us remember that the Taliban also destroyed heathen statues of Buddha in Afghanistan. That doesn’t mean that they were working for the Lord, they were very ungodly people! So while Greenpeace has done a great service to all Christians by helping to erase part of a pagan monument from the face of the planet, they are not working for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

the wrath of God at work.

Greenpeace is obsessed over the myth of global warming, which is a lie created by Satan to hide the fact that sin is causing the Earth to warm and become more “hellish.” God created many secret devices into our wonderful Earth where God could allow sin to trigger earthly destruction. Mankind is sinful, therefore temperatures rise. These rises in temperature make the ice caps melt. These melting ice caps cause floods, storms, landslides, and earthquakes. The earthquakes, storms, floods, and landslides caused by the melting ice caps kill sinners. So while Greenpeace thinks that we can stop global warming by using different products, they are in truth lying for Satan. The only way to stop “global warming” is to repent as a society, and that hasn’t happened yet. As society repents, God will allow the global temperatures to cool, getting rid of all bad effects of global warming.

Greenpeace is of the devil and must be damned. Do not think to make donations to them. A donation to Greenpeace is a donation to the devil’s work. Please join us in prayer. “Lord, please damn the ungodly Greenpeace, and send all of their ungodly members straight to the fires of hell where Satan can torment them for all eternity with fire and pain and unquenchable flames. unless they repent. Lead their heathen members away from the Satanic organization of Greenpeace and back to the Truth of the Father. Please make Rick Santorum president in 2016 so that he can destroy their influence in America. For this, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.”

Stop the ungodly Greenpeace from influencing True Christian Americans! Force them out of our midst and back to the fires of Hell! It is time to take back America for Jesus! It is time to take back the country for Christ.

I’m Jim Solouki, and I’m a True Christian!


Don’t forget to vote for Rick Santorum in 2016!

35 thoughts on “God Damn Greenpeace!

    Btw, that was sarcasm. I hope that one day, christian fundamentalists like you will be nothing but history!

    • Vid says:

      Reaper! Are you Muslim? Just curious how you hate the Christians, and you keep blaspheming the Lord Jesus CHRIST almost all your comments prompted me to make more comments in this blog. Usually I did not enter into the same blog more than a week. But your attack and hate toward Christians led me to come back. 🙂

      If you don’t want to answer is fine.

      Your strong hate toward Jesus CHRIST led me to love HIM more and more. Amaze isn’t?



    • Martin Baker says:

      Greenpeace is run by heathens that want your money for their godless ways. They must be rebuked in the name of God.

  2. Global warming is caused by a greenhouse effect. A greenhouse is achieved when a lot of Carbon Dioxide is released into the air. CO2 is sent into the air through breathing, talking, air pollution, etc. However plants use CO2 in photosynthesis to make oxygen. We give air to the plants. They return the favor. Sadly deforestation is at a high right now so that means less oxygen, and more CO2. But of course, people like you two flapping your gums every three seconds isn’t helping.

  3. 10bacon says:

    This post is the reason kids need to stay in school.

    • Vid says:

      Bacon. Are you usually looking down on Asian students/people? You said my English getd better everyday. So you think that Asian students are so damned, and you are smarter than us Asians?

      Why did you guess or lie that I am Jim or whoever? Why are you guessing? Are you Caucasian, Black, Hispanic or Indian-American, etc?
      Don’t Lie or Guess, and don’t Belittle people. Please learn some Humility if you are capable of.

      A child of the most High GOD

      • Does… any of that matter?

      • 10bacon says:

        Because I think your writing is a lot like Jim’s. Minus the grammatical and spelling errors (which can be faked), of course. You pop up when I ask what happens to those in countries dominated by another religion. There is only one other person on this site that puts writes his name and then adds an uber-pious tagline and that’s Jim. By now you should know who I’m referring to when I mention Jim or Martin. I assume you’re reading the posts. At the end of most of their posts they put their names, Jim or Martin. In reference to your English, I’m not looking down at any race. I find your English to be very good and other times less so.

        Perhaps this is a coincidence. I concede that that is a possibility. One thing is that Jim and Martin think you are going to Hell as you are Catholic. However, as this site is probably a giant load of BS, that would only add to the cover.

        So, there you are.

  4. Okay, Jim, Martian, any other “true” christian, I have one question. If you were given the immunity to any legal prosecution, as in you can commit any crime and no judge would or could prosecute you, for one day, how would you spend it?

  5. Vid says:

    My reply to these 2 aka Reaper and Bacon:
    1) Reaper. Yed, it does matter, because it shows that you are a big Liar, joker who likes to piss around without any consideration whatsoever.

    For a joker like you can say whatever you want, but I cannot use the name of my GOD in vain. I signed “a child of the Most High GOD”, I am deadly truly serious.
    If I am “Jim” or “Martin”, I will tell you and readers yes, but I am not them.
    Why these 2 guys need to fake their identities to be me? For what purposes?
    Can you explain us readers? If you cannot explain then you have feared of unknown things that is your problem, and you need to consult with an expert.

    2) Bacon. It shows that you lack of resoning ability.
    You cannot just gundown an innocence person who happened to walk by the crime scene innocently.

    Furthermore I am not here to compete my writing or education… I am here to express my opinions. It is only the opinion of mine that counts. Why do you care who is who?

    Bacon. Just to tell you that you are an Idiot looking down on Asian-American students. I don’t see your English is good either. Your English
    If you are White or Black or Latino American, then start to be serious, and don’t complain why Asian-American students are superior to you? If you are Black then stop using race card to get ahead, it’s outdated.

    No, no body is superior than you, it is coming from self discipline and hard working.

    A child of the Most High GOD

    • I share a similar view to CultOfDust: mock religion into non-existence. I mock because I hope that you go research to try and prove me wrong, only to be bash with the lack of evidence nd starting doubting your faith. Unfortunately, AiG exists, but it doesn’t have evidence; its basicly a larger version of this site. If 5ou accept the bible as the ONLY source of information, you will not live easy.
      BTW, Jim and Martain are the dumbasses who run this site. Martain posted a few times here, just look for Martain Baker.

      • Vid says:

        Reaper. Go and preach your anti-Christ to others, my love for the LORD JESUS CHRIST is an eternal love.
        You understand TRUE FAITH? I don’t need the books to prove you anything.
        Don’t worry about my life, the LORD saved me and He has raised me from
        death and starvations, HE will never abandoned me or forsaken me.

        I will pray for you, Reaper whoever you are, that JESUS CHRIST the Living God will touch your heart and have mercy on your poor lost soul.

        Btw: I do not know the owner of this site jim and martin, but I entered after I saw the title : Pope John Paul Ii, the Prince of Hell. You can look up my names and my friend Imelda under that subject.

        I have my very own site together with my 2 friends, Jane (Imelda) and Jean de Baptist . We 3 are Cambodians in France and US.
        You can type on Google janecadhlanews.blog4ever.com
        Or type Jane Cadhla on Gougle. Our logo is the picture of Saint Michael.

        Then stop trying to take me from CHRIST.

        A child of the Most High GOD

      • Blah Blah Blah. I swear, you people have something in your ass 24/7. I know what your definition of faith is, and I lack it.

        Don’t pray for me. Better yet, don’t pray. Its does NOTHING!

        Great, your a catholic. I don’t know that much about your religion, and what I say is usually targeting the owner of this site. Let THEM deal with me.

        I really don’t care. Unless you’re making posts that says “This is satanic because bible reasons”, then why should I care?

  6. Vid says:

    There are some Typographical errors, but you can read it.
    I have to get back to my work. Sorry folks 🙂

    • Imelda says:

      Silly you 😦 Why post my name for it to know? Cette personne est le mal. Il/elle est l’oeuvre de satan. Arrêter de répondre à satan , s’il vous plaît .

    • Imelda says:

      Et n’oublez pas une belle prière de st. francis. Là où il y a l’offense, que je mette le pardon. Bon, à bientôt/Ciao 🙂

  7. 10bacon says:

    Ok, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and continue this charade. I wrote that your arrival may be a coincidence. So, no “gunning down” happened. Not the best analogy, by the way.

    At what point did I mention race, Captain Non-Sequitur? I find it ironic that you say only blacks use the race card. That seems a bit racist.

    I will truly cherish that you said I lack “reasoning ability” and that you referred to me as an “Idiot.” Since, you only read the Bible unless you have to read something else, your comments will filed appropriately in my brain.

    And I apologize for my wretched and incomprehensible English

  8. 10bacon says:

    To clarify, I also made no derogatory comment concerning any race. I do believe that Jim and Martin are loony wackadoos. So, creating a Catholic alter ego doesn’t seem to far fetched for them.

    “If you are White or Black or Latino American, then start to be serious, and don’t complain why Asian-American students are superior to you? If you are Black then stop using race card to get ahead, it’s outdated.”

    This statement makes you racist. You called yourself superior to others because you are Asian-American.

  9. Vid says:

    Don’t twist the real issue. My analogy is best suited you well.
    You called me name whatever you want, but your offensive display of your superiority toward me by making a pejorative words saying my English gets better, then I respond.

    You have problems with these 2 individuals, but don’t drag.me along with your fight. I am not your puppet.

    About race card issue, then refers it to many famous prople such as Mr, Farakhan, or refer to whoever wrote too many articles Why Asian students excel at academics, etc..or refers to why law schools do not accept Asian students with lsat scores of less than, i.e. 160. I did not.create this issue.

    Yes that is correct, I pray every day, read only the BIBLE every day at least 5mn to keep me from falling away from GOD, or from temptation. I read other books to only pass the exams or if I need to do my job to get paid. My path in this life is following and carrying the Cross with HIM.

    I am Catholic, converted from Cambodian Buddhist to Catholic.
    You can lie but I cannot use the name of GOD in vain.

    A child of the Most High GOD

    • 10bacon says:

      Alright, I need to clarify what I meant. My point about referencing your English was not to be critical of it, but rather to show that it was either Jim or Martin writing it and I thought that it was inconsistent. Some of your posts were more grammatically correct than others. That’s it. There was no intention to mock a non-English speaker as I have been a foreigner at one point and know first hand the difficulty in communicating a language that is not your native tongue. In that respect, you are communicating far better than I did when I was abroad.

      I never brought race into this conversation. That’s on you.

      Frankly, I never lied. The only superiority was expressed by you about Asian-Americans compared to White, Black, and Latino.

  10. 10bacon says:

    It just dawned on me! Shouldn’t it be “God, damn Greenpeace”?

    You ARE taking the lord’s name in vain.

  11. Reid says:

    Now I know what you look like. Now you’re gonna pay.

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