Nobody is born gay! Continue the Good Fight.


God Bless the USA for taking a stand against homosexuality and confronting the evil behind “The War on Christmas.” As we continue to stand against all evil, signs from the Book of Revelation continue. Obama supports drug use in Washington D.C., more shootings happen in the schools when evolution is taught, more states in America secede to allow gay marriages to happen, bills supporting the teaching of creationism are still being struck down, businesses greeting their customers with “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas, pornography, Nativity Scenes unlawful in the schools, and so on. The Lord has blessed us all, and we will continue in his steps to bring America as One Nation Under God every day and be rapture ready. Thanks and God Bless!

52 thoughts on “Nobody is born gay! Continue the Good Fight.

  1. The Illogical Reaper says:

    Okay, no one is born gay, but its not really a choice. Its more like instinct. No one really knows what causes homosexuality, but don’t see there and tell me, “Satan is causing it!” Besides, there is no connections between atheism and the shootings or all these bad things. Trust me, they’ve been around LONG before Darwin was ever born…

  2. Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

    You should all read these links about an ancient Bible discovered:, and!

    There is nothing wrong with being gay; Christianity should be ashamed it’s considered a sin. Gay people aren’t harming anyone with being homosexual, and I support them. With being against homosexuals, you only show how primitive you are. You say no one is born gay. Well, newsflash, NO ONE IS BORN CHRISTIAN EITHER!!!

    • Martin Baker says:

      Wrong, sinner. Homosexuality is sinful and it leads to violence and other sins. Did you know that the gays are forming terrorist groups in America to further their agenda ant to ruin marriage? Also, your links are evil brainwash that speaks for the devil.

      • 10bacon says:

        The violence that homosexuality leads is perpetrated on them by bigots such as yourself.

        And, sweet ever-loving Odin, is the terrorist group that the gays are forming?

      • Cassandra von d'Nacht says:

        Why is homosexuality sinful? Because YOUR Bible says so? Not a really strong argument, I must add.
        I ask you this, Martin Baker: Do you eat potatoes? It may seem a stupid question, but I really want to know. If you do, then you’re, as a ‘True Christian’, comitting a sin! Your religion believes that potatoes are the ‘Devil’s Fruit’, because (1) the potato was not mentioned anywhere in the Bible like other species of plants and animals ‘created by God’ and (2) because it grows underground, closer to the Devil, unlike fruit on trees, which is, by your logic, closer to God. Your Bible only knows the Old World, but the New World, i.e. Americas and Austraila, remained a mystery to your holy book. What do you have to say about that?

        PS: I’m not saying those links are 100% true, but since there is a material evidence, they may be plausible and have nothing to do with the Devil whose name you seem to so deeply adore.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Cassandra, nobody is born gay. When you are born black or white, you can’t change to another race.

      • 10bacon says:

        “When you are born black or white, you can’t change to another race.”

        Doesn’t that support the theory that homosexuality is something you are born with?

      • Cassandra von d’Nacht says:

        Did I state that people are born gay, maybe? There are some theories that one can become gay due to the fœtus being exposed to unusual hormon levels during pregnancy, but I am not informed well enough to be sure whether this is true or not.
        It’s interesting you are so against racism, while, at the same time, so homophobic.

        I must go now. I am writing ‘Happy Christmas!’ cards for my friends.

  3. Vid says:

    Be honest. I am clueless about gay and lesbian people, why they chose to enjoy to walk on this gay avenue. If no scientist can prove what’s wrong with them, then I guess, it’s all coming from SIN.

    • The Illogical Reaper says:

      You could always look up a few theories. Some people believe it’s natural in high-population species, and we’ve DEFINITELY hit over-population.

      • Vid says:

        I don’t waste time to look up men’theories. If I have no choice, I will look only read or study to pass the tests. All things if I want to know, all are in the Holy BIBLE. The Holy BIBLE has all the answers, if we humans can understand the words of GOD.


      • 10bacon says:

        Well then, Vid, that’s going to keep you ignorant of the world. Wouldn’t it be safe to say that God gave man the power to create and learn? If all you do is read the bible, you are wasting your mind.

    • Martin Baker says:

      Amen, Vid. All of what is done from them comes from SIN and has no scientific explanation.

  4. Alienfan says:

    This whole thing with that type of christianity that jim and martin use does not make sense. They say that jesus loves me, but they also say that homosexuality is a sin.

    • Nothing makes sense in Christianity, Hell, Catholics are ass-kissers atm.

      • Vid says:

        I am Christian in Catholic denomination. My Church was born in 33AD. On the way I walk to my Church, I see Methodist Church, Baptist Church, … Mormon Church. I guessed there are so many Christians in many different denominations.
        The main purposes that they follow the Words of GOD, and His Words are all in the Holy BIBLE.

        As a miserable sinner, I have tried to live my life according to the 10 Commandments that GOD gave to His people through Moses, and follow the Words of GOD through Lord Jesus Christ who was GOD in flesh.


        A child of the Most High GOD

      • Half of though commandments are impossible, especially with the high expectations. “You shall not lie.” Jesus is in hell, no one can’t lie. I’d go and say even Lincoln, who I consider to be the last good president the US has had, might have even told a few lies. He was, after all, a lawyer.

    • Vid says:

      I am speaking on behalf of other Christians, but I speak to you from what I read in the Holy BIBLE to share with you.

      Jesus Christ is GOD in flesh. He is the Most HOLY and Mighty GOD. He loves menkind, but hates SIN, and His Holy One will not allow Sin to go free without punished. He came down from heaven and died on the Cross for all our sin, we better obey or else.

      “For you are not a GOD who delights in wickedness; evil may not dwell with you” Psalms 5:4
      “Because GOD loves mankind, He sent His Son into the world to pay the price for sin”, John 4:8-9.

      Why do you Not read or at least learn The BIBLE before you open you mouth?

      Let’s us study GOD’s Words from the Bible is homosexuality SIN?
      “So GOD created man in His own image, in the image of GOD created he him; male and female created he them”. Genesis 1:27 (king james version).

      So where does the Bible say man & man were created by GOD as husband and wife?
      GOD created a man and a woman to be husband and wife.

      READ & READ THE HOLY BIBLE before you run amok.


  5. Vid says:

    Reaper. You speak for SATAN. Why do you think no one can follow the 10 Commadments of GOD?
    You can consider or worship whoever you want. Because GOD gaves us
    freewill to choose. Our actions on earth as earthlings will be judged: rewarding or punishing.
    You chose to curse and hate is your life. I chose to follow and to carry the Cross with Christ is my choice, and I am very happy person. 🙂

    A child of the Most High GOD.

    • I’m not saying no one follows the 10 commandments, I’m saying that its impossible to all 10, especially with the high expectations. Have you gone through an entire day without lying?
      God gave us freewill? Most people would argue that free will is non-existent, and that out intellect makes us THINK we have free will.
      I am not “cursing and hating” anyone, I simply wish to rid myself of the chains of these stupid rules set up by the petty tyrant who most atheists know is man trying to control everyone. Most people are atheists BECAUSE they read the bible.

      The Illogical Reaper,
      Destroyer to all who defy wisdom and reason.

      • Vid says:

        Reaper. Have not you read most my comments, I have often confessed that I am a miserable sinner? Yes, I often stated the facts.
        As a former orphan Buddhist child I was not exposed to The GOD in the BIBLE. I grew up saw only cement statues of an Indian-Nepalese man who became Buddha Gotama, whom my people would starve themselves and children but feed the cement idols of Buddha by offering food, money to monks. Not only that their heads bowing to the ground to monks like the Muslims bowing to Muhammad in Mecca.
        I was not surrounding by Christians. Miracles, dreams, Visions of Jesus Christ still did not persuasive me to want to follow Him not to think about wanting to learn about who He is.

        I ignored and kept running away from CHRIST for many years from being an orphan child to a grown person and after I graduated from school to becoming a career professional, still I ignored Him.
        Until later my dreams and visions became a reality, while I was laying on the hosoital deathbed. I then thought “I am too young, have not enjoyed life besides studied so hard to get BSEE, then a career I could not possibly dream of, then when I lookec back into the past, an orphan child who had no one to be comforted….here I am loved by Him? He never given up on me. ….

        I gave my life to Him, and pledged to serve Him until my last hour on earth. I broke away from SATANIC ( Buddhism) to CHRIST, and I am now a very happy person. I am a sinner, but I work hard to live a holy life. I am carrying the Cross with the Lord. I have no car, no home to brag about, but what I have is a Priceless gift, that is the Lord Jesus Christ the Living GOD is my only Fathet who has never abandoned me nor fosaken me.
        Yes the Lord gave me a freewill to choose the paths I wanted, and so I did, but then fallen miserably 😦 angry and angry toward myself and toward others just like you Reaper who is a very angry soul.

        You declare War against GOD to be a destroyer will never work. 🙂 Why?
        Because you cannot destroy me for I am more capable of wisdom than you who is so negative, angry and a very unhappy soul.

        I am rational debater, and about GOD(Jesus Christ) Whom I Worship and Glorify, nothing you can touch or do anything about it, my friend 🙂

        A child of the most High GOD

  6. Vid says:

    I should have said “…Reaper, you declare war against GOD and His
    children will never work.”

    A Martyr for Jesus Christ

    • And people like you are the reason I have lost hope in humanity…

      • Vid says:

        It’s your problems, Reaper.
        Don’t blame me or others for your miserable life.
        I live my life and you live yours. I am happy with hope, you are sad and despair.
        I chose to love, you chose to hate,
        I chose faith, you chose doubt,
        I chose to forgive others who killed my parents and siblings, you chose to revenge,
        I chose peace, you chose war,
        I chose light, you chose darkness.
        I chose Christ, you chose Satan.
        How can you try to manipulate others to becoming like you? I hate Communism, so please don’t try to threat me with the Communist style.
        You are you, and I am not you.

        A Martyr for Jesus Christ

      • My life is pretty good.
        I am fairly happy, just distraught by how many people think Jesus will save them.
        Wrong, I chose to criticize, you choose to be butt-hurt.
        I choose skepticism, you choose blindness.
        If I could take revenge, I would. I’m not that type of person, due to some mental walls.
        I want the world to be in peace, but religion is NOT the way to it.
        No, you choose Christ, I choose NETHER!
        I don’t manipulate others into my way of thinking, I try to get others TO think. As for Communism: . Personally, I think we need a bit of Capitalism, and a bit of Communism.

        Since you don’t seem to get it: Atheism =/= Satanism.

    • 10bacon says:

      Uh, Vid, you said you had never heard of God and Christ until you had your “vision.” And yet, you ran away from him before your “dreams” and “visions?” Get your story straight before coming on here.

      • Vid says:

        To us Cambodians there’re about 99% Buddhists. The term God referred to Buddha. That’s correct I was not exposed to Christianity at 1st. I was just a child and was sick with a disease called Shingles. My first dream and vision while I was very sick on my bed indide a small hut. Then I woke up Shingles disappeared. I told my parents like any young children told their parents what they saw. My father stayed mum and he had never mentioned it, until the day he was about to die. Then he said “Your God is with you”. I did not understand what he meant. I just ignored dreams and visions and kept telling myself that there’re nothing. I am telling you that something supernatural happened, I cannot explain, neither those people who temporary helped to raise me when I became an orphan.
        I just wrote all down in my memoirs.

        Don’t get too excited, it is my memoirs, I wrote and keep it for just myself only. It is not a fiction, but memoirs of my life.


  7. Vid says:

    Your life is pretty good and fairly happy, why DISTRAUGHT?

    I am capable of wisdom and I am not looking to be a destroyer like you.
    Telling me and others to THINK, do you yourself think before mocking around at others?

    You chose to criticize because of your blindness who see no light, but darkness.
    Yeahhh right on. Stalin, Mao, Kim Il Sung.. Ho Chi Minh, to Pol Pot said the same as you are saying now “Want the world to be in Peace”, then they ended up killed multi million lives.

    Who said that the Religion is the way to peace? Only through Jesus CHRIST who is the PRINCE OF PEACE could bring Peace upon this planet earth. Christianity is not religion, but the way how to live a holy life following CHRIST.

    I Chose Jesus CHRIST, my Lord and my savior. I am happier than ever after I broke away from Satanic chains of Communism and Buddhism. And you did Not choose Neither, you chose to be miserable. You may be a theistic satanist.

    My Faith in Jesus Christ the living GOD is so big and do strong.
    It cannot be broken. He is alive and real. I am very and very happy to know Him.


    • Hahaha, you are a fucking moron. Am I blind? I’m not the one claiming that mythologies are true. As for the destroyer part, read my name. Also, I am not Stalin or Polpot, I am an ordinary gut who knows flash animations. Jesus is, until evidence is presented, false, non-existent. There’s more proof for Muhammad then Jesus.
      You chose Christ, good for you. Keep your faith at home, and keep America secular, and we will get along just fine. Get in the bandwagon with Jim (the creator of this train wreck of a site), THEN we will have problems. Though I will say this again: Atheism DOES NOT EQUAL Satanism.

      • Vid says:

        How will you bring peace to this world, you cannot eliminate curse words from your dirty vocabulary? Why are you so irrational?
        If you are Muslim, I accept your behavior.

        You cannot differentiate between Myth and fact, because your mind is shut, or if you are Muslim, I sure understood why? 🙂

        JESUS CHRIST is GOD in flesh, He is alive forever more, I don’t need to prove you anything. If you believe in Muhammad as your god, who stops you? If you are Muslim, who cares?

        You cannot be just an ordinary guy then cursing around on the internet.

        America found and built by Christians, the children of GOD. We will bring HIM back.

        Easy dude. I said, you are a “Theistic Satanist”, I did not say Atheism.

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        Maybe I, alone, can’t bring peace unto the world, but I can at least stop fundamentalists from being… well, fundamentalists. I am not irrational, this site is.
        I am not a muslim, I am an atheist. Two very different things.
        Yes I can. If you coukd, you wouldn’t be have this argument with me.
        Jesus was never born. When I said that there is more evidence for Muhammad, that did not mean “I am an admitted muslim.” If it does, then I am not the closed-minded one.
        If I can be ordinary because I cuss, then New York is a mutant-filled city.
        Theres an argument about that. That Christians cheery-picked that data to come to that conclusion. It more likely they were deitists, someone who believed a god made the universe, but feel no need to worship the god.
        And I have said I am an atheist. Watch what you call people.

      • 10bacon says:

        Do you want to know who can bring peace to the world? God. He could solve all our problems with the click of a button. (Humanity is probably his version of The Sims.) Rather than that, he allows Satan to corrupt us. Or he let’s us hurt ourselves. Either he doesn’t care or he can’t help.

        More likely, it’s humanity that is cruel to each other and Satan and God are our excuses for our bad behavior.

        “… and on the seventh day, Man reciprocated.”

  8. Vid says:

    I would have not asked you if you did not open up yourself to me and to readers. You have never ceased attacking CHRIST while at the same time you praised Muhammad, the guy who created ISLAM causing Havocs every where the Muslims go and live. Muhammed the guy who married a 6 years old girl named Aisha. He took his step son’s wife to be his wife among many wives, the guy who killed with no mercy.
    You wrote like those radical muslims I used to read.

    Calling yourself a Destroyer and blaspheming the living GOD and even dare to curse the Lord that He was never existed. Yeah the Anti-CHRIST such as Radical Muslims have feared of Christ’ Resurrection, that’s why they have tried to attack that CHRIST has never existed.

    “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and on this rock I will build my Church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it”. Matthew 16:18

    You and yours the Anti-GOD are gates of Hell, and do not dream to prevail against the Mighty One.


    • Due, Christianity isn’t in the right:
      I shatter souls. I have very right to not believe due to a LACK OF EVIDENCE.
      Oooh! A bible verse, most likely out of context. Thats called circular reasoning. “The bible’s right cause the bible says its right!”
      Anti-God? No, I’m anti-peoplewhotakethebibleliterallyandreplacerealknowledgewithit. If could read that without the spaces, then CONGRENDULATES!

      • Vid says:

        You have every right to believe or not believe is yours, and your right to
        tell us public readers that you are Muhammadian who cares.
        I, too. have the right to accept your confession of being a pedophile’s follower. 😉

        I have also a full prevelege to encount to know Him to believe Him is mine, and No one including a tiny misrrable sinner such as yourself can take away from me. My belief was prior to I even read the HOLY BIBLE, before the Scrolls were discovered…

        Radical Muslims are too frightned of the Resurrection of the Lord. The evidence is still existing until this day and million Muslims, Atheists, … encountered with the Lord through dreams and Visions were healed, I can go on and on…

        Yes, the BIBLE is the WORD of GOD spoke thtough the Prophets.

        Anti-Christ will never prevail. Because. “JESUS CHRIST is the same yesterday, and Today, and forever”. Hebrews 13:8.


        A child of the most High GOD

      • The Illogical Reaper says:

        Y’know, I think you are an idiot. I am not a Muslim, I am what they do not believe in: an atheist. The two are VERY different.

        Prove to me that God is real, otherwise I’m taking to a child with an imaginary friend.

        Citation please…

        And its words have been twisted an altered for political reasons.

        And yet another “the bible is right cause the bible says its right.” THESE ARGUMENTS FALL APART TO AN ATHEIST, Y’KNOW!

      • 10bacon says:

        If your a Jew , Muslim, or Atheist why would you be afraid of the Resurrection? By nature of being a Jew, Muslim, or Atheist you wouldn’t believe in it anyway. Why would you be afraid of something you didn’t believe in?

      • 10bacon says:

        More circular reasoning. It is what it is because it says it is.

  9. You have deleted my comments? Finally you recognize your administrative powers. Unfortunately it also suggests that you are unwilling to face my points which i have made.

  10. Vid says:

    It’s Not OK to curse me or any body. But, since you admitted that you understood what is FAITH, but lack of it, I forgive your irrational behavior.

    OK, sorry, I now replace “you are Muslim” to “you are Muhammed sympathizer”.

    I say again, I don’t need to prove you that GOD is real or exists”.

    It’s your problem, and if you don’t believe GOD came down from heaven and died on the Cross for your sin, then it’s not my problem.

    I had no imaginary friend when I was dying with shingles as a little child, I told my father whom I saw and how my disease disappeared. Buddha did not wear White, so Buddha did not heal me.

    Yes, the BIBLE is the WORDS OF GOD that has all the answers if we humans understand.

    You cannot have Faith in you, when you worship SATAN, and those evils anti-GOD who wrote articles attacking GOD. You play with fire by dealing with stubborn demons, and no one can help to free you from satanic attacks, only JESUS CHRIST could cast demons. It is in the HOLY BIBLE.

    Kneel, pray and repent ask. JESUS CHRIST to heal you.
    “Ask, and it shall be given to you; Seek ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” Matthew 7:7.

    Peace be with you and May GOD have Mercy on you and forgive your sins.


    A Martyr for Jesus CHRIST

    • Vid.
      So, its not okay to cuss at people for the ignorant behavior, but its okay to strawman arguments to your favor?

      Describing something is not the same as endorsing something. How would you like it if I called you a KKK sympathizer?

      If your not going to prove God exists, then SHUT UP!


      I find this story of yours to reek of bullshit.

      Ignoring the regurgitated stupid, you said Jesus could cast demons? Like, cast them away, or cast them into existence?

      Okay. Jesus! Oh, Jesus! [One long conversation later] So, he said that the bible is utter garbage, and that if your nice to other people, you’ll get to hevan. Also, if you 100% agree with this blog, you’ll go to hell.

      When you die and see nothing… I can’t say anything witty…

      • Vid says:

        That’s correct, it is not OK to curse people around. But I forgive you, because the demons in you like to curse, not you.
        Nop, in fact I don’t want ignorant audiences. I hate the Communist or dictator regime like yes Sir, yes M’am. Audiences should be informed that’s my desire.

        In your case you admire Muhammad, you spoke highly of that pedophile. About kkk, I never mentioned about it, you cannot call me kkk sympathizer which I said nothing about it. You are the one who said it
        not I.

        I don’t care to prove you that GOD exists, it is your job to seek the true about Him yourself. Ask Him if He is real, why ask me?

        No I am not going to shut up, I keep praying and sharing with other people about the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

        Yes the Lord JESUS casted out demons or uncleaned Spirits from people. It’s in the HOLY BIBLE. Read the NEWS TESTAMENT or you can read the book of John or Matthew.

        Don’t put too much pressure into your brain or angry with the people of this blog, take care of yourself. You need to open your heart to the Lord to help and heal and cast out the unclean spirits from you.
        There are annointed Pastors can help to cast out the demons.

        About hell or heaven, you ask the Lord by yourself “Lord JESUS, will I go to heaven for not believing you?”

        May GOD have mercy on you, my friend.


        A child of the Most High GOD.

      • You completely missed the second part of that, so FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU INFINITY!

        No, I haven’t. If “there more evidence for Mummand then there is for Jesus” is a complement, then historians are ass-kissing ancient civilizations.

        Because he’s not. Simple as that.

        Considering that your not even considering my arguments, I’m going to start calling you a bigot.

        No thanks, the new testaments make Jesu out to ne an asshole. Besides, theres no evidence for the bible to be true.

        I do not believe in god. I see pastors as idiots, and I see you as an idiot as well.


        I do I keep dealing with you? You’re clearly lost in your delusions like Jim, Martain, Ken Ham, ect. I feel like fundamental christians shoukd just be exiled from america, possibly the planet.

  11. Vid says:

    That’s not what I knew from a former Muslim Egyptian professor from Cairo. He said the Muslims believed that Christ was never crucified, but He was taken to heaven. He further said, if Christ was really crucified then rose from the dead after 3 days then JESUS CHRIST has to be GOD Himself, so they cannot have that.
    Any Muslim who dares to believe in Resurrection of CHRIST, the punishment is death. The Muslims said that the one was crucified on the cross was James, the disciple, but not JESUS CHRIST.
    This ex Muslim professor named Dr. Gabriel. I only repeated Dr. Gabriel taught.

    Btw: Sorry for getting upset with you. I was used to face this type of discrimination in my White family that raised me. I was knocked on the head on the dashboard saying my English was terrible or getting better in 100 years…When you said those words to me, you opened my wound. But they made me strong. When I was accepted to engineering school, my sister started to abuse me by embarassing in front the guests.
    Anyway, sorry.


    A child of the Most High GOD

    • 10bacon says:

      That’s my point. Why would anyone be afraid of something they didn’t believe happened? I don’t believe in Hell. Therefore, it has no power to invoke fear in me.

      Just so you know, I was never intending to criticize your English as I know what it is like to be a foreigner.

      • Vid says:

        Thanks Bacon. When you said about my English reminded me of my siblings mentally and physically abused me…anyway, I again apologize for getting upset so fast. I forgave my siblings longs ago.., and I got over it. I thanked them for making me strong.
        Anyway, It is up to you what you want to believe.I am no position to judge anyone, but GOD. Like I said I entered this site because of my friend saw the title “Pope John Paul ii a prince of Hell”. This site copied it from a woman who was dying nearly 24 hours NDE, and saw Pope, MJ,.. many more people in hell. It was said that Pope John Paul ii wrote books that there were no hell nor heaven.
        I and my friends have our very own site, you are welcome to visit anytime.


  12. Vid says:

    Woe hypocrite reaper. You have a lot of negative entities in you, my friend.
    Just an ordinary guy? You are not the only irrational troller I have faced, but a few before you. They cannot bother my mind
    But I don’t resist you, you know why?
    “But I tell you, do not resist him, who is evil; but whoever strikes you on right cheek, turn to him the other also” Matthew 5:9.

    Strawman, Godman, Platinumman, Ironman,…superman does not bother me. 🙂
    Nay I didn’t misinterpret your argument, I knew you are a very stubborn hotheaded individual.
    Oh I don’t mind to be friend with Martin, Jim and Ken Ham. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. These people are trying to warn the danger of America polluted by infiltrators like you. Too bad that this world majority believe in GOD, and a little army of Satan (you) aren’t going to prevail.

    Show me where does it say that the Holy BIBLE lacks of evidence. Then also show me where does it say your pedophile master Muhammad was real. If he was real, then you must believe in Q’uran and Hadith, do you not?

    May GOD have mercy on your soul.


    A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST.

    • 10bacon says:

      The determination of who is evil is in the eye of the beholder at times. I will contend that that Jim and Martin are “evil” as they are bigots and spread a poisonous version of their “faith”. If they are indeed genuine, which is still up for debate.

      Christianity may be the largest, but not by much. Islam is hot on it’s heels.

      The bible cannot be it’s own proof of validity. I could say that I am God because I said so. That’s the same argument. In order for anything to be proven, it must have an outside source confirming it.

      Also, you can believe that Jesus or Muhammad and not believe in what they did. I am will to accept that Jesus existed, but was not the son of God. Therefore, my belief in their existence does not make me a Christian or a Muslim.

      P.S. – You’ll want to look up “Straw Man Argument.” It has nothing to do with super heroes.

      • Vid says:

        Hi Bacon. I supposed you both are ONE.
        I have to dismiss your 1st paragraph. You are biased, so no need for me to say more.

        Exactly Christianity is the largest and we are free to choose our belief. Unlike ours, yours…nay, you know how many million Muslims live in fear if they leave Islam.

        The Holy BIBLE is the World of GOD, your Muslims or lib. don’t believe, it is not our problems. You can believe anything is your life.

        Uhh come now Bacon, I knew exactly what Strawman argument means.


        A Martyr for JESUS CHRIST The LIVING GOD.

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